Author's Note: Warning, there are lemons ahead and a bit of a Dominant Sebastian. If that's not your cup of tea you might not want to skip ahead until you get to the part you'll like.

Kiss and Tell

Tickling the Dragon

Solara took a deep gasping breath and moaned. It felt as if every muscle was wound tighter than Sebastian's bow string. Her wrists were manacled in a strong grasp and every inch of skin felt flushed and feverish. "Sebastian…" She whispered.

"A chroí, I am here… yours for the taking…" the prince of Starkhaven kissed her lightly, teasing her with the brief caress. "If you want me you know what you must do." Truthfully, Sebastian thought to himself, this was almost as painful for him as it was for her. He'd threatened to torment information out of her and a sensual torment it was. But he could not tease and tempt Solara without tempting his own desires to a breaking point. "Just tell me love, and I'll give you everything you want."

Solara twisted in his grasp, her body rubbing against his. The wicked man had undressed her, caressing her with every article of clothing and armor he'd removed. Then he'd stripped down to nothing and lain with her on the bed. Before she could touch or kiss him, Sebastian had pulled her hands over her head and held them there, one strong hand manacling both her wrists in his grip. He'd used his other hand and mouth to rouse her to a fever pitch, until she was crying out in need, damp and heated and near begging for his touch. "Love please…" She moaned again.

Sebastian wasn't sure how much more of this he could take. The woman was impossibly stubborn. He was ready to simply plunge his body into hers and mindlessly plow her until they both were satisfied. A groan escaped his lips at the thought and he bent his head to her breasts again, his lips lightly teasing one tight pink nipple. "Solara why do you deny me?" he murmured against her skin, his hand sliding down to cup her mound, feeling how wet her dark curls had become. "You know I will ease every ache and longing I caused if you only…" He teased her by sliding one finger around the opening of her sheath, and was rewarded with a cry of need. "Only give me a promise that you'll explain your meaning."

Solara tried desperately to move her hips, to take his fingers inside her body but he was too quick. "Sebastian…ohhhh…doesn't the Chantry have rules against tormenting loved ones?" He was going to drive her insane; she'd never met a man with so much self control. His wicked chuckle sounded a bit strained and Solara looked at his face and then his body. He seemed in as bad a state as she, his jaw was tight, his eyes dark with passion and his body tense, his erection constantly beading moisture at the tip as she watched. Solara couldn't help herself, she licked her lips, and heard a groan as Sebastian realized where her gaze was directed.

"Solara…" Sebastian kissed her, wished he could put his mark on her so every man in Kirkwall could know she was his, pressed his body against hers in demand and cupped her tighter in his hand, teasing both of them. She was close, he could feel how close she was simply by how her body quivered and strained against his hand. His fingers surrounded her clit, light teasing touches that gave no satisfaction. "A ghrá give me the promise and I'll give you everything you need right now."

Solara moaned and pressed herself against his hand, near weeping in frustration. "Ahh… Sebastian!" She growled his name. "Blast!" Another teasing pet of his fingers, another dip inside her, flickering touches that only drove her closer to the edge without pushing her over. "All right." She capitulated. "Please!"

Sebastian stilled his hand and brushed his lips over hers. "Say that you promise my Solara." He whispered. "Just that word…and I promise you…"

Another mindless moan and she twisted in his hands again, shuddering against him. "Promise." She gasped out. "Sebastian!" Solara shrieked his name, for as good as his word, Sebastian's wicked hand pressed hard against her clit, one sharp tug sending her spiraling in passion.

Sebastian felt her come in his hand and without a moment's pause spread her thighs and plunged into her body, as desperate for completion as she. Tight and so wet around him, Solara's body was still trembling from her pleasure as he pushed into her. "Solara…" He let go of her wrists and wrapped his arms around her, cupping her bottom in his hands and holding her still beneath him as he drove manically into her body. Solara screamed and felt Sebastian groan into her hair as his seed flooded her body, pleasure vibrating through them both.

Sebastian felt like he couldn't move, and realized that able or not, his body was still shuddering over Solara, she was still trembling beneath him. "Maker save us." He groaned and tried to lift his body from hers, only to have her arms tighten around him.

"No." She mumbled against the skin of his neck, nuzzling against him contentedly. "Stay."

"I'll crush you a stór." He objected without any real force to his words. Part of him was content to stay where he was, their bodies still joined, pressed together as if they were one.

"I'm not a delicate little thing to break under your weight." Solara told him, a hint of smug satisfaction in her voice.

Sebastian's hand could cup the entire side of her face and did as he pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "Breakable you may not be, but delicate…well you feel delicate to me." He compromised by rolling on his side, keeping their bodies snug together and pulling the quilts up around her. "Now, a chroí, I believe you owe me an explanation." He prompted affecting a stern frown.

