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Chapter Twenty-Five

Allen groggily opened his eyes as he tried to chase away the heaviness of sleep, but he immediately closed his eyes when the brightness of the morning light attacked him. He buried his face into the pillow and groaned. How was the room so bright? There was only one window in the entire bedroom and it wasn't even that large; Allen was even facing the wall. He wrinkled his nose. This pillow smelt odd. Not odd in a bad sense—in fact it smelled rather pleasant and had a floral tint— but it was a scent Allen couldn't fully recognize and at the same time be familiar. Allen stiffened and felt a burning blush rise to his cheeks; he just remembered exactly whose scent, whose pillow, and whose bed this was. He buried his head deeper into the pillow as the memories of the previous night flooded back into his mind.

Did he really tell Kanda about his feelings? Or was it possible that he had just imagined that bit? A part of him wished it didn't happen, and yet a part of him was happy. Kanda finally knew. That secret had been steadily growing heavier and heavier on Allen's heart and now it felt that giant weight had been lifted. He frowned. Even though it felt nice to be rid of the secret, he was still incredibly nervous about how he's going to interact with Kanda from now on. Should he act as if nothing had happened? That was probably the best solution; the ponytailed teenager didn't exactly respond in the best way last night. What really irked Allen the most was that he couldn't even tell what made Kanda so angry. Was it because he kept his emotions a secret or because of the emotions themselves? Allen couldn't tell. He groaned again in frustration before knitting his eyebrows together with confusion. Where was Kanda anyway? This was his room—and bed— so shouldn't the samurai be here? Or had he left?

Allen was about to go look for the moody teenager but the moment he started to move, he jut how comfortable and warm the bed was and decided that dealing with Kanda yelling at him for sleeping in his bed could wait. He inhaled the samurai's sweet scent, sighed with content, and tried to relax again. He fidgeted slightly; this position wasn't feeling as comfortable as it had been a few minutes ago. He started to roll over onto his back when he noticed something: a light pressure on his waist and something rather firm and warm against his back. He raised his head, looked at his waist, and nearly jumped out of the bed when he saw an arm draped over him. He gulped as he twisted around to see that the arm was attached to none other that Kanda, peacefully sleeping beside him. A furious blush spread across Allen cheeks as he turned his head back to the wall. Allen's head was spinning. Kanda was sleeping next to him. His breathing grew erratic as he continued to focus on the situation he was in.

Allen froze as he heard the mattress creak and the figure next to him shift slightly against his back. Just as Allen was about to break a sweat, Kanda's body stilled once again and Allen breathed a sigh of relief. Having Kanda so close to him was already hard enough of test on Allen's willpower to resist the temptation snuggle up against the warm body.

However, Allen had a golden opportunity. He cautiously and very slowly shifted his body so that he now rested on his other side and faced Kanda. Allen could help but stare in awe at the peaceful expression gracing the samurai's face. It was bizarre to see the usually angry, popped-vein creases to be flattened out into a tranquil arrangement, yet as bizarre as it was, it was also incredibly captivating. He imagined that if Kanda's eyes had been open as well with the intensity of the cobalt against the faintly tanned skin, Allen would've never have been able to turn away. As Allen's eyes traced over sleeping teenager's features, he noticed something: Kanda's hair. The ponytail had become somewhat unruly during the night, splaying the across the pillow, and the black fringe framing his face had fallen in such a way that made the hair appear to be a curtain of black silk.

Allen had to touch it.

Sure, he had occasionally came into contact with Kanda's hair during their brawls, but he had never had the opportunity to actually feel the silkiness of the strands running beneath his fingers. Allen hesitantly lifted his right arm to lightly stroke the fringe lying across Kanda's cheek. The boy smiled slightly. It was soft, silky, and just fascinating. Allen recalled a brief argument the two had had a few months ago: Allen had teased Kanda about becoming a model for shampoo commercials and the boy then learned that the Japanese's luscious locks were just treated with soap. Soap. Allen chuckled quietly before diverting his attention back to the figure before him. He lightly traced the fringe back up towards Kanda's cheek, but suddenly became interested with his cheekbone and changed course. After the cheekbone, he made his way to the tip of Kanda's nose, and then paused for a moment before resuming his motions. He let his finger drop to the curve of Kanda's lips and lightly traced over them. When his finger reached the corner of Kanda's mouth, Allen retracted his arm, closed his eyes and sighed. What he wanted was so close and yet so far.

The emotional mood was ruined by the loud growl of Allen's hungry stomach.

"That stomach of yours never stops does it?"

