Disclaimer: I do not own The fox and the hound, or disney, or anything of that sort, this is just a story of the fox named Todd.

"What's that?" Todd asked.

"Well, you see, I'm old. I know a lot of things, and I need you to know that you can't come out here anymore." She said sadly as she checked the clearing for something. She seemed even more alert than usual.

"How come? I just got back, Copper and I-"

"I know! But listen. There is a disease in this forest that is taking it's toll on the foxes, in this forest alone 5 foxes have died and many more are sick! You need to go back to your house and not come out until I tell you to!" She said.


"NOW!" She yelled. "I can't let you die after what happened to you! I hate to see people and animals die alike! You have a chance to survive. I love you, and I want what is best for you, so go and be safe!"

And with that Todd ran back to his house and quickly into it. Could it be true that this is happening? "Oh no! Ben!" Oh, Ben...right. Ben has became one of Tod's best friends when he lived in the forest. Ben was a fox. If Ben died, it would be devestating. Not Copper death devestating, but still.

Copper walked glumly back to his barrel. Now that Copper thought about it, his life stinks. His best friend is a fox. He lives in a barrel. His owner uses him for fur and food. He was bred for this. His best friend was his only comfort. As long as Todd is safe, he thought everything was going to be alright. But then why is Todd so upset at Copper?

"Was it because I asked him something he didn't like? Is he not over the hunting dog thing? Was he going to surprise me? Was something amiss in the forest?" These were all thoughts Copper had.

But Copper had no idea, so all he could do is wonder, and wonder is what he did.

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