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Chapter One

"KOMUI!" Kanda shouted at the principal, bursting into the office crammed with neglected paperwork.

"Ah, hello Kanda! Did you have a nice winter vacation?" Principal Komui Lee responded calmly taking a sip of his coffee.

"What the fuck is this?" Kanda ignored the older man's pleasant greetings and shoved a piece of paper into the principal's face.

"That would be your schedule for the second-semester Kanda" Kombi was still calm. He was used to the samurai's temper. "Is there a problem with it?"

"Is there a problem? I never signed up for the fucking Drama Class so why is it on the fucking schedule?"

"Ah, yes Kanda, you see, I had no choice but to put you in that class. Do you not remember skipping every Drawing Class last semester?"

A "Tch" and a pair of arms stubbornly crossing over Kanda's chest was the only response Komui got.

"Well Kanda, because of that you still need to complete your Arts requirement for the year. Drama was the only class that fit your schedule." By this point Komui was smiling rather evilly at Kanda and ended with a smugly said, "If you don't fulfill the requirement, you'll be held back a year."

Kanda did a "Che" and stormed out of the office...

'Che. I can't believe I have to take a fucking theatre class,' Kanda thought, 'Stupid art requirements. That bastard even sent a note saying I couldn't bring Mugen to class anymore. Saying it was a danger considering the damage caused last semester. It wasn't my fucking fault. The rabbit broke my hair tie while shouting: Rapunzel. Rapunzel let down your hair! The usage deserved it. The I just hope the fucking usagi isn't—'

"YUU-CHAN!" At this moment, a certain eye-patch wearing ginger ran up behind the pessimistic samurai and put an arm around his shoulders.

"Don't call me that, baka usagi" Kanda angrily muttered to his classmate while trying to remove (or rip off) the arm that invaded his personal bubble, which he was eventually able to do, but not before Lavi had taken Kanda's schedule out of his hand. After a moment of reading the schedule over, Lavi paused for a moment and then began laughing. Kanda took this opportunity to swipe the schedule back from the annoying rabbit and stormed off to his first class, muttering death threats when he heard a "See you later, Yuu-chan!" from behind him.

Kanda went to his first class- Calculus. Of course, he took his usual seat in the back row. More students began to file into the classroom and take their seats, every one of them sitting at least a seat or two away from him. The fact that almost every form of contact he had with people involved violence had made him quite well known in Black Order Academy. Soon enough though their teacher, Professor Reever, arrived and the class began…

It was only fifteen minutes into the class and Kanda was already sulking. The numbers and letters on the board formed into annoying, indecipherable scribbles. He really hated math.

"Uhm… Excuse me? Is this Calculus with Professor Reever?"

"Yes, and you are…?" Reever responded, momentarily shaken by the stranger's appearance, as was the rest of the class, which was then filled with whisperings about this newcomer. Kanda looked up from his doodle-ridden notebook page for a moment only to see that standing in the doorway was a… beansprout?

He was a short and scrawny guy for an upperclassman, even his silver eyes and pale, unmarred complexion seemed to hold a level of innocence that any boy of this age would never be able possess. But, contrary to this, his hair was as white as any old man's and his face had distinct dark red scar running from his left cheek to a pentagram on his forehead. More than that, at the end of his long sleeved shirt, his left hand was dark red, bumpy, and deformed with dead, black fingernails.

"Oh, yes, I'm Allen Walker. Sorry, I just transferred here and I got a bit lost" the kid smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, yes, Komui told me I'd have a new student. There's an empty seat over there that you can take" Reever responded.

Sometime during Allen's self-introduction, Kanda looked back down to his notebook and began scribbling nonsense doodles again. He could care less about some new kid; he didn't give a damn about how odd the kid looked as long as he was left alone.

The chair next to him screeched, the samurai's train of thought stopped. The seat next to him made another noise as it was shifted again, and as Kanda averted his gaze to the desk, he saw it being occupied by the sprout.

While walking to his seat, Allen noticed that the entire class stared at him as usual—correction: he noticed some guy (wait, or was it a girl?) sitting in the back with long black hair tied into a ponytail that didn't seem at all bothered by his presence. As he walked closer to the empty seat next to the man-woman, he noticed that it was in fact a Japanese boy with abnormally long hair, but he did actually look rather irritated by something. As he sat down, he noticed the Japanese's glare shift from his notebook and onto him, so what does Allen do? Stare back for a moment and give his trademark smile.

'What the fuck is this moyashi doing? Is he trying to stare me down? What the hell… he's smiling?' Kanda muttered a "Che" and resumed his sulking. In response to this, Allen knitted his eyebrows together in irritation, clearly wondering what the other guy's problem was...

The school bell rang; indicating Kanda's slow and painful English class with Miss Lotto had finally come to an end. Kanda quickly, but still gracefully, rose from his seat and left the classroom. As he walked into the hallway, he remembered what his next class was, and grudgingly walked over to the school theatre.

"Kanda!" A Chinese girl with black hair tied into two ponytails at the top of her head walked over to him, confusion covering her face. "What are you doing by the theatre? It's not exactly your type of scene…"

"That bastard brother of yours put me in the Drama class. Said I had to take it or I wouldn't pass."

"Oh, well I'm sure Nii-san had a good reason for that." The girl blushed a little. She was Leenalee Lee, the younger sister of Principial Komui. Since she was just a girl, her brother always doted upon her and acted quite foolish most of the time. She always gets a little embarrassed whenever he's mentioned. "Well, anyway, I'm in that class too!"

"Great" Kanda muttered and finally opened the doors to the class that he was absolutely sure was going to be hell on earth. 'Where's Mugen when I need him? I could just threaten the teacher to pass me and then just not come to the class,' but, after seeing who was in the room, any hopes of escaping vanished.

"Hello, my darling Yuu-kun!"



It took all of Kanda's willpower to not kill everyone in that room. Standing on the stage was a stupidly smiling Professor Tiedoll, head of the Art Department at Black Order Academy. For some reason, Tiedoll had a soft spot in his heart for the cold samurai. Sitting among other students in the seats was Lavi, who looked like he was about to glomp Kanda. And sitting next to the rabbit was a scowling moyashi.

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