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Nick, Sierra, and Dalton made their way into Ambrose looking for Carly and Wade. Sierra observed her surroundings and chills went up and down her spine.

"This place is creepy" Sierra said, holding onto Nick's arm.

"No kidding" Dalton replied.

They walked their way until they saw a gas station. Dalton checked inside where loud music was blasting the speakers.

"Carly, Wade" Dalton called out. No response.

"There not in there?" Sierra asked.

"Man, there's music playing, but I don't think anyone is here" Dalton said, walking towards Nick and Sierra.

"No one's here" Nick muttered, walking away, pulling Sierra with him.

"Where you going" Dalton asked.

"To that grocery store we passed, I'm thirsty" Nick said. Sierra pulled her arm gently from Nick's grasp.

"Well, what about Carly and Wade, babe" Sierra asked, crossing her arms.

"Yeah, man" Dalton agreed.

"Maybe they are at the store" Nick shrugged and started to walk away, but turned around when he realized Sierra wasn't following him.

"What" Nick asked.

"I don't know. We came all this way" Dalton exclaimed.

"Yeah babe, you don't think we should go look for them?" Sierra asked.

Nick sighed and said "Check it. Sierra and I will go this way. You go that way. We don't find them, meet here, and go back to the road. Cool?" Nick said, grabbing Sierra's arm.

"Okay" Dalton agreed, starting to walk away before Sierra spoke up.

"Hey Dalton" Dalton turned and waited for her to say something.

"Be careful, dude" Sierra said seriously. Dalton gave her a salute and started walking away.

"Come on, lets go" Nick whispered. They started walking to the grocery store, to find that the door was locked, but the lights were on.

"Yo, paying customer" Nick yelled out, banging on the door.

"What the fuck" Sierra exclaimed, trying to get the door open, didn't work.

"This town is fucked up creepy" Sierra said. Nick gave up and backed away from the door. Sierra looked at the gas station and saw a guy coming out the door.

Sierra tugged on Nick's arm "Nick, there's a dude over there" Sierra pointed out.

"Right, let's go" Nick held Sierra's hand and started walking back to the gas station.

"Hey" Nick called out. Bo turned around and noticed them.

"I'm looking for my sister and her boyfriend" Nick said. Bo looked at Nick and his eyes wandered to Sierra, who stood beside Nick.

"They were looking for a fan belt or something" Sierra added. Bo kept on looking at her, like he was studying her. Another set of involuntary chills went into Sierra, as the guy wouldn't stop looking at her.

"I don't think I've seen them." Bo said, still keeping his gaze on Sierra. Sierra glared back at him suspiciously.

"This is the only gas station in town, right?" Nick asked.

"That's right" Bo replied.

"Yeah, then they were definitely here" Nick said.

"I just told you, I didn't see them" Bo said, breaking his gaze from Sierra.

"Does somebody else work at this station?" Sierra asked, crossing her arms.

"No, I own the station and I would've seen them" Bo inquired.

"Well, we were just here a few minutes ago and you didn't see us. You weren't even here." Sierra pointed out.

"Sorry, can't help you" Bo said. Sierra then heard a whimper from below and turned to Nick and he heard it too.

"What was that" Nick asked suspiciously.

"Nothing that was just my dog" Bo shrugged.

"Actually, you know what. My brother Vincent was down here for a while. He could've helped your sister out. They could be up at the house" Bo pointed toward the direction in which Dalton went.

Nick looked where Bo was pointing and said "No, my friend went that way earlier"

"Really" Bo asked, looking down at his shoe. After a slight pause, he turned around to tie his shoe. Sierra took the distraction to talk to Nick.

"Babe, I don't like the way this creeper is looking at me" Sierra whispered. Nick looked at her and grazed her cheek with his finger tips.

"Don't worry, I don't trust this guy at all, but I'm right here. Nothing's going to happen and you're the reason that I'm not kicking this guy's ass right now" Nick whispered, making Sierra giggle. Nick cupped her face "Okay"

Sierra smiled and nodded her head. She peered behind Nick's shoulder to find the guy staring at her again.

