Good Riddance

Cloudy blue eyes gazed at the computer screen. Words flew across the world, appearing on another screen to be met by equally emotionless eyes. Of course, the owner of the blue eyes had no reason to guess at the personality of her erstwhile companion, but for some reason the blue eyed soul felt that words were not needed to send emotion across the ocean.

Nimble fingers danced across the keyboard. Pink lips mouthed the words. A delicate brow furrowed, and then smoothed. There was a beeping sound, which drew the eyes of the students in her class. She felt their eyes on her; their cold, accusing eyes. Her lips drew back in a feral smile.

She didn't care. Ah, yes. One advantage to a handicap. It provided you with an incredibly handy wall to erect around your heart, to hide yourself away from all the mocking looks. Not that she could even see them.

She ignored the other students and very carefully began finishing up her most magnificent creation ever. She specialized in outstandingly annoying computer programs, and absolutely diabolical viruses. She sent them in a disk to her customers all across the world. No one knew about her huge stash of cash, and she planned to keep it that way. One day she intended to use that stash to get the hell away from Japan.

But that wasn't the thing that was exciting her. What was making her blood race was the program she was about to send the school's "beloved" principal Dr. Winner. Well, maybe she was the only one that didn't care much for the rich bastard. But what the hell? She clicked the send button. Blue-eyes knew she was going to get in huge trouble, especially when they found out she had no idea how to fix the damned thing. But good Lord would it be a fun ten seconds before she got in trouble.

She sighed as the door flew open. Maybe the old man was a little faster on his feet than she had originally thought. She felt furious eyes fasten on her back. So make that seven seconds of fun, she thought as she composed her face.

The principal drew a deep breath, willing himself to not kill the girl. She was absolutely hopeless. Sometimes she showed social signs, and then she would retreat without warning. Other times she would be sweet and shy, and then the next moment she would do something like this.

"Tsukino-san, would you please accompany me to the office?"

The small blonde stood slowly, and turned those cloudy eyes on him. She smiled innocently, and he found himself hard pressed to keep from breaking his resolve not to bring harm to her.

And of course, like she always did, she sensed his mood and added a touch of maliciousness to the innocence. She straightened her T-shirt and stepped lightly over to him.

"Of course, Dr. Winner. It would be my pleasure."

She walked cautiously out the door. Before he followed her, he intercepted five glares from five different girls. Hino Rei scowled at him, and then turned back to her computer. The two blondes, Anio Minako and Liko Mia, tossed their hair, gave the Tsukino girl a look of contempt, and went back to checking their e-mail. The other two, Mizuno Ami and Kino Makoto blushed and looked away.


Usagi stared at the ceiling, wishing she could count the tiles. How many times had she done that? How many times had she and Minako been there together, in trouble again for a prank? But now everything was different. Everything. The wall around her heart thickened, and she sighed a little. Usagi shifted her position in the chair and folded her hands in her lap. She didn't even flinch when Dr. Winner opened the door and walked in. She waited.

That was the worst thing about being blind, she decided. The waiting. Not knowing your opponent's expression. Not knowing where he's attacking from. Not knowing when. She tensed herself, and fixed her eyes where she thought he was. Usagi felt the familiar burning in her cheeks, knowing that her eyes were fastened somewhere on the wall, about three feet away from him.

"Tsukino-san, would you care to explain this new…joke of yours?"

"Not particularly."

See him try to be polite to her. He didn't like her, so why did he pretend? It didn't make sense. She heard him sigh.

"You're going to anyways."

"No, I'm not."

"You'll get expelled." His voice was tense.

"I'll get expelled anyways." Inside she was growling at him. If she was going to get expelled, why not leave them with a little present? She was going to go anyways, so she didn't see why she should. No sense. This man was insane.

He was silent for a moment. "Where are your friends."

The knife that was lodged in her heart twisted painfully. "I don't have any."

Pause. "Certainly you have one." Hopefully.

Her voice grew icicles. "I have none." She didn't even want to think about it. It hurt too much.

"Tsukino-san, maybe you could tell me about Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, Mizuno Ami, Anio Minako, and Liko Mia?"

