What If…

What if Naruto was Jonin and his students were the reincarnations of Tsunade Senju, Kushina Uzumaki and Konan?

At First, Naruto would a little bit creeped out that his students look just like his mother, sibling student and former Hokage however he loves them very much

Tsunade's Reincarnation is named Tsukiko.

Like Tsunade, Tsukiko has a tough demeanour and criticizes other for their faults however she truly loves and cares about her teammates and the village very much

Tsukiko loves to gamble and would bet on much work she take on however she has horrible luck like her past self

She also likes to take sake however Naruto stops her most of the time

She calls Naruto Ero-Sensei

She often get into fights with Kazumi

She admires Sakura Haruno

She uses Taijustu

Kushina's Reincarnation is Kazumi

Like Kushina, Kazumi is a total tomboy and is like a little female Naruto and has the same verbal tic as her past self when she gets flustered or excited

She has a calm and kind demeanour but she has a slight temper, she doesn't like being called "tomato" and would usually beat anyone up

Her hobbies include training, eating ramen and spying on Naruto-sensei when he is with Sakura-san or Hinata-san

She usually get in fights with Tsukiko

She uses a combination of Ninjustu and Fuinjustu

She admires Hinata Hyuuga

Konan's Reincarnation is Konata

Like Konan in her childhood, she is bright, compassionate and cheerful young girl and always place her teammate's safety before her own

she is also empathic towards her enemies

in battle she can be fierce as much as Tsukiko and Kazumi

she enjoys art of all kinds

she wears a different flower on her head each day but her favorite flower is the one that Naruto that had gotten for during a mission to the hidden rain village

she uses Genjustu and paper bomb tags

She admires Ino Yamanaka

all three know the Sexy no Justu and when they use it they turn into their past selves(although Kazumi complains that Tsukiko shouldn't have a big bust but Tsukiko disagrees), they use this to prank Naruto or let them do something

on their outfits they have a Uzumaki swirl somewhere on their clothing