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Now this is set after the Anime's end, including the OVA; however, there are a few things from the Manga in here as well. This is planned to be a two-shot, but I'd like to see it reach three chapters!

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"It's been two weeks since Christmas… Two weeks since me and Tomari-chan…" Hazumu's cheeks flushed a light pink as she vividly remembered that magical night. The two had agreed that it was not a marriage ceremony just a sign of their love, since neither of them were really ready to take such a big step in their relationship so soon.

"It's still so romantic though!" Hazumu squealed happily as she hugged her uniform tight against her chest, pretending it was the smaller blonde that she loved so much.

"Hazumu; you'll be late for school if you don't hurry up and get down here for breakfast!" The orange haired girl snapped out of her daydreams at the sound of her mother's voice reminding her she had things to do today; going to school was the least of her worries, but since a certain someone was going to be there…

"I'm hurrying!" Hazumu shouted as she began to fly around her room collecting and putting on all the things she would need for that day. After successfully getting ready and down the stairs; Hazumu hurried into the dining room where she slumped down into her seat, quite proud of how quickly she can go when motivated.

"It's a shame you have those two exams next week and can't come with us on our vacation; I would have loved to see you in your swimsuit…" Her father said dreamily as he groped the air, only to receive a swift kick to the face by his wife.

"I think it's better this way, it will be nice to spend some 'quality time' with Tomari-chan's parents." Hazumu's mother winked at her daughter as she passed her a piece of toast. "You had better get going; you don't want to keep her waiting." The adult brunette said sweetly as she began helping her husband off the floor.

Hazumu gave a quick nod to go along with her hum of agreeance as she put the piece of toast in her mouth and rushed to the front door; after quickly putting on her shoes, grabbing her school bag, and mumbling a goodbye to her parents Hazumu bolted out the front door and onto her front lawn.

Standing by her front gate were her three closest friends Ayuki Mari, Yasuna Kamiizumi, and Asuta Soro; standing with them was the love of her life… Although it took a little time for her to finally realize it, she knew with all her heart that it was true.

Hazumu waved as she came through the gate and cheerfully greeted them, but due to the half-eaten toast in her mouth it sounded more like crazed mumblings then any form of know communication.

"Jeez Hazumu, you better not plan on keeping us waiting every morning like this!" Tomari huffed as she began to walk down the street towards the school, leaving the others to try and catch up. "Why can't I ever just be nice? We are dating after all, but Yasuna is so close…to close…" Tomari thought as she marched forward at a pace that was pretty close to a power jog.

"I'm sorry; I promise it won't happen again… Ah, wait up Tomari-chan~!" Hazumu whined as she ran towards the smaller girl, finally catching up with her love and quickly grabbing her arm. Thanks to the added weight on her arm, Tomari slowed down considerably allowing the others to catch back up to them.

"Just don't make it a habit okay?" The blonde said with a slight smile, she enjoyed the feeling of the girl she loved depending on her, needing her for support. "Although it might be nice to do the clinging once in a while…" She thought with a small blush adorning her face.

"Hey Yasuna-chan did you see the program last night?" Hazumu asked happily, turning to face her friend as she began a conversation while keeping a firm grip on Tomari's arm.

"I did; I feel that they just keep getting better!" Yasuna said with a smile as she struck the main characters signature pose.

"You do that really well Yasuna-chan; Tomari-chan never really cared for that particular drama, so I'm glad that you like it as much as me Yasuna-chan!" Hazumu said cheerfully, as Yasuna did a few more poses before the two began discussing last night's episode in full detail.

Ayuki seemed to be the only one to notice Tomari visibly flinch when she was mentioned, since both Hazumu and Yasuna were busy talking and the lone male of the group had his head either in the clouds or the gutter, it wasn't long after that when she pulled her arm out of the orange haired girl's grasp.

"What's the matter Tomari-chan?" Hazumu confusedly asked as she was more or less abruptly pushed away from the tsundere.

"Look you are messing up my uniform; please don't grab onto me like that." Tomari said quickly as she smoothed out her shirt and began to power walk faster than the group yet again.

"Ayuki-chan do you know what is bothering with Tomari-chan? She has been acting so distant with me lately. I thought it was just because she was feeling embarrassed about us being together, but she should be over something like that by now…" Hazumu asked with worry and confusion lacing every word.

"Hazumu, you know she isn't very open with her feelings; I suggest you just…" Ayuki began, but her thought was cut short by the soft sound of muffled coughing that emitted from the twin-tailed girl.

"Tomari-chan what's the matter, are you okay?" Yasuna asked worriedly as the small group picked up their pace a little to try and make up the five or six feet that Tomari had gone while they were talking.

"I am fine it was just some dust, nothing to worry about!" The tsundere said turning around showing them a slightly weak smile, and also her partially red face.

"Was it really just dust Tomari-chan?" Hazumu thought, she tried to get a little closer to the shorter girl to check her temperature, but every time Tomari would pick up her pace and dodge.

"What is the matter with her, she should be happy after all… So why isn't she?" Ayuki thought as she watched Hazumu and Yasuna try to pin down Tomari to see if something was wrong with the small girl, but due to the track stars speed they were unable to do so…

The school day continued on like it always did, there were classes, then they had lunch, and then more boring classes. The longer Hazumu watched her love throughout the day, the more certain she was that Tomari was sick and hiding it.

