Clianthe was already up and sitting by her window as dawn broke. She watched contentedly as the sun rose, the vivid colors splashing against the horizon. An inner peace filled her and she moved quietly to her suitcase.

Changing out of her pajamas, Clianthe put on black skinny jeans and a deep green t-shirt to complement her eyes. Grabbing a brush, Clianthe settled herself in front of her personal mirror that she kept on her bedside table.

Good hair day, Clianthe thought in appreciation as her curly black locks settled softly into place, reaching all the way down to the middle of her back. Putting down her brush, she fluffed her hair a bit and made a kissy face into the mirror. Clianthe laughed at her own folly and fake gagged. As if.

Clianthe took a step back and observed her whole self in the mirror. As always she was proud that her Greek heritage showed in her features so clearly: her olive skin tone, thick black hair, long and pointed nose, pointed chin, red lips complete with dimples when she smiled, and her most surprising feature: her large light green (to the point of almost being white) eyes. Being only 5'4", Clianthe was the smallest in her family, except her younger sister by four years, Amara. Clianthe was skinny and had all the curves in the right places.

Satisfied that she looked decent, Clianthe pulled on a pair of black leather boots. Lastly, she grabbed a short black, studded jacket and draped it over her arm. Looking around the Slytherin girls' dorm room, Clianthe gave an internal laugh as she saw her best friend Pansy sprawled over her entire bed with the bed sheets tossed everywhere. As usual, beside Pansy's bed was her suitcase half-open with clothes sticking out of it in a disarrayed mess. This was completely contrasting to Clianthe's tidy area, including a closed suitcase that contained an entirely neat and folded interior of clothes. Well, Clianthe loved her friend for being different than herself. They complemented each other quite nicely.

Before anyone could wake up, Clianthe slipped out of the room and down through the Slytherin common room. It surprised her to find Draco Malfoy already up and sitting on a couch. His head was propped up on his elbow and he was staring blankly into the fire. Shadows under his eyes made Clianthe wonder if he'd gotten any sleep at all.

Draco glanced up in surprise upon Clianthe's arrival.

"Hey Draco," she said warmly.

"Hi Clianthe. I should've figured it was you," responded Draco with a chuckle. Clianthe was well known for being an early riser.

"What are you doing up?"

"Not much... just thinking," Draco said as he turned his face back towards the fire.

"Alright, well I'm going to get going. You should get some sleep," advised Clianthe as she headed out of the common room. She spent a moment worrying about Draco, but the feeling passed. She and Draco were friends, but mostly by default (having the same friends and both being pureblooded Slytherins like they were). Clianthe always did her best to be nice to Draco because she felt he received so much pressure from everyone, and she wanted him to know that she wasn't like that. But that was the extent their relationship reached.

Soon Clianthe found herself outside of the castle, roaming the grounds. A wisp of smoke drifted from Hagrid's hut, undisturbed by any winds. The day had dawned cool and cloudless. The chill didn't bother Clianthe much, but she pulled on her jacket anyways.

No particular destination in mind, Clianthe began to hum absentmindedly, and soon her humming turned to singing.

You fill up my senses
like a night in the forest.
Like the mountains in springtime,
like a walk in the rain.
Like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean.
You fill up my senses;
come fill me again.

Gracefully she strolled over the land, subconsciously heading for the Forbidden Forest. She wasn't afraid of those woods. Some of her closest friends resided there: the centaurs. Every so often Clianthe would make a visit to the deep parts of the woods to see the centaurs. Their conversation was always invigorating and she never felt pressured. Her calm spirit fit well with theirs. Unlike so many others, Clianthe did not thrive on the mindless gossip and drama brought on by the immaturity of people her age. That's why Clianthe preferred conversation with older, more matured people. Similarly, that was why Clianthe enjoyed spending time with the centaurs, and when she could on rare occasion, the merfolk.

Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you.
Let me drown in your laughter;
let me die in your arms.
Let me lay down beside you;
let me always be with you.
Come let me love you;
come love me again.

