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Anyway, I couldn't remember the exact ages, of the characters, but according to the dub Naruto should be about, or at least almost, 18 by his return to Konoha. Fu, to me, looks to be about Naruto's age…maybe a year or two older. I was imagining her to be about the same age when I wrote this story though.

WARNING: In case you didn't read the summary, there is a pretty graphic lemon in this story, and two minor ones. If this offends you in any way, please turn back now.

Story: Icha Icha Paradise: Spiraling Love

Everything had started about a year into his training trip with Jiraiya. The blond still scoffed at the idea sometimes…

He thought this trip would be about getting as strong as possible, but it seemed the pervert had taken it upon himself to try to impart in the boy, lessons of life. Sure, they still trained every now and then. During that year alone his already impressive chakra reserves had sky rocketed, he grew stronger and faster, and he had learn how to create a perfect Rasengan with one hand. Regardless, the trip was far from what he thought his it was going to be.

And then, everything got weirder when the Toad Sage had declared the next part of his training.

The Art of Seduction.

Jiraiya concluded that it wouldn't be good if the future Hokage was seduced by some pretty young thing on a mission and killed like so many other idiots that only thought with their lower head. So, he took it upon himself to educate his young charge on the ways of seducing the fairer sex.

That had started with the boy blushing, calling the old man a pervert, and declaring that he wouldn't be learning any of that perverted crap. It ended, three hours later, with Naruto reading his prized Icha Icha Paradise Vol. 1. It took him two weeks to get through the first book: in part because he took time to actually do some real training and partially because years of ignoring books as boring had left Naruto to be a pretty slow reader. The moment he finished the first volume, Naruto was presented with the second one, Icha Icha Paradise Vol 2: Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day. Apparently, Jiraiya had intended for the book to have another title, but his editor had suggested (Read: Begged) that he pick a different one (1). This one Naruto accepted without complaint.

During this time, while Naruto was doing his 'real training', Jiraiya would talk with the boy and gage his experience. That had taken about a day when Jiraiya had learned that the boy had no experience…except for a very embarrassing moment involving the last Uchiha, which Jiraiya agreed should never be brought up again. After that, Jiraiya spent that time talking to the boy about his own experiences, hoping the boy would be able to learn from his positive and negative, mostly negative, moments. Though he'd kept the talks down to just the flirting portions…he'd let the boy read his book series to learn about the sex parts.

Three months into this type of training, Jiraiya decided the boy was ready for practical experience…

Jiraiya had originally wanted to get the boy a working girl.

Naruto, red in the face, said no!

Jiraiya had shot back by offering him two working girls.

The blond shook his head and plainly stated that he wasn't going to spend his 'first' night with a prostitute. He silently added that he would prefer to spend his first time with a certain someone back in Konoha.

The Toad Sage, however, took that as an excuse to get the boy some actual experience in Seducing women.

Which is what led the duo to the classiest resort in all of Tenzaku Gai, one of the largest cities in Hi no Kuni.

Naruto, from that point on, would come to associate the word 'classy' with 'cheesy'. That's what he thought of the place. However, according to the Jiraiya, this place was the best spot to begin their training. The old man had said that the bar there was one of the greatest places to pick up chicks. The resort they were staying at what famous for it's many commodities. So, there was always a surplus of young women/men, hoping to catch the eye of some rich, kind, and (normally) older patron that would gladly show them a good time.

The moment he entered the bar, Naruto took in his surroundings, which was another one of the lessons imparted to him by Jiraiya.

"Lesson 1: Always scan the area for possible shinobi or kunoichi."

Unfortunately, that proved harder to do than he originally thought it would. Most of the women here were dressed so…provocatively, and though they didn't seem to have the build of a ninja, he figured they could just specialize in something that didn't require a muscular built. Like seduction…

Some of the younger men were built…but that didn't necessarily mean they were shinobi. It wasn't like being a ninja was the only physically demanding job out there. 'How the hell am I supposed to do this?'

The boy blinked when he saw Jiraiya walk in as if nothing was wrong. In the end, he just figured he'd have to follow the man's lead. After all, Jiraiya had frequented these types of places for decades, and he hasn't gotten killed yet.

The boy followed his mentor, being quite grateful that the old man chose to wear the bright red kimono. It made him easy enough to spot in the dimly lit pub.

Jiraiya sat down at a table in a nearby corner. Naruto was about to follow suit when the old man tossed him a bill and said, "Go to the bar and grab me a bottle of sake."

The blond instantly glared at the old man, but did as he was told, grumbling along the way about lazy perverts.

On his way there, he couldn't help but notice, with a large blush, all the pretty girls that were around him. And some of the dresses they wore were absolutely stunning. Well, most of them at least.

Naruto nearly gagged when he saw a woman, about as old as the Sandaime's former teammate, wearing a sheer dress that left nothing to the imagination.

Continuing his way towards the bar, Naruto happened to notice a young woman, sitting in front of the bartender, wearing ordinary clothes. Well, ordinary by the standards of the place they were in. She just wore a simple blue skirt, with a matching, spaghetti strap, top.

"Can I help you?"

Naruto turned to the bartender, who strangely enough reminded him of Teuchi Ichiraku from back in Konoha, fished out the money that Jiraiya had given him earlier, "Just a bottle of sake", he said, placing the large bill down on the counter.

The man nodded and fished a bottle from one of the cabinets. He handed the boy the bottle and happily scooped up the bill.

Naruto spun around, and quickly gave the girl one last glance. She looked to be about his age, and had an odd hair color, like a mint green.

She obviously noticed his stare, because she glanced towards him. At first, her expression seemed bored; he figured that she had probably been here for a while, but she quickly flashed him a smile.

He gave her his own smile, taking note of her pretty orange eyes. 'My favorite color', he mentally admired. The blond then went and back to the table where Jiraiya had been waiting for him.

The old man was giving him an appraising look. "Found your target already?"

Naruto immediately blushed in response, "What! No!"

Jiraiya snorted at the boy's reaction and leaned in to whisper, "You do remember that, if you want that jutsu I promised you, you're actually going to have to sleep with someone right?"

"How could I forget", the blond responded dryly. 'They better be good ones', he mentally added.

"Well good. She looked cute", Jiraiya noted from what little he saw of her, "but, from what she's wearing, she's obviously as new to the game as you are. And I want to see if we can get you someone with a bit more experience for your first time." Jiraiya scanned the bar and easily found a target. He drummed his fingers against the table a few times, while assessing and analyzing the girl in question. Finally seeming satisfied, he pointed towards another corner of the bar. "How about her?"

Following the man's gaze, Naruto noticed two women at the other end of the bar. Both of them were obviously related, though one was older than the other by at least two decades. The younger of the two seemed to be about a few years older than him. "She's pretty." Brown hair, almond shaped face, blue eyes, long legs, and a large rack all said win in Jiraiya's book.

"The mother", he began, gesturing to the older one, "is probably hoping that her daughter will attract some rich idiot that will end up marrying her, so they both can end up living a life of luxury."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Does that actually work?"

"Not with the mother hovering around the daughter it doesn't", Jiraiya muttered. "So, why don't you go hit on the girl?"

The younger of the two frowned, "What about the mother?"

"Stick with the daughter, you're not good enough to go for the milf or both…not yet at least." (2)

Naruto looked at the old man incredulously, a small blush on his cheeks, "No, I mean-"

Jiraiya quickly cut him off though, "I know what you meant." The old man got up and gestured for the boy to do the same, "Let me worry about the mother, you just focus on the daughter."

"Ummm…" Naruto began, suddenly feeling nervous, "…what do I…say?"

"You still have that piece of paper I gave you." Naruto instantly reached into the pocket of his orange kimono and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He instantly nodded his head. "Just use one of those lines, anyone will do." The duo began making their way to the two women. During that time, Naruto quickly unfolded the paper so he could see the first few lines, without making it obvious that he had the paper in his hand. "Hello there…" Jiraiya instantly began on the mother.

Naruto didn't know what he thought about either of them. The mother kept looking at him, and Jiraiya, with a calculating glare, as if trying to judge their worth. The daughter just looked bored, as if it was a bother just to be here. Unlike the girl from earlier, she didn't even bother to smile at either of them. Jiraiya subtly nudged Naruto with his foot. Naruto briefly glanced down at the paper before looking back up and saying his line, "If I give you a nickel, will you tickle my pickle." It took exactly one second for Jiraiya to silently curse, two seconds for the mother to look at the boy in shock, five seconds for the daughter to start glaring at Naruto. It took Naruto ten seconds for his mind to catch up to what he said, and blush.

"Excuse me?" the daughter asked, in a threateningly tone that reminded Naruto of a certain pink-haired girl he knew back home.

"I mean-" Naruto, for the life of him, would never understand why he looked back down at the paper, but he did and quickly looked back into the girl's blue eyes, "-if it's true that we are what we eat, I could be you by morning." That time, it only took Naruto a second to realize what he said.


It took her less time. "Thank you for your time", the blond mumbled before turning and going back to his table. Not bothering to rub the red handprint on his face, the blond just crumpled the paper in his hand and tossed it on the table where the still unopened bottle of sake was. He then turned away and began walking towards the exit. He was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. The blond turned and glared at the old man, ready to give him the thrashing of his life. "I'm leaving", the boy hissed.

"Three jutsus if you stay and finish the 'mission'", Jiraiya bargained.

The boy waged a mental battle with himself for nearly a minute before he sat down, cursing himself for it all the while. "Your. Lines. SUCK!"

Jiraiya nodded, and un-crumpled the piece of paper. "This wasn't the one I meant to give you." Jiraiya said with a sigh, and started checking his pockets. After a moment, he gave up. "I gave you the wrong one…must've left the real one in the room."

"Why the hell would you even write those down?"

The older man shrugged, "Those are just some lines I plan to use in my next book."

"They suck!"

"Calm down, calm down", the man said, trying to ease the tension. "Listen, just have a drink with me." Jiraiya said, opening the bottle and began pouring it into two saucers.

Naruto just rolled his eyes, "I can't get drunk, and alcohol tastes like crap." He found that little bit of information out when some loser had challenged him to a drinking contest. Not one to back down from a challenge, Naruto accepted it before Jiraiya had a chance to stop him…though the blond wasn't sure whether the man would have stopped him if he had been around. Either way, ten bottles later and the man - who was both larger and older than Naruto - was tripping over himself and drunk off of his ass; Naruto was still completely sober. Jiraiya had decided that the blond was probably immune to alcohol. Neither of them really cared to learn if the boy actually could get drunk, Jiraiya because it would cost probably cost him an obscene for rather pointless information and Naruto because he abhorred the taste of alcohol.

"Just get used to the taste", Jiraiya replied. "Alcohol is a good way to lighten the mood…and lessen inhibitions", he muttered the last part to himself.

The blond sighed and quickly downed the saucer in one gulp…something that may have been stupid if he could actually get drunk.

"I still can't believe I'm doing this again", the old man said, taking a swig from his sake.

Naruto was able to quickly connect the dots. After all, he only knew of one other person who apprenticed under the Toad Sage. "You did this with the Fourth?"

Jiraiya chuckled, but nodded. "Yep. He was about as hopeless as you are." Naruto scowled at the comment. "In the end, that night, and the three subsequent ones, ended in failure. Which was good, I suppose." Jiraiya said, taking another swig of his sake. "He actually had a girl waiting for him back in the village. I basically had to con him into going each time."

The blond smiled at that. "So do I", he said adamantly.

"Big difference between his girl and yours kid…his girl actually liked him." Naruto's face fell at that comment, and it actually pulled at Jiraiya's heart. He figured he probably went too far with that comment. Jiraiya sighed and patted Naruto on the shoulder. "I know what it's like to chase after a girl that has no interest in you. It sucks." Thoughts of Tsunade immediately flooded his mind. "You'll find someone though. As they say, there's millions of fish in the sea."

"Yea…" Naruto didn't seem too reassured.

Jiraiya frowned and decided to quickly change the subject. "Who knows, maybe you'll surpass me like the Fourth did."

The blond immediately grinned at the man. "You bet Ero-Sennin, I'll definitely become stronger than you."

The Toad Sage snorted at the comment. "Not exactly what I meant, but good to see you're confident."

What he was about to ask would forever change Naruto's life for the better…though, when he finally found out who his parents were, it would leave more than a few mental scares. "What did you mean?"

"He surpassed, not only in combat, but in the ability to please women…errr well, as far as I know, he was only with one woman, but you get my point."

Naruto blushed immediately.

Seeing the boy blush nearly made the man laughed and he actually leaned in to whisper the next part. "You see he had this secret technique that drove his wife wild-"

"I don't think I want to know this."

"I don't know exactly what he did…but he would always let her get up on top of him - I think she liked being on top -"

Naruto shivered at the comment. He didn't know why, but the information was really creeping him out. "I really don't need to know this."