She froze. How the hell had he found out about them? No! She couldn't let those memories back up. That would just lead to worse pain. Worse. Ha! If that was even possible. But what would she tell him? The truth wasn't what he was expecting, but if she told their families would be hurt. Then she realized what she was thinking. Fuck them.

She narrowed her eyes. "Dr. Winner, I've never seen you, and I don't think I want to. I've become a better judge of character than I ever hoped I'd be since the accident. You are a nice man with a low self- esteem. So far that's all I know. But I think you can have the truth. Those bitches previously mentioned are the Sailor Senshi. Liko is Sailor Moon, Anio is Venus, Kino is Jupiter, Mizuno is Mercury, and Hino is Mars. They used to be my friends. After my accident, they totally throw me to the goddamned trash."

She clenched her fists, angry tears dripping down her face. "I'll bet you don't know why I'm so pissed off. Well, I'll goddamned tell you why. I was Sailor Moon." She laughed bitterly. "The one and only. It started back when I was fourteen. I gathered them together. I fought. I killed for them. Damn it, I died for them! I had a nice, secure future. Then I went blind. And they kicked me out of their clique and got another damned Sailor Moon."

Usagi's face was flushed with anger, and her nails were digging into her palms. She looked up at him, eyes dark and angry.

"You don't believe me."

Dr. Samuel Winner watched the sightless girl scowl at him in a sort of satisfaction. She was Sailor Moon. He had pictures of her from her Jr. High years. The hairstyle matched. The speech pattern matched. He found himself unable to disbelieve her. He smiled and leaned forward.

"I believe you."

The blonde jerked back at stared at a spot on the wall. Her voice was hoarse. "Wonderful. Now I have someone that knows the secret behind my permanent bitchiness."

He almost smiled, but he merely leaned back in his chair and intertwined his fingers. "Now about this program you sent…."

The lines of her face hardened, and he sighed inwardly as the inevitable retort flew at him.

"Fuck you."

He sighed audibly and stood. The damned blonde never went about life the easy way. She made friends by being a super heroine, she tested them by going blind, and now she was going to learn a lesson, again the hard way.

"Tsukino-san, I really hadn't wanted to do this, but I feel that I have no choice. Your bus leaves on Saturday at nine AM sharp. Pack for a the whole summer."

A confused look crossed her face. "Nani?"

He rubbed a hand across his face. "Tsukino-san, you have given these computers too many viruses, mouthed off too many times, and let your grades slip too far."

Her eyes widened. "No."

He nodded, even though he knew she couldn't see him. "Afraid so, Tsukino- san. You're going to a summer long correctional camp."

She and her mother were in the car driving home from school. Tension hummed through the air, and Usagi could picture her mother's white knuckles gripping the steering wheel. Of course, there was once a time that she would have cared. But she didn't. Not anymore. Usagi leaned back into the chair, smiling wryly.

"Being blind is going to prove to be a handicap at this summer camp." She internally winced when she heard the mocking lilt in her voice.

There was silence. Usagi felt a tiny knot of sick anticipation grow in her stomach. What would her beloved mother say?

Suddenly a fist slammed against the wheel, making her jump.

"Damn it, Usagi! Why did you do this? We've told you countless times not to download those viruses of yours onto the school computers! This one just---arg! I can't even talk to you. You've changed. You've changed since the fire, and since you went blind. You've become a total bitch. But you don't care, do you?"

Usagi looked out the window, eyes growing even paler. "No, I don't."

They drove in silence for about five more minutes. Finally, Ikuko broke the silence.

"Say, Usagi, why don't I ever see Minako or Rei anymore? Why don't you invite them over? We can throw a party or something."

Usagi turned her pale blue eyes on the mother she couldn't see. She stared at Ikuko for a few seconds, and then turned back to the window. Ikuko found herself wishing she had just not even spoken, and that Usagi would turn around during the summer.

After three long minutes that seemed like eternity, they were home. Without saying a word, Ikuko got out of the car and went inside. Usagi just sat in the car, not looking at anything. Her mother's comments were ringing in her ears.

