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The sun was starting to sneak its way into the bedroom where the two girls slept. Both girls still soundly asleep in the comfort of each other's grasp, not caring what the outside world was doing just wanting to sleep with their love a little longer; however, the alarm clock did not feel like letting the two girls sleep in peace…


The alarm clock sounded as the time hit eight o'clock exactly. Tomari was the first to react by falling out of the bed at the sudden deafening noise.

"Hazumu get up, it's eight already!" Tomari shouted franticly as she swiftly shut off the evil sounding device. "Oh this is bad they are probably waiting outside for us." Tomari said as she started putting on her uniform.

"No I called them all last night and told them that we didn't know if you could go to school today, so to just go on ahead." Hazumu said cheerfully as she watched her love scamper around the room.

"Wait you told them I was sick? And that we were staying at your house, when they know that your parents are gone?" Tomari asked mortified at what her lover had just done to her, she would never live down the teasing Ayuki would give.

"Yeah, is that a problem?" The busty girl asked in confusion, not entirely sure why Tomari would be upset by this; if the blonde was indeed still sick it would be better for them to get to school and let the teachers know right?

"Oh, never mind… What are you doing get dressed!" The tsundere shouted noticing that Hazumu still had not left the comfort of the bed.

"Oh, right I forgot." Hazumu giggled as she got up and began to get dressed too.

"Alright I will go make a quick breakfast, you need to hurry!" Tomari said as she rushed for the kitchen, nearly tripping on something in the hallway. Her eyes widened in shock as she walked into the kitchen, she knew Hazumu did not know how to cook well, but this was just ridiculous.

"How did she even get that stuck on the ceiling?" Tomari wondered as she looked up. "Ack this is not the time for that we have to hurry!" She mentally scolded herself as she got busy with making toast.

"Tomari-chan it's almost time to go!" Hazumu called out as she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Idiot it IS time to go and how could you destroy this kitchen to such a degree?" Tomari said as she quickly jellied the toast. "Never mind let's just go!" The tsundere sighed loudly as she stuffed a piece of toast in her girlfriend's mouth when she tried to give a response.

The two practically ran all the way to the school, only skidding in at the last second.

"Made it, but just barely… Hazumu if you weren't so slow…" Tomari panted quietly as they walked into the classroom.

"Tomari-chan is mean!" Hazumu said quietly as they each took their seats, both looked around the room at their other friends to see they all had mischievous grins. "Everyone looks happy today!" Hazumu thought with a smile as the class started.

"Kill me now, just kill me now…" Tomari thought tiredly still feeling the slight after effects of her fever.

It was lunchtime and Hazumu had insisted that their group eat lunch on the roof today, saying it would be better for Tomari to be out in the sun while she ate.

"So you two got pretty close yesterday didn't you?" Ayuki smiled as she poked Tomari in the side causing the blonde to groan.

"We didn't do anything like that…" Tomari said grumpily, she had been expecting this, but she was hoping it wouldn't happen anyway.

"I don't mean anything dirty, you two just look closer and happier then you have the past few days is all." Ayuki said with a smile, as she watched her close friend blush. "And Hazumu is talking with Yasuna and you haven't made one upset facial expression, so I can only assume you two worked it out." The Meganekko confirmed as she took a sip of her juice.

"Yeah it is all cool with us now; I finally know she wants me and only me." Tomari sighed happily, as she watched Yasuna and Hazumu talk about their favorite TV show, although she was mainly looking at Hazumu.

"It must be because you two shared a bath." Ayuki said while putting a finger too her chin in thought.

"WHAT THE… HOW DO YOU KNOW…?" Tomari shouted jumping up, but still feeling the lingering after effects of her fever, that quick movement made Tomari's mind go blank for a few seconds. Lucky for her Hazumu was pretty quick when she needed to be.

"Calm down Tomari-chan, I knew I should have made sure you were a hundred percent better before we left today." Hazumu said angrily, mad at herself for her own carelessness.

"I heard that Asuta was texting some girl, he is even eating lunch with her!" Yasuna said when she noticed them lacking the presence of the male of the group.

"Yeah Asuta has been all over her lately, it's funny he keeps asking me for advice even though I haven't been a girl that long." Hazumu said with a giggle as she rubbed Tomari's aching temples.

