Where to Start…

Ash Huh? What are you doing, Misty?

Misty Apparently we've been told that we're going to be getting questions from our fans to answer.

Ash We? I haven't heard anything about this.

Dawn That's because you're so far out of the loop, you're in America.


Max Fans? Since when do we have fans?

May Since we started our journeys.

Max What…?

Brock Wow, this actually sounds fun. What do people wish to ask about me?

Misty Nothing. You're not as important as the rest of us.

Brock *Cries*

Yellow Can we be asked questions as well?

Misty I don't see why not. You are just as important as us anime stars.


Blue Oh! Oh! What do people want to know about me?

Gold You have to wait until people ask questions first…

Blue Oh. Well, hurry! I'll tell you whatever you want to know!

Lyra I'd be careful. They may ask you random questions about your…sex life or something…


Hilda Lyra! This is rated T! They can't ask questions like that!

Lyra Oh. Okay then, that's cool.

Iris So they can ask game characters, too?

Cilan That's pretty neat. But…I'm a character from the anime, games, and the manga…


Serena So am I…

Misty Me too…

Green What about Sabrina? She's got a different personality for every canon she's in.


Electric Tale of Pikachu!Sabrina Oh…I-I'm sorry…

PokéSpe!Sabrina I was a former member of Team Rocket…

Anime!Sabrina …I have green hair…

Gary This is confusing…

Misty Maybe whoever's in charge of presenting us these questions can specify that…

Ash Wait, there are different versions of you, Misty?

Misty Yeah! You do, too.

Ash What?

Electric Tale of Pikachu!Ash Whoa…

All right, everybody! Here's another crazy idea of mine! A Pokémon question and answer segment! I've got some rules for this, so listen up.

- You can ask any question for any character in Pokémon. From major characters to characters of the day, any person in Pokémon!

- That also means that you can ask anime, manga, or game characters. If you wish to specify which character, as some characters have more than one canon, you may do so. If you don't, I'm going to assume you're asking the anime counterpart. Unless, of course, they're from a specific canon, such as Yellow being from the manga. And if it's a character not from the anime, then I will choose the canon accordingly as I see, so please specify.

- Ask as many questions as you please. But! If I get flooded with too many questions from too many people, I will have to put a limit down. So my suggestion is between about eight to ten.

- You may also ask a few dares, but keep it to a minimum because this is a Q&A.

- Remember the rating. Don't ask anything too obscene, please.

- Remember the genre. This is meant to be humorous, for the most part. So if you ask a serious question, prepare for a humorous response, whether it's from the character you're asking or from someone randomly jumping in to ruin the moment. Some answer may be serious, though, depends on who it is or what the question is.

- A lot of fourth wall breaking may ensue. Anyone wanna ask a 4Kids question?

- Have fun with your questions! That's the point of this. And I enjoy reader response, which is why this story is going to be a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to your questions!

So, review and let me (and the Pokémon characters) know your questions! :D