"The Fourth would then reach up and grab her tits and then, just like that, she'd start screaming in pure ecstasy."

The blond blanched at the motions that Jiraiya was making with his hands, as if groping imaginary breasts. Naruto subconsciously looked around, hoping that no one was looking, "Please stop that."

"Bastard never did teach me his secret", Jiraiya grumbled. "Took it with him to his grave…that's just stingy."

Naruto looked away, but noticed the bottle of sake in his peripherals. It was empty. "I think you've had too much to drink."

"Please…I haven't even started yet. Grab me another bottle."

The blond sighed and took the bills Jiraiya offered. 'Whatever jutsus your giving me, better be worth it ya old pervert.' Reaching the bar in a few strides, Naruto immediately ordered another bottle of sake. He heard a laugh from his side and turned to see the green-haired girl again. The boy smiled at the sound of her laughter, 'It's as pretty as she is.'

"Sorry…just couldn't help and notice that you were having about as much luck as I am", she said with a coy smile, tapping her left cheek.

Naruto quickly reached up and winced when his hand brushed again his cheek. The stinging sensation from the earlier slap, still fresh. He could only chuckle in reply though, "Well, my mentor…sucks."

"Hmm, well just be grateful that you have someone taking the time to teach you the ropes", she said as she stared at his orange kimono. "At least you aren't the most underdressed person in this place."

The blond fixed her with his trademark smile, "Nah, you look great."

The girl shrugged, "Not great enough to attract attention. At least not while all the other women around me are dressed like…well", she gestured towards another girl, about a few years older than either of them, who wore a dress that might as well have been a two-piece swimsuit.

"Here you go."

Naruto looked down and noticed the sake bottle in front of him. He immediately thanked the bartender and grabbed the container. "Thanks, mister." He turned back to the girl and saw the frown on her face. He then noticed the glass in front of her. He turned back to the bartender and offered him a few more bills, "Hey, another drink for my pretty friend." He immediately blushed when he realized he had just called her pretty. She blushed as well.

"Cancel that…I didn't really like it." She quickly told the bartender.

"You want something else while this guy is willing to front the bill?" the 'Mr. Ichiraku clone' asked with a sly smile towards Naruto.


"What do you like?" the blond asked the girl.

"Umm…" the girl began, not looking straight at Naruto. "I don't know. I'm not really a big drinker. I've just been trying a bit of anything."

"She just had a mudslide", the bartender began, "Before that she had a bit of sake, a banana daiquiri, and a martini. Got any recommendations for your pretty friend, stud?"

Naruto did and he immediately blushed at the idea. He was already quite familiar with the bar scene. During the trip alone, he had gone into bars many times to fish out the Toad Sage. He never stayed long, aside from the one instance that he was challenged to that drinking contest,but he had been in them long enough to pick up a thing or two. During those few excursions, he would hear the name of a drink that would always make him laugh like a "perverted schoolboy", as Jiraiya liked to say. Once again, he fought a mental battle within himself on whether or not he should actually say what was on his mind. His perverted side won in the end. "Give her a Sex on the Beach." (3)

The bartender laughed out loud and quickly went to prepare the drink. The girl looked at him, red in the face and mouth hanging open. "A little presumptuous…don't you think?"

The blond flashed her his trademark foxy grin and turned to go back to the Toad Sage.

The old man saw everything that happened and smiled. "So, let's see what other girls we can find around here…unless you got someone else in mind", he said, with a perverted grin.

Naruto blushed, but didn't say anything.

Jiraiya opened the sake bottle and refilled his saucer. "How about her?" he asked, pointing to a girl walking away from the bar.

The boy looked at the girl in question and quickly shook his head. "She's pretty, but I don't really like blondes like that."

The old man gave him an incredulous look.

Naruto just shrugged in response, "Every blonde I have ever met has been really violent."

"Oh, it's the violence that turns you off?" Jiraiya asked, getting a slow nod from the boy. "When we get back to Konoha, I'm gonna follow you around with a camera…see if you notice any non-blondes that are violent." Jiraiya vowed before going back on the hunt. "Her?"

Naruto turned to see a pretty woman, with blue hair and green eyes, "She's pretty." The green dress she wore hugged her in all the right places and showed off her long creamy legs.

Jiraiya grinned, "Good, now go buy her a drink. Go quickly, she's alone." Naruto, once again accepting the bills Jiraiya gave him, stood up and began making his way towards the woman in question. He immediately felt an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach and stopped dead in his tracks. He turned back to the bar and noticed the green-haired girl subtly glancing his way.

He quickly went back to the table and said, "I'm grabbing you another bottle."

The old man laughed at the statement, but Naruto ignored it and headed up to the bar. "So, if you're not a big drinker, why are you drinking?"

The girl smiled at him, "Never saw much use in it before…but as they say, when in Suna."(4) The girl said and held up her drink. "Besides, the way I figure it, people have invented hundreds of different kinds of alcoholic beverages, so something has to be good, right?"

The blond shrugged, "I wouldn't know. Not much of a drinker myself."

"And that would be the only real thing I know about you. Since you were kind enough to offer me Sex on the Beach-" she said with a wink that caused Naruto to redden. "-why don't you at least tell me your name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Fu, no surname."

Naruto frowned at the statement. Was she an orphan?

"So Naruto-kun, what do you do for a living?" she asked.

"I'm a ninja", he replied without thinking and mentally cursed himself for doing so. Jiraiya had told him not to tell anyone that he was a ninja tonight.

Fu herself looked uncomfortable by his proclamation. "Ummm, what village?"

"Uh, Konoha."

She didn't relax at his answer. "So are you like, on a mission?"

Naruto quickly shook his head, "Nah, I'm on a trip with the old pervert", he replied, pointing back towards Jiraiya. Fu looked back, noticing the man.

For his part, Jiraiya, who had noticed the look the girl gave him, raised his saucer in acknowledgment, before downing the contents.

"Old pervert?"

Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his head nervously, "Yea, don't get me started on him."

Seeing his smile relaxed her a bit.

"So, where are you from?"

"To the north", she responded, vaguely. "So, tell me about yourself…"

The two ended up speaking for close to an hour. Well, Naruto was actually the one speaking…Fu was just listening. He had told her a, highly edited, version of his life. Nothing that could clue her in on the presence of the Kyuubi in his stomach, but just a few things, like the missions he had gone on and some of the pranks he pulled. A lot of those got her to laugh, which was definitely something that Naruto enjoyed hearing. After a while, it finally occurred to him that he had been the only one talking. He still didn't know anything about her, other than her name.

"So what about you?"

Fu shrugged as she took a sip from a saucer of sake. Naruto indeed ordered Jiraiya another bottle…it just never got to the old man. "What about me?"

"Tell me about yourself?"

"There's not much to say." Fu quickly got out of her seat, "Hey, how about we get outta here and find some cheap motel somewhere?"

Naruto quickly blushed at her question. Nervousness taking over, the blond quickly asked, "I'd really like to hear your answer first."

The girl frowned and turned away from Naruto.

They stayed like that for several long moments before the boy stood up and tried to look the girl in the face, "I'm sorry. If you don't want to tell me-"

Fu quickly looked at him, placing a cheerful smile on her face. "Tell you what, show me a good time, and I'll answer anything you want to ask", she said in a husky voice.

Naruto blushed and nodded. Fu extended her hand out and Naruto took it, smiling at the warmth and softness.

"Come on, we can find a cheap place somewhere." She said and began to pull on Naruto, but was stopped when Naruto resisted her movements.

"Actually, I got a room upstairs."

Fu looked at him in shocked, "You do?"

The blond shrugged, "Yea, is that so surprising?"

The girl just shook her head. "No, I just figured you were like…well him", she said, pointing to someone behind him.

He turned and nearly lost the contents of his stomach. A young man, no more than a year older than himself, was currently kissing the neck of a woman. The same woman that Naruto earlier compared to Koharu Utatane, the Sandaime's former teammate. "Please don't ever think that of me again."

Fu laughed again, which quickly brightened up Naruto's mind. "I promise", she quickly said and began pulling on him again. "Now, where's your room?"


Jiraiya nearly broke into a happy jig when he noticed his student being pulled away by the green-haired girl. Though he still believed there were plenty of better candidates…he had to admit the kid had good taste.

Still, he couldn't help but wonder where he knew the girl from? He didn't recognize her outright, so it was probably someone that one of his spies had mentioned…or maybe she just looked like someone his spies had mentioned.

He'd have to go over his notes later on. For now…

Jiraiya giggled and pulled out his notebook. Now was the time for research. "Make me another masterpiece, boy."

"Here we are", Naruto said nervously, letting Fu into the suite that Jiraiya had gotten for him. They both kicked off their sandals and left them by the door. The boy took a moment to enjoy the feel of the soft carpet on his bare feet.

The suite itself was quite large; easily three times the size of his apartment back home. There was a king-sized bed in the middle of one of the walls, with dark blue linen. Two doors at one of the walls, one was a walk in closet and the other led to a bathroom that actually was the size of his apartment. On the wall opposite of the closet and bathroom was a set of double doors that led to a balcony.

Fu rushed to it, drew the curtains, opened the doors, and walked out into the balcony. "Wow…the garden is really pretty at night."

'Garden view', the blond mentally noted. He hadn't actually bothered to check when he had been up here earlier. Nor did he really care about it now…he was too busy enjoying the sight of the girl bathed in moonlight. 'Pretty…' he thought, nervously.

She turned to him and he quickly looked away, face heating up. He heard her giggle. She walked back inside, and closed the doors, but didn't bother closing the curtains. They were on the fourth floor, so it wasn't like someone could peek in on them, right?

Naruto watched as the girl moved her hands to the bottom of her top, and started breathing a bit harder. Not meeting his gaze, the girl quickly pulled off garment, tossing it to the ground, and pulled down her skirt and underwear at the same time. She stepped out of the bottom of her outfit and kicked it over towards her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra.

Once again, Naruto was mesmerized both by the sight of her naked body and her daring. Mostly by her body though. Her breasts weren't too big, at least not by the standards of the illustrations Naruto had seen in Jiraiya's novels. Honestly, Naruto thought those were based on Tsunade, who was huge. Fu's just looked like C-cups, though that certainly didn't stop him from thinking how beautiful they looked. He then let his eyes move downward, admiring how soft and smooth her skin looked, and stared at her vagina. Framed by a tuft of hair that proved that green was the girl's natural hair color, or perhaps she just dyed that area as well. Naruto was betting on the former though. The blond noticed that his pants seemed to be getting tighter.

Fu currently had her eyes closed, and had her fists clenched at her side…as if trying to fight with herself to stop from covering up. After finally getting control of her breathing, the girl opened her eyes and glanced at the blond, but quickly turned away when she noticed him staring at her. After another moment, the girl, still not looking at Naruto, went to go and sit on the bed. "Well?" the girl vaguely asked.

The question knocked him out of his stupor. He blushed, and looked away from the girl. "Umm…so…what…do you…wanna do?"

Fu looked at the boy oddly, "Isn't it obvious?"

The boy instantly looked down, "I-I-I…m-m-mean…ummm."

Fu looked away as well, "You mean like specifics?" asked, barely above a whisper. Naruto barely heard her say it. The two stayed quiet for close to ten minutes, neither wanting to be the first to speak. Naruto had even started thinking of reasons to call it a night and ask the girl to put her clothes back on. Fu took a deep breath and shrugged. "Everything, really."


"I wanna try everything."

Naruto face became redder. He hadn't actually meant to ask that, he had wanted to ask how they should start things off.

"Come here." The blond looked up and noticed that she was, once again, not looking at him. She held her hands out though, ushering him towards her. Releasing a breath that he hadn't known he was holding, the boy walked towards her. Once he was in range, she reached up to his collar with one hand and his face with the other. "Kiss me", she commanded, pulling him into a kiss.

For a whole fives minutes, they did nothing but press their lips against each other, enjoying the warmth the other exuded…especially Fu, who had nothing to protect her from the cold night air. Five minutes later, Naruto grew bolder and started sucking on her bottom lip. Another minute later and Fu took the opportunity to stick her tongue in his mouth. They both immediately began exploring others' mouths. Ten minutes afterwards and Fu pulled Naruto on top of her.

They stayed like that for several moments Naruto, again, grew bolder and broke the kiss. He then began making his way downward. He distantly realized that he was mimicking a scene from Jiraiya's perverted novel, but he really didn't care. He started by kissing the girl's neck, which caused her to moan and giggle at separate intervals. He then started trailing kisses down her neck and to her upper chest. Before long, he was at her breasts. Fu seemed to tense at this moment. After a brief moment of hesitation, Naruto leaned down a captured the girl's pink nipple in his mouth.

"Oh…" the girl moaned.

