"Lakely wake up lazy."

"Don't jerk her around like that Anthony, She's still in shock."

I grunted awake my eyelids fluttering open. Bright green blue eyes looked down at mine smiling.

"She's alive." Tony Contal roared in laughter tossing his dark brown hair out of his eyes. "Welcome back Sis."

"Thanks Ant." I muttered pushing myself upright groggily. "Sorry about earlier man…"

"It's cool Lakely." He smirked putting his hands on his thin hips. "What are twins for if not to harass each other."

"I've been trying to tell mom that for years." I groaned pushing myself into a standing position in the log cabin that my mind always wandered to during my dreams. "Where's Mom? I just heard her nagging voice earlier."

"I heard that young lady!" Holly Contal stood tall in the doorway hands on her wide hips her slightly almond shaped eyes scolded her daughter gently, "How are you Sweet grass?"

"I went for a swim earlier." I took in a shaky breath feeling the cold drip back over me. Tony dropped an arm over my shoulders and nodded understanding.

"How's James?" Mom asked and I raised an eyebrow, "Your Father."

"Crazy." I smirked at her and then let it fall sighing, "He doesn't really know what to make of me yet. I mean a teenage daughter with Russians coming after her? He's clueless."

"What does he look like?" Tony asked.

"You." I smiled gently and brushed a bit of his hair down, "but with green eyes. He wears a hat like mine all the time and he has this team…."

"Any cute guys?" Mom asked and I felt my heart fall again at the thought of Levi.

"They're older." I bit my lip, "Mom the Russians Killed Levi."

The pair was silent as Tony pulled me into a hug and mom sighed sadly. When a knock sounded at the door and I whipped around out of Tony's arms. Going forward cautiously I grasped the cold iron handle and pulled.

"Why is it so fucking cold?"

I was silent taking in the person in front of me who looked down at me apologetically.

"Hey Blake." Levi Quall looked down at me his copper eyes flickering in the flames and his dark copper hair plastered to his head by the snow outside. He stepped in and nodded politely at my brother and mother.

"Levi…" The tears fell and he hushed me gently using his thumb to brush away the tears. I held him tightly to me and he hugged me back hard. I sobbed into his chest as he made comforting noises, "How…"

"I don't know." He admitted into my hair his lips brushing my head. "But I'm glad I'm here."

"I'm so sorry Levi." I apologized into his shirt collar and he squeezed me tighter.

"Don't apologize, Blakely." He whispered, "It wasn't your fault…."

"It will never be your fault."

She woke up blinking in the darkness. Noises were coming from outside the door and Blakely raised an eyebrow standing and feeling her still wet clothes. Rolling her eyes and groaning she poked the door open.

"…To the Left of it?" Face was saying pointing down at a map. Hannibal grunted and looked over at B.A. "Or would that be too obvious…"

"I think it's too obvious." Hannibal sighed running a hand through his silver hair. "If they wanted to keep an eye on the hospital they would have been in a nondescript apartment building or a condo not the housing district. It's too much money and they'd only be staying for a short period of time."

"Well could they have been stayin' in the hotel Blakely was stayin' in?" Murdock yawned and rubbed his eyes like a little kid, his accent exaggerated by lack of sleep. Hannibal shrugged and B.A. yawned.

"Go get some sleep guys." Face jerked his head to the clock which Blakely noticed was at three in the morning, "I'll clean up."

"He's right." Hannibal spoke up smirking slightly, "You two need sleep."

"Sure Bossman." Murdock walked right passed his daughter and she sighed going to stand with Hannibal and Face.

"Morning." She looked down at the map before it was quickly folded and stowed. "You're no fun."

"We're trying to find the Russians that attacked you." Hannibal explained and she nodded brushing a bit of hair out of her face and squinting slightly before pulling out her glasses.

"We could ask John." She stated slowly and Face looked up with a raised eyebrow.

"John?" he cast a glance at Hannibal and she giggled shaking her head.

"His real name's Vladimir." She stated and Face shot out a laugh, "What?"

"How the hell did you get John form Vladimir?" he asked chuckling.

"Vladimir Lenin." She stated simply, "John Lennon. No one could think of a nick name for him so we started to call him John."

"Makes sense." Hannibal nodded and she smiled going to the kitchen. "That makes no sense."

"I know." Face whispered back as she came in with a phone. She dialed a number and put it loosely to her ear. She clicked her tongue and looked around.

"Hello is Vladimir Torksky there?" she asked quietly, "It's his friend, Leanne. Thank you…" She looked over at the pair and stuck her tongue out for no reason. Face raised an eyebrow, "The air tastes funny… John!" she shouted randomly as Hannibal rolled his eyes So much like Murdock "Hey you know that party on Wednesday... yeah the one you invited me to…. Naturally when do you want me there… I'll be there. Later kid."

She hung up and smiled at them.

"They are at the hotel I was in." Blake brushed a bit of hair out of her face and slipped her glasses higher up her nose. "Now who knows how to look for an evening gown?"

"What?" Face asked looking up.

"There's a formal ball being held at the hotel for like Independence Day or something about communism." She shrugged looking at them, "All I know is that I need something red."

"Red?" Hannibal looked at Face before looking back at the black haired teenager.

"It looks good with my eyes." She fluttered her eyelashes and he snorted.

"We'll go out tomorrow." Hannibal ruffled her hair and walked back to the couch asleep in an instant.

"By we he means me and you." Face smirked leaning on the table. She did the same and looked up at him her eyes flickering mischievously. "You're still wet."

"I know." She nodded her big green eyes looking back and forth between his.

They stood in silence as she looked into his eyes. Her were own serene and relaxed, nothing like her father's that were constantly anxious or fidgeting.

"You are exactly like and yet the exact opposite," Face muttered under his breath and she tilted her head to the side like a dog, "of your father."

She jolted backward as if bitten and kept her steady gaze on his.

"What makes you say that?" she asked her accent sounding flat and lifeless.

"Your eyes." He pointed to her and she almost went cross eyed trying to see his finger. "They're his color and yet they don't flicker as much as his. Like he's waiting for something to pop out at him."

"Paranoia comes with insanity." She stated simply and flatly. "It's common in most cases."

"Not your case?" he asked and she closed her eyes and let out a long breath through her nose.

"No it's there." they opened again and met his automatically, "just I'm good at hiding the symptoms by now."

"Sure." He nodded looking her over. She sniffed slightly and he got a thought, "why are you in Idaho anyway?"

"We were visiting…" she licked her lips slightly and averted her eyes, "We were visiting H.M.'s parents."

"They're alive?" he asked and she shook her head.

"Grandma and Grandpa Murdock died sixteen years ago." She looked at the ground, "December twenty fifth."

"Christmas." He whistled softly, "Harsh."

"The day me and Tony were born." She sniffed again and wiped her nose a little with her wet sleeve. He winced slightly and bit his lip

"Come on Blake," he put out a hand and she took it automatically, her small pale hand dwarfed by his, "Let's get you some clothes."

"Thanks Face." She mumbled and he pulled her into a hug.

"No problem Kiddo."