Its time for a crossover. A crossover that the likes of which have never been seen before.


"Um... ok. Everyone... I would like you to meet RedBird." Starts robin awkwardly. Red gives an unsure wave while staring down the young justice teem + some very confused looking league members.

"RedBird I've told you about KF, Arty, Supes, Megan and Aqualad also that's Batman, Superman, and Black Canary" says Robin to the giant robot affectionately and pointing to each person in turn. Red starts to back away, just a bit frightened of meeting so many people at once.

"Red is an a Transformer if you will" continues Robin "And YES Wally, before you even ask, Transformer as in the hasbro toy and movie franchise. As it turns out, it was all loosely based on fact." Wally's mouth is hanging open in shock as Rob continues.

"So Red here is to me is what Bumble Bee is to Shia LaBeouf in the movie." with that red let's out a bit of a laugh and Robin pats him affectionately on the foot.(which the only part of the robot he can actually reach)

"Though some of the others consider the movie inaccurate at best, let's just for the sake of argument say that most of everything that happened in the movie is true...ok?...ok! Any questions so far?" but everyone is still gaping at the giant red transformer crouching to fit inside of Mount Justice.

RedBird takes the silence to speak "I come in peace." he says in a mock serious tone with his robot-y voice "But if you attempt to separate me from the boy," he pauses, his right arm turning into a huge gun " There will be a problem" he finishes menacingly.

"Ok Red, it's ok" he states comfortingly, stepping in front of the giant alien gun currently aimed at his friends like it's nothing. "Your not going anywhere, I promise. Red? Red, look at me, I promise" with that Red gently ruffles Robins hair and mutters a strange noise in transformer language that can only be translated as affection.

"Some input would be appreciated here, guys. I feel like I'm talking to myself." says Robin in regard to his audience, whom at the moment had taken to staring blankly. Even motor-mouth Wally is completely silent as RedBird shifts awkwardly.

"Um, Red? How 'bout you change back for a sec so they snap out of it?" with a nod red transforms in to the most absolutely beautiful car anyone in mount justice had ever seen. Sleek and sexy with a spoiler on the back and black racing stripes, painted to match the red of Robin's uniform. With tinted windows and with spinner hubcaps. No apparent brand names are visible.

Wally takes a small step forward, his mouth moving as he flounders about, trying to form words.

"n-nice...nice c-car." he finally manages to stutter out.

"He speaks!" says Robin, throwing his hands up in the air enthusiastically while from the car, applause can be heard coming through the radio as he bounces a bit on his shocks, mimicking Robins mock enthusiasm.

"And I designed the car myself, I wanted Red to be original. As in not just a fancy paint job original, but one of a kind original. The only way that was possible was to design his car form myself... and believe me when I say that it took forever."

Now it's Batman's turn to step forward and flounder about for something to say. But as he tries to find something, anger seems to mix itself in with the shock. He manages to take a few very aggressive steps toward Robin before Red transforms and leaps over Rob to block Batman's path. He lets out an aggressive growl as he crouches to stare Batman straight in the face.

"RED! Red, no! Come on buddy, were trying to get them to like us here." Robin goes to stand between them while Red let's out a whine and turns back into a car.

"Explain. Now." demands Batman .

"Oh, now were in trouble..." sighs Robin.

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