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Our Beginning: Prologue

I open my eyes for what felt like the first time in a while. I rubbed them as I sat up to survey my surroundings. Its dawn, the grass is still wet with dew and it was only slightly chilly. The stars are still visible, lightly twinkling as they were hanging on the sky. Oh, and I'm on a cliff… peculiar. Still a little sleepy, I stood up to take in the view of the rising sun set as a backdrop to a sea of trees. It looked romantic, like a promise of a new start to something beautiful.

I was almost lost in the moment when a single thought came to my mind. As my eyes snapped open, my hands came up to the sides of my head and I yelled.


The asshole, he did this, dropped me in the middle of nowhere with no money or weapons.

This must be one of his sick twisted games again. I tried to backtrack, what happened? I ran my fingers through my hair and strained my mind. Dear gods, it felt like someone bludgeoned me over the head with a bat. In frustration I took a rock from the ground and hurled it over the cliff. Damn it why is it so hard to remember.

All of a sudden, the earth started to rumble and a gust of wind made me fall back. The head of a great red dragon came into view. Its golden eyes were staring right at me. It reared back its head as if to strike.

Well, I have nothing to defend myself with…wait.

Scrambling onto my front, I knelt and closed my eyes, breathed in deeply and concentrated. I waited for the feeling of the waves of my magic to overflow. Perhaps if my magic hasn't been compromised, I could take this guy out. I brought my hand to my face and scrunched my eyes. Just a little more and and…


The Bastard sealed my magic too….well shit. No magic huh…

I decided to try the next best thing. Reason with the colossus.

"crap crap crap…..heh heh um hi there…uh I don't think that I have any gold on me sir dragon… hair isn't golden either and I'm quite scrawny…no reason to waste your energy on such an insignificant being such as m-myself correct?"

To my surprise however, the beast lowered its head to level its head with the cliff edge. A young woman dressed in white robes rose into view. She stepped onto the dragon's head holding a strange miniature black chest with one dainty hand and had a weird red rat bunny thing under the other arm. The poor thing had a huge bump on its head. Whoops.

The lady looked down at me.

"Please pardon us friend, we are just passing through," she said to me as she set the red creature on the ground.

"Do you feel better Twilly," she asked the creature, Twilly I suppose, with concern.

"No w-worries P-Priestess, Twilly is fine," Twilly stammered as he took a gingery step forward. He took a few more steps, now a little steadier, before turning to look at me.

"Please be careful miss, scarwy rocks are falling out the sky. We don't want you to get hurt," the poor thing said to me.

Flustered, I managed to get out a thank you before I watched the two go on their way. How adorable.

I felt a warm gust of air that reminded me of the dragon still at the edge of the cliff. I became increasingly uneasy as it leaned closer as if to decide whether it would eat me or not. I braced myself for the coming flames, but the dragon drew its head back and slowly lowered itself getting ready to launch into the air. The Dragon then spread its wings, leaped into the air and flew away like a speeding bullet…..or arrow in this case. However, I could have sworn it gave me a look before it flew off…a look that said "expect to see me again."

Well that was strange.

Right, back to the problem at hand. Where was I? Oh right, BASTARD! What did he want now. Perhaps another fetch quest, maybe an event that he wants me to attend or is it just for shits and giggles. I sighed. I'll remember eventually.

I stood up and started to walk briskly away from the cliff. I guess I'll just follow the path that those two strangers took and find out exactly where I am.

Unfortunately the path went through a particularly dense forest, which would have been fine or in fact peaceful if it wasn't so dark. It is still fairly early in the morning after all. I slowed my pace to keep myself from stumbling lest I stepped on something I couldn't see. That would have been a great way to go, but instead I tripped over something, swore and fell face first onto the worn down dewy grass…..a few meters away from where I was originally lying.

In anger I rolled over and kicked the thing I tripped on. My foot hit something surprisingly soft. I sat up and picked up the thing that I tripped on. It was a small bag, small enough to almost be a handbag. I turned it over and found that it had a note attached. I strained my eyes to try to read the writing.

"To my dear Ty

Enclosed is a sword, light armour and some money. All packed into this great bag of holding. Aren't I the Best?

Try to Relax

The bag must have gotten here when that asshole flung me here. The letter perplexed me however. A sword and armour set in this tiny thing….really? I reached into the bag that subsequently swallowed my entire arm. Startled, I began to feel around until my hand hit what felt like a hilt. I carefully pulled it out and examined it. It wasn't a large sword, my arm's length at most. It was however elegant. The hilt was golden with shining silver etchings of symbols and leaves that ran up to the blade. The blade was double edged and lightweight. It was thin but deadly. I ran its tip gently over a nearby tree trunk experimentally. It created deep scratch nonetheless.