"Tomari-chan let's go home together!" Hazumu called quickly rushing over to the tsundere, hoping to see if Tomari had a fever once and for all or if the blonde girl was simply to hot today. "It's just you and me today, oh yeah and Yasuna-chan!" Hazumu said happily as she got a little closer to the blonde, this time Hazumu noticed the flinch.

"Sorry Hazumu, but I have a club meeting today…" Tomari quickly made an excuse, even though she knew the couch said she didn't have to come today since she was so far ahead of the rest of the team in terms of skill and prowess. Tomari tried to quickly walk away and maybe save her head from hurting any more, but was stopped by Hazumu firmly grabbing her hand.

"Tomari-chan please tell me what is wrong, I don't like it when you ignore me…" Hazumu pleaded, she didn't understand why Tomari was being so cold with her. It started a few days after Christmas, right after they got together…

"I'm sorry Hazumu, but I have to go." Tomari said softly as she pulled out of the former boys grip. "I'm so sorry, but I just don't want to hurt anymore." Tomari thought as she ran through the hallways, a single tear sliding down her face.

"It's so cold… It feels so nice…" Tomari thought as she spread her arms out to her sides, in hopes of catching more of the wonderful breeze that blew all around her.

Tomari felt like she was on fire, but the nice cold wind seemed to relieve that pain, if only a little.

"Sempai you have been acting strange all of practice, are you feeling okay?" One of the girls from the track club asked as she ran up to her senior once she noticed her dazed expression.

"I know someone is talking to me… The wind feels so nice…" Tomari thought as she felt her knees weaken beneath her. "It's calming this fire in me… Can't…" Tomari said softly as she fell to the ground, not even trying to stay upright anymore.

"Sempai what is wrong, Sempai!" The girl shouted as more of the track members rushed over to the collapsed girl.

"Hazumu… I'm so sorry…" Tomari mumbled as her vision went hazy.

"Tomari-chan… Tomari-chan…" Hazumu said softly, as she gently shook her girlfriend. She noticed that her love had been stirring in the bed and wanted to wake her from any nightmares that she might be having.

"Hazumu, where am I?" The tsundere asked as she tried to lean up, she could have sworn that she just finished running the two hundred meters… So why was she in a bed, with Hazumu by her side?

"You are in the nurse's office; you have a fever of a hundred and four… Why didn't you say you were sick?" Hazumu asked with sternness that Tomari had never heard come from her before, as she gently forced Tomari back into a lying position on the bed.

"I am not sick I feel fine…" Tomari said just before a coughing fit racked her body. Hazumu was at her side instantly stroking her hair and whispering soft words of comfort in her ear.

"We are going home and I don't want to hear one word about it!" Hazumu said strictly as she scooped up the sick girl into her arms, like a prince would do for his princess.

"No don't, I can walk myself!" Tomari tried to shout and kick, but it came out as more of a whisper and a soft shifting.

"No you can't, we are going back to my place and I am going to take care of you… So there." Hazumu said with a dominating smile as she leaned down and kissed the blonde on the forehead; hoping it would help calm the other girl down a little, but there was also a bit of teasing in the kiss as well.

"Damn Hazumu, why do you do this to me?" Tomari thought as her face flared up a brighter red, but since her fever was already making her face red to begin with Hazumu did not seem to notice.

The two got many strange looks on their trek to Hazumu's house, but that did not deter the younger girl from getting her girlfriend home unharmed so that she could care for her.

"Alright we are here!" Hazumu said joyously as she crossed her houses threshold. "Okay first off we need to get you in bed… You are going to need pajamas…" Hazumu thought out loud as she carried her into the house and began to look for something that would fit the less busty girl, who she was still holding.

"Hazumu put me down, this is just weird…" Tomari ordered in a slightly angry tone, some of her strength had started coming back due to not exerting herself for the trip to Hazumu's house.

"Why? We did this on Christmas, were you lying about still loving me?" Hazumu asked as she sat Tomari on the love seat. Tomari tried to jump up and get away, but the younger girl held her in place.

"Hazumu this isn't…" Tomari protested as she squirmed around in Hazumu's grasp, quickly using up any energy she had gained rather quickly.

"Tomari you will tell me what is bothering you this instant!" Hazumu demanded in a tone that was very unlike her, but there was no way she was going to let this dance around continue any longer.

"I… I… I am scared that you will leave me again!" Tomari shouted as her face deepened in its red shade, Hazumu knew that this could be bad for her fever, but she just had to know what was wrong with her lover so that she could help her. "You chose her over me, I was just second choice… I don't want to love you and then watch you leave me for someone else…" Tomari shouted as she buried her face in her hands and cried.

"Has Tomari-chan always been this emotional? Have I really have hurt her so much…" Hazumu thought as she gently pulled the shorter girl into a gentle embrace. "I am so sorry Tomari, but I swear you are the only one for me… It may take a while for you to fully trust and love me, but I will wait and prove to you that I love you more than anything else." The orange haired girl said confidently as she lifted her loves face up so that they were looking eye to eye. She began to wipe away those horrible tears; she never wanted to see her love cry like that ever again.

"I have been going back and forth with my thoughts for weeks… I just can't think straight about these things anymore… Just don't leave me Hazumu, please." Tomari sniffled as she snuggled her face into her lover's neck.

"I won't I will always love you… Always…" Hazumu said as she picked up the athletic girl and began to carry her towards her bedroom.

"I guess it is pretty nice to cling on someone else for a change." Tomari thought happily as she snuggled in closer to her love.

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