House of Victims

Hi, I'm Amber and this is my first fanfiction! I was reading through some Nick/OC stories but they didn't have a lot, so I decided to make my own. I own nothing except the character Sierra. Enjoy!

"Here's one in Tribeca for three thousand" Sierra pointed out, eating french-fries.

Carly looked up "That's still too much. All the money I saved won't even cover two months rent. I'm going to have to work every minute I'm not in class until graduation"

"Carly don't even think about not going" Paige said, looking up at Carly.

"I'm not" Carly said dully.

"Good, because you know how proud we are of you" Sierra said, pointing between her and Paige.

"It's just an internship" Carly said, looking down at the newspaper.

"Are you freaking insane? You got an internship at InStyle magazine" Sierra squealed in excitement.

"Or you could just stay at the Waffle House as a waitress forever" Paige added, waiting for a smug look to appear on Carly's face.

Paige got her wish granted "No thanks" Carly said in disgust.

The three girls all giggled in agreement as Wade came down and sat next to Carly.

"Hey babe" Wade said, kissing Carly lightly on her cheek. Wade looked up and awkwardly smiled at Sierra and Paige.

"Hi" Wade said before turning to Carly.

"Sorry there were two rednecks wrestling in the bathroom" Wade said.

"Really" Carly teased.

"There are no rednecks in New York" Paige spoke up, giving Wade a mocking look.

"No there isn't" Wade said clearly uncomfortable. Carly gave both me and Paige glances as our cue to leave.

"Well I'd better go see what Blake's doing. He seems to like that car more than me nowadays." Paige said, getting up and walking towards Blake's car.

"I'm going to go check up on Nick and Dalton, to see if they're being . . . good" Sierra said, giving Carly a talk-to-him look before walking off to find Nick and Dalton.

It didn't take Sierra long to find her boyfriend Nick and Dalton in the diner.

"You better not be getting into trouble Nick, cause otherwise I'll have to give you time-out" Sierra said teasingly, walking slowly towards Nick's awaiting strong arms.

"What? I didn't do anything . . . yet," Nick gave Sierra a teasing smile "But if I did, what would my punishment be?" Nick whispered seductively in Sierra ear, causing pleasurable shivers throughout her body.

Sierra gave him a seductive smirk before leaning up to press her smooth cherry-balmed lips against his warm lips. They kissed slowly at first, before it grew passionate as Nick's tongue tried to pry her lips open. Sierra complied and kissed him just as fiercely as their tongues battled in dominance. Sierra let out a small moan before Dalton came up and witnessed them. Dalton then got an idea and took his video camera and began recording them.

Sierra witnessed him through her peripheral vision and broke off the kiss abruptly, startling Nick before he realized what was up.

"Dalton put that damn camera down before I snap it in two and shove it up your ass" Sierra said, sending a murderous glance at Dalton.

"Okay jeez, you people really don't like getting filmed do you" Dalton said, shutting off the video camera.

"What the hell do you think? You're lucky that I haven't kicked your ass yet" Sierra retorted. Nick just started laughing and grabbed Sierra by the waist and led her out of the diner before she would do anything stupid.

As Nick and Sierra walked out of the diner, Nick kicked a homeless man's cup out of his hands "Get a job" Nick said.

"Nick, stop being an ass" Sierra said annoyed. Nick looked down at Sierra (A/N Sierra is about three or four inches shorter than Nick) and kissed her exposed neck, sending shivers down her spine.

"Sorry" Nick mumbled in her soft ivory neck. Sierra merely rolled her eyes in annoyance and gently pulled away from Nick.

"No your not" Sierra said, walking to sit at the table with Carly and Wade.

Wade widened his eyes as Nick and Dalton came to sit on either side of Sierra.

"So, what do you think guys? Gonna be a sweet game tomorrow" Wade said nervously, trying to cut the awkwardness, didn't work.

"Yeah definitely" Sierra said, elbowing Nick to say something.

"Yeah" Nick mumbled. Sierra gave Nick a side-murderous glance.

"Dalton, please don't film me" Carly said, trying to avoid Dalton's camera.

"What? I'm not filming right now" Dalton said, acting like he wasn't doing anything.

"The red lights on you dumb ass" Sierra said, knocking Dalton's camera to the ground.

"Hey! What the hell Sierra! Now's there's a scratch on it" Dalton complained as Sierra laughed at him.

"You're damn fault" Sierra said in-between laughs.

"Don't film, you know Carly doesn't like having people up in her face. She folds under pressure." Nick said, pushing Dalton's scratched camera down.

"You got something to say to me Nick?" Carly asked her twin brother. Sierra rolled her eyes waiting for the bickering to start.

Nick glared at Carly "No, I think you've already spoken enough for the both of us, don't you"

Sierra sighed in defeat and grabbed Nick by his hoodie and dragged him out to the dark parking lot. Sierra leaned against Wade's car, crossing her arms.

"What the hell Nick" Sierra screeched causing Nick to flinch slightly.

"What" Nick asked innocently?

"You know what! Why can't you get along with Wade and your sister for once? I didn't bring you on this damn trip to give them a hard time, okay? I brought you here so we could have a good time, not make this the national lampoon vacation!" Sierra said, staring angrily at Nick.

Nick hesitated before he sighed in defeat. Nick slowly walked up to Sierra, bringing his hands up to caress her soft long brunette curly hair. Sierra looked up at Nick, waiting for him to say something. Instead, he slowly leaned down and pressed his lips so gently against her lips. It was the lightest yet sweetest kiss that Sierra had ever experienced with Nick because usually they kissed with heat and passion. Nick pulled away after a few seconds, looking down at Sierra in her gorgeous bright blue eyes which Nick adored.

"Alright, but I'm not going to make any promises" Nick said huskily.

Sierra sighed and nodded her head in agreement. Nick smiled at her before leaning down to press his lips against her lips again. But instead Nick kissed her this time very passionately. Sierra smiled against his lips and kissed him just as passionately. Nick brought his hands down from her hair to her waist in an attempt to bring her closer.

Sierra wound her hands around Nick's neck as she felt him grab her bum to pull her up. Sierra complied by wrapping her bare legs around his waist. Nick then started to nibble and kiss Sierra's neck, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Sierra felt her back being pressed against Wade's car as Nick continued to passionately kiss her neck.

Sierra let out a loud moan as Nick nipped and sucked her neck. "Oh Nick" Sierra mumbled into his hoodie. Sierra looked up from behind Nick and sure enough, there was Dalton with his video camera with a smug-amused smile on his face.

"Dalton, get that damn camera out of here" Sierra yelled at Dalton as she jumped from Nick and chased after Dalton who ran for his life.

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