"You turned them into a sword…" I murmured out loud as I tucked the bag into my shirt.

Any thoughts I had about the man however, were scattered once I heard a large thumping noise.

From afar, I heard both the Priestess and Twilly.

"Oh my. Who put this carpet in the middle of the forest?"

"Oh noes! That is not a carpet Priestess…it is a Gorillaphant!"

The voices were followed by a great roar that shook the forest.

I broke into a sprint towards the voices. That can't be good.

"I will protect you Priestess!" spoke Twilly, most likely getting in way over his head.

I then heard a pained squeak that was then followed by a red puff ball flying into my face. Fortunately for me, he soft enough to bounce off my face before falling on the ground once again discombobulated. He then looked up at me almost pleadingly.

Jeez, he's so cute I could kick him in the face. Instead I picked him up and placed him on my shoulder. He held onto the back of my head as I ran towards the source of the savage roars.

I soon caught sight of the Priestess, apparently cornered by something. A large snapping noise to my right alerted me to the beast's presence. I narrowly avoided a felled tree that the beast tried to throw at me. Some stray branches had managed to scrape past my face but did no terrible damage. I checked to see if Twilly was still alright to which he let out a small cry and pointed in the direction of the priestess.

The beast was lumbering towards her. How could you have mistaken that thing for a carpet, unless your preference for carpets involved large menacing tusks! It was huge, very muscular and looked terribly enraged. It was as if it wanted to impale the lady on its tusks.

On instinct, I threw my sword at the beast. The sword struck him right in the shoulder…..and flew right through it and stuck itself on a nearby boulder directly beside the Priestess.

The Gorillaphant roared in pain and turned around preparing to charge. In response, I back tracked my steps. The beast is charging now lowering its head, aiming its tusks at me. I stand firm and whisper to Twilly to get ready. Just as the beast is about to run me through, I fall backwards behind the fallen tree the beast threw at me. The Gorillaphant's tusks get caught in the trunk. Its velocity however made the beast flip and rip its tusks through the trunk making it land shy of a few inches from my face.

The Gorillaphant is shocked and still in pain. I am paralyzed for a moment, till Twilly whacks the Gorillaphant with his staff right on the nose. The Gorillaphant cries out, signaling me to grab Twilly and run for the Priestess. The Gorillaphant is right on my tail.

I still reach the priestess first who throws me my sword. I grab the hilt and swivel around and slash the beast's chest. The Gorillaphant jumps back pained. The beast holds its bleeding wounds panting. I stand between it and the Priestess holding up my sword ready to fight back even if I felt exhausted enough to fall on my knees. The Gorillaphant was exhausted as well. With a huff, the creature turned and pushed through into the forest.

I turn around and gently set Twilly on the ground. He happily shakes my hand and returns to the Priestess. The Priestess smiles warmly at me.

"Thank you for saving me brave warrior. May I know the name of my hero?" she enquires as she tips her head in gratitude.

"Well….I'm not actually a warrior class," I say as I bow slightly. I felt a sense of pride though, it was the first time I ever used a sword.

Twilly looks up at the Priestess, completely baffled. He rises to his tippy toes and whispers something to her.

"But Priestess….you said her name was Ty and she is destined to-"

"What?" I exclaim, blinking in confusion. I could hardly make out what he was saying.

The Priestess looks at me then at Twilly and shakes her head in exasperation and sighs.

"Oh Twilly…." She murmurs.

"Alas, we are out of time. Young miss, I must ask an important favor of thee. Would you please let Captain Rolith know that we are taking the shortcut. He's just ahead in Oaklore Keep. I am certain that we will cross paths again."

Twilly then chirps "Especially since she is going to take the Black Dragon Box and…" he trails off when the Priestess gives him a look.

"Oh Twilly..." she says as she shakes her head.

The Priestess smiles at me and takes her leave while Twilly gives a cheerful wave before trailing after her. I wave back but a sudden though comes to mind.

"Um….pardon me but which World are we in at the moment?" I call after them.

Now it was their turn to look confused.

"We're in Lore silly, always have been," Twilly replies as they continue walking.

"Thank you," I replied, awkwardly waving to them.

I watched them disappear into the underbrush of the forest before going off towards the path to Oaklore.

So…I'm in "Lore" I guess. I smile as the promise of new discoveries wormed its way into my heart. This will prove to be interesting indeed.

Ty's pretty everywhere with her personality isn't she ;). The story will hopefully pick up around 5 chapters I hope. Just a heads up, the backstory will be revealed throughout the coming story. So that's the first chapter, review if you want and feel free to be very critical.