"You've changed…since you went blind…such a bitch…"

So her own mother hated her now. Usagi felt the tears begin, but she squeezed her eyes shut and banished them. It meant nothing. Absolutely nothing. All it said was that she was too weak, and that she'd have to strengthen her defenses. She sighed, and wiped her eyes.

"Ah…so the little girl has feelings after all."

Usagi froze in mid-wipe and lowered her arm. Her body was suddenly flooded with an unreasonable fear. There was a strange man in her car, and she had no way to fight him, seeing as her Crystal was gone….

"I would like to introduce myself. My name is Amos Whittaker. I represent the interests of a certain individual."

Usagi's voice, when she finally spoke, was harsh. "What do you want?"

She could feel the man smiling behind her. "We want to make a proposition. We simply require you to give up a portion of your soul."

No way, she almost shouted. But what would more of her soul in the Devil's hands would hurt? It wouldn't. She was too far gone to care anyways.

"What would I get in return?" she asked cautiously.

"Sight." The man answered promptly.

Usagi was sure her heart stopped beating for a second. She certainly forgot to breathe. Sight! Her dearest, most cherished dream! Oh, the programs she could create! But was it worth the price? A portion always meant 25%. That would make 50% of her soul gone. So…if she stayed clean, she would land in Purgatory, serve her penance, and then fly to Heaven. And she would be able to see. So was it worth it?

Hell yeah.

"Mister, it's a deal."

She braced herself for the uncomfortable feeling of her soul being stripped from her body. When it came, she was still unprepared for the excruciating pain. She hunched over, squeezing her ribs, certain that this time she wasn't going to survive. Then it was gone, and she straitened. For some reason, she felt fuller somehow than she had in a long, long, time. Then she opened her eyes.

Sunlight streamed through the trees, casting odd patches of light on the street. The leaves on the trees and the blades of the grass were stunningly green, and the sky was a breathtaking shade of blue. The colors danced though her mind, and her heart swelled so much she felt liable to burst.

So she laughed instead. She flung open the door to the van and threw herself onto the grass to stare in wonder at the sky. It was absolutely amazing. It was just…words couldn't even begin to describe it. She sat up and looked at the man that was grinning at her. Usagi jumped up and flung herself into his arms.

"Thank you so much! Oh, thank you! I can't even---oh…."

Amos flushed, and then pushed away from her. "No worries, mate. I'll be needing to go now, but…I might see you around. G'day."

Then he was gone, leaving Usagi blinking. Then she shrugged and walked into the house. She walked through the kitchen, past her mother, paused long enough to remark about her mother's graying hair, and continued on to the fridge. She very casually opened it, grabbed the milk, poured herself a glass, and replaced the milk. Then she turned around and walked back out into the living room.

Shingo looked up at her as she plopped down on the couch. He stuck his tongue out at her, and turned back to his homework. Then he was hanging in the air by the front of his shirt, looking into the furious face of his pissed off sister.

"Don't make faces at me, brat." She hissed. Then she dropped him on the floor and walked out of the room.

Shingo stared after her in shock, and then turned to his parents who were staring at him in horrified shock.

"Mom? I thought she was blind…" he said weakly.

Usagi stormed down the street, with her own, personal black cloud raining on her head. Shingo-baka. Teach him to make faces at a "blind" girl. Why was she always having bad days? It didn't make it any better when she noticed her pink shirt and her blue jeans. And it certainly didn't improve her mood when she bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going, moon brat," a cold voice hissed.

She lifted her glare from the ground to his blue eyes. Mamoru. Nope. Not her day. Her glare became even worse.

"Get lost, dumb ass."

Then she hauled back and rammed her fist into his face, and instantly turned on the tears.

"Teach you to cheat on me!" she screamed at him as she ran away.

Three blocks down she slowed to a sauntering walk. Then she allowed herself to smirk. That had been fun. She began whistling something and trekked over to the mall. She needed new clothes. Dark green, red, black, and dark blue. No happy, bright colors. Not her thing. She smiled as she entered the air conditioned building. Her home. She totally ignored the group of five girls that were tittering amongst themselves. Actually, that would be a lie. She shoved right by Rei, who glared at her furiously.

