Disclaimer: I do not own The fox and the hound, or disney, or anything of that sort, this is just a story of a fox named Todd. I am making this story to try to stop my writers block, and I love the first movie, until that stupid girl fox came in, but everything else in that movie is so good and sad.

Todd lay on the ground, seriously injured. His mate and pups dead. The pups had ran into the river and drowned. His mate had been killed by a trap left from a year ago during that horrible time whenhe was nearly killed by Copper, still his best friend. Now he lay injured from a fallen tree branch. But, on this fateful day, Widow Tweed happened to be taking a little walk in this preserve. She had heard what Amos did, and was very angry, but touched. He had spared Todd's life, but only because of Copper. She was walking on the path, using a map of the preserve to find her way through. She planned to go back to the car soon. Then she heard a sound.

Not just any sound, a whimpering. A familiar whimpering she had only heard once before. "Todd?" she said, walking a little faster up the trail. There she saw him. "Todd!" she said walking as fast as she could over to him. Now 78, she rarely runs, but is able. He recognised her as much as she recognised him, very much. she moved the branch and looked at his wounds, his legs and sides were bleeding and she was sure he probaly had some broken bones.

Widow Tweed rushed him to the car and drove off to the vet as fast she could.