Allen nearly had a heart attack as his eyes shot open and stared at the man next to him. Instead of the calm and peaceful expression the face had a few seconds ago, Kanda's eyes were now open and he now adorned a smirk. Allen bolted upright and scooted as far away from Kanda as was possible—which wasn't very far at all being that there was only two or three feet of space between Kanda's body and the wall Allen was currently pressing against.

"How long have you been up, BaKanda?" Allen said rather angrily in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.

"Since you first started moving around," Kanda shrugged and sat up. "Why were you touching my face?"

"Why were you sleeping next to me?" Allen shot back.

"Its my bed, baka," Kanda stated.

"You didn't have to be so close!"

"I had to," he responded bluntly.

"Why?" Allen looked at him with confusion.

"A certain idiot slept on top of the blankets instead of under them so I had to use body heat to keep from freezing my ass off."

"Well—" Allen started but was cut off by the loud grumbling of his stomach. Kanda smirked again before getting off the bed and making his way towards the door. The samurai paused for a second, wondering if their captors would finally let them leave the bedroom. He twisted the doorknob and the door smoothly opened without the slightest hindrance or creek. He muttered some threats about how he was going to kill his friends for doing this to him, and walked out of the room.

Allen stared at the doorway for a moment. Kanda was acting so normal. Did he not care if Allen liked him? Maybe he just momentarily forgot about it? Allen shook his head; there was no use in just sitting there and pondering about it all day. His stomach growled with agreement. Allen hopped off the bed and left the bedroom. He stopped though when he saw Kanda standing in the living room, glaring at the couch. Curious, Allen walked to Kanda's side and laughed slightly.

Lenalee was curled up in one of the chairs in a cat-like fashion, while on the couch Lavi sat upright with his head leaning back and Alma stretched out across the rest of the couch with his head resting on Lavi's thigh. Though the two teenager's friends did look somewhat amusing in this sleeping arrangement, what made Allen laugh was the scribbling on Alma's face and the marker lying on the floor near Lavi's foot. Kanda seemed to have noticed it also. The Japanese teenager uncapped the marker and brought it to Lavi's face.

"Kanda!" Allen hissed. "What are you doing?"

"Who do you think locked us in the room all night?" Kanda smirked evilly before continuing his artwork. Allen—for once— agreed with him. Lenalee never seemed like the type to play many practical jokes on her friends and Alma had already been doodled on; therefore, the only one left was Lavi. Allen smirked.

"Oi, give me the marker." Kanda raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised that the gentleman didn't give him a speech on how revenge was bad and instead decided to join in, but nonetheless, he complied and passed the marker over. By the time the two had finished, there wasn't a single spot on Lavi's face that wasn't covered: across the ginger's forehead in big, bold letters read "BAKA", on his left cheek was a rabbit—adorned with an eye patch over its right eye and an X on the other— lying on top of what appeared to be a bowl of noodles, the right cheek had a skewer of dango, but had a bottle to the side with a rabbit and a skull on its label, and lastly, there was a mustache and goatee. Pleased with their work, the two stepped out of the living room and into the kitchen. Kanda opened up one of the cupboards and pulled out a teakettle. He filled it with tap water, turned the stove on and placed the kettle on the burners. He turned around and saw Allen staring at him with a rather odd expression.

"What?" Kanda asked him.

"Do you have any food for breakfast?" Allen asked.

"Yes," he answered bluntly.

"Aren't you going to make something then?" Alen hinted. He was incredibly hungry and, even though it was Kanda's house, Allen still had enough decency to not raid someone else's fridge without being given permission to. Kanda looked at him for a moment before going to the fridge and pulling out a container of soba.

"This is my breakfast, moyashi."

"What about my breakfast?" Kanda only answered with a shrug. Forgetting about his manners, Allen pushed Kanda aside and opened the refrigerator. Allen was surprised to see that it was actually a pretty well stocked refrigerator; he had expected it to be filled with soba. What caught Allen's eyes though were the cartons of eggs, milk, packets of bacon, and a bottle of maple syrup. Pulling said items out of the fridge and onto the counter, he began to raid the cupboards for the final ingredient: pancake mix. After finding it though, he continued to search the cupboards and pull out various pans, bowls, a whisk, and a spatula. Allen picked up the box of mix and briefly read the instructions. It said that the measurements given served three to four people. Allen decided to triple the recipe. Pleased with himself, Allen rolled up his sleeves and began his work.

