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Rainy Days Are Full of Surprises

It was raining at Hogwarts today of all days. The very first school day back from Winter Break and the beautiful grounds were muddied up and soggy. And to top matters off, it was so cold that the rain wasn't merely rain, but intermixed with an icy downpour that chilled Rhea Philips to the bone.

Her chestnut brown hair was hanging limply down her back as she sighed and turned away from the window. Her Slytherin Prefect badge rested resignedly on the cover her textbooks, looking quite dejected from its apparent disuse.

Rhea ran a hand through her thick hair and sat in the nearest chair of her secluded spot in the Restricted Section of the library. "Do they always have to pile on the homework on the day we get back to school?" This question was directed towards the boy who sat across from Rhea, his hands holding a quill and thumbing through a textbook. His jet-black hair glistened in the library's light, which also helped to play upon Tom Riddle's angular facial features, giving him an eerie and almost crazed look.

"It just seems that way when you're used to doing nothing over the break." He stated, not once looking up from his parchment. "Besides, you know you like all this work anyway."

Rhea smiled playfully. "Oh Tom, I must keep up the guise of a normal teenager. We mustn't let others know I spend all my time with you."

"Then why keep this guise up around me too?"

"You know me well enough to realize the difference from the fake me and the true me, Tom." Something must have bothered the young Tom Riddle about this declaration because he finally dropped his quill, bearing his hunter green eyes into Rhea's crystal blue ones.

"Do I?" He questioned, staring directly into Rhea's soul. She smiled wickedly.

"Come now, Tom. Would I still be breathing if you didn't?" Tom smirked, somehow making his features even more attractive. Rhea's statement was true; if anyone made any sort of threat to Tom, he would delve into the darks parts of their souls, removing whatever secrets they may have kept. And Rhea was one such threat.

"If that's the truth, why do you waste your time trying to be my friend?" They both smiled knowingly at each other.

"Why ask when you already know?"

"Why answer my question with another question, Rhea? Have something to hide?"

"Not at all, Tom. I'm merely trying to save us the breath of stating what is so evident to us both." Rhea's eyes gleamed with a spark of danger, whilst Tom still held his characteristic smirk.

"I just want to hear you say it. Out loud, Rhea." There's no point in arguing with Tom Marvolo Riddle, and Rhea was perfectly certain of this fact. He had too great power and influence to make any sort of altercation a worthwhile one. Thus, Rhea just decided to go as boldly into the next statement as was possible. She stared into Tom's eyes with perfect resoluteness and determination before opening her soft pink lips.

"Because I love you, Tom." The smirk slid off Tom's face, as if he hadn't expected her to say these words. And that was why Tom Riddle kept Rhea Philips around; she as just full of surprises.

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