It is a dark, rainy night and everything is quiet. It is also the night that will change the fate of a certain young boy forever.

"Brother wait up!" a red headed boy wearing a purple turtleneck with red lining screamed while chasing after a tall, fairly muscular man. "I don't want you to go!"

The man turned around and glared at the child, "I can't allow you to get in my way anymore, Spade." He paused and sighed. "I'm doing what is best for Team Rocket."

Spade glared, and tears began to stream from his eyes. "I'm your younger brother, though; this is wrong!"

The man turned around and began to walk off.

Spade closed his eyes and screamed at the top of his lungs. "Get back here, now!"

The man continued to walk, not even acknowledging Spade.

Spade eventually had enough and ran to catch up with his brother. He ran ahead of him and stopped before him. "I vow to you Giovanni that I will destroy Team Rocket," he paused as he noticed Giovanni stopping in his tracks. "I'll do it if it is the last thing that I ever do!"

"Whatever, you can dream whatever you may child, but we are too strong for you ; even if we are currently disbanded, Team Rocket is a group and you are one, mere child. What do you think you can do against us, huh? Whine?" Giovanni mocked.

Spade glared at him and then ran past him into a dark forest as rain poured down hard smacking against his face. He felt each drop pound against his skin as tears flowed from his eyes. The rain drops felt like rocks and he could barely take anymore.

He stopped near a town that he has never seen before. Not knowing where he was he walked toward a sign that said the towns name. "Newbark Town" the sign read with very faded writing.

Spade looked north and saw a light coming from a building. He walked towards the building and noticed a scrawny professor pulling Poké Balls from a bag and putting them into a glass container. Spade stared at the glass container and frowned.

"The first step to becoming stronger is to get my own Pokémon. That professor should have at least one valuable Pokémon," he glared at the professor, "I have to get one!"

The professor sighed. "Not my usual set of Pokémon, but they will have to do for this class. Two lucky trainers are going to get either a Totodile or Chikorita. How odd not being able to find a Cyndaquil. At least I get to do some research on Chimchar, sadly I don't feel that it is in my place to give away just yet." The professor then put a lock on the case, then walked up a flight of stairs into a room and disappeared.

Spade glared through the window, "I guess that I'll get some sleep if I want to start my training. Getting one of those Pokémon can wait." Spade then took a seat down under the window seal and watched the night sky. Rain was now lightly falling from the sky. Spade closed his eyes and one last tear fell from his right eye. "That is my last tear that I shall ever shed; that is a promise to you… Giovanni."

Spade awoke whenever a loud squeal could be heard from the inside of the lab."Thank you Professor Elm! I love him already!" A girl's voice screamed.

Spade sat under the windowsill and waited for the voices to stop. Once it was quiet, he stood up and looked through the window. Both Poké Balls that he saw the night previous were gone, but something else caught his eye. Farther back than the Poké Ball case was a case with a few books, but what stood out was a shiny red and white Poké Ball. "There is no telling what, or if there is a Pokémon in there but I must try. I must have it…" Spade told himself under his breath.

"So, I can't wait to get to Cherrygrove!" The same voice from earlier rang from afar. Spade looked over and saw the same girl from before grabbing at what looked like a Poké Ball necklace.

Once the girl and her traveling companion, a boy that was with her were completely out of his sight he looked around for something that he could use to break the window. In no time he found a small but heavy rock and decided that it would be the tool for his window breaking.

"Here goes nothing," he groaned while he threw the rock through the window, the glass shattered causing a huge crash. Spade grabbed at the edge of the window and leapt through it. He cut his left palm but had to ignored the pain and dashed for the Poké Ball. Once he reached the bookcase he took a look at the ball and grabbed it. Before he dashed off to outside, he noticed a book on the shelf titled 'Secrets of Pokémon Evolution'. With no hesitation, he quickly grabbed it and then ran for the door.

"Who is that?" A voice called from behind.

Spade kicked the door open and dashed for where the girl and boy from before were. Noticing them, he decided that it'd be best if he avoided any form of confrontation so he dashed into a few trees but continued to run on the route that they were on. After awhile of running he stopped and bent over, gasping for breath. He looked at his Poké Ball and grinned.

"Time to find out what kind of Pokémon I got. I can only hope that there is something in here," he said to himself.

"Go, Poké Ball!" He cried out while throwing it into the air.

The Poké Ball blasted open and a small red chimp appeared.

"Chimchar," it cried happily.

Spade smiled, but it faded quickly once he caught that he was smiling.

