I know this kind of story has been done many times before, but I just felt like writing it. No hateful comments or anything. Don't like, don't read. Simple as that.

How long has it been? It seems like years, but also feels like seconds.

I stared at the large garbage bag, a reminder of "him". The hole in my heart throbbed painfully. It was as though "he" took that part with him. It had been a few weeks since I had taken the stereo out of my truck. I remembered my hands were bruised and bloody from the effort. I had stuffed it into this bag and kept it in my room. The pain of seeing it every time was getting to be too much, so I had to find a new place to put it. I stared at it, hoping an answer would come.

After a while, I decided to hide the stereo in my closet. Opening it, I cleared off a shelf, taking out some old photo albums and an old shoebox. Using all my strength, I heaved the stereo up onto the shelf in the closet. I shut the closet door and turned to look at the contents that lay on the floor. Anything would be a welcome distraction.

Ever since "he" left, I had become lifeless, as though someone had sucked out my soul. I tried to act normal, so that it wouldn't worry Charlie. I must've looked terrible, because he wanted me to get away from Forks and move in with Renée and Phil. They tried forcing me, packing my clothes and bringing Renée over to Forks, but I wouldn't go. I threw a tantrum, yelling and throwing things, so they let me stay with Charlie.

During the day, the pain was horrible, but at night it was much worse. I always had the same dream. I was wandering through the forest, searching for something, and I would realize that I've forgotten what I was searching for, and then I would scream myself awake. Charlie would always come barging into my room, carrying his baseball bat. After a while, he learned to ignore it, knowing that it wasn't someone trying to kill me.

Everything was a reminder of "him". I winced at the pain this caused. I started to throw out everything that caused me to remember. Things like listening to music or watching TV were painful. I ended up throwing out all the CDs I owned. I tried to do it secretly so that Charlie wouldn't see. I think he suspected it, but he never said anything about it.

The pain in my chest was getting worse. I had to get my mind off the pain and numbness somehow, so I started looking through all the stuff that was on the floor.

The many photo albums I recognized. Renée gave them to me to take to Forks. The shoebox however, did not look familiar. I didn't remember bringing it with me when I moved to Forks. I picked it up, surprised by how heavy it was. Was there a pile of bricks in here? I set it carefully on the bed, with much effort, considering the box was heavy for something so small.

On the top, there was a small envelope I hadn't noticed before. My name was written on it, written by an unfamiliar hand. I opened it. Dear Bella, it said.

I'm sure by now you are of age and have no memory of us. If you are indeed over 17, then it is time for you to know the truth.

Renée and Charlie are not your real parents. You are a witch. We are your godparents, Melissa and Joseph. We are also a witch and wizard. You probably have no memory of this. In order to protect you, we had to erase your memories and bewitch Renée and Charlie into believing you were their daughter. We are sure you have many questions, and hopefully this letter answers most, if not all of them.

You are what wizards call a muggleborn witch. That means that you have muggles (non-magic people) for parents. You real parents wanted you to grow up knowing about the wizarding world from the time that they found out you were magical, so they gave you to us to raise you. Don't worry, they did not abandon you. We went to visit them all the time, and you stayed in touch using a muggle invention called a telephone.

You attended Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry. In your fifth year, Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, announced that Lord Voldemort has returned. When Voldemort was in power, he would hunt down muggles and muggleborns and kill them for the fun of it. We couldn't let that happen to you, because we promised your parents we would take good care of you.

During that summer, we took you to America, and sought out our muggle friends, Renée and Charlie. As we sat down for dinner, we placed a sleeping draught into each of your cups. We modified all of your memories and placed a spell on Renée and Charlie while you were sleeping and prevented anyone from using magic to invade your mind and take control of you. Don't worry; the memories are still in your head, kept safely hidden.

In this box, you will find your wand and everything you need in order to complete your education as a young witch. It also contains a few items that may come in handy. It may seem small, but the box has an Undetectable Extension Charm placed on it.

If you wish to retrieve those hidden memories, simply take your wand and tap your temple, we've made sure only you can get these memories by doing this. When you have gotten your memories back, do not try to contact us, for by the time you have read this, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named might have taken over the Ministry of Magic.

Hopefully we'll see each other again soon,

Your loving godparents