Nick tilted her face up to his, getting her attention and gave her a quick reassuring peck on the lips. Sierra smiled but it faltered when she heard the creeper spoke up.

"Your friend probably ran into my brother Vincent, up there then"

"Wanna head up to the house?" Bo asked, pointing up to the hill.

"Yeah, whatever" Nick said, grabbing onto Sierra's waist, pulling her on the side the guy wasn't on. Nick picked up the guy's creepiness real fast.

"So, what's your sister look like anyway?" Bo asked. Sierra and Nick then heard Carly screaming.

"Sierra! Nick! Help me!"

They all turned around to Carly's screams. Before Sierra even knew it, the guy tried throwing a punch at her with some type of razor in his hand. Nick pushed her away just in time and screamed "Run in the gas station, go!"

Sierra didn't hesitate into running into the gas station. She heard punching and struggling behind her. As she got through the door of the gas station, Nick came just in time and locked the door on Bo. Then Bo took off and Nick took off in the direction Bo went. Sierra then took her time to look for Carly.

"Carly, where are you?"

"Please help me, Sierra! I'm down here!" Carly yelled out.

Sierra followed the direction of the voice and found a set of stairs and ran down them. She came to a door and reached out to turn the knob. Sierra tried budging the door open with all her might, but it wouldn't open.

"Nick! She's down here! Help! The. Door. Won't. Fucking. Open." Sierra yelled, banging the door on each word.

Nick followed the sound of Sierra's voice and was behind her in no time.

"Watch out" Nick said. Sierra quickly backed away from the door as Nick kicked it open with no effort. With no hesitation, Sierra ran in and spotted Carly tied to a chair, with blood all over the place.

"Thank god" Carly muttered in relief. Sierra quickly ran over to Carly.

"Oh my god, Carly!" Sierra freaked out, untying Carly free.

"Okay, were here, we got you!" Nick assured, helping Sierra untie Carly.

"Watch my finger! Watch my finger!" Carly winced in pain.

Sierra gasped loudly, causing Nick to look up.

"Did the fucker do this to you?" Sierra asked, ripping a piece off of Carly's shirt and wrapping it around her wounded finger. Carly looked at her in pain and nodded.

"Where is he?" Carly asked. No answer.

Carly repeated, more aggravated.

"I locked him out" Nick said, grabbing a blade to free Carly's legs.

"Where's Wade" Sierra asked.

"I don't know, he went into the house. This place is a freak show" Carly exclaimed.

"No shit" Sierra said.

"Come on, let's find Dalton and Wade. Get Paige and Blake and get the fuck out of here" Sierra said, panic in her voice.

"Agreed" Nick said, pulling Carly to her feet.

They all froze in their tracks when they heard the roaring sound of a car engine turning on and backing out. The three waited until they couldn't here the car anymore.

"He's gone. Let's go" Nick said, grabbing Sierra by her arm.

Nick led the way up the stairs but signaled them to both stay at the stairs to go see if it was safe. Sierra held onto Carly's arm and Carly did the same until Nick came back with a wrench in his hand. He signaled them to come up the stairs and they complied.

"Alright, the car's by the road—"

"Dalton has the keys" Sierra reminded him.

"Dalton" Nick muttered. Nick thought for a second "We got to call the cops" Nick ran over to a phone, but the line was dead.

"Damn it" Nick muttered. Nick walked over to Sierra and grabbed her shoulders "Babe, where's your cell phone?"

Sierra immediately checked her pockets, but found they were empty. "Damn it, it must've fell out of my pocket when I ran"

Nick nodded and moved over to Carly "Where's your cell phone"

Carly hesitated before answering "It might be in the truck near the house"

Nick walked over to the front of the station and looked at the window.

"What about Wade? I think he has him too" Carly said. Nick kept looking out the window up at the hill where the creepy house was.

"What if he turns him to wax?" Carly asked, making Nick and Sierra froze in fear.

"What do you mean wax" Nick asked, paled at the question.

"You two don't get it. There all wax; everyone." Carly said. Nick and Sierra looked at her with disbelieving looks on their faces.