Usagi passed right by Abercrombie and Fitch, and veered into Hot Topic. About an hour later, she came out with three bags of clothes. She was already wearing one outfit. It was a black belly shirt that tied around the neck, and tight black pants. Of course, there were also the black boots, and the black leather jacket. She smirked when she saw the Senshi come trooping out of the American Eagle in their happy, preppy clothes.

Morons, she thought angrily at them. Why couldn't they just impale themselves on a stick or something? She decided to calm herself down, and headed for the hair stylist.

A half-hour later she smiled at herself in the mirror. It was a short cut; about down to her shoulder blades. It was now layered, and was curled out. She also had her ears done, and was now sporting large silver hoops. The smile dropped from her face, and she walked out of the store. She paused, undecided for a moment, and then wandered toward Sam Goody.

Now her goal was to get CD's that would drive her parents absolutely mad. Great fun. All she needed now was an English accent and she would have everything she wanted. Well, except revenge of course. And the missing half of her soul. But that was all her fault, so she was just going to wait.

Once inside Sam Goody, she went right to the Rock section. She grabbed Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park and the newest POD CD. On her rounds she also picked up a Green Day CD, Sum 41, and Blink 182.

"I thought you were blind."

Her face instantly twisted into a scowl, and she turned around to face the girl that she never wanted to see again. Liko Mia. No, wait. She wouldn't give Liko the satisfaction of knowing that she had pissed her off. Never. She controlled her face, and slipped into an expressionless mask.

Liko looked impatient. "Well? I thought you were blind. You are very obviously not. What happened?

Usagi answered in a monotone. "I sold my soul."

She had the sweet satisfaction of seeing the brat pale. How did this girl ever manage to survive battles if she couldn't even take a bit of soul selling?

Liko swallowed. "But, um, how much?"

Usagi shrugged and turned back to the CDs. "I sold a quarter of my soul once to save my family's lives. I sold another quarter to regain my sight. That makes half."

"But I thought you were the Tsuki no Hime…" Liko trailed off at the sight of Usagi's face.

"No, Liko Mia. I am not the Tsuki no Hime. She is dead. I am Tsukino Usagi, who is a very angry girl about to go to a correctional summer camp. For violence you know, and breaking several other laws."

Liko paled again, and made a quick retreat. Usagi smirked, and went home.

Ikuko, Kenji, and Shingo were waiting for her. Ikuko was wringing her hands, Kenji was looking worried, and Shingo was looking…weird. Just weird. She smiled sweetly at them.

"Hello, beloved family."

"Usagi, sit down."

She shrugged, and dropped down onto the couch next to Shingo, who scooted away. She bared her teeth at him, but it couldn't be called a smile at any stretch of the imagination. He went a shade whiter. She turned back to her parents and stared at them until Kenji cleared his throat.

"Usagi, tell me. Can you see?"

She rolled her eyes. "Duh. I can see everything from your gun positioned cleverly beside your chair all the way to your gray hair."

"You were blind this morning. You said so loudly and clearly. How did this miracle happen? Obviously Heaven has granted you a miracle."

She laughed harshly. "Wrong end of the dead ladder, Pop. I sold my soul, thanks for asking. Now if you don't mind, I'm packing for my fun filled, exciting summer trip to hell!" she said cheerfully.

Then she stood up, grabbed her ten bags, and went upstairs.


Usagi glared at the yellow bus like it was going to come alive and bite her. Of course, considering that most of the people in the bus were "juvenile delinquents" like she was, it might not come a live, but it could certainly bite her. She saw her mother making a beeline towards her, so she picked up her bags and hurried onto the bus. She was not in the mood to hear any more scolding from Ikuko. Nope, definitely not.

She was barred from getting on the bus by a mean looking Chinese boy. He held up a checklist and glared at her.

"What's your name?"

She glared right back. "Tsukino."

He scowled at her, and made a checkmark on his clipboard. Then he gestured her inside.

"Inside, onna."