Gaining a bit of confidence, Naruto continued what he was doing, licking one moment and even started sucking…his partner's moans giving him all the assurance that he was doing something right. Subconsciously, his right hand went up to her other breast and started playing with it. After another moment, Naruto released her nipple, noting the thin string of saliva connecting her breast to his mouth. Remembering his reading, he turned his attention to the other breast. For the first time, as odd as it sounded, the blond noticed how different their skin tones were…by comparing his hand to soft skin underneath. While he was tanned, she was more of a caramel. It was quite an attractive color. He looked up to the girl's face, and noted with a bit of satisfaction how hazy she looked. The blond grinned and captured her neglected breast in his mouth, while bringing his left hand up to play with the other one.

Fu's breathing and heart rate sped up and she let out another moan of pleasure.

After giving the breast one last long suck, Naruto released it with a pop. He then started going down again. Starting another trail of kisses, beginning at the valley between her breasts and going downward. When he reached her navel, he dipped his tongue in and began swirling it around. After a few seconds of not receiving any real reaction from the girl, he moved on. Finally, he reached her glistening pink pussy. Thinking back to his readings, he was able to easily find her clit (who knew Jiraiya was actually good for something). He dipped down and brushed his tongue along it.

"Oh!" He earned a loud moan for his effort.

He got a naughty grin on his face, not too unlike the ones he had whenever he was about to prank someone. He then attacked the nub with renewed fervor. Once again alternating between sucking and licking.

Fu's breathing rate picked up again and she unconsciously arched her back upwards. She began flailing her arms around before reaching down and, grabbing the boy by hair, pushed him downwards…trying to get his tongue deeper inside of her.

It took her only another few moments before she exploded into a blissful orgasm. Naruto tasted more of her juices enter his mouth. She clutched his hair harder, to the point where he actually winced at the pain. Her body shook from the strength and her mouth opened in a silent scream. It took her another minute before she relaxed enough to release her hold on Naruto's head. The boy lifted his head and gazed at the girl's face, enjoying the lingering taste of her in his mouth. "Wow…"

Fu giggled, "That's my line."

As she took a few more deep breaths, Naruto enjoyed the sight of how her breasts and taut stomach rose with each one. The girl then reached down, grabbed the boy, and pulled him further onto the bed. Laying him on his back.

"Your turn", she said with a wink. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, noting the new flavor on his lips, before getting to work. First off, she went to work on the orange kimono he wore. With a few rough pulls and a little help from Naruto, Fu managed to pull the outfit off of him. Naruto nearly winced when he saw her toss the orange garments on the floor; though he hadn't paid for them, he knew how expensive they were. By the end of it, Naruto was as naked as the girl was. As she straddled his stomach, Naruto once again noted the difference in their skin tones. It made for an interesting sight at the point their bodies made contact.

Fu leaned down and kissed him again. The girl then went to work and, following Naruto's own motions, kissed her way down to his crotch. She blushed at the size and wondered if she'd ever be able to get it all in her mouth. She bent down and gave the tip an experimental lick, an action that Naruto very much enjoyed. Finding the taste to be adequate, she took one last deep breath before opening her mouth and engulfing half his member. Breathing through her nose, the girl worked to get more of his cock into her mouth, and nearly gagged when she went too far. She was forced to pull back a bit and move slower.

Fu's blowjob was rough and inexperienced, but considering the fact that it was his first sexual act, with a partner, Naruto was in paradise. Despite his legendary stamina, he erupted into the girl's mouth after another minute of the ministrations.

Her eyes widened, as she tasted rope after rope of Naruto's sticky seed enter her mouth and instinctively tried to swallow it all. Feeling herself being overwhelmed, the girl released Naruto's cock, just in time to take his last shot of cum to her cheek. She took a moment to swallow what was in her mouth, before wiping what was on her face with her fingers. Fu then smiled at the dazed blond and licked her fingers clean. "That was great", she said, moving up the bed.

The blond grinned, still a bit dazed, "That's my line."

She sighed, thinking that that would be the end of their night. "I guess I was a bit overeager", she said with a sigh.

Naruto shrugged and continued grinning at her, "I didn't mind. Wanna continue?"

Fu's eyes immediately snapped down to Naruto's member and was pleasantly surprised to find him still hard. She looked up with a coy smile, "Yea." She supposed most of the stories she heard comparing men to a single use explosive note had been untrue, or perhaps Naruto was just special…who knew. Fu took the initiative and crawled up the bed, positioning herself so that she could rest her head on one of the pillows the moment she stopped balancing herself on her elbows. She had her legs spread open and knees bent. Naruto took the invitation and crawled on top of her, aligning his member with her still moist slit. Fu dropped her elbows as the blond got on top of her and just tried to relax.

"Oh!" Naruto's eyes widened for a moment, "I should probably grab a…" for some odd reason, despite all they'd done together, he still felt himself blush at the thought. "…a…condom." He was about to reach over to the nightstand, where Jiraiya had stored a pack, when Fu stopped him.

"I'm actually on a contraceptive", she stated, in an anxious tone of voice.

"Oh", the blond said. Sure the old man had mentioned them in passing, but he usually said they had to be taken a few days in advance to guarantee their affects. He said, unless he was dealing with a kunoichi who would have access to advance techniques that would only require seconds, a condom was the best way to insure safety. But he supposed Fu had taken the, 'a few days in advance' precautions though. "Alright then." Once again, he aligned himself with her and looked up to her face, with a worried frown on his, "Are you a virgin?"

Understanding where he was going with this, the girl briefly nodded. Though years of rigorous exercise had most likely taken care of that pesky membrane, she was still probably tight…and Naruto was rather large. "Go slow."

The blond nodded and slowly pushed himself into her. The girl groaned at the action. She was right about the hymen, but that didn't stop her walls from resisting at the sudden intrusion. She winced as her opening stretched to accommodate his girth. Once again, Naruto was in paradise at the sensation and was eager to get things moving. However, he stopped himself when he saw the girl under him wince in pain and decided to let her get used to the feeling, another piece of advice he had Jiraiya's perverted novel to thank for.

After what seemed like forever, Fu finally whispered, "Alright." He slowly began moving in and out of her. Though her face was momentarily expressionless, it didn't look like she was in pain, so Naruto went a little faster. After a while at that speed, her breathing picked up and she started moaning softly, so Naruto again picked up his pace. A minute later and Fu's moans grew in volume, and she even wrapped her legs around his waist. He took that as a sign to kick things into overdrive and began to wildly trust into his lover.

All pain disappearing, Fu could only moan as Naruto disappeared inside of her again and again. She thrust her own hips up to try and meet him half way, vaguely aware of the sound their pelvises made each time they slammed into each other.

About ten minutes since first Naruto entered her, and Fu climaxed for the second time that night, once again opening her mouth as if ready to let out a scream that never actually came. Her inner muscles convulsed and clamped down on the boy's member, causing him to erupt soon after and shoot his cum deep inside of her. The blond fell on top of the girl, both trying to catch their breaths at the exertions. Naruto let his head fall against the girl's bust, taking a moment to enjoy the feel of them again. He smiled as he heard the girl's heartbeat, rapidly beating.

He also heard it gradually slow down sometime after. "You're still hard?"

Naruto frowned feeling himself inside of the girl. "Yea."

She grinned 'down' at him. "Good, there's one more thing I wanna try before we called it a night." The blond nodded, waiting for her to tell him what it was. She responded by pushing him off of her. The boy groaned when his cock left her warm lower region and hoped she'd do whatever she planned quickly. Fu flipped herself onto her stomach, and took a moment to slightly crawl down the bed so she wouldn't get her head slammed against the headboard. She then raised her butt and used her hands to spread her cheeks apart. While she did this, he noticed with a small blush that some of his cum was currently dripping out of her stretched slit.

Breaking away form his musings, the boy got up on his knees and positioned his member against the entrance of her rectum.

"Go slow."

The blond nodded and began slowly pushing himself inside of her, watching himself disappear into her tight hole. He grinned at both the warmth and the tightness. Once again, the blond waited until Fu gave him the okay to start thrusting inside of her. This one took longer than when he was inside her vagina, but it eventually claim.

He slowly began trusting inside of her, very conscious of her breathing. As time went on he began picking up his pace and slamming into her faster and faster. Despite the fact that he had already cum twice earlier, the tightness of this particular hole, as well as the feel of Fu's soft butt against his pelvis, quickly pushed Naruto over the edge and he again shot his seed, this time deep into the girl's bowels. He nearly fell on top of her again, but managed to steady himself.

After he regained control of himself, he frowned when he thought back and noted that Fu hadn't had an orgasm that time. He was still hard though, "Sorry about that", he quickly apologized, "I can keep going though." He slowly began thrusting into her rectum again, but stopped.

"Wait", the girl groaned a bit.


"Let's change positions again."

Naruto frowned, hoping he hadn't hurt her and pulled out. Again, he missed the warmth. The girl got onto her knees and easily pushed Naruto down onto his back again. She got on top of him and started straddling his waist again and grinned down at him, "I wanna be on top this time."

The blond nodded and watched as she reached down and aligned his member with her slit. Entranced, he watched the girl slowly take his entire length inside of her. She immediately began bouncing on top of him, not needing to adjust like the last time. This continued for a while, and Naruto was just memorized at the girl's beauty. The way her face looked as she went about her task. The way her breasts bounced each time she did.

That's when it hit him. Naruto didn't know how or why the idea suddenly popped into his head, but it did. He would cite instinct in the future, but that wasn't what it was. If he had to put it into words, he'd describe it as being almost as if somewhere deep in his mind (Read: Seal) some perverted voice inside of him was whispering instructions…right before being smacked by another, more maternal, voice. He would never tell anyone that because…well, it sounded really crazy.

Regardless, Naruto reached up with one hand and cupped one of Fu's breasts. His grip didn't seem to encumber her at all though, seeing as how she didn't lose any momentum. He then turned his eyes to the other one, watching it bounce up and down. It reminded him almost, in movement alone, of a water balloon…like the one he always practiced with when he first started mastering the Rasengan.

Instinct took over, and it was almost like Naruto was watching this from outside of his body. He subconsciously went over the steps of creating a Rasengan.

Step one was all about channeling chakra and rotating it. Step two was about making the chakra denser in order to add power; in this form, the jutsu could actually be used as an attack, despite being a weak one. Step three was all about stabilizing the shape of the sphere, while concurrently combining steps one and two.

For his purposes, Naruto stuck with step one.

Fu's eyes widened and an unbelievable feeling encompassed her left breast. She tried and failed to control it, stopped her movements, and let out a massive shriek. "AAAHHHHH!" The sound of her voice knocked the boy out of whatever trance he had been in. He cut off the chakra flow and released the offended area, fearing that he may have inadvertently hurt the girl. She took just one second to collect herself before glaring down at the blond, "Don't stop." She took hold of the 'lazy' hand and quickly brought it back to her left boob. "Do it again!" Too startled by the tone of her voice, the blond complied with her orders without a second thought. She shrieked again…and again…and again. She arched herself forward, as if trying to get more of her breast into his hand. "Other hand…" Naruto cut the flow again and slowly began to reach for her breast with his other hand. "No!" she interrupted, grabbing his left hand and smashing it against her other breast. "Do both!" this was less of a command and more of a plead

The blond frowned never having formed two Rasengans, simultaneously, before. Luckily, stage one was the easiest step. It took him a while to concentrate it, but if her screams were anything to go by, he had obviously achieved it. She even started bouncing again.

It took Naruto a while to connect the dots…when he did he actually blushed as the epiphany hit him. 'It's a sex jutsu!' (5)

That night, Naruto had discovered something that Minato had been too embarrassed to tell anyone about. In fact, his future wife had been the only one to know, for obvious reasons of course. After he and his then-girlfriend had first started having sex, Minato had discovered a way to massage her breasts with his chakra alone, which apparently touched in all the right places. It was quite a simple technique, just project some chakra and rotate it. It was the very first technique he had ever created. It wasn't until, quite some time later, on curiosity alone that Minato thought to try his jutsu in air, instead of his partner's breasts, and saw the spiraling blue ball appear in his hand. His initial thoughts were something along the lines of, "Hmmm, this looks like Kushina-chan's Bijuudama." He then went to work on seeing if his favorite technique could be used for something other than making his partner howl in pleasure. One year later, the Rasengan was born; he told people that it took him three years to work on it because he invented the original technique two years prior to that night.

This time, when Fu's orgasm hit, she let out a massive scream.


From his vantage point, Jiraiya could just stare at the scene before him with both shock and jealousy. At first, he was thankful that the girl had left the curtains open, watching the scene through the balcony door was much better/easier than trying to peek through one of the windows. He then started jotting down every action they took.

He wasn't too shock that the boy's legendary stamina failed him quite a few times, but was surprised that his regeneration seemed to compensate.

But then…they did that. The same target, the woman's tits. The same screams of pleasure. Even the same DAMN position. There was no doubt in his mind, Naruto had managed to rediscovered Minato's Super Secret Sex Jutsu™.



