~Sorry for the wait, I have the next 3 chapters all ready to go but to be honest, things get really dark after this chapter and I dont know if I really like the direction things take for my favorite bird. As always, let me know what you think and to all my fabulous reviewers and favorite-ers, thank you O3O

"Ok people walk with me" Robin says as he turns towards the exit of the giant mountain hideout. Red turns back into a car and follows Robin. When he realizes that no one is following him he turns back while walking "Come ON! This way people" finally everyone begins to follow him sheepishly.

"This is Robin and RedBird. Robin and RedBird to base. Come in IronHide this is Robin calling in a code 46b. Assemble at coordinate point 8...thanks guys see you there."

"Robin what is going on here? We need to get back to Gotham. We don't have time to play games."

"This is no game, Bats" is Robins serious reply as he leads the makeshift group outside of Mount Justice and around to the blacktop training course where the sun is setting over the ocean. A faint buzzing can be heard from the com-link as Robin goes to stand in the center of the black top.

"Ladies and gentlemen" he starts with a grin, spreading his arms wide, cape fluttering in the wind

"I would like you to meet the Autobots."

And with that another faint noise fills the air, growing louder and louder until the roar of engines becomes earsplitting and then...

Cars. Cars of all kinds come flying at top speed onto the blacktop, mid air each one transforms into a giant humanoid robot and lands in position behind robin, weapons at the ready.

Wally nearly faints.


And then he does faint.

Okay, this was really short, I know. I'M SO SORRY! And I know Ol' Batty is a bit OOC right now but I'll fix that. How would you take it if you found out that the person you are closest to in the entire world had a flippin' transformer following him everywhere.

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