Solara grinned unrepentantly up at him. "So I do." She agreed, pausing mischievously. "Though I never did promise when did I?"

"Solara," Sebastian nipped at her neck with his teeth in a warning that matched the growl in his voice.

"Peace love, peace." Solara giggled. "I promised and I'll tell you." A white hand lifted and slid through his hair, a soft smile curving her lips. "I simply am uncertain where to start."

"Varric always says the beginning is a good place." Sebastian reminded her, leaning into her caressing hand.

"Hhmm…so in the Beginning the Maker created…" Solara began to intone the Chant piously, trying to keep a straight face.

Sebastian slid one hand from her waist to smack her backside with his palm. "Solara, do as you promised or be…" he bent his forehead to hers and used his hand to squeeze her bottom before giving it another light smack, "punished."

"Hmm…the Brother of the Chantry is fast leaving us I see." Solara wiggled in his grasp. "As for punishment, how do you know I won't like it?" Her teasing tone combined with her salacious wiggling drew a groan from Sebastian.

"Woman you will be the death of me." Sebastian kissed her fiercely and gave her backside a squeeze. "Now please, your tale."

Solara grinned at him and began to sit up, propping pillows up against her headboard to lean against. "I love when you hold me but for this…I want to be able to move and explain." She moved her arms to demonstrate. Sebastian nodded his understanding, and propped his head up on one hand, regarding her so seriously that Solara almost started giggling out of sheer nervousness.

"All right…I'd best begin by explaining that my family never stayed in one place for very long. Sometimes we'd be in a town for a year or two and sometimes we'd be gone after a season." She told him. "So we saw a lot of Ferelden."

"It must have been hard for you, to always be moving, never knowing what would happen next." Sebastian murmured, thinking of how lonely a little girl would be without playmates her own age.

"I never knew anything else so until we stayed in Lothering for so long I didn't know what I was missing. And then I was with the army at Ostagar with Carver…and…well you know what happened then." Solara shrugged. "But since we moved around so much I learned to…observe people I suppose. I paid attention to what was around me."

"That has served you well through the years I imagine." Sebastian offered. "Were you a nosy little girl?"

"Not as bad as some, worse than others I would guess." Solara grinned. "But we were in Denerim once and I was watching the archers of the guard practicing near the walls." She frowned trying to remember. "It was autumn, the leaves were turning and the air smelled like harvest time. The archers were fairly diligent as it was getting colder and a hard practice would keep them warm." She smiled slightly. "Winter here in Kirkwall is a bit warmer than autumn in Ferelden, so that gives you some idea of how chilly it was."

Sebastian shuddered. "A cold country indeed. But I imagine your summers are a delight, unlike the heat here."

"Very true." Solara laughed. "One archer caught my eye because he seemed to take longer to shoot than the others. He would nock an arrow, take a deep breath and draw the bow as he inhaled, and as he exhaled, he let fly. He did it over and over, until firing an arrow was as simple as breathing. And as the afternoon wore on his shots were closer and closer to the center target."

"And you developed an affection for this man?" Sebastian asked curiously wondering how old she'd been and if the man had thought her a sweet little thing or if she'd been seen as a pest.

"Maker no." Solara shook her head. "He was probably a little younger than my father; it was hard for me to tell." She looked at him. "I was barely twelve summers old at the time. What I noticed was how…focused he was on that target, how nothing in the world seemed to exist for him but that." Sebastian nodded his understanding; he often felt the same when he was working with his bow. Solara smiled at him. "I found that fascinating, as I couldn't imagine forgetting everything around you. Especially with my upbringing, always wary of strangers asking questions, we always had to pay attention."

"I can't imagine." Sebastian murmured feeling a bit of anger towards her parents and belatedly remembered that if Malcolm Hawke hadn't defied the Circle and Chantry that Solara would not exist.

"It was funny, when I was watching him I hadn't really paid attention to the other people around me except to note if there were any Templars. There were women, other men, some girls older than I by several years, probably flirts of some of the other archers." Solara continued her tale, her hand idly stroking his hair. Sebastian wondered if the Maker had a place in the Golden City where lovers could sit like this and be content in each others company. "When the practice was done, everyone was leaving, the other men putting away their equipment. And the archer I'd been watching unstrung his bow, retrieved his arrows, everything just as focused and methodical as his practice had been."

Solara paused trying to frame her words, wondering how to explain what she'd seen that had altered her perception of men forever. "He looked up then, I finally saw his eyes, they were brown I think, nothing out of the ordinary, but the look in them. He was looking along the rail of the area, and when he found the object of his search…" She shivered slightly at the memory of heat in that man's eyes. "His gaze…burned. It was as if all the intensity he had put to his practice was instead focused on the woman he saw." She looked down at Sebastian and hoped he would understand what she'd seen. "And ever since then…I always found archers to be fair attractive… and hoped that someday I'd find a man who could focus like that…who would in turn gaze at me with that…concentration."