After the orgasm hit, Fu fell over on top of the boy. The boy just chuckled to himself, seeing that he had apparently done something right. After letting go of her boobs, he reached forward and just held the panting and sweating girl close to his body. Enjoying her warmth, the softness of her skin against his, and as well as the way her breath touched his skin…then there was the fact that he was still inside of her. After a moment of watching her, he took his right hand and began running it through her now sweaty green hair.

They stayed in that position for close to ten minutes, before Fu managed to rise up a bit and look at the boy's playful blue eyes. "Wow…"

Naruto laughed.

She then looked down, feeling him still hard inside of her, and frowned. "Sorry, I guess we're even up now."

He nodded, "Don't apologize. I kinda liked watching you." She blushed in embarrassment. Naruto had only spoken the truth though, the way she writhed and moaned had been quite the erotic sight. He'd have to see it at least once more before the night was up. As a thought hit him, he gave the girl a cheeky grin. "Besides…if I show you a good time, you have to tell me all your deepest darkest secrets right?"

The girl blushed at the question. She then flashed the boy a competitive smile. "True, but I'm far from done yet", she said as she began bouncing on top of him again. Her silent challenge issued, Think you can keep up.

"Neither am I", the boy managed to groan out. She briefly bent forward, rubbing her breasts against his chest at the same time, to give the boy a small kiss on the lips. She then straightened herself up and renewed her motions. Another thought ran through Naruto's mind. "Hey, you did say you were up for anything, right?"

Ceasing her motions, the girl looked down at the boy, wondering what he had planned. "I did."

She watched in wonder, and a small tinge of fear, as Naruto put his hands in cross-shaped hand seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two physical clones appeared on either side of the girl. Her eyes widened as all three began to touch her, "Meeep!"


The duo spent another hour experimenting with each other before Fu became too tired to continue.

By the end of the night, Naruto was laying on his back with his head against the pillow. He had his arm wrapped around his lover, who was curled up next to him, with her head resting on top of his chest. Both covered in sweat, saliva, and…other bodily fluids

The blond glanced down at the girl, "I guess you have to tell me everything about you now, huh?"

The girl nodded. "Tomorrow morning", she yawned. "We'll talk tomorrow."

The blond smiled. "Tomorrow."

Naruto cursed when he felt the sun hit him in the face and immediately turned away from the thrice-damned balcony door. Why the hell had she left the curtains open? Stretching his arm out, it didn't take him long to notice that he was alone.

He opened his eyes and confirmed that he was the only one on the bed. He got up a looked around, "Fu!" he called out, but received no answer. "Fu!" still no answer. He noted the bathroom door was opened, and that she wasn't in there. "Fu!" he called out again.

Her clothes were gone. Naruto frowned and felt a pang in his heart. She left? The boy sighed, feeling a strange sense of longing in the pit of his stomach. This was supposed to be only a one-night stand…so it wasn't like he could fault her.

He went to the closet and quickly put on his normal attire. Coming back out, went to the nightstand, he had left his forehead protector in the top drawer, and noticed the piece of paper there. He grabbed it and read what it said.

Dear Naruto-kun,

Thank you so much for spending last night with me. I know I promised to tell you a little about me, and I don't like to go back on my word, so here it goes.

I'm a Demon Container.

Naruto's eyes widened when he read that last part. He read those four words over and over and over again.

Coming from a village like Konoha, you've probably heard the phrase before, but in case you haven't, it means that I hold one of the Nine Bijuu inside of me. In my case, it's the Nanabi no Kabutomushi (The seven tailed horned beetle). It's one of the reasons I tried to avoid tell you about my home. I was a kunoichi from Takigakure.

Naruto instantly remembered the place. He went there with the other members of Team 7 to protect them from the rogues that wanted to steal the Hero's Water. He never met her though.

About half a year ago my superiors learned that there is a group of powerful ninja that are planning to go around and collect all of the Bijuu. Rather than incur their wrath, for someone they felt was useless to them, they decided to exile me from the village.

Naruto felt like someone had his heart in a vice grip. She was like him and Gaara. Just like he could imagine himself having ended up like Gaara, he could easily see his own village putting him in her position.

In truth, I don't know when they'll come for me…nor do I really care to try and fight back.

Naruto's eyes widened again.

I decided from the moment of my exile that I would just try to do all the things that I couldn't do back in Taki. I would try and live life to it's fullest. It was a bucket list, so to speak. I won't bore you with all the details, but last night, you helped me complete the last thing on my list: Lose my virginity.

It was something I always heard the women back home talk about, and it was just something I wanted to experience myself before I died.

Naruto blushed but frowned at the same time.

I decided a long time ago that I would just give myself up after I completed my list. I know where their main base of operations is, and honestly, I just want everything to end.

Naruto felt tears stinging at his eyes.

They'll take the Bijuu from me, and I'll die as a human. That's the way I want to go, as a human…even if I'll only get to enjoy it for a few moments.

Listen, I'm sure you're probably upset with me. You probably feel sick that you spent the night with someone that has a demon sealed inside her, but I just wanted to say "Thank you". I was prepared to spend my first and last night with the first guy that asked, but I'm glad I spent it with you. You were different than I expected. Different than all the others boys I've known. A good different. Don't ever change.



I'll always be grateful.

The tears were now streaming down Naruto's cheek. He quickly grabbed his forehead protector in one hand, clutched the letter in the other, and ran outside at full speed. He looked around, praying that she hadn't gotten too far.

"Hey, kid." Naruto looked up to see Jiraiya sitting in a nearby tree, grinning cheekily. "Enjoy your night?"

"Where is she?" he all but yelled.

Jiraiya frowned, noting the tears streaming down his cheeks, and jumped down, landing right next to the boy. "The girl? Why?"

"Just tell me where she is!" the boy snapped.

"She went west…left a few hours ago", he said.

Naruto looked around frantically, cursing himself for not being better with directions, "Which way is west?"

Jiraiya fixed the blond a heated glare, "Tell me what this is about first."

Naruto looked like he was ready to fall apart, "She's like me."


"She's just like me!" the blond snapped and practically threw Fu's letter at Jiraiya.

It took the man a few moments to read it before he too cursed, "Shit!" Jiraiya jumped to a nearby rooftop and gestured for Naruto to follow him, "Come on, we better find her before she finds them."

"She said she was going to their base. Let's just get there first!"

Jiraiya's eye twitched, "I don't know where their base is yet. We'll just have to hope we can pick up her trail."

A few hours later, found Fu nearing the border of Hi no Kuni and Ame no Kuni. While she walked, she took some time to think about how she lived her life…

It wasn't easy. Her mother was one of the greatest Fuuinjutsu Masters in Taki. When she was just one year old, her mother died from drinking on the Hero's Water, so that she could seal the Nanabi inside her stomach. Her father raised her for a few years, while abusing her both physically and emotionally, before packing up all of his belongings and leaving the village. Still, despite the abuse, it hurt so much, knowing that she would never see him again. It left a hole in her heart that had never truly closed. The next decade she spent in Taki was another task in it of itself. She would circulate through numerous foster homes, most punishing her harshly for simply talking without being spoken to. By the time she was ten, she had essentially become a mute. Never spoke unless spoken to…even then, she normally preferred to nod or shake her head when she could. Despite being a 'good girl', it didn't stop people from looking at her as if she were some disgusting bug.

And then she was exiled…and she nearly fell apart.

She spent the last few months trying to put herself together…and she more or less succeeded. Wandering through places where they didn't know she was a Demon Container had done wonders for her self-esteem. She spoke out more, without fear of being reprimanded. She was able to blend in with normal girls…normally at least; green was still an unusual hair color.

And then there was her bucket list.

Some of the things on the list were simple, like finishing the novel she had been prior to her exile.

Some had been silly, like the day she ate sweets until she hurled. Seventeen slices of cake.

Some were fun, like when she spent a day running around with some children of the village she happened to be in at the time.

Some were out of the blue and completely out of her character, like when she stopped at a salon and let them do a complete makeover on her. Prior to that, she never thought about wasting any time or, more importantly, money on something that silly.

And then there was the night she spent with Naruto.

The girl smiled and blushed as the thoughts of what they did that night came back to her. The smile was immediately replaced with a frown, when another thought hit her. Would he have bothered with her, if he had known she was a Demon Container?

She'd like to think he would…but experience had taught her otherwise.

Regardless, she'd hold the memories close to her heart till the very end.

"Hey cutey."

Fu quickly turned to the sound of the voice and felt her heart drop. 'Akatsuki!'

Two men were in front of her. The one who had spoke was a pale-skinned man, with long blond hair and dark eyes. He had and slashed forehead protector showing the sign of Hoshigakure.

The second's face was completely masked, and she couldn't tell anything about him, other than the fact that he had tan skin and green eyes. And then there was his forehead protector. He was a missing-nin from Takigakure.

They both wore Akatsuki cloaks.

"What luck…" the one from Taki spoke. "The Jinchuuriki of the Nanabi has decided to come and meet us. You're either very unlucky or very stupid, little girl. Or maybe you just have a death wish."

Fu frowned at that last comment.

The blond man smiled, "Oh, so she's one of them. How fantastic, I wonder how her blood taste."

Fu flinched at the comment.

"Kaname, we've been over this…you're not a vampire", Kakuzu said, with more than a bit of annoyance. "So please stop acting like you need blood to survive." Kakuzu chose not to mention that it was also broad daylight.

"Enough of your ignorant ways, Kakuzu. Just one bite, and we can take her to the leader."

Fu sighed, and tried to gather her resolve. "It's funny, I thought I'd have to go all the way to Ame to find you guys. Thanks for saving me the trip."

Kakuzu looked at the girl in shock, obviously surprised that she learned they were based in Ame. "Well, it's a good thing for us that you decided to give yourself up, little girl."

Kaname was in front of Fu in a second. With a sleight of hand, he quickly took off his cloak and wrapped it around the girl.

"You really shouldn't do that", Kakuzu called out from his position (6).

Fu's eyes widened as the Hoshi-nin face came within inches of her own, "Well my pretty…it seems that tonight is-"

"GET AWAY FROM HER! RASENGAN!" Naruto yelled, appearing from the trees and slamming the spiraling sphere into Kaname's chest. The attack sent man flying all the way back to where Kakuzu was standing.

The Akatsuki cloak fell in a heap around the girl, as she stared in shock at the boy in front of her. "Naruto", she whispered.

Kakuzu groaned when he saw his teammate land next to him. "How did you not avoid that? The kid was telegraphing his move from a mile away."

Kaname growled and got up, glaring at the blond boy in front of him. "You filthy bastard", the man screamed out.

Naruto was barely paying attention though. He was too busy concentrating on the girl in front of him.

"Naruto…" tears stung at her eyes.

In response, Naruto gave the girl his trademark grin, "Hey, were you really just going to leave things like that?"

At that point, tears flowed freely down the girl's cheeks.

"HEY, DON'T IGNORE ME!" Both teenagers turned to look at the blond man in front of them. "I'LL KILLYOU!" he screamed, pointing at Naruto.

"Actually, you can't kill him", Kakuzu deadpanned from behind him. "The brat's the container of the Kyuubi, after all."

Fu's head snapped back towards Naruto, eyes wide, looking to see if there was any truth in the former Taki-nin's words.

Naruto turned his head towards the girl and just chuckled nervously, rubbing his head at the same time, "Yea, I guess we all have our secrets."

The green-haired girl could only stare at the boy in shock, 'He's like me!'

"Well, isn't this wonderful. I'll capture both the Kyuubi and the Nanabi at the same TIME!" With that, Kaname immediately rushed the group.

Seeing a shadow overhead, Kakuzu quickly looked up, sighed, and turned away to retreat. But not without uttering the word, "Idiot", to his charging teammate.

Unfortunately, for the…vampire…he failed to notice the massive toad that appeared within his trajectory. The toad, which was easily the size of a house, landed on top of the Hoshi-nin, ending his brief stint amongst the Akatsuki. The Toad's eyes widened as it got up from its belly and saw the crushed remains of the Hoshi-nin, "Ewwww…I got human on my stomach! Jiraiya, why did you summon me like that?"

Still in the trees, Jiraiya could only curse the fact that his attack had actually killed the former Hoshi-nin. He had wanted to capture him, not kill him. "How did that idiot get into the Akatsuki?" He saw the other one retreat and nearly went after him, but a quick glance at Naruto and Fu forestalled that plan.

They were hugging. The old man sighed, and decided that watching over the two took precedence. It would be a major disaster if they were caught off guard, while he tried and hunt down Akatsuki member. Besides, if Fu's words had any merit, and the presence of two members of Akatsuki suggested they did, then she actually knew where those bastards were.

A few miles away, Kakuzu was cursing his partner's stupidity and wondering how he would explain to his Leader that another one of his partners had been killed. (7)

Naruto and Fu spent that night talking about themselves…their whole life stories. Fu talked about her parents: her mother who sealed the Nanabi into her and her father who abandoned her. Naruto swore to punch the man out if they ever met face to face.