It was all she could do not to deck him. Then she paused. Wasn't she a delinquent? Wasn't violent behavior expected of them? Well…yes. So she swung her fist at him, catching him squarely in the jaw. He made this awesome fish face, and she laughed as she walked to the back of the bus.

Duo ran over to the furious Wufei, laughing.

"Dude, did I see right? Did that babe just punch you? Wu-man got hit by a GIRL!"

Wufei rubbed his jaw. "Shut up, braided-baka, or I'll cut that precious part that you would be absolutely devastating to use."

Duo's eyes widened, and he grabbed his braid. "Not my braid!"

The blonde girl that punched Wufei leaned out the window and yelled over at them.

"The Chinese kid means your dick, dumbass!"

She pulled her head back into the bus and pulled the window closed. Duo looked at Wufei in horror.

"You mean to de-braid me *and* cut off my dick? Bad, bad boy. Anyways, who's that chick?"

Wufei glared at him. "Already siding with the enemy? Her name's Tsukino."

Duo flipped through a sheaf of papers until he came to her name. His cobalt eyes widened. Then he whistled.

"Hey, buddy, listen to what Q-man's dad wrote about her. She's broken almost every single law that applies to computers, and her personality's very volatile. Um…she likes to download viruses and screwed up programs. The school has had to have computer experts come down just to undo some of the programs. Sometimes they can't even undo them."

Duo grinned lopsidedly. "So she's a evil computer chick. Cool. Now, W- man, about your woman skills…."

Wufei growled at him. "Shut up, baka. Hiiro wants us to see if we can trace the program to its sender. He wants to know who the hell is selling Relena those programs that she gives him."

Duo shrugged and walked away. "How 'm I supposed to know? Ask Tsukino. Maybe she'd help you, with all your amazing charm. Now put that katana away, Wuffers…no, stay back now. Dude, stay away! Okay, I'm going to run away now. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Usagi stared out the window, still reveling in her newfound sight. But it kinda pissed her off that she had to stay on some lake in Nerima. Yep, it made her really mad. Really, really, really mad. She sighed and opened her pocket knife. Just out of pure boredom, she began tossing it around in the air. It did three flips, and she caught it neatly in her hand. She stared at it, and then began experimenting with different tricks. By the time more people began filing onto the bus, she had several cuts on her hands, but she had some pretty sweet tricks.

"Hey, move."

She looked up to see one of the cutest guys she had ever seen staring at her, waiting for her to pick up and move. Ha. Her, Tsukino Usagi, taking orders. Right. She dimpled at him, and put a hand on her bag, carefully displaying her knife.

"Iie." She said sweetly.

The guy blinked, and then laughed. "Well than at least let me sit by you."

She dimpled even more. "That, I would gladly do. I don't bite. Well, not hard anyways."

He laughed and slid into the seat beside her. "So, girl who doesn't bite, why are you here?"

Usagi shrugged delicately. "I broke a few laws." She pouted. "Not too many, though."

He laughed. "Sure. What's your name?"

She lifted an eyebrow. "The name's Usagi. Who're you, and what are you doing here?"

"I'm Nick. I'm from America, but my parents threw me into a boarding school here. I'm failing all my classes, and I've been in trouble with the law."

"Same here," came a voice from behind them. "But I threw suicide into the mix, and attacking my boyfriend. Hey, take my advice. Don't go to asylums. They suck monkey's ass. Not fun at all. I was supposed to be declared mentally unstable, but they decided that I had an anger problem. So they sent me here. Loads of fun, huh?"

The speaker was a girl. She had short, spiky black hair, black mascara, black clothes (mostly like everyone else), and had an awesome black dog collar around her neck. She stuck her hand over the seat.

"I'm Lorraine. I'm originally from France, but my parents dumped me here too. Nice to meet you, Nick and Usagi. Oho! Who likes Green Day?"

Usagi squealed. "Me! I do! I wanna be the minority! I don't need your authority! Down with the moral majority, 'cause I wanna be the minority!"