"No wait" Carly said, looking out the door and cautiously opening it and walking out. The couple followed closely behind, watching everything around them.

"There was a woman here. She was alive. She pulled back the curtain." Carly stopped in front of a house. Nick simply jumped over the fence while Sierra and Carly went through the gate. Nick hopped in front of the window, along with Sierra. Sierra and Nick both stepped on a brick. But they both weren't prepared when the curtain all of a sudden pulled back, revealing an elder woman.

Sierra jumped backed and screamed while Nick grabbed Sierra from falling on her ass.

"Oh fuck, I'm outta here" Sierra said, pulling from Nick's grasp and jumping from the window, standing by Carly.

"This whole town is rigged" Carly said, holding onto Sierra's arm.

"You're saying that that's a real person . . . underneath?" Nick asked, shocked.

"Yes. At the church, they were all like that. At least 20 more." Carly stated.

"Okay. This is way creepier than getting laid by Dalton." Sierra blurted out, without realizing what she was saying.

Carly immediately elbowed her to shut up. Nick looked at them with a suspicious look.

"What" Nick asked. Sierra immediately shook her head.

"Ugh . . . nothing" Sierra hesitated. Nick gave her an angry look.

"Sierra . . ."

"It's really nothing, Nick. Nothing serious like were in right now." Sierra said, regret plastered all over her face.

Nick looked angrier than she had ever seen him before.

"You and Dalton" Nick asked, it came out more of a statement. Sierra realized that she started crying.

"Babe, it was nothing. It happened a long time ago in senior year. I was drunk . . . I . . ." Sierra was lost for words for the first time in her life. Nick shook his head.

"Forget it. Let's go." Nick said coldly, brushing past Sierra. Sierra then started crying.

"I can't believe I just said that" Sierra whispered. Carly pulled her into a hug.

"It's okay. It happened years ago. Nick will get over it." Carly whispered in her ear.

Sierra pulled away from Carly and shook her head.

"No, I don't think so . . ." Sierra said, following Nick in the streets, trying not to glance at him.

Before Sierra knew it, Nick stopped in front of a store with a mannequin holding some type of gun.

Nick then bent down to pick up something and Sierra full on knew what Nick was about to do. Sierra quickly pulled back his aimed arm.

"Wait! Nick what are you doing? You have to be careful" Sierra exclaimed.

"I am being careful" Nick said, coldly, grabbing her hand and throwing it to her side.

"No, no, no, no, it'll make too much noise," Nick turned to Carly "Why do you have to be so damn stubborn. He'll find us." Carly said.

"Yeah, chances are he will anyway" Nick said, throwing a rock at the window, shattering it to a million pieces. Nick climbed up and grabbed the weapon from the mannequin.

"At least with this, he might not want to find us"

Then all of a sudden, a shot broke the glass door by Sierra and shattered it. They all turned to see Bo, with a gun, firing at them.

"Run" Nick yelled. Sierra didn't hesitate in running and took off to the nearest building, the theatre. When she got in, she noticed Nick behind her, but no Carly.

"Where is she?" Sierra screeched, running into the theatre, where a movie started playing.

"She's fine, the guy's following us, go find a seat and blend in, hurry and put your hair down" Nick said, quickly, going to hide somewhere.

Sierra quickly ran and found a seat and pulled out her hair, hoping it would make her look a little different. Her curly hair came out as a wild poofy mess, but that wasn't important.

Sierra heard the door open and the guy was looking around. She tried her best to stay still until the guy finally glanced at her and smiled evilly and aimed his gun at her.

"No . . ." Sierra screamed and ducked just in time as the bullet hit the wax figure behind her. Sierra saw the guy fall after apparently being shot by Nick. Sierra quickly got up and ran out the door, Nick following closely behind. Nick told her to hide behind the ticket counter as Nick waited for Bo to come out. When Bo finally did, Nick shot the son of a bitch down to the ground.

Sierra came out of her hiding spot and saw the guy on the ground. Nick bent over and picked up his gun.

