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My Lion King version of Simba's Pride and the next Generation

Chapter 1 Gone Missing and captured

"I don't know! h-he was right here, a-and then I-I" Vitani could not help the
tears running down her face. She just simply broke down... right in front of
her father.

"Shhh... shhh. It's okay, Vitani; we will find your brother." Tojo reassured
her, trying to calm her down. Once she had regained some control, Tojo's mood
changed to stern and parental; it was time to dispense punishment, "But since
you were responsible for watching Kovu and failed... you are grounded for the
rest of the day." Tojo said harshly.

"But Daddy... I-I'm Sorry!" Vitani cried, looking as if she was about to break
down again. She tried as hard as possible to avoid that situation; losing Kovu
was enough, but losing her cool in front of her father was just plain
shameful... to her, anyway.

"Vitani, I know you are sorry; but you have to be more responsible. Now that
your older, the only way for you to learn a lesson is for you think about what
you have done." Tojo's grim look softened when he saw how upset Vitani really
was. "But you will be able to play tomorrow."

"Okay, Daddy." she sniffed, gradually calming down.

That problem settled, Tojo turned to Simba. "Simba we need to find my son."
Tojo said, voice heavy with anxiety. Simba shrugged helplessly; he had already
done all he could at the moment.

"Well... right now, I have sent Bluey to get Rafiki, so we can receive medical
attention to our wounded. All the other birds have been sent out to search for
any casualties, and to scout the area for any enemies still nearby.
Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the time being." Simba stopped when he
saw the woebegone look on Tojo's face, and quickly backpedaled, " Don't worry
too much, General; first thing in the morning, we will find your Son." Simba
said soothingly.

Tojo looked back at him with gratitude, "Thank you, Simba" he said, bowing
slightly. Tojo padded over to his family; who, like him, were in tears and
brimming with nail-biting anxiety for Kovu. "I'm sorry everyone; we will have
to wait till morning until we can find Kovu."

Vitani looked up at him, alarmed. "But Daddy, why can't we find Kovu now?"

Tojo sighed, looking down at his guilt-ridden daughter. "I'm sorry, honey; but
we will have to wait till sunrise." Tojo said sadly.

"B-But Daddy-" Tojo cut Vitani off sharply. "No, Vitani; we will wait. That's
an order." Tojo said sternly.

Rafiki arrived at Pride Rock later with Bluey in tow. He told him where the
casualties were, and Rafiki soon managed to have all the injured lionesses
moved to the sick/birthing cave. Once all was said and done, Simba sent Bluey
out for a night reconnaissance mission with rest of the birds. Once Simba went
to bed, everyone else was sleeping... except for Vitani.

Vitani was too restless; she bore the crushing weight of guilt for losing her
brother... and losing her dear Kopa. She just tossed and turned on the hard
floor of her den, remembering how he had slipped at the falls... how she had
ran like a coward..

Vitani quickly made up her mind; as quiet as possible, she slowly snuck out of
the den, past her sleeping family. Soon she was out in the crisp night air,
heading north; she had to find Kovu! She knew what her father had said, but
she so desperately wanted to redeem herself in her father's eyes. The look of
disappointment on his face had been enough to make her burst into tears... and
she didn't want it to happen again. Little did Vitani know, there were others
watching her every move...

Bluey happened to be near the Outlands border, scouting overhead, when a
shrill cry pierced the night. He looked down to see Vitani as fast as she
could, pursued by several lionesses. She tried to get as far away as possible,
desperately evading the lionesses at every turn.

But it was to no avail; the lionesses were too fast for her. As Vitani tried
to cross back over the Pridelands border, she felt a hard paw collide with her
skull; her world went black. The lioness who had hit her stood over her
unconscious form, grinning evilly; she harshly grasped Vitani's slumped body
by the scruff of her neck, and the lioness fled back into the night with her

Reeling in horror, Bluey immediately flew back to Pride Rock; he had to alert
the pride! "Simba, Tojo, Nala, Kula! Wake up; they have Vitani!" Bluey landed
on the ground, panting heavily with his wings up; he was hot from flying so
fast. Simba's jaw dropped in shock, then shouted to his left, " Somebody get
the Majordomo some water!" Simba ordered a lioness, one of Nala's aides, to
drag in the old sports bra filled with water for Bluey to drink out of. Bluey
drank the water, and slowly regained his composure.