Nick and Lorraine took it up from there. "I pledge allegiance to the underworld / one nation under dog / there of which I stand alone / a face in the crowd/ unsung, against the mold/ without a doubt/ singled out/ the only way I know!"

All three of them started up the chorus. Others were joining in too. "I wanna be the minority/ I don't need your authority/ down with the moral majority/ cause I wanna be the minority!"

The whole bus was singing now. Everyone opened their windows, and sang at the top of their lungs. Hopefully loud enough for the people in the other bus to hear.

Quatre and Trowa looked up from their game of Go-Fish. Their bus was completely silent under Hiiro's glare. Quatre's father, Dr. Winner, looked out and sighed as he spotted Usagi's blonde hair among the black, green, blue, and whatever other colors there were in there. The kids in the bus listened closely, and then a few of them began grinning. Then they started singing, too.

"Stepped out of the line/ like a sheep runs from the herd/ marching out of time/ to my own beat now/ the only way I know! One light, one mind/ flashing in the dark/ blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts/ "for crying out loud" she screamed unto me/ free for all/ fuck 'em all/ you are your own sight!"

Quatre was bright red, and Hiiro and Wufei looked furious. Duo was just happy something was happening.

Usagi began laughing as she heard the other bus start up. Her face was flushed, and her hair was coming out of the messy bun she set up. All three buses finished up the last part.


Everyone let out a huge cheer as they finished up. Then someone started "Basket Case" and they were all singing again.

"Do you have the time/ to listen to me whine…."

When they finally got to Nerima, where they were picking up their delinquents, Usagi was sound asleep. Ha! But she wasn't in any normal sleep, however….

She was in the sleep of a girl that was using a hot guy's shoulder as a pillow. Great fun. Try it sometime. It does wonders for the complexion.

Lorraine smirked and tapped Nick on the shoulder. He turned around with eyebrows raised.


She pointed at the blonde girl. "Don't move, but Bunny's sleeping the sleep of a girl who's using a hot guy's shoulder as a pillow, Nick-kun."

Nick laughed. "Did you think I didn't notice? Well, when I go to sleep tonight, I'm gonna sleep the sleep of a guy who's been used as a pillow by a hot chick."

Lorraine laughed. "Lord, even guys have titles for sleeps? God, I didn't need to know that."

Usagi stirred. Lorraine and Nick held their breaths. Nothing happened. Nick sighed in relief, and Lorraine giggled. Suddenly a hand shot up and whacked Lorraine on the head. A tousled blonde head popped over the seat.

"Shut up, Lorraine! I was sleeping!"

Lorraine screamed and fell backwards laughing. Usagi threw herself over the seat to tickle the screaming French girl. Lorraine screamed again, and Usagi shrieked back. Nick began hollering, and the boys in the back seat began to cheer.

Then the bus driver began bellowing at them, conveniently forgetting that his walkie-talkie was still turned on.

In the other bus, Dr. Winner held the walkie-talkie away from his ear. Duo was staring at the object looking like he wanted to burst out laughing. Quatre leaned over to his father.

"Father, what's happening over there?"

Dr. Winner's face was white. "I have no idea, but I'll bet you that it has something to do with Usagi."

Duo threw his hand up. "Hey, Usagi's the chick that decked Wu-man!"

"What is going on over there?" the elder Winner bellowed into the walkie- talkie.

A young feminine voice replied. "Dr. Winner! Delightful to hear from you! Um, everything's fine! USAGI AND LORRAINE!!! SHUT UP FOR JUST A FREAKING SECOND!!!! Anyways. Yes, everything is under control."

"Where is the bus driver?" His voice was strained.

The girl giggled nervously. "Uh…would that be the guy wrestling in the back?"

"Ma'am, stop the bus *right now*."



"Okay, sir!"

Five minutes later had the contents of the third bus in a line on the side of the road. Dr. Winner paced up and down the line; the picture of contained fury. Usagi followed him with her big blue eyes, assessing every move. Lord, she was so glad to have her sight back. If her senses were still correct, he should attack right…


"Who started this?"

Her cue. She stepped out of line and almost smirked when his angry eyes blazed.