"Empty shells. Check him for ammo" Nick said. Sierra complied and kicked the guy with her foot to make sure he wouldn't wake, he didn't. Sierra quickly bent down and began searching him for ammo, no luck.

"There's nothing." Sierra said.

"Damn it, come on lets go" Nick said, throwing the gun behind the counter and walking out of the theatre, Sierra following closely behind.

"Do you think there's anybody alive left in this town" Nick asked, hiding into the shadow of a house to avoid any more commotion in the streets of being spotted.

"What about this Vincent dude, the guy's brother" Sierra said.

"Who knows if this Vincent guy even exists" Nick said. Nick thought for a second, and then came up with an idea.

"Hey Carly said that her cell phone was in the truck by the house, right?" Nick asked. Sierra nodded her head.

"Alright, this is what we're going to do. I'm going to go to the truck, find Carly's phone and see if I can get help. I want you to go back to the road like Carly. Paige and Blake—"

"No Nick, I'm not leaving you." Sierra cut him off.

"Why do you have to be so damn . . . stubborn?" Nick finished. Sierra scoffed.

Nick glanced up at the house from the shadows "Okay, fine. We stick together and nothing's going to happen to us."

"Come on." Nick said.

Nick and Sierra walked up the hill in silence. Sierra couldn't take it anymore and spoke "Nick"

Nick didn't say anything for a moment until he said "What" coldly.

Sierra hesitated before sighing "Nick, I'm sorry. Okay, it was a long time ago. Why can't we just forg—"Nick cut her off "How can I forget? You and my best friend?"

Sierra sighed and gave up. They walked in silence the rest of the way.

"Look around in the truck for a cell phone" Nick said. Sierra got in the truck and looked around in the truck but no luck availed.

"It's not in there" Sierra said. They both turned their heads to the house and stared at it.

"Carly said Wade went in their . . . and never came out" Sierra said hesitatingly, chills going into her saying every word.

"You think Dalton went in their too?" Nick asked. Sierra didn't answer, but kept looking at the house.

"Alright, we'll go in quick, one pass. If we can't find them, we have to get the hell out of here." Nick said.

"Agreed" Sierra said as they both starting walking towards the house.

"Come on, let's try the back." Nick said. In no time, they made their way into the house. Sierra noticed a bat on the ground and picked it up.

"Stay close" Nick ordered, searching around to see if it was safe.

Once it was safe, Nick signaled Sierra to come in. They both searched the house. Sierra noticed a phone and ran over to it, only to find that It didn't work. Sierra looked around until she saw weapons bolted to the wall.

"Nick, there's guns" Sierra pointed out. Nick broke the glass, but only to find the whole thing completely bolted to the wall.

"Look for a key" Nick said. Sierra nodded and began searching for a key. She walked over to a dresser and opened one of the drawers to find old newspaper clippings. She picked up a clipping that read "Siamese Twins Seperated"

She looked through the others and found a picture with two boys. One looked normal, but the other had like a distorted face. She tried to study it before she heard the front door open. Sierra quickly dropped the photo and went and hid under the pool table. She didn't see Nick anywhere, so she panicked. She heard Bo fiddling with the arrows in his body. Sierra tried to keep still and quite until she saw two carlights streaming through the window. She silently crawled up into the window.

Sierra began to cry silently and held her breath as she saw Blake and Paige's dead bodies in the back of the truck. Sierra cried and shook her head in disbelief at this nightmare. She began to be more frightened when she saw a man with long black hair get out of the car along with an adorable Pit bull. She quickly crawled away from the window in shock and began to sob silently. She heard footsteps approaching beside her, so she silently rolled under the pool table.

"Hey, you don't ever leave here without me. You know better than that. Don't be so stupid. What's the matter with you?" Bo yelled out the door. Sierra listened in on their conversation.

So, Vincent does the wax and Bo was manipulating him about everything, Sierra thought to herself. Thinking this was the best distraction to get out of there, Sierra silently crawled away from the scene.

Sierra walked down the dark hallway, gripping her baseball bat, when a hand clamped on her mouth. Sierra struggled at first, but realized it was only Nick.

