Untold Horror Story

Karen Davis was at the front of the Saeki house feeling whispers in the air telling her not to enter,as Karen took one stepped the whispers got louder begging her not to enter. She took another look at her card. The house was the right address and had the williams name on it.

"Excuse me excuse Miss is this the is the Tokunaga address"

"No this is the williams address"

"Hi i'm Rika Nishina and I am here to take care of hold on"

Then the everything changed on Rika's cared it now says the williams address and she is here to help a woman name Emma the mother of Matthew Williams.

"Thats weird that,i could have sworn it said the Tokunaga's address"

"sorry this is the Williams address" Karen responed.

"yes I think I have to help the Williams today,but do you live here" Rika replied

"thats weird I have to help the same family to,can I take a look at your cared". Rika walks towards Karen giving her the cared Karen. Suddenly Rika hears whispers telling her not to enter the house but the whispers faded away in the creepy winds almost look like the winds were coming from the house.

"i guest we have to work together,wierd they would assign us to the same house why"

"well then i'm Karen Davis its to meet you"

"i'm Rika Nishina guest will be working together today"

As both girls greeted each other they started to walk towards the house. Karen is the first one to enter the house with Rika following behind,Karen spots a hand on a glass door she runs to the glass door with Rika following behind.

"oh my god" Rika said

It was Miss Emma the mother of Williams couple.


Karen is in the back yard washing Emma down while Rika is picking up trash around the house soon Rika goes to help Karen to prepare bed for Emma. Both girls start to pick the rest of the trash around the house. Karen heads up stairs with a vacuum cleaner as Rika follows behind a broom and dust pan.

Than both of the women heard a noise from one of the rooms. Karen goes in the room seeing that a closet has tape on it Rika watches as Karen is ripping all the tape off the closet then Karen backs away and Rika opens the closet door seeing a boy looking back at them in horror. Then a cat jumps out with a horror meow sound making both Karen and Rika fall to the ground in fear.