Naruto told Fu about how he was essentially an orphan. She actually held onto him, halfway through is story. Jiraiya, who was listening in on everything, silently swore to tell Naruto about his parents before the end of their trip.

Fu then told Naruto about her career as a kunoichi…and her teammates. One who would say cruel things to her, regarding the Nanabi, at one moment and then try and grope her the next. The other one was civil with her while they were alone together, but would quickly join any group that started to belittle her. All in all, Naruto wasn't happy.

Fu was even less thrilled about Naruto's own teammates. A girl that would hit him at seemingly any opportunity, and the boy who shoved his lightning covered fist through Naruto's chest. At least Fu's teammates abused her because they thought she was the Nanabi, his teammates didn't know anything about the Kyuubi and they still hurt him.

After a few more words, the two of them just sat there, enjoying each other's company in silence. They were embracing…something that neither of them had much experience with in the past.

Jiraiya, noting how much the two were enjoying themselves with the simple hug, cursed the fact that he had to break up the happy moment, but…

"So…" Jiraiya began, getting both teenagers' attention. "You're from Taki, right?"

Fu nodded, and Naruto's eyes widened, "She's not like a missing-nin or anything like that, right?"

Jiraiya shook his head, "Not if she's been exiled. And I've checked the latest bingo book, she's not in it."

"Then can't she come back to Konoha with us?" Naruto asked in barely contained excitement. Fu looked both anxious and hopeful…though that was probably due to not wanting to be separated from Naruto, than the idea of joining another village.

For his part Jiraiya frowned as he thought over the idea. "I'll send a message to Konoha and run it by Tsunade. She-" he gestured towards Fu "-can stick with us if she wants to. We'll see what happens at the end of our little trip." Naruto smiled eagerly at that. Fu looked happy when he said that she could stay with them, but was obviously worried over the idea of going to Konoha. 'That's to be expected', Jiraiya thought, solemnly. Naruto would have to be the one to convince her to give the village a chance and it wasn't like they could just stay on their trip forever to make her happy. He looked directly at Fu, "Down to business now, do you really know where the main Akatsuki base is?"

The girl nodded, "Ame."

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes, "Are you sure? Where did you get that information from?"

"Bugs told me."


She nodded, "I can talk to bugs."

"Of course you can", the man muttered, mostly to himself, remembering the girl's own Bijuu. There was a reason the members Aburame Clan were amongst the best spies in Konoha; nobody thought much about a fly on the wall after all. He'd have to check in on Ame at some point, maybe extend his network into the village. The sage decided to deal with that when he wasn't busy watching the two teenagers. "Where's your seal?"

"Between my shoulder blades", the girl hesitantly answered.

"Show me." The girl quickly blushed and Naruto glared at the old man. "Hey, don't give me that look, I just want to make sure that her seal is functioning properly. Unlike that Gaara kid."

Fu looked at Naruto, curiosity evident on his face. "Another person like us" Fu's eyes widened at that, "He couldn't sleep or the Ichibi would devour his personality." The blond frowned at a thought, "Not that he really had much of one to begin with."

Fu frowned at Naruto's joke and replied, "Well, I can sleep."

The older man rolled his eyes and said, "Call it simple paranoia, but I just want to make confirm that the seal won't rupture on us at some random moment." That caught the teenagers' attention. "Look, I'll even turn around to give you some privacy." Jiraiya did so.

Sighing, the girl took her shirt off and laid, face down, on one of the sleeping bags. "Okay."

Jiraiya turned and went to work on examining the girl's seal. Against the girl's tanned skin, the seal appeared in white, something that Jiraiya was quite grateful for. Regarding the actual seal, however, left the man less than enthused. "Whoever put this on you was an idiot." Fu flinched and Naruto glared at the old man. Jiraiya mentally cursed himself, remembering that it was Fu's mother who placed the seal, and died in the process. He didn't know how the girl felt about her mother, but it was probably best not to attack the deceased woman. "They obviously knew what they were doing, thank goodness for small mercies, but this seal still sucks", the man sighed.

"Is she in trouble?" Naruto asked, worry evident in his voice.

Jiraiya nodded, but quickly added, "Not any time soon…so don't worry so much. Another few years, though, and this thing would probably shatter." He shouldn't be that surprised. Taki was a small village, and most of what they knew about Fuuinjutsu was stuff that Konoha had given them through their alliance.

"Can you fix it?" The girl asked. Though she tried to keep her voice monotone, there was an evident trace of fear in it.

"Of course I can, I'm the great Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku!" He frowned when he saw Naruto rolling his eyes at him. Kids these days had no respect for legends, "Just give me a few days, to think it over and I should be able to come up with something", he said, as he began writing some things down on a notepad. Jiraiya got up and winked at the boy. "Since your friend is already halfway undressed, I'll leave you two to get reacquainted."

Both of them blushed, but Naruto quickly screamed "Ero-Sennin!"

Jiraiya giggled as he walked away.

It would be three days before Jiraiya managed to piece together a seal array that he was satisfied with. Much like his porn, the Toad Sage took Fuuinjutsu VERY seriously.

During that time, he carefully watched Naruto and Fu interactions. He wasn't pleased with what he saw.

The two were practically joined at the hip, and Jiraiya knew that was more Fu's fault than Naruto's. Not that Naruto minded at all or did anything to dissuade her. In fact, he was overjoyed to have the girl traveling with them. He finally had someone who completely understood the issues he dealt with during his childhood (Gaara lived in another village, and the two never saw each other, so he didn't count). The fact that she was a pretty girl, who was obvious quite interested in him romantically, and the fact that they already had sex, probably contributed to his feelings. Fu was most likely content for those very same reasons as well, but she had one extra bit of baggage that was the source of their current problem…

Even if Jiraiya had been the one to defeat Kaname, Naruto was the one who had convinced her against committing suicide by Akatsuki. By that frame of logic, it wasn't difficult to understand why the blond, essentially, became her whole world. And why she suddenly becomes nervous and anxious when Naruto wasn't around, and she didn't know that Jiraiya was nearby – she figured one wouldn't leave without the other. Simply put, she was about ready to give up on life until she found something worth living for…and the idea of losing that something seemed to terrify her. She had abandonment issues…not much of a surprise there.

After Jiraiya dealt with the issue of her seal, he swore that he would find some way to help the girl out, if only to prevent her from automatically jumping to the suicide option if hers and Naruto's relationship every broke apart. Though Jiraiya didn't think it would ever happen. They'd be hard pressed to find other potential love interests that would understand them nearly as well as each other. Plus, Naruto was carrying the genes of Minato- marry the first girl to touch my penis- Namikaze. 'Uhhh, I'll never understand those who willingly choose monogamy.'

With his plan of attack formulated, Jiraiya came through on his promise and managed to reinforce Fu's seal. By the end, she had something that worked similar to Naruto's own seal. While the girl was sleeping off the affects of the 'operation', Naruto went to Jiraiya and asked him about the three jutsu the man had promised him.

"Hmm, yea I guess I do still owe you, don't I." Silently, Jiraiya was glad that Naruto wasn't dumb enough to bring up the bet in front of Fu. Not that he thought she would take it personally, especially after Naruto took on a member of the Akatsuki for her…but best to avoid any potentially touchy subjects. "So…how about…"

"Can you teach me the jutsu you used to track down Fu?"

Jiraiya frowned at that. "Afraid she's gonna run off again?" She wasn't, and Jiraiya didn't need to hear it from the source to know that.

Naruto shook his head. "I don't think she will…I just…don't want to be that useless again."

The old man sighed, "You're not useless, you're just young, brat." He prayed that Naruto wouldn't become overly dependent on the girl. He already had one clingy teenager to deal with. "If it means that much to you, I'll teach it to you."

The boy smiled at that, "Can you also teach me how to use Senjutsu?"

Jiraiya snorted, "You're a bit young for that. Not sure if the toads will agree to it."

Naruto frowned and tried to argue, "I'm old enough to summon the Boss. Can't you convince them to let me learn it?"

Jiraiya grinned at the blond, "I'll think about it."

"Oh come on, Ero-Sennin, we had a deal!" the boy snapped.

"Alright, alright relax", the man said, trying to calm the boy down. "Though for the record, I promised I'd teach you three jutsus, I never said you could pick out whatever jutsus you wanted." Naruto quickly opened his mouth, but Jiraiya held up a hand to forestall any arguments, "Tell you what, I'll talk the toads into giving you Senjutsu training, if you…tell me the secret." the old man said, with a perverted gleam in his eyes.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Secret? What secret?"

The old man chuckled, "You discovered the Fourth's secret sex jutsu, didn't you. I saw what you did."

Naruto paled at the comment. "You were watching?"

The old man nodded.

"You damn pervert!" the blond growled out.

"First off, I'm a damn Super Pervert", Jiraiya quickly argued/corrected with a grin. "So come on, you teach me the secret and I'll get you Senjutsu training."

Naruto just glared at the man for several more seconds before turning away. "I want two more jutsus."


"One for the show and another one for the secret, and those are on top of the Senjutsu training and the other two you owe me", the blond declared, crossing his arms and turning away from the old man.

Jiraiya just stared at the boy in horror before grumbling something about ungrateful brats. "FINE! The tracking jutsu, Senjutsu training, and three other jutsu of your choosing, now tell me the damn secret."

"The stage one Rasengan."

Jiraiya looked at the boy in shock, his brain momentarily not working. Then his brain restarted and he started replaying certain conversations he had with Yondaime over and over again. 'Damn you Minato!'

"So, about those other three jutsus", Naruto began with a grin, and looked back towards Jiraiya…only to find the area he once occupied empty. He noticed a note on the ground and picked it up.


Thanks for the info, I'm going to the closest town to do some "Research", we'll start your training in the morning, don't stay up too late fooling around with your girlfriend…and please wait until she's awake before you do.


The blond turned beat red and crumbled up the paper.

The next morning Naruto found Jiraiya in the best mood he had ever seen him in.

Jiraiya was so giddy that he started giving the blond free training tips, something he would NEVER have just given away before then. That morning, Naruto learned the secret of Kage Bunshins no jutsu: The ability for the clones to pass on memories once they were dispelled. From that moment on, Naruto used his clones to train in everything. And since Fu had started staying with them, Naruto even took a moment to teach her the jutsu to help her training out as well

Speaking of the girl, Jiraiya quickly enacted his plan to help her. It started with small things, like conversing with the girl while Naruto was away, busy with his own training. That part had worked out splendidly and soon Fu started conversations with him: from asking him for training advice to simply making small talk.

While they were in towns, he would send her out to run errands for them…really anything that would require her to spend time with and talk to other people. In the beginning, she would rush through whatever chore she was given and return to wherever Naruto and Jiraiya were waiting for her, as if afraid that they would disappear while she was gone. If Jiraiya weren't so sure she would have a nervous breakdown, he probably would've taken the opportunity to prank the girl by disappearing with Naruto for a few hours. He never did that though.

It took about four months of hard work for the girl to get over those feelings and insecurities. And, though she showed some signs of regression during the first few times they exited a village, Jiraiya could honestly say he was proud of her improvement. She had come a long way. At the very least, she could sit alone - she thought she was alone at least - without a problem. She could run around a village, taking her time on doing whatever errand was assigned to her. By the end of those four months, she at least knew that Naruto – as a fellow demon container, friend, and lover - would never abandon her. And having Jiraiya worm his way into her heart gave the girl hope for more friendships with other "humans". Sure, she still had some abandonment issues, stemming from what both parents did to her, but those would hopefully go away in time. Perhaps when she returned to Konoha, she could form other bonds. However, for now she knew peace.

During that time, the trio trained quite a bit. Jiraiya taught Naruto the tracking jutsu he used to find Fu. That had resulted in games of hide-and-seek between the two teenagers that would mysteriously last for well over an hour. Apparently, Naruto won a 'prize' every time he found the girl.

Fu ended up teaching Naruto how to do the Mizukiri no Yaiba (Water-Cutting Sword) a jutsu that Taki shinobi were infamous for using. Naruto, surprising Jiraiya, then taught the girl how to perform the Rasengan.

It seemed the duo were keen on trading jutsu.

During a spar, Fu had shown that she preferred to fight by using water swords in both hands. Jiraiya had commented in passing that he actually knew other elemental sword techniques of that nature, a lightning and fire version. Naruto quickly cashed in two of the three jutsu that Jiraiya owed him to get the old man to teach them to Fu.

The girl had been ecstatic to learn them, it had also done wonders to her self-esteem and psychological issues. Naruto learned that the only person who took the time to teach her anything had been her jounin-sensei, who had died a year before her exile. Though she still preferred to use her water swords, they were much more versatile than the other two, she decided that it would be useful to have swords of different elements…just in case.

