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An end of this adventure of Steve, Danny, Grace and the team

'Olelo Ho'oholo

The next morning, Steve and Danny were sitting at the small table discussing the upcoming press conference being held at HQ.

"Are you going to tell the press…" Danny stopped midsentence when he realized his parents would have been told he and Grace were missing and presumed dead. He had been so worried about Grace's safety he didn't think of what his family was probably going through.

Steve looked up when Danny paused to see a horrified look on his face. Alarmed Steve asked. "What's wrong Danny?"

Danny turned wide worried eyes to Steve. "My parents will have been told that Grace and I are missing and presumed dead. How do I do I tell them that we're okay. They will probably understand but…"

Steve reached out placing a warm hand on Danny's forearm interrupting Danny. "Danny, you're parents know that you're alive. I called a friend of mine who is stationed near your parents and told him the whole story while you were in the shower yesterday. He promised to speak to your parents personally and to tell them that you would call them as soon as we had this mess cleared up. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you. Grace asked me a question right after I hung up and it slipped my mind. I did the same for Mary."

Danny slumped. He wanted to be angry at Steve for not telling him about the call, but he was too grateful that Steve had cared enough to let his parents know they were safe. "Thanks Steve. I'll call them as soon as we are done with the press. Now all I have to worry about is Rachel and what she will do when she finds out."

Steve pulled out his burner phone and dialed. "Hey Chin. I need you to do a couple of things before we get together with the press. I'm thinking that you should talk to Stan privately and tell him what's going on so that he can decide what to do about Rachel. Also, could you see if Bill Houseman can be at HQ this morning for our press conference?"

"Sure thing brah. I'll see the two of you in two hours."

Steve hung up the phone. "I think that should help."

Danny shook his head smiling. It was moments like this that Danny was reminded why Steve was a Lt. Cmdr. "Thank you Steve. You're the best brother a guy could have."

Steve ducked his head before looking at Danny with a fond smile. "So are you Danno."

Their mushy moment was thankfully interrupted when Grace came skipping out of her room. "Good morning Danno, 'Anakala Steve." Grace hugged each man. "What's for breakfast?"

"Would you like some pancakes Leia? We have everything we need for them." Steve asked.

"Can I help 'Anakala?" Grace asked eagerly. She loved pancakes.

Smiling, Steve stood up holding out his hand. "Of course you can. I'll show you how my mom used to make them. Don't worry Danny, there is no pineapple involved." Steve smirked while Grace giggled when Danny rolled his eyes.

"Just get cracking. I'm hungry."

Two hours later Chin again smuggled Steve and Danny into HQ. They had left Grace with Mr. and Mrs. Kalakaua while they dealt with the press, and the State Police. Both Steve and Danny wore dress pants, and shirts, Steve still refused to wear a tie just to get a rise out of Danny.

The two men waited right outside the conference room. Kono had closed the blinds so that their guests couldn't see outside the room.

Chin nodded at Kono and Governor Jameson as he entered HQ's conference room which was full of those invited. "Good morning everyone. Thank you for taking time to be here this morning. As you are all aware a helicopter crashed on Kauai's Napali Coast. Though the names of the victims have not been released, there have been rumors that the chopper carried Lt. Cmdr. McGarrett, Detective Williams and his daughter Grace Williams. For once the rumors are correct; it did carry the three of them. Though, I am happy to report that due to Cmdr. McGarrett's skill as a pilot they were not killed in the crash." Shocked gasps greeted Chin's news. The State Police began to glower at Chin who stared back impassively. "They wish to tell you the story, but I will say this, the chopper had been sabotaged and McGarrett and Williams decided it was prudent to stay dead for a short time in order to protect Grace Williams."

Steve and Danny walked into the room as Chin finished. They were greeted by a babble of questions. Steve and Danny simultaneously crossed their arms over their chests and glared at the babbling group. The dual intimidating poses caused the group to become quiet.

Steve nodded in satisfaction when it was quiet. "Detective Williams and I will tell you what happened at Kauai. We will not share every detail of our ordeal as it is none of your business. We will not tell you the names of the people who helped us in order to protect them. We will answer questions that are not of a personal nature when we are finished. If we choose not to answer a question, you will respect our choice or you will never be allowed to cover any future Five-0 stories. If you have a problem with that, the door is right behind me. Have I made myself clear?"

Danny smirked at the frantic nods Steve received. It was moments like this that he really loved having a badass for a partner.

The two men sat down and told their story with input from Chin and Kono. They left out what they considered personal. They let Chin and Kono tell the reporters the basics of the investigation they conducted into who could be responsible for the crash.

