Basically a continuation of Let's Play A Game. But it's not a continuous story, it's going to be nothing but a collection of oneshots. The kicker… no physical contact. Not for now at least. All sexytimes will be through various forms of media. Example: Texting, paper, computer, etc.

All chapters are oneshots, unless noted of a two parter. Which probably won't happen. Also, since all chapters are oneshots, they can be read individually, and I don't know when the next story will come out.

Send me and all ideas. Like, for example, cybering while Quinn's mother is sitting beside her on the sofa. Things like that. I love ideas..and honestly, that random idea that I came up with as an example is a good one lol. Anyway. Enjoy and leave me a review and PM me your ideas :D

Let's Get It On

Chapter 1 – Let's Have A Little Fun

It had been a week since Quinn acquired Santana's new number. It had also been a week since their first sexual encounter. They both agreed, for sake of their popularity that they keep everything silent. During school hours, cheerios' practices, and glee rehearsals, nobody knew of the difference in their relationship. The few times they were able to get time alone, it was usually spent curled in one another's arms.

Quinn never would have pegged her fiery Latina to be a total sweetheart in private. She knew though, that Santana would deny it until her dying day. The only people who knew the real the real Santana were Brittany and now Quinn. To the Latina, they were the only two who deserved to know.

"Fabray!" Santana called out before meeting, then walking beside her secret girlfriend.

"What can I do for you?" She tried her best not to throw a flirty smile at the shorter girl.

"Just want some company."

Quinn smiled to herself. People seeing them walking side by side in silence, never thought a thing of it. Even before their friendship took the next step, they were as inseparable as Brittany and Santana. She glanced very briefly at the brunette before sitting in the back of the room. Santana also sat in the back row, after giving Mike and Tina a death glare to get them to move away from the corner chairs.

The minute Mr. Schuester walked into the room Santana felt her cell phone vibrate. She plucked it out of the confines of her bra, only to smirk when she saw her girlfriend's name appear on the screen.

Quinn: I hate when he talks

Santana: Don't worry, Berry will interrupt any minute with a song

The moment the head cheerleader opened the message she saw Rachel stand up to sing some song that only she knew. She bit her lower lips to keep from giggling and drawing any attention to herself.

Quinn: While she wails, I'm going to continue thinking about Friday

Santana: Why's that?

Quinn: Oh like you don't already know

Santana: Why don't you tell me anyway?

Santana threw a suggestive smirk over at Quinn. She noticed the blush that crept to her face when the text message was opened. It was quickly becoming an interesting Glee rehearsal.

Quinn: Not while we're here

Santana: You chicken or something?

Now it was Quinn's turn to glance at her girlfriend. She met Santana's eyes and noticed the evil smirk on the Latina's face. The slight wave of her fingers and a subtle blown kiss did nothing for her building arousal. She was going to make her pay later.

Quinn: No I'm not chicken

Santana: Come on baby, lets have a little fun in this hell hole

Quinn: Oh I hate you

By then, Mr. Schuester was going on and on about his own choices for a set list for Regionals. He never bothered to listen to anybody else's ideas. It always came to the week of competition before they had their songs ready. And it always ended up being the Glee members that made up the list.

Santana: Love you too ;)

Quinn: You're a bitch

Santana: Still waiting lovely

Quinn: I can't do it

Santana: Aw Little Quinnie IS scared

Quinn: I wanna fuck you till you scream

The blonde looked over at her girlfriend the moment she sent the message. She smirked when Santana's eyes grew wide. Chicken huh?

Santana: Tell me about it

Quinn: I wanna tie you down to my bed. Because I know you can't keep your hands to yourself

Santana: Oh I like kinky Quinn

Quinn: Shut up. Am I gonna have to gag you too?

Santana: Maybe. You know how I like to talk

Quinn: You'd like that too much wouldn't you? You being tied up and not able to touch me at all

Santana: Damn Q. I'm getting all wet now

Quinn glanced over at her brunette again. This time she noticed a change in her posture. Just enough where she'd easily be able to grind her core against the hard plastic ridge in the chair.

Quinn: Grind your hips against your chair

Santana: Why?

Quinn: Don't fucking question me. Just do it.

Santana's eyes shot open yet again. Never before had she suspected that her girlfriend could have such a dirty mouth. Or that she could be so rough and forceful. Honestly, Santana instantly loved it. Who wouldn't? She didn't want to get caught, yet at the same time, she almost feared what would happen if she disobeyed Quinn. Just the thought alone sent a new chill down her spine. Her hips slowly started rocking against the chair.

Suddenly she was very thankful for Mercedes getting up to sing. The beat and volume of the song would distract anybody from even paying attention to her and Quinn.

Santana: I'm gonna end up leaving a wet spot on the chair when I stand up

Quinn: It better all be for me

Santana: It is. Only for you… god

Quinn watched Santana's every movement out of the corner of her eye. She could feel her own wetness pooling between her thighs. It drove her nuts. But, Santana wanted this, so she was giving it to her. Besides, being so forceful seemed to come naturally to her.

Quinn: I'd rather you be riding me then that chair

Santana: Oh really?

Quinn: You look so sexy when you're riding my fingers

Santana: Please… more

They needed to hurry. Glee would be over in less than ten minutes and Santana was in high need of getting her release.

Quinn: God look at you over there. So anxious to get off you're fucking riding a chair.

Santana: Make me cum Q

Quinn waited until Mr. Schuester was writing something on the white board before she moved the three chairs over to be beside Santana. She leaned over to whisper into the brunette's ear. "You want my fingers in you don't you? You wanna be riding them like your life depended on it huh?"

Santana bit her lip and nodded. Her hips jerked violently against the chair. She was close and Quinn could sense it.

She leaned in again once she was sure nobody was paying attention. "Cum for me baby. Let it go. I'll let you get back at me later. I'll be all yours to do with as you please. Promise. Just cum for me."

She was gone. Santana completely lost it. To keep from screaming she dug her nails into Quinn's thigh as her entire body shook.

Just as she finished coming down from her high the rest of the Glee club stood up and started filing out of the room. Quinn included. Not until after throwing Santana a sexy wink though. The moment she turned the corner and was out of sight Santana felt her phone vibrate.

Quinn: Mom's got a date tonight. Be at my place at 8. Don't keep me waiting.