Instead of training one day, Jiraiya challenged both of them to a 2 on 1 spar. He beat both of them without even having to activate his Sage Mode.

One day Jiraiya mentioned that he had to go into town, and that he wouldn't be coming back until morning, before he left the duo alone in camp. The two Jinchuuriki followed their normal routine for the day – though they openly preformed their more naughty activities, instead of hiding them from the sight of the Toad Sage like they normally did. At the end of the day, the two turned in somewhat earlier than they were used to, feeling tired out from their exertions of the day…all of them.

Naruto awoke, sometime after midnight, to a now pleasantly familiar warmth pressing up against his length…and two more grinding against each of his arms. Taking a moment to wonder why his arms were extended out, instead of being wrapped around his lover, the blond opened his eyes to a sight that he would keep in his memories for the remainder of his days. He found Fu, naked, grinding herself against his groin. He then found Fu's identical sister straddling his right arm, bent over his chest while trailing her tongue around his right nipple. He then found Fu's other identical sister, straddling his left arm, while doing the same his left one. Fu's 'sisters' were also naked.

Almost simultaneously, her clones always did seem to have a form of telepathy that he was actually quite jealous of, the girls noticed that the blond was finally awake. Naruto found something so alluring about the looks they sent his way, without bothering to stop their appointed tasks. Finally, the one sitting on his left arm stopped licking him and moved so that she was face to face with him. Seeing this, the Fu to his right bent further forward and actually began rubbing her breasts against Naruto's chest. The blond moaned at the sensation but managed to keep his eyes on the one in front of him. After giggling at his 'dilemma', she finally decided to speak. "You know what they say…payback is a bitch. Well, I'm the bitch", she finished, giving the blond a predatory smile.

Naruto moaned when he felt himself enter the Fu that had been straddling his waist. The one that had been speaking to him then stuck her tongue into his mouth, the moment she saw the opening. The Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi decided that night that he rather liked payback.


Off some distance away, Jiraiya giggled perversely, while writing in his notebook, and praised himself for telling the two that he'd be away for the whole night. He swore to do it more often…

Sometime after their last spar, Jiraiya finally decided that they should travel to Mount Myoboku, so Naruto could receive Senjutsu training. Jiraiya left them both there, saying that he needed to look into some stuff in a nearby town.

Unfortunately for Fu, the toads wouldn't accept her as a summoner. They only ever accepted two "living" summoners at a time (one master and one apprentice). Naruto tried to convince them otherwise, but they denied his request, saying that they were already bending their own rules by having more than one active Sage. Trying to cut off any further arguments, that could potentially ruin Naruto's chances for the training he wanted, Fu kissed the blond and told him she'd train on her own. Though she felt a slight pain of rejection from the situation, Fu knew it wasn't anything personal against her…just the Toads and their own rules. So, while the toad sage Fukasaku was training Naruto, she decided to train herself and hope that she could keep up with the boy she loved.

The second day into her training, she was surprised when someone decided to offer her their own form of private tutoring. Despite not being 'officially' affiliated with the Toads, Shima the Toad Sage decided to supervise the girl's training, while her rule-abiding fuddy duddy of a husband worked with Naruto. Fu giggled at the comment.

So, while Naruto was busy learning how to gather natural chakra and later how to perform Toad Kata; Shima taught Fu the delicate art of Genjutsu, and how to utilize it by using sound as the catalyst. Despite the fact that Fu had always had a certain knack for genjutsu, the fact that she preferred to fight with two water swords stopped her from delving to deeply into the art. What Shima was offering was though, was teach her to cast illusions by sound alone - no hand seals required. Not only would it not interfere with her favored method of combat, but she could actually integrate it into her kenjutsu style. Though Shima showed her how to perform genjutsu by singing/croaking, Fu was able to adapt the same techniques by whistling. The girl had quite the imagination, which was the only true requirement for using genjutsu.

By the end of their training at Mount Myoboku, Fukasaku declared Naruto to be a Sage, for he had mastered the art to a level where not even Jiraiya had gotten to. At the same time, after being impressed by the girl's kenjutsu and how she seamlessly blended genjutsu-whistling into her style, Shima declared Fu to be a Sword Saint. Fukasaku and Shima then spent hours arguing about whether or not Shima had the right to give that title out. Naruto and Fu laughed at their antics. All in all, the two had grown to enjoy spending time with the toads, the landscape, and the beautiful atmosphere…if only Fu didn't feel like a cannibal every time Shima cooked something for them, it would have been perfect.

When Jiraiya returned he, once again, challenged the duo to a 2 on 1 spar. This time, Jiraiya activated his own Sage Mode, since Naruto did as well. At first, the Jiraiya had the upper hand throughout the fight, wisdom and experience beating power and youth. Though he had to stay on his toes around Fu and Naruto could match him in raw power, he was able to overwhelm the two with a carefully executed ninjutsus that left them stunned and allowed him to retreat and gather more energy. However, the duo soon adapted a strategy where Naruto would go in alone, the two Sages would fight for a while until their natural chakra was exhausted, and then Fu would replace Naruto and keep Jiraiya busy, while the blond would gather more natural chakra. The Toad Sage couldn't take a moment to replenish his own supply of natural chakra, and if he tried using that ninjutsu to stun the single target again, the second one would jump in and attack him. With his supply of natural chakra exhausted, Jiraiya was quickly overwhelmed when the two attacked together.

Together, they had beaten Jiraiya that day.

That was good, Jiraiya acknowledged. Because the next stage of their training was mastering the demonic chakra within them.

Jiraiya took the two to an abandoned village somewhere in the middle of Hi no Kuni. The place was in the middle of the forest, so far away from civilization that no one had found it in years. There weren't even any roads that led to it.

"I found the place about a decade ago. Judging by the bodies", both Naruto and Fu flinched at that, "No one had been by these parts for close to a century."

The two noticed how bad the other houses looked. All except a large one, near the center of the village.

"I buried the bodies and thought about telling the Hokage about it…but then figured, it wasn't like the country is particularly hurting for space right now", Jiraiya said with a grin. "So I kept the place secret, cleaned up one of the houses-", he took a moment to gesture to the only house that looked well maintained in the village. "-and decided to make this little hamlet my, home-away-from-home."

Fu frowned at the story. "How was a place this big, just lost?"

The old man frowned, "I'm not sure, but I do have a theory. How much do you know about the Shodaime?" the question was directed at Naruto.

"He could grow trees."

Jiraiya accepted the answer. That was really the only thing the younger generation remembered about the venerable leader. "During the war, his territory spanned a large stretch of land, and included a lot of villages. We're actually in that territory by the way. Anyway, every other week or so, he would change the roads, by growing new trees and burning older ones to make roads. That tactic kept his enemies from being able to locates main village. My guess is that, after the village was massacred, the Shodaime closed off all paths leading to it and just forgot about it by the time the war ended. It's all just theory though…"

The two jinchuuriki seemed to accept the answer. "It's nice…but what are we doing here?"

Jiraiya shrugged, "I just wanted a private area where I could train you both to control your demonic chakra…" With that, Jiraiya quickly summoned two Gerotora. One had been aligned to Naruto's seal since the boy was born. The other, Jiraiya had aligned to Fu's seal, a few months ago.

The next day, Jiraiya decided to open up Naruto's seal and have the boy attempt to draw on the demon's chakra. That was the plan at least. The end result was Jiraiya opening Naruto's seal and the boy falling unconscious. Both Jiraiya and Fu quickly crowded around the boy. "What's wrong with him?" the girl frantically asked.

Jiraiya frowned and examined the seal. He couldn't find anything wrong with it. He half expected the Kyuubi to try and take over the blond right now…in that case, Jiraiya had special seals ready to bind and nullify demonic chakra. Just in case.

It took Naruto about an hour to wake up. Fu hugged him the second he came to, and Jiraiya asked what had happened.

He answered by activating the Nine-tails chakra mode. His eyes turned red, and his pupils became slitted. A yellow-orange cloak of chakra wrapped around his body. Strange black symbols appeared on his chest, shoulders, and stomach. And nine long tails extended from his tailbone. He had mastered the Kyuubi's chakra. Not the way Jiraiya had envisioned…but whatever worked was fine. Naruto deactivated his new power-up and turned to the girl. "The key is love…that's how you combat the Bijuu's hate", the blond said with a grin.

Jiraiya shrugged in response, promising to get the whole story out of the blond later and turned to Fu. "I guess you're up, you wanna do this now or tomorrow." It had been a stressful day for…well, everyone. Jiraiya figured a good nights rest would be a good idea, if the girl wasn't feeling up to it right now.

Fu quickly shook her head and said, "No…I'm ready now." Jiraiya nodded and opened her seal as well. Naruto quickly caught her, expecting her to fall unconscious. They quickly examined the girl, checking that her seal was still working, and then waited. Naruto spent close to an hour, cradling the girl in his arms before he said anything, "I'm gonna kick your ass next time we spar, you old pervert."

Jiraiya frowned. At first, he thought Naruto was bragging. But there was definitely a hint of anger in his voice. "What'd I do?"

The blond glared at the old man, "You told me about my parents' sex lives."

It took a moment for that information to register. When it did, the old man paled, "What…how'd you-"

"Uhhh…" a soft groan interrupted the question and caught both of their attention. Naruto smiled at the girl and quickly mouthed 'later' to Jiraiya.

Once again, after the two had finished hugging and Fu muttered something about her mother protecting her, Jiraiya asked how it went. Her response was to activate her own chakra mode. Her orange eyes began to glow. She was covered in a skintight cloak of green chakra. With the exception of the chakra from her hands to her elbows and her feet to her knees, which was dark blue. Like Naruto, she had odd symbols around her chest and stomach, though hers were dark blue, the same color as her hands and feet. One long, vine-like, tail grew out of her tailbone. The other six 'tails' of chakra came out of the thoracic region of her spine. Six long orange wings.

Fu wasted no time in experimenting with them. That night, she learned how to fly.

The duo spent another month training how to use the Bijuu's chakra effectively. They learned, instinctively, how to use the Bijuudama. Afterwards they began learning how to use the chakra in their respective fighting styles.

Naruto new favorite tactic was to use his nine-tails as hands and concurrently attack with nine different Rasengans. Jiraiya cursed the blond for that tactic…and the fact that the boy could now defeat him in one on one combat. He used the same style he learned during his Senjutsu training, the Toad Kata. It worked, since he was just trading in one aura for another, between the two forms. He also began coming up with new versions of the Rasengan which were destructive on a level that Jiraiya doubted Minato had ever dreamed of.

Fu adapted her style to midair combat, creating a fighting style where she could: attack with a water sword in each hand, a Taijutsu style that emphasizes on powerful kicks, whistling to catch someone in a sound-based Genjutsu, and using her seventh tail to form a Rasengan. She created a fighting style that simultaneously utilized taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu. Her superiors in Taki were complete MORONS to throw her away. She could defeat him in a one on one as well.

In Jiraiya's opinion, the only true weakness to the style was the fact that her kicks were weak…at least in comparison to her genjutsu and ninjutsu. In truth, the taijutsu style she used relied heavily on pushing off the ground with one leg, to add power to the other. That was something she couldn't always do, since her fighting style revolved around staying off the ground. Jiraiya planned to work with the girl later, and see if she could supplement her kicks by channeling some fire or lightning natured chakra through her feet.

They also learned how to go into a full Bijuu form…though that's a story, for another day.

Jiraiya never bothered trying to spar with them in a 2 on 1 from that point. It was a foregone conclusion.

Once again, Jiraiya declared that he would be gone for the night, citing that he would be going into town to gather some supplies. If only the two Jinchuuriki knew that he had enough provisions sealed up to last the three of them a decade…Truly a pity that he forgot to mention that particular detail.

Regardless, that night, Naruto and Fu found themselves the grassy fields that surrounded the village. Both of them were naked. Not for the first time, Naruto took a moment to appreciate how radiant the young woman before him looked, bathed in moonlight.

Fu looked at him and grinned, "You're nervous aren't you?"

The blond chuckled. "Yea…I just can't help but feel that this is the stupidest idea I've ever had." Unfortunately, from the moment Naruto mentioned his idea, Fu was convinced to follow through with it.

The girl looked offended, placing her hands on her hips. "Really, more stupid than that time you screwed up that prank and ended up tied up and covered in itching powder?"

"Umm…well…" the blond looked nervous for a moment before laughing again. "It's still pretty dangerous…I can't believe we're actually going to do this."

The girl rolled her eyes and walked up to the blond, "I won't let you fall, I promise." She immediately grabbed onto 'him' and began stroking him off. Naruto moaned and quickly pulled the girl close to him, enjoying the feel of her breasts against his chest. Not to be outdone, he reached down and slid two fingers along her slit, while his thumb played with her clit. In response, Fu clenched her eyes shut and buried her face into his shoulder.