"How did she know…? HOW!" Tomari was screaming in her mind as the groups idle chatter drowned out into background noise. Ayuki on the other hand could see the war raging in her friends mind and could not help but smile, even if he told her not to hack the satellites so much she just had to do it.

"Oh Ayuki-chan I heard from sensei that you are working with him now, what do you do?" Hazumu asked as the other two girls looked at Ayuki just in time to see her devious smile.

"It must be something wonderful for her to smile like that." Yasuna thought happily.

"Oh she must like it a lot, I wonder what it is?" Hazumu thought, as more questions came to her mind.

"Oh unholy hell; she is dissecting people isn't she!" Tomari thought mortified.

"It is just helping him with a few odd tasks, since Sora sensei is stuck on earth I thought it would be good that he has someone who 'knows the ropes' to help him." Ayuki said brushing off the question, only to receive a critical stare from Tomari. "Oh, no I think Tomari needs a hug!" Ayuki said teasingly knowing Hazumu would instantly scoop up the shorter girl into a hug, which she did.

"Ack Hazumu can't breathe!" Tomari struggled to say through the bear choking grip her love had on her, causing the others to chuckle.

The rest of the day seemed to go on with a normal flow; Asuta introduced his new would be girlfriend to the others and Tomari was attacked by the track team asking if the rumors were true that her and the former boy were dating.

Their last class of the day was English with Namiko sensei, which was a pretty carefree class given the fact of who the teacher was.

"I Namiko Tsuki, boyfriend less for 35 years…has finally been asked out on her first date this evening! So class is over so I can get ready…" Namiko said in flawed English with a Japanese accent. She was lost in her daydream so much that she tripped and fell straight out the classroom window, landing on the ground with a dull thud.

"We need to start closing those…" Tomari thought dryly as she started to pack up her books. "So who do you think finally asked her out?" The tsundere asked once the group was packed and ready to go.

"It was Sora sensei; he said he finally had enough data from you two that he thinks he can be in a relationship." Ayuki said as the foursome left the school. "Given what I saw on Christmas though, he is already developing feelings for her." Ayuki thought with a smile.

"Puu~!" Jan Pu yelled as she tackled Hazumu out of nowhere in a flying hug knocking her to the ground.

"Jan Pu-chan what are you doing here?" Hazumu asked as she hugged the space ship or better known as her 'little sister'.

"They gave me my own artificial body; I am going to transfer to this school to be with Onee-nii-sama!" Jan Pu said happily, as she got up and helped her 'older sister' up as well. "All I have to do is go and sign up with the principle… Do you know where I am supposed to go; I am kid of lost…" The alien asked sheepishly.

"We will take her you two go ahead." Yasuna said as her and Ayuki began walking back to the school with Jan Pu.

"Have a good time you to love birds." Ayuki giggled as they turned the corner and were lost form sight.

The two walked in silence, not really sure what to say to one another. It was Hazumu who was first to break the silence and tension in the air.

"A lot has happened since Christmas huh?" Hazumu asked with a smile as she looked over at Tomari.

"Yeah I guess…" Tomari said as she put her arms behind her head. "Namiko sensei and Sora sensei are going out, the alien spaceship is now going to our school, Asuta has a girlfriend and me…" Tomari stopped her inner monologue to look at the girl that held her affections. "Well as long as I have you no matter what happens, it is all okay." Tomari said softly as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl's waist, still not used to being all mushy like this.

"Tomari-chan… you are so beautiful…" Hazumu said just as softly, looking deep into the tsundere's eyes.

"You still have to clean the kitchen when you get home." Tomari said with a devious grin.

"Ah you ruined the atmosphere, which was…" Hazumu started to whine, but Tomari gently kissing her on the lips quelled any other thoughts she might have had.

"But I will help…" Tomari whispered softly as the two tightened the hug.

"I love you, more than anything in this world…" Hazumu whispered breathily.

"I love you too…" Tomari could just barely say before Hazumu pulled her in for another passionate kiss. It was going to be hard at times, with everything changing, but Tomari knew that their love would last forever.

"To think she is all mine… I love her…" Both thought simultaneously, as they leaned back in for another kiss…


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