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Chapter 27 THE END

Vitani had Given Birth to a two girls that looked like her husband Kopa as a cub while the other looked like a violet eyed version of cub Nala. She was secretly pregnant the entire time but was good hiding it because she was hiding her feminism and she never showed signs. She had named the Kopa Look alike Michel and the other one Nala in honor the great Queen Nala.

Dotty was impregnated by a young friendly rogue. Neftue the new shaman told her she would have Triplets in Two weeks time. Two boys and one girl. They would be named Nisan, Moe and Kamala.

"There Adorable Spotty said As she was cooing Kiara and Vitani's sleeping children.

"Yes they are. My Little Mhotu will make a fine King one day. Kiara said and cooed her son.

"The Circle of Life Contuses and I have done my duty. Tojo said as her turns away towards the sun and walks away and his soul leaps away into the unknown as he pass away unnoticed.

"A week passed and no one found the old generals body.

"Well he will be remembered Kopa said as he thought he saw Tojo in the sky. He heard Remember in the distance.

The next day It was another stunning beautiful 82 degree day and it was the day of Mhotu's Presentation. All the animals attended the ceremony like that for generations. All the lions were happy and there was peace as Bluey Jr. Came in and bowed before the Queen. Hyena's and Lions were at peace.

Mhotu was lifted into the sun as the Ghost of Mufasa, Sarabi, Taka, Zira, Simba, Nala, Tojo and Kula all hugging and Smiled down upon the new King to be.

"Till we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle the….the circle of life…. Circle of Life!"


AN: ANd no I have decicedided not to do the version II. I will be writing again real soon.