The duo spent a few moments like this, just playing with each in the moonlit night. Their moans and heavy breathes being the only things to cut through the silence of the night. After a while, Fu released his member and pushed away his own hand…judging herself wet enough and Naruto hard enough for this to work. She looked deeply into his blue eyes, with her orange ones, and kissed him. Once they broke apart, Fu slowly, and awkwardly, pulled her lover inside of her. She had to spread her legs somewhat, which was difficult since they were still standing and she had to maintain at least some of her balance, but she managed it.

Naruto blushed at the position they were in and hugged the girl even tighter than before. They both then entered their respective Bijuu's Chakra Mode: Naruto's now orange skin, greatly contrasting her green and blue. Naruto took a moment to notice how different they both looked in their cloaked forms without any clothes. Aside from obviously lacking the outline of their clones, Naruto could easily make out Fu's nipples, both of their navels, and their respective genitalia. He found it kinda erotic.

The girl quickly wrapped her one tail around the boy's waist. "Hold on tight", she commanded.

He nodded and proceeded to wrap his own nine tails around her body.

Then, Fu began flapping her six wings and took off like a rocket.

That night, Naruto and Fu became the founding members of their world's Mile High Club (a term that would later be coined by Jiraiya).

Unfortunately, their trip proved to be short-lived when Naruto decided to try out Minato's Super Secret Sex Jutsu™ mid-flight. Fu squealed in pleasure and lost control of herself, which caused the duo to go barreling towards the ground. After seeing the results of his experiment, Naruto stopped what he was doing and allowed his lover to land them both safely on a nearby roof, one of the ones that Jiraiya hadn't worked on. Fu immediately fell to her back, dragging Naruto with her.

Both were laughing at the experience.

"Alright" the girl began, speaking between laughs, "That" laugh "was" laugh "probably" laugh "a" laugh "bad idea", the girl relented.

Naruto managed to regain a bit of control and just smiled at the girl, "My fault entirely."

"Don't ever apologize for doing that", the girl replied with a grin, taking a moment to notice that Naruto was still inside of her. She then dropped her cloak and began thrusting her hips upwards. The blond groaned and started matching her movements. He quickly pressed himself down, stopping both his and Fu's actions.

"Change back." Fu looked at him oddly, which made him clarify his request. "Activate your cloak."

The girl grinned and quickly activated her seven-tails chakra mode.


Off a good distance away, Jiraiya was giggling like a perverted schoolboy…tears streaming down his face at the 'research' his two apprentices were giving him.

He was a little disappointed at first that they seemed to fly off so high, but grinned when they landed nearby. Even now he could clearly see the two, like beacons in the night. "This next volume is going to be the best one ever."


Fu moaned in pleasure. Aside from Naruto's piece that was going in and out of her, she didn't know which part of her felt better. Maybe it was the two hands massaging her inner thighs, or the two squeezing her butt, or the two on playing with her breasts, or the two holding her arms above her head, or the one massaging her right cheek, or the one massaging her left temple, or the one running through her hair. Within a haze of pleasure Fu actually cursed, for the first time, that she only had one actual tail. Sure, having wings had its advantages, but it was a pity that their current activity wasn't one of them. Fu had three hands to work with (her two actual hands and her tail). Naruto had a grand total of eleven.

The blond smiled at the sight of the girl squirming underneath him, her moans music to his ears. He then concentrated on the hands at her breasts (his real hands), activated his father's secret technique, and earned a lustful scream for his efforts. He couldn't wait to see how the girl would pay him back for this 'defeat'.

One month later, Icha Icha Paradise: Spiraling Love had hit the shelves. Jiraiya smiled as held the very first two copies, before tossing one to the boy, "Here, for all of your hard work." Not getting the old man's meaning, the boy opened the books and began thumbing through the first few pages. "Where's your girl?"

Naruto gestured towards the tent, "She's napping." Naruto's eyes widened when he noticed the names of the main characters – Garuto and Fa - and quickly began scanning the pages. Naruto shut the book and glared at the old man, "You fucking pervert!"

"Super pervert kid, super pervert!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Naruto growled, glaring daggers at the man. A pang of righteous fury filled the blond. He felt like kicking his ass, but held himself back when he figured Fu would probably wanna do that. Why take that away from her?

Jiraiya grinned, "Oh come on, most of my patrons would love it if they got some time in one of my books", the man reasoned. He decided to omit the fact that a lot of his characters were based on his patrons: the Lord of Shinobi Kiruzen, the Golden Speedster Shinato, and even the masked ninja Kashaki. Funny how, despite the fact that their patrons were always able to find themselves in the book, no one else ever connected the dots.

"Fu's going to freak!"

The man shrugged, "I seem to recall that she likes my books."

Naruto actually blushed at the statement. Fu liked reading, it was one of the few things she could do back home without being glared at for the oh so terrible crime of living. Regardless, one day, around the time that Fu started traveling with them, the girl had asked if either of them had any books to read. Naruto nearly had a heart attack when Jiraiya had thrown her a copy of the first volume of Icha Icha Paradise. Though she didn't read the whole book in one sitting, she finished it with a collective time of only a few hours and immediately asked if he had another one. Jiraiya had been ready to adopt the girl at that point…which really should have stopped him from perving on them. Though she never stated outright that she liked the books, Jiraiya took the fact that she kept reading them as a good sign. Naruto's blush deepened when he thought about certain instances, during their love sessions, that the girl had made references to said books…that probably hadn't helped things. Regardless, Naruto knew for a fact that she wouldn't like this one bit, "Not when she's in them!" There was the simple fact that Jiraiya had obviously been spying to get most, if not all, of this information…she definitely wasn't going to like that.

Jiraiya shrugged again. "Maybe she'll appreciate being portrayed in my art."

Naruto looked at the man as if he grown a second head, "You really don't know a thing about women, do you?"

The Toad Sage actually took the comment personally.

The blond sighed and began thumbing through the book. He read a passage…and then re-read it…and re-read it…and re-read it…Naruto looked up from the book and stared wide-eyed at the old pervert, "You made the Akatsuki…a bunch of sexual deviants?"

The old man shrugged again.


Far away, Pein was engaging in one of his personal favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, when he got to that particular passage, he frowned, "I'm not amused."


"Wait…did you make Itachi Uchiha a woman?"

The old man shrugged again.


"I'm not amused", Itachi's face was beat red from embarrassment. It didn't help that his teammate, who had his own copy, was on the ground, hysterically laughing his ass off.

The Uchiha silently deliberated the advantages of casting Amaterasu on his teammate. In the end, he decided against it. Kisame was tolerable the majority of the time…unlike most of the other members of the organization.


"You're overreacting."

"I'm telling you, Fu's not going to like this one bit?"

"Not going to like what?" the question came from behind them. Naruto immediately flinched and paled. Jiraiya grinned and tossed the girl his second copy of his masterpiece, which Naruto comically tried to intercept mid air. He failed, and the girl easily caught the book and opened it to the first page. Being a quick reader, it wasn't a surprise to either of the guys when she began to casually flip through the pages.

Sighing the boy got up and walked away, but not before saying, "Nice knowing you pervert."

Jiraiya shrugged, he knew the girl could appreciate true art. Unfortunately, being around a young woman who openly read his books had made Jiraiya a bit overconfident…His only warning was the twitch in the girl's eye, before she suddenly transformed into her full Bijuu state.

Naruto spent the rest of the night watching his girlfriend, in Bijuu form, attempting to wipe Jiraiya off the face of the Earth, via her Bijudama. Naruto was actually impressed that the old man could actually outrun the flying Nanabi and even more impressed that Jiraiya had the endurance to do so until Fu finally got bored of blowing up random plots of land. The old man ended up getting away with a few scratches and some minor chakra burns. Naruto also learned that night, when being attacked by an angry Bijuu, Jiraiya screamed like a little girl…not that he could really fault the man for that one.

Regardless, Jiraiya wouldn't show his face around the two for another three weeks…and even then he stayed a good distance away from the girl and looked ready to sprint at a moments notice. Though he was very proud of this fact, Jiraiya wisely avoided telling the duo that the book was currently his best seller and it was the highest rated erotic novel in the Elemental Nations. There were even rumors that the Tsuchikage, Onoki of Both Scales, recently joined the Mile High Club.

Keeping his mouth shut was probably the smartest thing Jiraiya had ever done.

One month later, the trio arrived in Konohagakure.

Naruto was wearing an orange outfit, with black trimmings. He also wore a red coat, over his outfit, with black flame marking coming from the bottom. Fu's outfit consisted of a white top and a matching skirt, which showed off her midriff. Like Naruto, she also wore an identical red coat. Unlike Naruto though, she didn't have a Hitai-ate.

"Excuse me, Fu-chan." Naruto quickly leapt towards the top of a nearby. "Hey Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki has returned!"

Fu smiled at the boy's exuberance. Jiraiya laughed himself. "It's been a while for him…he sure is excited." The girl nodded in agreement.

Jumping back down, Naruto gave the girl his a foxy grin and wrapped an arm around her waist.

And that…is how Sakura found the duo. "Naruto?"

Jiraiya grinned and slunk off to the shadows. 'Former love interest is introduced the present lover…give me a sequel kid', the man mentally begged.

Naruto grinned, when he saw his former teammate, "Oh! Hey Sakura."

Both girls frowned at the blond. One frowned because she had finally been introduced to her lover's violent teammate. The other because of the scene, and because she noticed he had dropped the –chan from her name.


The trio turned to see…a naked brunette waving at group. Naruto frowned (because Fu was familiar with his Sexy jutsu), Fu glared at the 'streaker' and unconsciously clenched her fist, and Sakura just stared at the 'girl' in shock.

A puff of smoke later and the girl was replaced with Konohamaru. "Hey Boss, how'd that one look?" Fu actually visibly relaxed when she saw the 'streaker' was just some kid using the perverted jutsu that Naruto had come up with.

Naruto just gave a slight chuckle, noticing Moegi and Udon nearby. "Konohamaru, I've outgrown that jutsu…and you shouldn't use it either."

Sakura was shocked at the statement. It seemed to her that Naruto really had matured over the last few years.

"Besides, if you act more mature, you can get a girlfriend that will let you do all kinds of perverted stuff to her." Naruto quickly pulled Fu close to him, reached down to grab her ass, and pressed his lips to hers, causing the girl to giggle into his mouth. When they broke away, Naruto noticed that Konohamaru was actually looking at his Boss with stars in his eyes, as was Udon. Moegi had a blush on her cheeks.

Sakura though…

"Na-ru-to!" She had seen where his hand had gone. She clenched her fist and raised it to give her former teammate a good thumping, "You pervert."

Past experience kicking in, Naruto quickly flinched in preparation for the strike that he knew was coming. It never struck though.

The blond opened his eyes slowly, to see that Fu had easily caught Sakura's arm by the wrist. The pinkette just stared at the green-haired girl in shock. In one motion, Fu quickly pulled the younger girl close to her, so that they were face to face. The killer intent the Jinchuuriki was exuding was enough to keep Sakura silent. "I'm only going to say this once: Don't. Hit. Him. Again. Is that, in any way, unclear?"

Seeing her own life flash between her eyes, 'Wow I was really fat when I was younger', the girl quickly shook her head.

"Good", Fu released the girl, which caused Sakura to lose her balance and go stumbling to the ground, and grabbed onto a stunned Naruto's arm and proceeded to pull him away.

Konohamaru looked at the couple walk away, stars still in his eyes. "Wow…I gotta get myself a girlfriend." Udon nodded in agreement. Moegi took a step closer to the Sandaime's grandson.


Further down the street, Naruto happened to see another group of people he happened to recognize. "Hey Kiba, what's up?"

The Inuzuka gave the blond a nervous grin, "Hey, Naruto." He nodded towards the green haired girl, "Haven't caught your name yet?"

"Fu", she replied.

Kiba nodded, "Nice to meet ya…I think", he added the last part silently, glancing nervously to his right

"Wow, Akamaru got big."

The dog barked in reply.

Naruto then turned towards the girl next to Kiba, "How's it going, Hinata?"

No answer. She was smiling, but she seemed to be staring off beyond him, back towards where he had been talking to Sakura and Konahamaru, as if lost in her own little world.

The blond frowned at the girl, "What's up with her?"

"Ummm…she's tired?" Kiba replied, hoping he would accept the answer.

"Hmm, weird", Naruto replied and turned to the last person in the group, "Shino?" The hooded figure nodded. "Wow…I almost didn't recognize you in that get up, you look kinda cool."

Shino nodded, but chose not to reply. Behind his glasses, he kept shooting glances at the green haired girl. His bugs were acting strange…a mixture of excitement, fear, and…worship? Odd.

"Anyway, we really should be heading up to see baa-chan, so I'll see you later. Kiba, Akamaru, Shino." The two boys nodded, and the dog barked, in response. Naruto then nodded towards Hinata, who hadn't moved a millimeter since he had arrived. "Hinata."