"Like I was saying; I spotted three outlander lionesses knocking out Vitani,
and bringing her back to the outlands." Bluey said between gulps of water.

Kula looked over at Simba, angry tears running down her face "Well; it seems
the outlanders have both our children!" Kula said furiously.

"Well, come on; then why are we standing around here? Lets get them!" Simba
said, turning to leave the den. "Right then; Blue,y you may ride on my back
since you're overheated." Tojo said. The five of them left the den, determined
to get Vitani back.

After an hour of walking, Simba, Nala, Tojo and Kula arrived at the Outlands
border; Zira and five outlander lioness were on the other side, with Vitani
and Kovu asleep behind them. "Zira!" Simba shouted.

"Simba!" Zira growled as he approached her. "What an unpleasant surprise..."

"I have a report from my Majordomo that you kidnapped Vitani and have
possession of Tojo's boy, Kovu." he said sharply, wasting no time.

"I want my children back, Zira!" Kula shouted in maternal rage.

Zira slowly turned to face her, a diabolical smile gracing her features. "You
are correct, Colonel; I do have your precious children... but they are mine
now." Zira grabbed Vitani from her spot on the ground, grasping her by the
scruff of the neck. Vitani's eyes snapped open, and Zira held her unsheathed
claws over her throat.

"Don't hurt my baby!" Kula screamed in fear.

Zira just grinned, sheathing her claws. "Oh, you want them unharmed. Well...
you better let me keep them, then," She sprang her claws back out
threateningly,"or I will start with your pretty daughter..."

"You wouldn't dare, Zira!" Tojo snarled at her.

Zira just gave him a cold stare. "Oh, but I would, General; cross one step
over and you can say good by to her." Zira had her claws at Vitani's throat;
their was no remorse, no compassion in her eyes. Tojo looked at Kula, a few
tears escaping his eyes.

"Zira; you will take good care of them... or we will cross over there and
personally rip you to shreds!" Tojo growled. It was all he could do in his
grim situation.

Zira sneered at Tojo. "Oh, I will take good care of them... especially Kovu.
Let's go, Vitani; you're staying with me. Mabaya, take Kovu; we're leaving
now." Tojo and Kula watched as their children left with Zira and Mabaya, then
embraced each other tearfully once they were out of sight. Simba and Nala
comforted the other two lions as they broke down weeping.

"Its okay, you two; at least you will see both your children again." Nala
said, sounding slightly bitter.

"But Nala, its just... we won't get to see our own children grow up. Instead,
we have to know their being raised by a bunch of sadistic, evil maniacs who
can kill our children at any second..." Kula sobbed.

Simba sighed. "I'm so sorry there's nothing I can do! Maybe when they're old
enough, they will remember you two and escape back to you?" Simba said

"I hope so, Simba; they're all we have left..."

"Bluey!" Tojo said. "Yes, sir?"

"I know you're the majordomo; but have one of the other birds periodically
observe Vitani and Kovu for us." Tojo said, wanting to make absolutely sure
his children were safe.

"Aye sir." Bluey said with a feathery salute. Tojo smiled slightly.

"Thank you, Bluey."

"No problem, General Tojo." Bluey said before flying off towards the

Simba gave the bird on last glance before turning around to Tojo. "Well, we
better head back; it's late- and I have patrolling to do at sunrise."

Before he turned to leave, Tojo walked up to him solemnly. "Simba, can Kula and
I take today off on hunting and training?"

"Yes, of course you may Tojo," he looked over at his friend's mate, "and

"Thanks buddy." Tojo said before heading back to Pride Rock with a heavy