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Every Girl's Dream

1. Every passing minute Yuri would get irritated standing alone in the pouring rain under her umbrella while waiting for a certain dirty-blonde man. A moment passed by when strong arms unexpectedly wrapped around her frame before she was turned, the capture's lips met her own. The kiss had melted her heart and entire being before she was able to push him back; and return the kiss to her teammate with the umbrella falling to the cement.

2. The cool-haired woman gently brushed a strand of hair behind her ear as she stood in front of her team leader's main room of their base. She wondered for what reason Ren wanted to speak to her about. Taking in a breath and releasing through slightly parted lips, the doors slid opened as if he had sensed her presence there. Asaka presented herself formally as she entered with the doors closing after. A moment passed when she didn't see his presence in the dimly lit room until she was suddenly pressed against the wall with a gentle force, his lips against her own. He smirked at her in amusement at her awestruck expression and flushed cheeks.

3. She didn't believe anything he had just said even though she had before during those moments they had together. Kai had told her she wasn't strong enough to face the opponent. Aichi had argued that of all those times; sure she had some losses and wins, but she had learned quite a lot and became more confident in herself. She didn't believe his lies as she held back several tears. The brunette boy leaned in close to her ear to whisper how much she was the world to him along with her crying on his chest.

4. Miwa would always hold onto Misaki as long as possible with her in his embrace. It didn't matter what situation they were in, whether alone or with friends, he would give her the comfort she needed. The young woman would hide as much emotion as possible yet did not admit she didn't mind his comfort. She would mutter of him releasing her, although the blonde would not give in just yet.

5. Kamui would stutter out words on how to confess to Emi. It did not help him much as she stared at him with a gentle smile waiting for him to say something and clearly. The boy sucked in a deep breath before releasing after a moment passed, mustering enough courage with a blush plastered on his cheeks. He stepped closer to the girl to whisper an "I love you, Emi" in her ear.

6. Waves washed over their bare feet in the sand as Kai and Aichi stared off towards the sunset before stealing each other's glance, one after another. They would just gaze into each other's eyes not paying any attention to the real world around them.

7. When Misaki brushes off continuous tears from her eyes, Miwa would come to kiss her tears away.

8. When Kenji is off somewhere and gone all day, he was all Yuri could think about, almost worriedly and irritably of him wanting to skip a meal for the Vanguard game.

9. Wearing his jacket on a cold night and every time Asaka breathes it in, Ren's scent surrounds her.

10. Kamui would watch any movie with Emi no matter how tear eyed she may get. Although at some points in a romantic movie, he would try to hold back some tears to show how manly he can be.