When the teammates were finished with their story most of the people in the room were impressed. One brave reporter raised her hand. Steve recognized her.

"Yes, Ms. Iona?"

Ms. Iona cleared her throat. "Did you find it a difficult trip to the coast considering you were travelling with an eight year old?"

Steve looked at Danny to see if he would allow the question. Danny nodded, he was proud of how well his daughter handled the ordeal. He also knew that Steve wouldn't give a lot of details about Grace. "No it wasn't difficult at all. Grace Williams is a remarkable girl and is very brave. She gets that from her father."

"Detective Williams, do you think this incident will keep you from taking your daughter on any other trips. After all, this must have been a nightmare for a good father like you." Ms. Iona asked.

"No, this won't keep us from taking trips in the future. If it did, the bad guys win and I won't allow that to happen. Keeping Grace from living would hurt her, not protect her."

There were a few questions about the case before Steve called a halt to the meeting. "Thank you for coming today and recording our story. Officer Kalakaua will see you out. Can you stick around Bill?" Steve asked his friend.

"Sure. I'll wait in your office. Maybe you'll tell me the whole story." Bill left Steve, Danny and Chin with the State Police.

Lt. Wong of the State Police spoke. "Do you know how many hours we have wasted looking for your bodies McGarrett? We could have been concentrating on the chopper instead of you."

Steve stood up slowly, looking like a cat getting ready to pounce, scowling at Lt. Wong and spoke in a cold dangerous voice. "That is Lt. Cmdr. McGarrett, Navy SEAL and leader of the Governor's task force to you. Let me see if I understand your complaint correctly. You are suggesting that I should have let the world know we survived so that we didn't inconvenience your people? It seems you didn't understand the important part of our story. Someone tried to kill us. If Cameron had not been stupid enough to warn me, the crash would have been worse, and we might not have been able to get out of the chopper before it blew up." By now Steve was looming over the Police Lt. "At the time I didn't know who was responsible for the sabotage, or how extensive his information network was, so my top priority became protecting Grace, an eight year old girl whom I consider ohana. The best way to protect her was for the saboteur to think the attack was successful and we died in the crash. I will not apologize to you for my actions Lt. Since your men can't handle searching for bodies and a reason for the crash when processing a scene you should consider finding people who can." Steve stalked out of the conference room before he hit the man.

Danny pointed at Lt. Wong. "You are a petty man. Everything my partner did from the point where the chopper lost power was to protect my little girl. How dare you stand there and presume that some extra man hours is more important than the life of my daughter. Where is your sense of duty? Part of a police officer's job is the protection of innocents. Who is more innocent than an eight year old child? You disgust me. You should consider a different line of work since your priorities are completely screwed up." Danny stalked out of the room for the same reason as Steve.

Governor Jameson glared at Lt. Wong after Danny stormed out. "I would also like an explanation why your people seem to have trouble with processing a scene. Detective Williams may be right and you should either choose another career or find something that suits you better with the State Police. I expect a full report of the actions taken at the crash site by tomorrow Lt. Wong. Are we clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Lt. Wong left knowing he had screwed up and would probably be put in charge of supplies. He should have kept his mouth shut.

Bill and Stan were waiting in Steve's office for the partners. Bill raised his eyebrows at Steve's dark continence. Stan wondered if he should have stayed home.

Steve took a deep breath to get his equilibrium back before moving to shake each man's hand. "Thanks for coming today Bill, Stan."

Bill smiled in acknowledgement.

"I wanted to see for myself that you and Danny are indeed okay Steve." Stan said as he shook Steve's hand.

"We're fine thank you Stan. The three of us sustained minor injuries, mostly bruises and a few scrapes. We were very lucky I was able to get the chopper as close to a small clearing as I did before the power was cut. We didn't have as far to fall, and avoided hitting any of the big trees."

Danny joined the three men in Steve's office. He had taken a couple of minutes to regain some control before entering. He too shook Bill and Stan's hands before sitting down. "Don't let Steve fool you, his expertise as a pilot played a big part in our survival." Danny sighed, he really didn't want to talk about Grace's custody or if Rachel will renew her efforts to gain full custody of Grace. "I really don't want to bring this up, but how will what happened on Kauai affect custody of Grace?"

Stan spoke before Bill could. "I don't know how it could affect you legally Danny, but I will not help Rachel try and take custody away from you again. Sadly, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Rachel has been admitted to the hospital for a nervous breakdown. The doctors don't know how long she will need to be there. Finding out the three of you are alive could make things worse."

