Crissy waits.

She lingers by the Waverly, thinking about how Frank Mills will certainly be here soon. With that glimmer of hope held close to her heart, she waits.

Every week, she walks to the Waverly and stays for six hours. Sometimes Jeanie is with her, sometimes she goes alone. But every time, she looks out for that white crash helmet and leather jacket.

It's only been three months, he's bound to come back some time. Maybe Crissy should spend another day walking through Brooklyn again...

If only she hadn't lost his address, she wouldn't have to wait here. She knew Frank remembered her, why wouldn't he? Crissy remembered him, as clearly as if they had just spoken.

He was perfect. Simply perfect.

She loved him. He loved her, right?

Her six hours were up... sighing, she trudges back down the street.

He'll be there next week, Crissy knows it. She just has to wait.