"And did you a stór?" Sebastian murmured, taking her hand from his hair and kissing the back of it tenderly.

"Maker yes, and more." Solara exclaimed. "I'd fairly well given up on the entire idea before I met you…the archers at Ostagar were only interested in…sport…not the person." She shrugged. "I learned quickly once I was a woman that it was best to keep my high standards and be alone than compromise and be less than satisfied with my companion."

Sebastian grinned his appreciation and tilted his head. "And your distraction when I used my bow during our travels?"

"I…" Solara sighed in spite of herself at the memories of watching Sebastian at practice, unnoticed where she stood in the shadows. "I'd watch you… and wonder what it would be like to have half the attention you gave your targets." She admitted. "You were beautiful and strong and kind…" she shook her head, "And so far beyond my reach you may as well have been on the moon."

"But surely you were able to put such thoughts from your mind while we were in battle." Sebastian murmured curiously.

"You would think." She said dryly. "I know the placement and cause of each wound you've taken, had to fight myself to keep my place skirmishing and not guard you from every attack." She shuddered. "You made me promise to try and bring you or Aveline or Varric so I would have someone to guard me. I was more worried about who would guard you."

Sebastian chuckled. "It was rare that I was seriously injured." He tried to reassure her. "Archers aren't normally in melee but I am still well able to defend myself a ghrá."

"Normal doesn't quite describe some of the things we've gotten up to." She retorted with a frown.

"Well do I know that." Sebastian kissed her knuckles. "Its not every love struck swain has to watch his lady battle dragons and ogres and Arishoks." He pointed out wryly, shaking his head. "I'd watch you, cut your way through monsters, jump on the neck of a dragon and slice its throat, or leap through the air to stab the Arishok in the heart. And you'd jump off like you could fly, so graceful, covered in blood..."

"Scared you?" Solara asked hesitantly.

"Terrified and at the same time..." Sebastian grinned up at her. "I'd wonder what was wrong with me that all I wanted to do was take you against the nearest wall." He pushed himself up, sitting beside her and pulling her into his lap. "I should have been praying for my soul instead of fantasizing about what you looked like unclothed."

She laughed and shook her head. "Aren't we a pair." She sighed and laid her head against his chest. "I love to hear your heart beat."

"You're an impossible woman, you know." Sebastian chuckled. "You're stubborn, impatient, sarcastic and have the strangest moral code of anyone I've ever met." He skimmed a finger down her cheek. "And at the same time you are lovely, kind and sweet, loyal and a friend to count on no matter what. You champion causes others would overlook and you are courageous to a fault. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"You're not exactly perfect yourself." Solara pointed out. "You're impetuous, and think you know what's best for everything and everybody. You have an appalling temper and you're occasionally condescending." She turned her head and strained upward to kiss him, grinning when his hand helped to lift her. "But you're also gentle and have a good heart, you're handsome and brave and loyal to your friends even when they're being foolish. And I'd be lost without you."

"Tá ghrá agam duit." Sebastian kissed her softly.

"That's the other thing you speak another language and drive me crazy with curiosity." Solara said dryly.

"I'll teach you if you like." Sebastian smiled. "I started using the old language to tease you, to pique your curiosity. I wanted to make you think of me."

"It worked." Solara grinned at him. "So what do your words mean?"

"Tá ghrá agam duit." Sebastian said slowly and listened to her repeat it. "It means I love you." He smiled. "A chara, means my friend."

Solara smiled. "Those were the first words you used on me." She repeated them carefully.

"A chuisle," Sebastian kissed the top of her hair. "It means my pulse, or my darling." Solara's lips pressed to his neck in a soft kiss. "A ghrá means my love. A chroí means my heart."

"You said something once...after I told you my said too something." Solara murmured. "What did you say then?"

"Tá tú go h-álainn." Sebastian smoothed her hair back from her face and kissed her. "Means you are beautiful."

"I'd like to learn your language." Solara smiled. "Something for us to talk about while we're traveling. It might help us behave ourselves."

"That will truly be a struggle, especially as I'm always following you and my eyes are inevitably drawn to your backside and legs." Sebastian grinned down at her and kissed her. "Speaking of traveling...didn't you say something about some work tomorrow?"

"I did." Solara sighed. "Had I known I could spend the day in bed with you I wouldn't have committed to the task."

"We both have duties." Sebastian sighed. "But for now..." He began to kiss her, sliding her down to the bed and covering her body with his.

"Planning to be certain I sleep?" Solara whispered against his mouth.

"I plan to be very thorough and very deliberate and meticulous in ensuring that you are too exhausted to do anything but sleep when I am done with you." Sebastian punctuated his words with kisses down her body and gave himself over to loving Solara.