Kanda watched with amusement. He never saw the kid so serious about something before. His eyebrows were knitted together with concentration and his eyes fixed on the whisking and mixing. What caught Kanda's attention though, was Allen biting his bottom lip and the occasional sliver of his pink tongue poking between his lips. That one feature captivated the cobalt eyes and made them unable to look away. Thankfully for Kanda though, he heard the whistling sound of the kettle before escalated into more intimate ones. Kanda turned the stove off and prepared his usual unsweetened green tea. After this was done though, there was nothing to distract him from Allen's current state. It was like the kid was just begging for Kanda to jump him. Kanda's eyes widened slightly as he recalled what Alma had said to him yesterday:

"If Allen ever comes onto you, can you at least attempt to show that you also like him?"

Did last night count as 'coming onto him'? Kanda looked at the floor. This situation was still slightly confusing to him. It was a great relief to finally know why Allen had been acting so strangely towards him, but Kanda still had some unanswered questions, mainly ones about how he felt about Allen. It was obvious that he was physically attracted, but it seemed that Alma, Lavi, and Lenalee were all under the misconception that he felt more than that. What would Kanda do anyway if his and Allen's feelings were mutual? What would he do if they weren't? But he couldn't trouble himself with that just yet, he had to figure out how to act towards the kid right now. There were only two options that he saw: act normal or follow Alma's advice. To act normal and continue living on as if he and Allen didn't have some weird and complex relationship, to secretly be attracted to the kid and suffer through resisting him forever? Kanda frowned; he always chose the 'act normal' option and each and every time that plan would fall into pieces. That left him with Alma's plan; however, Kanda thought like he didn't like Allen in that way, at least, he wasn't absolutely sure of it. All Kanda was sure of was that he was attracted to Allen and that the kid had a crush on him. Actually, Kanda was still rather pissed off about that last part. Not that he as angry about Allen liking him— he actually almost felt something like relief when he thought about it— but the fact that he waited so damn long to tell him caused a lot of problems for the samurai. Kanda smirked. Allen, like Lavi and Alma, deserved to be punished as well. That smirk vanished though when Kanda realized that he didn't have a way to actually chastise him. It wasn't like their usual insults and brawls would serve as a punishment, and it wasn't like he could just draw dead bean sprouts all over the kid's face with a marker either. At this moment, Kanda's eyes drifted to Allen's direction and narrowed with irritation.

The kid was making a complete mess. Not only were there batter-covered utensils and bowls strewn across the counter, but there was also batter and mix on everything, including Allen. There was one particular smudge of batter that caught Kanda's attention and it was on Allen's right cheek, just under where the deep red scar curved and ran down to his jaw. Kanda smirked as he formed an idea: if you liked someone emotionally, then the physical attraction must be there as well—and based off Allen's drunken attack in London, it must've been one strong attraction. For some reason, Kanda was even curious about how strong of an attraction it was too. Kanda walked to Allen's left side and hid his devious smirk with his usual scowl. He directed his glare at the batter and did his trademark "che" before crossing his arms. Allen turned and glared at the samurai.

"Is there a problem, BaKanda?" He asked in a tone of mock politeness.

"Problem, moyashi?" Kanda responded with annoyance. "You're making some fucking nasty food in my kitchen.

"It's not nasty!"

"Of course it is, just look at how clumpy that batter is." Allen grit his teeth and whisked the batter as hard as he could.

"There," Allen put the whisk down. "No clumps," but Kanda didn't stop scowling.

"It's still gross."

"What? You haven't even tried it yet, BaKanda!" Even though this was actually a relatively small and unimportant thing to be arguing about, Allen was now fully set on defending the beige, goop-like mixture he created.

"You made it, moyashi," Kanda said before he smirked and added, "and you seem to have the culinary skills of an imp."

"I do not!"

"You make a fucking mess like one."

Allen looked down at the batter-covered counter, then at the small beige clumps on his hands and forearms. Oh. Well he couldn't exactly argue Kanda on that point, but he didn't give up. "That has nothing to do with the quality of my pancakes, BaKanda," and with that, he turned away slightly and continued on with his cooking.

Kanda had other plans though. He took hold Allen's right wrist, stopping the boy's whisking, and using his right hand, Kanda grabbed the sides of Allen's jaw. He forcefully, but somewhat carefully, turned the boy's head so they were face to face.