"It's okay, it's just me"

Nick silently led Sierra with him down a trap door that had stairs at the bottom.

"Wait," Nick looked up "Blake and Paige . . . they're dead" Sierra whispered.

Nick paled once he heard dead.

"We gotto go. Now" Nick led Sierra down the stairs.

It lead down a path way, with dirt ground and wood walls. They couldn't hear anything because of a big machine. They came down til they saw no lights in the next room.

"I can't see anything" Sierra said. Nick started fumbling with a thing of switches. Sierra quickly helped him in trying all the switches.

After switching almost all of them, Nick found one and the light s turned on.

"Finally" Sierra muttered.

They continued to walk their way down. Sierra gripped Nick's arm when they came to a boiler room. Nick slowly walked away from Sierra and went over to a table that held Dalton's hat. Nick picked up Dalton's hat.

"Dalton" Nick muttered sadly.

Sierra was gazing at Nick when she felt something brush against her leg. She jumped but then only realized it was the dog she saw at the truck.

"Oh my god" Sierra squatted, petting the dog. The dog leaned up and kissed her face. Sierra then found herself attracted to the dog. Sierra smiled but it faltered when she saw a person sitting in a chair, covered in wax.

Nick noticed it too and walked over to the wax person.

"Dalton" Nick looked into his eyes and Sierra did too and sure enough it was Dalton.

Sierra then began silently crying.

"We're going to get you out of here" Nick whispered, trying to take the brace off his head, but it only snapped the head.

"No, no, no, no, Nick, no" Sierra whispered and cried violently into Nick's arms who was trying to keep his cool.

Sierra immediately sobered up when she saw Vincent with knives coming their way.

"That's Vincent!" Sierra yelled out.

Nick let go of Sierra and ran forward and pushed a table in front of him to keep from entering. The table pushed him back for a second, but he bounced back quickly.

Nick tried to make another move, but Vincent ended up slashing his back with one of the knives.

"Nick" Sierra screeched.

Vincent knocked Nick to the ground and turned his attention on Sierra. Sierra quickly realized that she still had the bat and she swung it at Vincent. Vincent only caught it and tried to slash her with a knife.

"Nick" Sierra called out, defenseless. Nick quickly got up, and tackled Vincent to the wall pushing Sierra out of the way. Nick struggled with Vincent until he pushed him to the ground. Nick ran over to Sierra's side and helped her up.

"Thanks" Sierra said.

"Your welcome" Nick said, running towards a big boiling pan, pulling on a chain, making all the hot boiling wax boil to the ground, catching flames and stalling Vincent.

Nick ran over to Sierra and they ran out of the boiling room together. They ran down the pathway and encountered a set of stairs. Nick was about to run up, but Sierra held him back.

"What, what" Nick said aggravated. Sierra looked back down the hall.

"I'm not leaving the dog" Sierra said. Nick gave her a What-The-Fuck look, while Sierra whistled, hoping the dog would follow her whistle.

Sure enough the Pit bull came running up to them, excitedly. Sierra praised him while Nick rolled his eyes and grabbed Sierra's arm and they ran up the stairs for their lives with the dog following closely behind.

Once they got up the stairs, they came into a different house with wax sculptures all over the place. Sierra then realized they were in the house of wax!

Before leaving the kitchen, she noticed a set of highchairs with the names Bo and Vincent carved onto them. She noticed on Bo's highchair, there were straps and dried blood but not on Vincent's.

Sierra then ran up to catch up with nick, but ended up crashing into him as he stopped. She gazed over to where he was looking and there was Wade, at the piano, with half of his jaw missing. Sierra felt really bad for Carly at the moment.

At least, she won't have to worry about him coming to New York with her or not, Sierra thought sarcastically.

Nick had a remorseful expression on his face before he realized they were being chased. He quickly grabbed her arm and they ran into another room.

Nick and Sierra both stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Bo standing in front of them. Nick quickly pushed her behind him.

