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Let's Get It On

Chapter 4 - Let's Kill The Mood

"He really paired you with Berry?" She was amused. Like, beyond amused at what her girlfriend had just told her.

The blonde sighed as she leaned against the lockers beside Santana's. "She's gonna kill me. Literally… I think spending more than five minutes with her, alone, working on the project will cause my ear drums to rupture and bleed out. Please San, let me tell you now that I love you. You know, in case I never get to see you again."

Santana laughed out loud before closing her locker door and slinging her backpack over her shoulder. The pair soon began their trek down the hallway and out to Quinn's car. "Just shove a pair of her grannie panties in her mouth."

"Quinn wait!"

"It starts already." Quinn whispered to her girlfriend before turning to see a child-looking figure running toward her. "What do you want Berry?"

The shorter girl came to a stop in front of Quinn, she nodded her head toward Santana to acknowledge that she knew she was standing there. "As you're well aware, we're both partners for our mid-term science project. I was hoping that you might be willing to relinquish your telephone number to me so that I may call you to set up the best time available to us both so we can work on this project."

"Really Man-Hands? Is it so hard to say 'can I get your number?' Not everything has to be in complete paragraph form." Santana growled at the shorter girl before glancing at Quinn.

The blonde just shook her head before turning Santana around to get a piece of paper from her backpack to write her number on. "Text me. I don't talk on the phone." Once she shoved the paper into the diva's chest her and Santana turned and hurried out to the parking lot before Rachel had a chance to speak again. "I expect her to start blowing up my phone at any moment right now."

Just as Quinn expected, she heard her phone go off, signaling a new text message. "You totally shouldn't have given the troll your number Q."

Quinn looked at her phone to see the message was, in fact, from Rachel.

Rachel: Just making sure you have my cell phone number as well

Quinn could only roll her eyes. "Anyway, are you coming over tonight? Mom keeps asking why you haven't been over lately." The blonde spoke once the couple reached her car.

Santana sighed before shaking her head. "Wish I could. Mom's making some huge dinner to celebrate dad's new promotion."

"That sucks."

The Latina quickly looked around the empty parking lot before leaning up to press a lingering kiss to her girlfriend's lips. "I'll text you later to make up for it though." She winked before leaving her blushing blonde to get to her own car.

Around 7 that evening, Quinn bid a good night to her mother, claiming she was tired from their early morning Cheerios practices. It wasn't a complete lie. All week long Coach Sylvester had been demanding 6AM 'voluntarily mandatory' practices. The best part about it was seeing her girlfriend enjoying her shower before school started.

Quinn slipped out of her uniform but kept only her panties on before pulling on a WMHS Athletics shirt then crawled under her blankets. Her hand snaked under her pillow to find her phone charger. Just as the screen lit up to signal her device was charging, she noticed a new text message.

Santana: Hey hot stuff

Quinn: Hey back. How was your family time?

Quinn rolled onto her side and waited for the next message to come through. She lived for these domestic moments between her and her girlfriend. Sex wasn't the only thing that kept their still blossoming relationship strong. They were each other's best friends first, long before being loves. Quinn was thankful with each passing day that Santana and her hadn't lost that. She was pulled away from her thoughts when her phone vibrated.

Santana: It was alright. Nothing special. Mom did make her amazing fajitas though

Quinn: :( and I missed them!

Santana: Don't worry your little blonde head. I saved you one

Quinn: Why can't you always be so sweet?

Santana: Um… cuz everybody else is a dick… duh

Quinn couldn't contain her laughter at Santana's text. It was just in the Latina's nature to be cruel to everybody.

Quinn: I knew there was a reason I liked you so much

Santana: Why cuz I feed you?

Quinn: That and so much more ;)

The blonde smirked before shifting onto her back, with that little statement, she knew where the conversation was heading.

Santana: Like my magical tongue?

Quinn: I love your magical tongue

Santana: Yea… tell me why baby

Her hand trailed over her shift covered breast. Tonight she wasn't in the mood to play around. Tonight… Quinn just wanted to get off.

Quinn: Because it does amazing things to me

Rachel: Quinn, are you still awake by chance? I was hoping we could start planning for our project.

Quinn let out a frustrated groan when she saw the message from Rachel. Instantly, she chose to ignore it and quickly swipe her finger across her screen to change the conversation back to Santana's. After all, she was busy having sexytimes with her girlfriend.