"It does fucking matter because it's in my kitchen, moyashi," Kanda growled as he moved his face forward. Allen gulped. He felt heat of the red blush on his cheeks and the warmth of Kanda's breath on his lips. Suddenly, the fingers constricting Allen's wrist uncurled and Kanda lifted his hand up to Allen's face. Sticking out his index finger, Kanda gently wiped at the drops of batter on the boy's cheek. Never taking his eyes away from Allen's shocked expression, he brought the finger to his mouth and slowly licked the batter off. If Allen's heartbeat wasn't erratic before, it definitely was now. What was worse was the fact that he couldn't look away: not only was he too drawn in by the seductive motion but Kanda's hand still held his head in place. Finally though, the hand was removed and Allen found the strength to turn away and avert his gaze to the wall as he tried to calm himself down.

"Moyashi, if you're going to make a fucking mess, at least make some decent food," Kanda scowled, acting as if what just happened was entirely normal. Allen just glared at him for a moment, trying to figure out what Kanda was up to or whether or not if what had just happened was a merely a painfully realistic mirage.

"It is good, BaKanda," Allen composed himself enough to get back into their quarreling. "But I don't expect someone who only eats bland soba to like any normal foods."

Kanda grumpily walked to the table and sat down. He put his elbow on the table and supported his head with his palm as he thought over what hit happened. Once he had taken hold of the boys wrist and felt Allen stiffen, he was fighting back a victorious smirk, but now it seemed that Allen had recovered too quickly. The kid must've had more control than he thought. What was even more troublesome was that when Kanda had turned the boy's face, those wide eyes, beet red cheeks, and slightly parted lips had caused him to become slightly dazed too. He meant to let go of Allen's cheek the moment the batter was off his finger, not a few moments afterwards. Kanda sighed; if he wanted to rile Allen up he'd have to try a bit harder, but he didn't know what else he could do. He sighed and started watching Allen cook in hopes of getting some sort of inspiration.

Allen was finally done with mixing the batter and was turning the stove on. Putting two pans over their respective burners, Allen then realized that he didn't have any oil to fry the bacon with or keep the batter from sticking to the pan.

"Oi, where do you keep the vegetable oil?" Allen turned and asked Kanda. The Japanese teen was still a little grumpy and didn't answer; right now he'd rather Allen go through the trouble of finding it than help him. The boy glared at him for a moment before searching through the cabinets. He found it in in the third cupboard opened. He twisted off the cap, poured a little onto both pans, and put it back. Once both the pans were hot, he opened the pack of bacon and put each sliver of raw meat on the pan, emitting a sizzle as they began to cook. Next up were the pancakes. As he poured the batter into the pan, one would think that the pancakes would be of an average size, but of course this was Allen and the batter spread into an oval that covered over half the pan. After about two minutes, Allen judged that it was ready to be flipped, which he did but not without difficulty. He stopped for a moment though to see that he didn't have any plates out. This time, he didn't bother to ask Kanda and just began searching for them on his own. After pulling out two rather large plates, he noticed that his first pancake was ready. Due to its size, Allen once again had difficulty moving it off the pan without it splitting.

That's when Kanda hatched another idea.

"Do you plan on making any normal food, moyashi?" Kanda commented rudely as Allen poured more batter into the pan to form another monstrous pancake.

"How many times are you going to insult my cooking, BaKanda?" Allen glared at him.

"It's not an insult if it's the truth."

"The truth?" Allen scoffed as he cautiously flipped the pancake. "Please enlighten me on how that is 'the truth'."

"You're making them too fucking big," the Japanese teen smirked. "You can barely flip them."

"That isn't true, BaKanda! I can flip them just fine!" Allen angrily tried to prove his point by lifting the giant pancake up with the spatula and transfer it to the plate, but he had done it too early. That side hadn't cooked enough and kept some of its gooeyness; the spatula couldn't support it. Right in the center of its golden brown top, there was now a large hole. Angry and embarrassed, Allen dumped the deformed pancake onto the plate, grabbed the mixing bowl to pour more batter into the pan and tried to ignore the pair of cobalt eyes boring into his back. However, Allen didn't notice the light scuffling of feet on the floor so he wasn't aware of Kanda standing behind him until he felt a warm pressure against his back and a hand lightly wrapped around his waist. Kanda leaned his head forward so it elevated right above Allen's shoulder and then grabbed the bowl, but had done so in a way where his hand was covering Allen's. Allen gulped again and tried to fight against the growing heat on his cheeks.

Kanda's hand was wrapped firmly around Allen's, which had stopped the boy from pouring the batter and creating another monstrous pancake. As a result of Kanda's intrusion, the pancake was now of a normal, human size. He put the bowl down and after a moment, released the boy's hand.

"B-BaKanda! What are you doing?" Allen stuttered angrily as he quickly pulled his hand away and picked up the spatula.