"You sick fuck" Nick charged at Bo, knocking him to the ground. Sierra watched as Nick and Bo started punching each other. Nick was good until Bo started punching him back and knocked Nick to the ground.

Needing to protect Nick, Sierra quickly ran up to Bo and swung the bat at his back, but he didn't flinch. He turned around and punched her square in the face, knocking her to the ground. Nick saw this and attacked Bo again.

Sierra struggled to get up, but got up anyway when she saw Nick stabbed in the leg.

"Nick" Sierra yelled. Bo threw Nick off of him with the knife still stuck in Nick's leg. Sierra then realized she lost the bat. But she didn't care; she wanted to hurt Bo so bad for killing her friends.

"You twisted fuck" Sierra yelled as she found a poker stick and tried to stab him with it but he was faster. Bo took the stick out of her hands and knocked it out of her reach. Bo quickly charged at her and grabbed her throat.

Sierra felt her eyes widen and she couldn't breathe. She tried struggling against him but it was no use. Sierra looked down at Bo's scars on his arms. Then she quickly realized that he must be Bo! Sierra felt her vision closing but heard Nick screaming her name.

Then all of a sudden, she was dropped to the ground. She felt herself gasping for air and she looked to see that the dog had come to her rescue. The dog was viciously attacking Bo and Bo picked up the poker stick and stabbed the dog in the leg with it. Sierra gasped as the dog yelped in pain. Sierra then saw the bat she lost lying underneath a couch.

She dove for the bat under the couch and once she did, she quickly ran over to Bo before he could hurt the dog anymore.

Bo was just about to finish the dog, when Sierra hit Bo in the face with the bat. Bo tumbled against the floor. Sierra kept hitting and hitting and hitting until Nick screamed her name.

"Sierra! Behind you!"

She looked up and saw Vincent coming into the room. She quickly grabbed the dog and carried him over to Nick.

"Nick, come on, please get up, I'm not leaving you" Sierra exclaimed, trying to pull Nick to his feet.

"Run! Go Sierra! Run!" Nick yelled, looking at Vincent. Sierra looked up and saw Vincent looking at her. Sierra looked at Nick one last time and grabbed the dog; that was surprisingly not heavy, and took off running up the stairs, Vincent trailing behind her.

"Hey Vincent," Nick struggled to get up.


When Vincent didn't stop, Nick yelled "I swear to god, if you hurt her,"


Sierra teared up that she was leaving Nick behind, but she had no choice. She kept running up the stairs with the dog and came to a door. She quickly opened the door one handed and ran into a bedroom. She set the dog in the corner of a room and quickly shut the door.

She saw a crib with two babies with their heads connected to eachother and it hit her. Bo and Vincent are the Siamese twins that got separated and that's why Vincent wears a wax mask.

Sierra pushed the crib in front of the door, but only to scream in surprise as a knife cut through the door, cutting the babies heads, which is how Bo and Vincent got separated.

Sierra backed up against the wall as Vincent came through the door, tossing the crib out of the way with no effort.

Feeling there was no way out of this, Sierra found herself talking.

"No. Listen to me. Listen to me!" Sierra held up her hand, "I heard you talking, you don't need to do this. You didn't have to listen to your brother. I saw Bo's scars and the highchairs!"

Sierra screamed as Vincent tried to swing at her. She quickly ran across the bed, surprised she didn't get stuck by the melting wax.

"You're not a freak! He was! You don't need to do this, please! You're a beautiful artist! Bo was lying to you! He used you! Do you really think that you're mother would have wanted you to do this?"

Sierra then said the most stupid thing she could only say

"Please, don't kill me!" Sierra screamed as Vincent charged at her, but was stopped when Nick ran into the room and tackled him to the bed before he could get Sierra.

Sierra then started to run out of the room, but fought against it. She couldn't leave Nick this time. She quickly ran back into the room to see Vincent on top of Nick, aiming a knife an inch from his face.

Sierra then got an idea as she saw the knife still intact in Nick's leg. She pulled it out, wincing when she heard Nick scream in pain.

Vincent turned around and saw her. Sierra looked at him in shock as he was missing half his face. She honestly felt bad for him at the moment, but she did what she had to do.