The sound of animals and the cracking of branches beneath her feet hardly registered in Clianthe's brain. Her mind was focused on the drifting sound of her soft, sweet voice.

Clianthe didn't believe in being falsely humble, and to be perfectly frank, she had a lovely singing voice. The low notes in particular came out in a beautiful, husky tone- not at all what you would expect from her slight figure. Singing came naturally to Clianthe, and she loved it. Whenever she was alone her tunes would fill the air, but around others she remained quiet. Not that she was shy, simply withdrawn, a closed book. That's why when she was left by herself, she let loose a little.

You fill up my senses
like a night in the forest.
Like the mountains in springtime,
like a walk in the rain.
Like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean.
You fill up my senses;
come fill me again.

"Ah, I always know when my beautiful Clianthe is about," came a deep voice. Clianthe turned around happily to face the centaur. "As always your voice brings great joy to my heart young one."

"Not too terrible I hope?" said Clianthe with a sly grin.

"The only terror your voice invokes is in the merfolk who fear that their voices cannot compare," returned the centaur. Clianthe grinned. This little scene was one that she and her friend played out each time he caught her singing. It had grown to be a custom, and one that Clianthe enjoyed.

"It's good to see you Eonan," said she as she reached up and hugged him around the waist. In return, he lightly placed his hands on her back in a hug.

"You as well. I have not seen you since your last school term."

"I know, and I'm sorry. To be fair, we're still only a few months into this year."

"I know. I'm simply glad you are here. Come," Eonan said, as he led her off into the forest. Clianthe followed gladly and talked with Eonan about the recent going-ons of both his people and her people while they made their way down to the centaurs' area of the forest.

"Fate!" exclaimed an excited voice, referring to Clianthe by her middle name. Clianthe laughed as a young centaur cantered over to her and clasped his arms around her neck enthusiastically.

"It's good to see you too Luxan," she said, "My, you've certainly grown since last year." To which the youngster placed his fists on his hips and strutted proudly for a moment.

"Yes ma'am I have!"

Clianthe spent the next several hours with the centaurs, playing with Luxan and his friends for a short time, but mostly talking with Eonan and the other adults.

What Clianthe heard disturbed her; Clianthe was not one to believe in the prophecy baloney taught by Professor Trelawney up at Hogwarts, but she was a stout believer in the centaurs' abilities to read the stars. And what they all seemed to agree upon did not look good. In fact, they all saw bad tidings coming. Clianthe did not bother remembering the stars and planets concerned with this ominous alignment, but she carried the foreboding feeling in her heart as she left that day.

Back up at the castle, Clianthe wandered into the Great Hall, still lost in thought.

"Cliannnn-the!" a whiny voice erupted as a girl came flying out at her.

"Where were you?" pouted Pansy as she dragged her friend to the table. A patient smile spread across Clianthe's face.

"Out visiting the centaurs. You couldn't possibly have been surprised could you?"

"Well, no, but you know I hate when you disappear like that," moaned Pansy. Merely shaking her head, Clianthe began to collect food onto her plate.

"Hey." Clianthe looked up to find her other best friend, Blaise, seating himself across from the two ladies.

The three friends ate breakfast together, conversing. Well, Pansy tended to dominate the conversation, but Blaise put in an occasional stony word, and Clianthe sometimes contributed.

At some point however, Clianthe's thoughts began to drift and she looked up at the teachers' table at the head of the room. A warm feeling filled her heart, and she turned her head back to her food, a small dimpled smile making its way across her face.

"What?" demanded Pansy. Lazily Clianthe glanced up at her friends. Was Blaise smirking? Oh well.

"It's nothing," lied Clianthe. "You know, I'm pretty full, I think I'll head back to the common room. I'll see you guys later."

Leaving one rather flustered girl and one rather apathetic boy behind her, Clianthe happily glided out of the Great Hall and back to the Slytherin common room.