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Running was all he could do now. With each labored breath, he felt his heartbeat pound painfully against his rib cage. Sweat trailed down his forehead and past his thin cheekbone, a small chill countering this heat. His lips were sore, freshly chapped. His thighs burned as he ran, he felt as though he was going to collapse. But he didn't. He couldn't, and he wouldn't. The low growling and roaring of the monster that was quick on his trail was his motivation. To run as fast as he possibly could; anywhere but here would suffice.

Quickly, Phillip ran into the nearest room he could find, which was located close around the corner. He observed the room with haste, closing the door quietly and fast. He began stacking barrels and chairs in front of the door to possibly slow the monster down. And just as quick as he ran into the room, he ducked down behind a table that happened to be on its side, covering the top of his head with his gloved hands. He held his breath, trying to calm the salty tears the breeched his eyes. He began to whisper to himself, the door cracking under the monsters force. "Please, God…" He whispered to the Father of Man, begging him. "Please… Take me from here. Anywhere… Please, anywhere…!" A small sob escaped his lips, the door splintering as the hideous creature clawed its way through. Phillip lifted his head, to see how far the monster has gone.

It seemed as though Phillip was now looking Death in the face, the monster had its claws ready to slice him to pieces. It was absolutely disgusting. It resembled a human, having two arms and legs as well as a human head. But it was as white as snow, and its face was incredibly horrifying. It had no eyes, two dark holes reaching into the back of it's skull. It appeared to have an umbilical cord, which was even more odd. Blood dripped from the monster's teeth as it hissed darkly at the blonde. With a yelp, Phillip kicked the table up and at the monster. The monster was up against the wall and under the table within seconds, thrashing with all its might to get out from its current trap. Almost happily, Phillip ran towards and out the door, slamming it shut as he ran from the horrible room. Now, he was running down the same hall, once again, from the thing he currently feared the most.

After what seemed an eternity, Phillip slowly came to a halt. A newer and fresher coat of sticky sweat covered his body, his breath heavy and hoarse. He stumbled backwards, into a wall, where he let his body slowly slide down into a sitting position. The blonde let his hood fall, his short locks drenched in sweat. He ran a hand through his golden hair, looking up to the ceiling. Finally, the tears that had been locked up for so many hours, for so many ages had begun to fall. He made no sound, nor did he move. The only thing that could be heard was the crashing and tumbling of the monster far behind him, and the warm tears hitting the cold, bloody ground that provided a seat for his exhausted, trembling body.

For a moment, he felt no fear. His body obviously deceived his mind; Phillip continued to tell himself he wasn't afraid. He was not afraid of this creature, and he was going to face it. He was going to stop this torture, and he will make sure no one else will have to see or go through anything that he did. No one should have to go through such a fate, such a horrible thing… It was sickening.

With a shaky groan, Phillip rose to his feet. His legs continued to tremble as he stood, as did the rest of his cold form. He glared at the hallway of which he came, and from where the growls and disgusting sounds from the monster were created. He clenched his hands into fists, ready to take on the vicious beast that tortured him this way. He took one last, final breath before taking a step forward, straight into the beast's sight. He whimpered under his breath, the monster seemed to hear him. 'Maybe I shouldn't do this…!' He suddenly thought to himself, regretting his move. But it was too late. The monster was again on his tail as he began on his feet, running once more.