"So, Chimchar, you're my Pokémon," he told the Pokémon. "I guess that I stole the test subject; maybe I was doing you a favor."

"Chimchar!" it cried out happily. Spade glared.

"I need to train you soon so we can get to beating my brother," he paused, "Giovanni…"

Chimchar stared at Spade and then at Spade's left hand which had blood trickling from it.

"Chimchar…" it cooed quietly. Spade looked down at his hand then at Chimchar.

"Ignore that. I can fix it." He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of gloves. "I came prepared for anything, although it may have been a good idea to put on my gloves first. They can't be smart enough to do fingerprints though." Suddenly, Spade spotted a flock of Pidgey up ahead, "Use an Ember on those Pidgey now."

Chimchar looked at them and then at Spade. Chimchar scratched the back of its head as though it didn't know why it was being told to attack.

"Now!" Spade ordered.

Chimchar nodded then jumped into the air and let out bullets of flames towards the Pidgey. The attack hit directly and some flew away startled. Others charged towards Spade and Chimchar. Once they got close enough they began to peck at Spade's head.

"Ah!" Spade yelled in distress. He began to move his hands furiously through the birds, trying to get them to all fly away.

"Chimchar!" his Pokémon cried out while jumping into the air and Fury Swiping all of the Pidgey away.

The Pidgey all ran away scared, some very injured.

Spade looked down at Chimchar in shock. "Not bad, but we have to continue training, agreed?"

Chimchar nodded, seeming to get used to his trainer. Spade looked behind Chimchar and noticed a Rattata. A smile came across Spade's face and Chimchar nodded.

"Destroy it with Flamethrower!"

Chimchar spun around and shot flames out of his mouth towards the Rattata. Before the Rattata could even see what was going on, the flames connected and engulfed the rat Pokémon.

Once the flames died out, the Rattata lay silent on the ground. Spade walked forward and past Chimchar.

"C'mon let's go, we have to keep moving if we want to get ahead on our training."

He walked outside of the trees and saw another Pidgey. Chimchar smiled and Spade pointed at the Pidgey.

"Chimchar Scratch it" he yelled. "Burn it with Ember!" Spade commanded as Chimchar was laying into the Pidgey. Spade smiled and opened his mouth to make another commanded but was interrupted.

"Hey you, why are you being so mean to that Pidgey?" a voice called from behind. Spade turned around and locked eyes with the boy from earlier.

"What's it to you?" He asked rudely, if he was going to be interrupted then no mercy was to be shown.

"Enough for me to ask! Chikorita, get ready," he told his Pokémon. Chikorita leapt in front of the boy, ready for battle.

"So, a battle is it? Chimchar, go!" he commanded. Doesn't this kid know that his grass-type doesn't stand a chance against my fire-type?

"Chikorita, use Vine Whip," the boy commanded his Pokémon.

"Chika," the Pokémon cried out while vines raced towards Chimchar.

Spade grinned and gave his order, "Chimchar, dodge and use Flamethrower."

Chimchar jumped into the air avoiding the vines and then shot wicked flames from his mouth landing a direct hit on Chikorita.

"No! Chikorita!" the boy cried while rushing over to his hurt Pokémon. "Heather! You stand more of a chance with against him! He has a fire-type, and you have Totodile," he explained to the girl wearing a light blue dress and the Poké Ball necklace from before.

Heather grabbed her Poké Ball and threw it. "Go Totodile."

Now this may be a challenge, unless this happens to be her first battle. "You can easily beat that wimp, Chimchar! Use Flamethrower again!" Spade commanded.

"Hurry, Totodile! Use water gun!" Heather shouted to Totodile.

Heather's Pokémon shot a burst of water that completely took out Chimchar's flame. Totodile quickly shot another burst that landed directly and sent Chimchar falling back.

"Chimchar, get up! Use Flamethrower again, and don't miss" Spade demanded

Heather was ready, "Use Water Gun again, Totodile! Then bite him while he's down!"

Totodile shot out another blast of water at Chimchar and before Spade could answer back Totodile latched onto Chimchar's head.

"Get out of his mouth, Chimchar!" Spade yelled in distress.

Chimchar began to struggle, but it was no use. Chimchar had no choice but to give up.

"Return, Chimchar!" Spade told Chimchar while holding his Poké Ball. Spade turned around and began to run towards the forest but stopped and locked eyes with them again. "This won't be the last you'll see of me!" he told them.

He began running into the forest again before he stopping at a tree to rest.