"My fault." She paused for a long moment, and then added as an afterthought: "Sir."

His voice was tight and controlled. "Ah. Tsukino. I should have known it was you. Explain."

She smiled easily. "Certainly. I began tickling Lorraine after being cruelly deprived of a sleep, which by the way is really hard to come by. Then Nick and the others in the back began cheering. That's it…oh yeah. The bus driver gave control to Toki-kun, and then came back to break it up. Someone tackled him, and then…I think that's is." She stared up at the sky. Then she looked back at him and made eye contact.

"Yeah, that's it."

He linked his hands behind his back and stared at her. "So, since you are the problem, I will re-arrange the buses. Yui, over here in this bus. Lorraine, over in this bus. Usagi, you're in the Nerima bus. Bus #3."

She glared at him and then stomped over to the bus. She shoved past the bus driver and walked all the way to the back of the bus. She stopped, glared at the boys in the back until someone moved. Then she sat down, nestled between a boy with a tiny braid, and another boy with an orange bandana. They looked up at her.

"I'm Ranma."

"I'm Ryoga," the bandana boy mumbled.

"This bites." She declared.

No one commented. She looked from side to side, and then blew her breath out loudly.

"This is *so* boring! Doesn't anyone *talk* around here? Good Lord!"

The braided boy finally looked up at her in disbelief. "Why are *you* so happy? We're going to a summer correctional camp! ON A LAKE!!!!"

"On a lake," the other boy echoed desolately.

Usagi groaned. "I'm on a bus with people who are ashamed of what they've done! Nick's not here! Lorraine's not here! I AM ALL ALONE AND NO ONE CARES!!!!"

With that, she started bawling.

The bus driver looked back and glared balefully at the sobbing blonde. He picked up his walkie-talkie, and pushed talk.

"Dr. Winner, do you read me?"


"The Tokyo girl you dumped in here is throwing a temper tantrum. She wants to kill you…correction. Now she wants it, so it will be over with quickly. Wait, she's stopped. Over and out."

He clicked the off button and moved his eyes back on the road.

In the back of the bus…

"Who likes Sum 41?"

There were a chorus of "I do" s, and Usagi smiled. Time to get this bus pumped up!

"ALL RIGHT! Here we go!"

She opened her backpack and pulled out her portable CD player and speakers. She hooked the speakers to the player and put "All Killer No Filler" in. Then she clicked the skip button six times. The opening lines blared out of the speakers. Everyone turned around and stared at the grinning blonde, who let out a whoop and began to sing.

"What's the difference of never knowing at all? When every step I take is always too small. Maybe it's something I can't admit but lately, I feel like I don't give a s**t."

By now the depressed Nerima people were grinning, and a few were jumping up to sing along. She, Ranma, Ryoga, and a few other people took the next verse. Others opened the windows.


In Bus #2….

Lorraine leaped up, screaming. Everyone stared at her. She gasped, took a deep breath, and shrieked again.


She ran to a window and yanked it down. "NICK!" she screamed.

A window rolled down. Then every other one too. Nick's face appeared. He listened. Then he grinned.

"HERE WE GO!" he hollered.

"What's the point of never making mistakes? Self-indulgence is such a hard habit to break! It's all just a waste of time in the end! I don't care, so why should I even pretend?"

All three buses yelled the chorus at the top of their lungs.


In the third bus, Usagi was having a blast. This…was absolutely amazing. She was having more fun on a damned bus ride to hell than she had ever had with Minako, Mamoru, or anyone. A guy threw an arm around her, and she laughed in the midst of their singing. She began bouncing up and down. The whole bus followed her example.

"Nothing's new, everything's the same! It keeps on dragging me down, it's getting kind of lame. I'm falling further behind, there's nothing to explain. No matter what you say, nothing's gonna change my mind. Can't pretend on doubt until the end. It seems like leaving friends has become this year's trend and though I can't pretend. It's not the same but who's to blame for all those stupid I never said!"




Everyone in all three buses let out a huge cheer, except for (of course) Dr. Winner, Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Hiiro.

Needless to say, they were very glad to get to the camp.