The blond frowned and just shrugged…muttering something about weird girls. He wrapped his arm around Fu and quickly led her down the street.

Before they were out of earshot, Shino heard her ask, "Does she even blink?"

Both boys sighed and Kiba raised his hand and snapped his fingers in front of Hinata. No response. "Think we should take her back home? Not like she can do a mission while impersonating a statue." Shino shrugged and helped Kiba pick the girl up before tossing her over Akamaru's back. "Damn though, who'd have thought Naruto would come back with a girl like that…sign me up for the next training trip with Jiraiya-sama." Shino reached over and cuffed the dog ninja across the head. "Owww! What the hell?"

Shino pointed at their frozen teammate, "I'm pretty sure she can still hear you."

Five minutes later, Jiraiya found himself in front of the Godaime Hokage.

"So, tell me where they're at right now?" Tsunade asked.

Jiraiya grinned. "Under normal conditions, I would say Naruto can take on most of the Jounin in the village, and Fu can probably ranked up to an elite Jounin…could probably even give you a run for your money." Tsunade scoffed at the proclamation. She'd believe it when she sees it. Jiraiya thought about his answer again with a frown. Naruto never really did fight normally anymore, not when he had access to Senjutsu. To him, Sage Mode was normal. It was second nature to him. "Oh, and Naruto knows the Sage Arts."

That caught Tsunade's attention. "Really?"

The male Sannin nodded, "Yep. If he goes into Sage Mode, he's easily at my level…at least in terms of power."

The medic-nin frowned, "Your level, with or without your own Sage Mode?"

"With." Tsunade snorted in amusement. "Hey give me a break, the kid managed to master it and I never really did."

Before the woman could reply, the door to her office opened up and in came her assistance. "Tsunade-sama." Tsunade nodded towards her assistant, and long time friend. "Naruto-kun and his friend are here." Tsunade rolled her eyes at the way her assistance said the word 'friend'.

"Send them in."

Not waiting to be told, Naruto quickly let himself into the office, "Thanks, Shizune-neechan."

The young medic-nin nodded towards Naruto, and the green-haired girl who followed him, before taking her place behind her mentor.

Tsunade smiled at her adopted little brother, "How's it going Naruto?"

"I'm great Baa-chan", Naruto replied with a grin before pointing in the general direction of the Hokage's Monument. "I see they decided to add your ugly mug to the mountain."

Tsunade's eye twitched, and she tossed a paperweight at the blond…causing him to fall over. The other three present in the room sighed at the blond's lack of tact (8). "And you're Fu from Taki?"

The girl nodded.

Tsunade eyes zeroed in on the girl, as if trying to assess every minute detail about her. "Jiraiya tells me you want to join our shinobi forces."

Fu nodded again. In truth, she just wanted to be with Naruto. However, being a kunoichi was really the only thing she knew how to do. That was one of the reasons that being kicked out of her village had been such a huge blow to her.

"Well this is going to be a huge pain in the ass", the old woman sighed, thinking about the grief certain members of her council were going to give her. "I'm going to have Naruto's former sensei evaluate you. Kakashi, get in here."

One of the windows in the office opened up, allowing the copycat ninja to step inside. "Yo!"

"Hey Kakashi-sensei!"

The copycat quickly nodded back, "Naruto."

Tsunade cleared her throat to get everyone's attention, "Anyway, if you prove to be as good as Jiraiya says you are…there shouldn't be a problem in having you join us." Fu nodded. The old woman had, essentially said, I'll help you, just make it sure you're worth my time. "Though you will be placed under of a probation period of three years."

Fu frowned, "Under what terms?"

"You won't be allowed to leave the village without permission. You'll have to go through a number of psychological evaluations from one of our top interrogators. You'll only be allowed to take missions with a jounin to supervise you", she quickly pointed towards Kakashi, "And you won't be allowed to go on anything over a C-rank until the end of your evaluation." The woman turned towards Jiraiya, "You said she's been with you for about a year and a half, right?" The Toad Sage nodded in response. Tsunade just sighed, "Poor girl." Jiraiya nearly fell over. "She doesn't look crazy, so we can probably add points to her psychological evaluations." That time, Jiraiya really did fall over. Both Naruto and Shizune were trying really hard to suppress their laughter. Fu was far too nervous to laugh at the pervert's misfortune. "And we can subtract eighteen months from her probation period. Does that sound good to you?"

Fu nodded with a smile, "What rank will I start off as."

"Genin, and I don't care what you were in Taki, so don't even bother telling me."

The green-haired girl shut her mouth and merely nodded.

Tsunade then glanced between Kakashi, Naruto, and Fu. "Kakashi, I want a full evaluation of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Fu…what's your last name?"

Fu frowned and shook her head, "I don't have a surname." In truth, she never knew her mother's name…and she refused to go by her father's.

"Just call her Fu Uzumaki", Naruto replied with a grin. The girl's face heated up at the comment, and tried to look away from…well everyone. Jiraiya and Kakashi chuckled at the comment. Shizune blushed and giggled. Tsunade just looked amused.

"-and Fu Uzumaki." She said, finishing her earlier sentence. "I'll inform Sakura, just meet in training ground twenty seven in an hour. Dismissed."

Naruto and Fu turned and left the room. Strangely, instead of disappearing like he normally did, Naruto swore he heard Kakashi ask Jiraiya for an autograph. Unfortunately, they were out of earshot before he could hear anything else.


After Kakashi had left, Tsunade turned to Jiraiya and noticed the shit-eating grin on his face. "What the hell are you smiling about?"

The old man cringed. He had been smiling because Kakashi had asked him to autograph his brand new volume of Icha Icha Paradise, which starred Kakashi's new students. Like everyone else, Kakashi didn't seem to notice when someone he personally knew was portrayed in his favorite series. For someone who liked to 'look underneath the underneath', he sure as hell tended to ignore what was right in front of him. Regardless, he wasn't about to share those thoughts with Tsunade. He really didn't want to die at the young age of fifty-four. So he decided to deflect. "I just forgot to mention another skill the two had."

The woman frowned, "And that would be?"

Jiraiya's grin was nearly ear-to-ear. "I'll let you find out on your own."

Five minutes later, Naruto and Fu arrived to Naruto's old apartment building. The blond frowned and fished through is pocket for the key. He silently wondered how bad it looked…he was never cleaned much when he lived their. It was also rather small…he wondered if she would like it.

Sighing, the boy opened the apartment that hadn't been opened in nearly three years. "Home sweet home."

Fu walked in and seemed to scan every inch of it. It was a studio apartment. With the only other door their leading to, what Fu correctly assumed to be, a bathroom.

It wasn't dirty, just a bit dusty. And Naruto cursed when he saw the condition his plants were in. He forgot to ask someone to water them for him. He'd need to replace them.

"It's lovely…cozy really", the girl smiled back and walked around analyzing the furniture.

Naruto smiled, glad that the girl approved. "So, we still have about a forty-five minutes, what do you wanna do till then?" Maybe they could take a tour around the village? He could show her the joys of Ichiraku Ramen.

Fu answered Naruto's question, and stopped his current trail of thoughts, by sitting down on his bed and giving him a naughty smile.

The Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi laughed and walked up to the girl, "I love you Fu Uzumaki."


Omake: How Naruto and Fu caused a Village-wide panic.

Naruto, Fu, and Sakura stood in front of Kakashi, at training ground twenty-seven. Sakura, still upset that she had been chastised, kept a healthy distance away from the couple, and kept sending glances towards the two.

Kakashi quickly pulled out a camera, "Now, before I forget." He quickly took a picture of Naruto and Fu. "I'll be right back." The trio blinked and stared at the man in shock.


Hiding in the trees Tsunade could only stare at Kakashi in shock, "What the fuck is he doing?"

Jiraiya and Shizune shrugged.


Exactly two grounds down, one could find team Gai going through yet another long training session. That was, until Gai's eternal rival decided to show up and slap a picture down in front of Gai.

"Hey, my student is dating that! Beat that, Gai!" Kakashi laughed and walked away.

Gai just looked at the picture and quickly fell to his knees, "NOOO, MY ETERNAL RIVAL'S COOL AND HIP WAYS HAVE BEEN PASSED DOWN TO THE NEXT GENERATION!"

Lee tried to console Gai, and declare that he would find a hotter girl…or he would run around Konoha a hundred times on his pinkies.

Tenten just stood motionless, not sure what to say to any of that.

Neji just looked down at the picture and sighed, "That explains a lot."


Kakashi returned to the training ground twenty-seven exactly three minutes later. "Alright then, sorry about that." The man just ignored the stares the teenagers were sending him. "Anyway, you know the drill, right?" Kakashi said, pulling out three bells. "Try to get a bell. Come at me with the intent to kill, or you'll never get a bell, blah blah blah." Kakashi pulled up his Hitai-ate, revealing his Sharingan.

Sakura was on edge the moment she saw it.

Naruto and Fu just grinned at each other, and quickly turned into full-sized Bijuu.

Sakura looked at the scene in shock and fear. Tsunade and Shizune paled. Jiraiya laughed.

Kakashi had an aneurysm and was admitted into the hospital a few minutes later.

Through out Konoha, citizens saw the two Bijuu, one of which was the Kyuubi no-FREAKING-Kitsune. Civilians fled in terror. Certain members of the Hokage's council had heart attacks. Some shinobi were braved enough to scramble to try and find the Hokage. Others, including some of the most battle-hardened ANBU in the village, just dropped to their knees and cried.

All in all, EVERYONE knew that Naruto Uzumaki had returned to the village…and he brought a friend.

Jiraiya would later lecture the two about the importance of only using their Full Bijuu modes in case of emergencies.

A/N: That's the end. Let me know how I did. Also, I wanted to make a comment about certain things.

1. For those of you who got that reference…THANK YOU! But, for those of you who didn't, there is an anime named Zatch Bell. In this anime they have a song that is titled "Let's Grope some breasts" (or something to that affect). Obviously, the censors would never allow something like that over here, especially for a children's show, so they changed the title and lyrics to "Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day". Why they didn't bother to try and cut out the singer's movements is beyond me…

2. That joke was adapted from an episode of the show, "Two and a Half Men."

3. Seriously, who comes up with these names?

4. Obviously I adapted that from the saying, "When in Rome."

5. Okay, since I know somebody is going to comment on this I'm going to go ahead and say that there is a very VERY good chance that I am underestimating the power of a stage one Rasengan. And if I am…there is a very good possibility that what Naruto did was NOT sensual…but stupid and possibility fatal for Fu. I know stage one is all about projecting chakra and rotating it. Stage two is about power. Does that mean that stage one has NO power behind it? Well, I don't know. In this particular fic, I'm working under the assumption that the stage one Rasengan doesn't have enough power to do any harm to human tissue. And for those of you who don't like that answer, Naruto basically projected the Rasengan inside of Fu's body, it would come in contact with her own chakra and negate any harmful affects. And if anyone isn't happy with that response either, I'll go ahead and say that both Fu and Kushina are Jinchuuriki, and that their bodies are (super)naturally stronger than the average Kunoichi, who have bodies stronger than the average woman. So in the end, what I'm trying to say is…leave me alone.

6. In here, Kakuzu is Genre savvy enough to know that the Akatsuki cloak is a source of immortality.

7. It's been a while since we've heard anything about the other Akatsuki members (at least the ones that don't have super powered eyes), but I seem to recall that Kakuzu kept killing his old partners, and was only teamed up with Hidan, because Hidan happened to be an immortal. So, I decided to play with that idea.

8. In case anyone wants to question why Fu protected Naruto against Sakura, but not against Tsunade…Naruto openly called his leader ugly and kinda deserved what he got. Naruto didn't do anything to Sakura, aside from grabbing Fu's butt…which really wasn't any of Sakura's business, even if it was indecent to do in the middle of a street.

Few other last minute notes, Minato's Super Secret Sex Jutsu™ is totally mine you can't have them…unless you review this story.

Fu is always hard for me to write about…she's essentially an OC with a canon given background…so I hope I wrote her well here. I didn't want her to be Gaara (Chunin exams) levels of crazy, but I wanted to show that she was damaged by the burden she bore. I hope that showed through.

Her Bijuu-chakra-mode took me a while to finalize. In the end, I figure I could choose between something like what Naruto had (human-looking) or what Killer B had (something more beastly). Since I was planning that heard lemon, I decided on making her look more human. For those of you curious why six of her 'tails' ended up as wings, I invite you to look up a picture of the Nanabi. It clearly has six wings growing out of the base of it's seventh tail. I just decided to have the wings come out of the middle of her back, than out of her tailbone. Think it looks better.

Anyway, like I said earlier this IS my first time writing a lemon, and I would appreciate any feedback you guys would give me. If I get enough good feedback, I may eventually attempt one for Naruto: Apprentice. So, please review.