Verona's star crossed love of long ago,

Tells the tale of Juliet and Romeo

But the family's strife kept their love apart,

Leaving their children with broken hearts.

Two Capulet servants start a dispute

The Prince punished for the peace they pollute.

Of the Monatgues, Romeo was gone,

As he was walking alone before dawn.

His heart was broken, his hours were slow,

The woman he loved won't love Romeo.

But at the ball, he would love who he met,

A beautiful lady named Juliet

Alone, Juliet confesses her love,

But Romeo hears her speak from above.

The friar agreed to marry them both,

But only to stop their family's loath.

Tybalt and Mercutio start a fight,

With Romeo, they weren't alive that night.

Mercutio stabbed under Romeo's arm,

Then Romeo killed Tybalt, doing more harm.

Romeo exiled, Juliet alone,

Alive, but apart, all they do is groan.

To cheer her up, a marriage is arranged

But it is with Paris, and her mood isn't changed.

But the friar had a plan in his head,

A potion would make Juliet seem dead.

Then Romeo would come, and when she woke,

Off to Mantua, with neither heart broke.

However, the letter was never sent.

Romeo heard of the tragic event.

With poison, he killed himself out of lost love,

So he could be with his lover above.

Juliet woke, and much to her dismay,

Romeo was the true death of this day.

And out of her despair, she stabbed her heart,

So Romeo and her would never part.

The family feud had finally end,

But it would take a while for hearts to mend.

There was never a story with more woe,

The tale of Juliet and Romeo.