1) Ash; Pick a girl to date already, plz, I'd ask something else, but your as dumb as Sora on Kingdom Hearts

Ash Who's Sora?

Brock He stars in the video game Kingdom Hearts. It even says it in the question.

Ash That's not a question… Hey, this person called me dumb! That wasn't nice!

Misty Well, she is right. You are pretty dense when it comes to girls' feelings.

Ash Dense?




Ash What does that mean? Oh, hey guys! Anabel, Macy, Angie! What are you guys doing here? And Dawn. And May, and Iris, and Gary, Cilan, Tracey, Ritchie, Barry, Paul, and…Latias? What the hell?

Misty Or…anyone's feelings for that matter?


Misty What the hell? Where did you guys come from?

AdvanceShippers Shut up! May is soooooo much better!

PearlShippers Are you serious? May and Ash have the same voice actress in English! That's weird! Oh, and so does Ash's mom! May and Ash's mom sound exactly alike! WEIRD!

AdvanceShippers That has nothing to do with anything!

PearlShippers Ash, date Dawn. Now.

PalletShippers No! Ash and Gary are childhood friends! Everyone knows that osananajimi always get together in the end!

NegaiShippers Go, Iris!

PokéShippers Iris hasn't even been in the series that long. What does negai even mean?

NegaiShippers It's Japanese for wish! WishShipping was already taken, so we used negai.


MorpheusShippers No, Morpheus!

AbilityShippers Anabel, for the win!

Misty Okay, that's enough!

Dawn This is insane.

Gary Osananajimi?

Tracey Hey, where's Ash?

Iris I think he ran off…

All of the Shippers AFTER HIM! *They all storm out of the door*

May Man, we're gonna have a lot of these questions, aren't we?

Misty Sigh…

Cilan CaféMochaShipping…

2) N: Dude, you're a stalker, why?

N …I am offended.

Hilda This person is right. You do kinda randomly show up outta nowhere. Are you following us?

Hilbert Seriously?

N That's not true. It's just…coincidental.

Hilda …You paused before saying 'coincidental'…

Hilbert I'm worried…

FerrisWheelShippers HE DOES IT OUT OF LOVE, HILDA!

IsshuShippers No! Hilbert! He loves Hilbert!


3) White: *jumps down on knee with rose in hand* Will you go out with me? Black: You got Bianca.

White Wha-? U-um, I'm not sure what to say! I'm flattered, but…

Black Wait a minute! "You got Bianca?" What does that mean?

White Apparently this person is a CarCrashShipper. Or just doesn't like any pairing with me in it…

Black Shipping? I don't have time for romance. It's all about the…POKÉMON LEAGUE!

White Sigh… Sorry, Zexiontwo, but I'm too busy with my job for a relationship. But maybe we can hang out sometime!

Black White, you're too nice.

White What?

4) Bianca: Black or Cheren?

Manga!Bianca Black…

CarCrashShippers …!

Manga!Bianca Or Cheren…

DualRivalShippers …!

Bianca Hmm… *Eyes Black and Cheren back and forth*

Black Don't have time for romance. POKÉMON LEAGUE, GO!

CarCrashShippers Aww…

Manga!Cheren I don't understand the question. Black or Cheren…what?

Manga!Bianca Oh, Cheren! I thought you were smart! Even Black understood the question!

Black Hey!

Manga!Bianca I'll choose you for now, because you're adorable!

Manga!Cheren Choose me for what?

DualRivalShippers AAHHHH! *Squeals*


5) Creepy old man who stops you from going to Johto's last gym to ask if you want to buy some candy: What is your issue?

RageCandyBar Man …Um, I was purposely put into the game to prevent the player from moving on until they beat Pryce…

Kris Yeah, but if you think about it, you sold those things for an outrageous amount of poké. Couldn't you have at least let us buy one for, like, a reasonable price.

Ethan Seriously.

RageCandyBar Man …That still doesn't make me creepy…