Santana: Like when I circle your nipples but never actually touch them?

Quinn bit her lower lip to stifle a whimper. She couldn't risk her mother hearing anything and coming in. The screen on her phone dimmed and she took the opportunity to pull off her shirt and panties. Once she was comfortable back under her blanket, she lifted her phone to respond.

Quinn: I like your tongue other places as well

Santana: Like where?

Quinn: God Santana… can't you tell that I need you to talk to me. I'm so fucking wet right now!

The frustrated blonde allowed her eyes to close for a minute while she dipped her fingers through her already drenched folds. Her back arched – pushing her hips further into the touch. She paused her actions long enough to look at her phone when it vibrated.

Santana: Use two fingers to rub around your clit just like I do

Quinn: I need to cum, make me cum

The ache between the blonde's thighs only grew with each touch of her fingers on her ever hardening clit. Part of her could see her girlfriend smirking at the text message she'd just sent. Instead of focusing on that, she replaced the images with the lustful looks Santana always gave her before sliding two fingers inside. Quinn had to bite her lower lip to keep in her moan as two of her own fingers dipped into herself.

Santana: Someone's feisty

Quinn: Seriously shut up and tell me what you'd do if you were here. Or else I'll just turn my phone off and live with the images of my tongue buried in your pussy and your fingers in mine

Quinn arched her back, pushing her hips further into her thrusting fingers. Fingers that she was imagining to be Santana's. She found herself frantically grabbing her phone when it vibrated – eager for a response from her love.

"Fuck!" Her eyes grew wide when she looked at the reply message. Thing was though… it wasn't from Santana.

Rachel: Well, I can't say I was expecting that kind of response Quinn. Though it does raise some interesting questions. I have no doubt in my mind that that text message was no intended for me. My question though remains – Who? And are you gay?

She quickly removed her hand from between her thighs. That's one definite way to kill the mood.

Quinn: Just drop it Berry

She couldn't bring herself to type anything else. Quickly, she scrolled through her contacts to find her girlfriend.

"Hey Sexy."

The minute she heard the Latina's sultry voice, she lost it. She wasn't quite sure if she was upset because someone else now knew about them or embarrassed that she sent that kind of a text to Rachel Berry.

"San, I really messed up." She sobbed into the phone.

That instantly got Santana's attention. "Baby, what happened?"

"The new text must have popped up when I went to respond."

"What are you talking about Q?"

"Rachel!" She shifted so she could look at her phone. "Hang on, I'll forward it to you…" she did just that and forwarded the message that should have gone to Santana in the first place. "There…"

"I got it." The line went silent for a moment to allow Santana to read it. "And man-hands got that?" Quinn made a soft noise of acknowledgment that sent the Latina into a huge fit of laughter. "This is priceless!"

"It's not…" She paused when she phone beeped in her ear, letting her know she had another message. "It's not funny San! I'm mortified right now." She pulled the phone away from her ear to read the text.

Rachel: Why would you send a text like that to someone?

"She keeps texting me. What do I do?"

Santana took a moment to compose herself. It was becoming obvious to her how much distress Quinn really was in over the situation. "Just tell her you were sexting." She said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Quinn: I was just sexting

"There, I told her. Now what do I do when she asks me who it was with?"

"That's entirely up to you. I might not be able to stand the girl but we both know she can be trusted with the truth."

Santana did have a point. Rachel Berry may very well be the most annoying person to ever walk the earth, but she could be trusted.

Rachel: …Alright… good night Quinn. Perhaps we can meet up tomorrow at school to work out some plans for our project

"Um… San?"


In as serious a voice as she could muster, she forced out her question. "Is the world gonna end?" All she got in response was laughter. Santana's laughter, though, was enough to relax her nerves some. "No, I'm serious. Berry didn't ask any questions. All she said was 'alright… good night.' And that we'd make plans for out project tomorrow. I seriously think the world's gonna end now!"

Santana was finally able to push her laughter aside long enough to talk. "Listen Q. It seems like she's just trying to forget it happened. Why don't you do the same and just go to sleep?"

Quinn sighed before bidding good night to her girlfriend. Something still didn't feel right about how easily Rachel just let the sext drop like that. She made sure her alarm was set for school the next day and silently thanked god that it would be Friday and she could start a stress-free weekend with Santana.

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