Vincent growled at her and tried to swing the knife at Sierra, but only to be held back by Nick.

"Do it, Sierra! Do it now!"

Sierra gave Vincent one last sorry look and drove the knife into his side, making Vincent gasp in shock. Nick thought quickly and threw Vincent off of him, sending him through the floor. Then the floor below Nick and Sierra collapsed.

Sierra screamed as she landed on top of Nick. She looked to her side and saw the dog whimpering in pain. She grabbed the dog and pushed Nick up.

"How do we get out" Nick asked, looking around them. Sierra turned around and noticed the wall was melting. She placed a hand on the wall and it began to move.

"Nick, the wall" Sierra exclaimed.


"Come on! Faster! Faster!"

Nick pushed Sierra and the dog through in first once they got an opening. She realized that they were in the house of wax sign, slowly traveling down. Once the whole building began to slide down, they climbed out before they could get stuck in the wax.

They walked away from the house and took one long look at it before walking away and sitting down on a stone bench they found by the house. Sierra gently placed the dog down on the ground. She petted the dog comfortingly and the dog just lay back relaxed.

Sierra then turned towards Nick and she saw Nick looking at her. Sierra slowly crawled over to Nick and observed his wound on his leg. Nick gently took her hands away from the wound and patted the spot on the bench next to him.

Sierra sat next to him as Nick wrapped an arm around her.

"We made it" Nick whispered in her ear. Sierra looked up at Nick in the eyes.

"Yeah, but they didn't" Sierra whispered, shedding one tear. Nick gently wiped the tear with his thumb and pressed his forehead against hers.

"I'm sorry for everything, Nick"

Nick didn't say anything, but instead pressed his lips so softly against hers. They stayed like that for a few moments before pulling away.

"I love you" Nick whispered.

"I love you too" Sierra smiled.

The pair just sat there in each others arms until they heard police sirens and ambulances approaching.

"Oh thank god, real people" Sierra exclaimed happily as an officer stepped out along with Carly!

"Carly!" Sierra jumped from Nick's arms and ran into Carly, hugging her.

"Oh my god, I've been worried sick about you" Sierra said.

"Me too, where's everybody?" Carly asked. I gave her a sad look and shook my head.

Carly's face paled "Oh" Sierra pulled Carly into another hug.

Soon after, the paramedics helped them out, tending their wounds and also helping the dog out.

"Hey, that's my friend's camera." Nick said, noticing an officer with Dalton's camera.

"Sorry son, that's evidence."

Another police officer came up to the three in the ambulance to address them

"Are you guys okay"

"Are you seriously asking us that" Sierra said, with an annoyed look on her face.

"Well don't worry, we'll get you to the hospital." The cop ignored her.

"How could no one have known about this?" Sierra asked.

"Truth is, this town is hard as hell to get to. It's been abandoned for ten years, ever since the sugar mill shut down. Hell, it aint even on the map anymore. We found all those cars in that old factory. Those Sinclair boys have been pulling people off the interstate for years. If it wasn't for all that smoke from the fire, we wouldn't have ever known" The cop shook his head.

The officer excused himself from the trio.

Nick grabbed Sierra and embraced her. He kissed her forehead and brought Carly along into the hug too. Once they broke away, they started to take off to the hospital.

Sierra looked at the dog and began rubbing it's head. The dog kissed her hand and she cooed "I think I'm gonna keep you if Nick's okay with another roommate"

Sierra looked up to nick and he gave her a teasing glare before he said "Alright, he can take Dalton's bed" Sierra smiled at him and turned her attention back to the dog.

"Thank you. You saved me from the bad man. If it wasn't for you, I would be dead" Sierra said to the dog. Then a name popped into her head, she smiled. "I think I'll name you Patches" the dog (the dog is a girl) looked up at her and licked her face. Sierra sighed and pulled back to slump against Nick's shoulder.

He wrapped an arm around her along with Carly, since nick was sitting in the middle of the girls.

Sierra then looked up and saw the redneck from the other day, smiling at her.

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