"Che, I'm teaching you how to fucking cook," Kanda responded. With that said, Kanda took hold Allen's hand again, controlling the spatula as he moved. Allen gave up on trying to hide the blush and instead tried to focus on keeping the rest of his body at a temperature less than the scalding one he had now, but with Kanda's body pressed against his own, his hand on his, the arm around his waist and Kanda's face just an inch away from his, Allen couldn't calm down in the slightest. Kanda easily guided their hands back to the pan and, using the spatula, smoothly flipped the pancake. "Make smaller pancakes, baka."

"F-fine," Allen stuttered out quietly as he tried to compose himself; all he wanted was for Kanda to back away, but he also wanted Kanda to get even closer. Allen stifled a gasp. Was Kanda teasing him? Allen tightened his grip on the spatula and narrowed his eyes. Like hell he would allow that bastard to do this to him. "Thanks for the advice, BaKanda," Allen said sarcastically with his newfound strength, "but I'm going to make the pancakes how I like them so piss off." The boy ended with an overly sweet smile.

Kanda scowled, removed his hands, and stepped back. He mentally cursed; he was so damn close to making the kid lose his mask. Kanda realized that there was just one thing he hadn't done yet.

He grabbed Allen's shoulders and spun the kid around so his back was pressed against the counter. Kanda could clearly see the shock in the silver eyes as Allen tried to hide it with anger.

"What the hell, BaKanda?" he asked.

"I take the fucking time to tell you how to do shit properly and you fucking ignore me?" Kanda nearly growled. "I thought you were supposed to be a fucking gentleman, moyashi."

"Being a gentleman doesn't work out when I'm up against an insensitive bastard like you."

"And why is that, moyashi?" Kanda's voice lowered slightly and he moved his head forward enough so that the two felt the other's breath on their face. Allen felt his anger gradually decline.

"Haven't you heard of the phrase 'treat others as you would want to be treated'?"

"Che, so you're saying that for you to act nicer to me then I have to be nicer to you?" Kanda cocked his eyebrows skeptically.


"And I have to respect you and your awful cooking?"

"Yes?" This was meant to be a statement, but came out as a question as Allen tried to figure out what Kanda's plan was and was increasingly getting more flustered as Kanda moved even closer.

"Tsk, that's never going to happen," Kanda smirked, "but I suppose I ought to at least give your crappy pancakes another taste test."

Allen was about to reach for the batter-covered whisk, but stiffened when Kanda gently held his chin between his thumb and index finger.

"W-what are you doing, BaKanda?" Allen felt the inevitable blush burning his cheeks as Kanda moved his head even closer.

"Having a taste," Kanda said lowly and seductively, as his lips were just a few inches away from Allen's. After that, all Allen could hear was the loud beating of his heart and all he could feel was the burning heat throughout his body. He tried to avert his gaze to something that wasn't Kanda. What happened to his resolve to keep Kanda from teasing him? Hell, to Allen this didn't feel like just teasing, but more like pure seduction. Allen looked back at Kanda. Oh god, he had moved even closer. For a moment Allen thought he should push Kanda away, but was then taken over by the urge to pull him in closer, but Allen couldn't do either of those. His body was an immovable statue and Kanda seemed to be getting closer whether Allen liked it or not.

At that moment though, Kanda changed course. Instead of going directly for Allen's lips, he veered off to the right. Allen was completely confused, but then felt his head begin to spin as he felt something warm and wet slowly lick his cheek. Allen felt weak at the knees when he realized what exactly just happened.

"I thought it might've tasted better the second time, but I was wrong," Kanda smirked as he pulled his face back so he could clearly see the mixture of shock, lust, and anger on Allen's face.

"Y-you," Allen tried to form a coherent sentence, but failed entirely when Kanda leaned hi head closer to his for the second time.

"Moyashi," his tone emulated the seductive one from before. "The bacon is burning."

Kanda pulled away with a victorious smirk plastered his face as he walked to the table and sat down in one of the chairs. Allen blinked as his mind cleared and he finally understood Kanda's words. He spun around and looked at the bacon strips in horror. He quickly turned the stove off and dumped the bacon into a plate while whispering reassuring statements like "shh, it's okay, I'll save you, it's alright now", which earned him a rather concerned look from Kanda.

Both of them jumped when they heard a loud, feminine laughter coming from the living room, followed by mumbles and groans from more masculine voices, which then escalated into shouts of accusation at each other of vandalizing the other's skin.

Allen and Kanda smirked; they deserved it.

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