Danny stared at Stan. "I'm sorry to hear that Stan. I am still angry with her over the court case, but I certainly didn't want anything like that to happen to her. I just wanted to be able to see my daughter."

Stan smiled sadly. "I know that Danny. The doctor's say that they believe that this has been coming for awhile, it just needed something to trigger it. It could have been anything, it just happened to be hearing that Grace may be dead that pushed her over the edge. The doctors are confident that with time she will recover and be able to live a normal life. When the doctors think she is up to it, it would be nice if Grace could see her. Not something we have to discuss now, just think about it Danny, that's all I ask."

Danny nodded. "I don't have to think about it Stan. Rachel is Grace's mother and she loves her mom. I never planned on keeping Grace from seeing Rachel, this won't change anything. Let me know how she is doing and when the doctors okay a visit. My only condition is that she would be supervised per the court ruling."

Stan stood shaking Danny's hand gratefully. "I have no issue with that condition Danny. Frankly I would have suggested it if you hadn't. It may be a mute point right now. Based on Rachel's mental health, Grace may not be allowed to see her mother at all for a time. I'm going to go to the hospital to let the doctors know about your survival. They will have to be involved in telling Rachel what happened."

"Take care of yourself Stan. Don't forget, you are always welcome to see Grace. Just remember to call first as you have been." Steve offered rising to shake Stan's hand as well.

"Thank you Steve. Good day gentlemen." Stan left the office quietly.

Bill watched Steve and Danny as they sat down. "May I also say that I'm glad that you guys are okay? I'm guessing you asked me here so that we would be prepared in the event that Rachel tried to gain custody again."

"I did Bill. What happened on Kauai is a perfect example of what Rachel feared. Someone targeted Danny and me, and Grace was included simply because she was with us."

Bill nodded thoughtfully. "After listening to Stan, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I will take the precaution of contacting the court about Rachel's new status. Don't worry, I won't give them any details, just that she has been hospitalized and request that the court look into how it may affect your custody. I'm sure Stan is expecting something like that to happen. He's a smart man."

Danny slumped in his seat in relief. "Thank you Bill. Rachel's reaction was in the back of my mind during the whole ordeal."

Bill smiled understandingly as he stood up. "I understand Danny. Don't worry; I will take care of it. Now I do have to get going. I have a meeting in half an hour. Take care of yourselves and I will let you know anything I learn." Steve and Danny shook hands with Bill before he left the office.

Steve looked at Danny. "What do you say we pick up Grace and go home? I think we deserve some steaks and Longboards don't you?"

Danny stood up. "Absolutely. Wait a minute, what are we going to do about our stuff still on Kauai?"

Steve smirked. "I'll have the State Police pick it up and return it to us. I'm sure the Governor will help persuade them."

Danny nodded smirking. "Payback's a bitch."

The partners chuckled as they left the office. Steve let Chin know where they were going. They would come back tomorrow to deal with the paperwork. He also invited Chin and Kono to their house the next night for a team celebration.

Later that day, Steve and Danny sat on the Adirondack chairs relaxing as they watched Grace build a sandcastle.

Grace seemed to be her usual happy self, but Danny was worried. He wondered if she had truly dealt with the ordeal since they had been on the go for several days.

"Stop." Danny looked at Steve confused. "You're worrying too much Danny. My mom used to say that when you worry, you are looking to borrow trouble. Grace is fine, she is koa. If she does have any residual problems we will be there for her. If she needs it we will make sure she gets counseling, but I don't think she will."

Danny stared at Steve shocked that he knew what Danny had been thinking. He sighed. "I know you're right, I just want her to have a happy childhood without the drama."

Steve reached out placing his hand on Danny's arm stopping his words. "Danny, you are giving Grace a happy childhood. So, it's not perfect, she would get bored with perfect. So would you. You love her and put her first. No one could ask for more. Never doubt that you're a great dad Danny and she is one very lucky girl." Steve released Danny's arm after giving it a brief squeeze as he finished.

Danny was touched. Steve had been opening up more since the three of them started living together, but Steve could still surprise him. He looked away and sniffed. "Thanks. I-ah-want you to know that you are a great uncle to Grace."

"Mahalo. Why don't we go and help Grace build her sandcastle, make it a family project. We could spend some time swimming too." It was time to move away from the heavy emotions for Steve. He can only open up so much at a time.

Danny smiled. "Sounds like a great idea to me partner. Let's go."

The two men ambled to where Grace was working and asked if they could help. The smile they received was all the answer they needed. The slightly unorthodox family spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between swimming, read splashing each other and making a beautiful sandcastle.


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