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The past two weeks had been spent practicing with my gift, learning how to control my new strength and speed and controlling my newborn anger. Jasper joked around that I had completely skipped my newborn stage except for my temper tantrums. Some days the smallest little things sent me in to a fit of rage and once I had actually torn Emmett's arm off. He had been joking that my anger issues stemmed from being sexually repressed and I had attacked him. Rosalie had not been happy but once she determined that I was under control and there was no threat to her Mate's life she had lectured Emmett about provoking me, only adding a parting comment until I was almost out of ear shot.

'Just because she doesn't get laid as good as I do or as often as I do, it isn't her fault.'

I had almost run after her but my dad had shouted through the house that he never wanted to hear about his daughter 'getting laid' ever.

Let's just say it wasn't working out very well. Nine out of ten times I attacked my provoker, the one exception being my father. I don't know who but something was fundamentally wrong with trying to hurt my father.

Jasper and I also worked in private to learn each other's gifts. It was going a lot better than my 'anger management lessons. As it turns out, my shield could be manipulated into two shields, and made bigger or smaller at will. It also could be made to protect against physical attacks as well. Jasper called me a natural when it came to his empathy, because it took me almost no time at all before I was sending Emmett into spontaneous crying jags. Every time it happened he started shouting at Jasper and Jasper would just smile and tell him he deserved it for provoking me. As for the memory thing we had to try that one while I was out hunting. He came with my always but he continued to drink animal blood and I was happy that he hadn't switched just because I was drinking humans. We were both fairly positive that he could hunt just like me, as his need for blood had lessened to the same amount that I needed.

We had grown close as we practiced, enough that I felt comfortable enough around him that when someone brought up the fact that we were mates I didn't get nervous or scared. The idea was growing on me and so was the physical attraction. I wasn't sure if he noticed but my feelings for him had become much less platonic than they had started. If he did notice he kept it to himself, maybe out of courtesy or maybe something else that I really didn't want to think about. I still hadn't told him that I had reading those books from his room.

"There's a letter from the Volturi!" Peter shouted when he came back from getting the mail. I was already in the living room with a book but I set it down and looked over at him nervously. Jasper was by side in two seconds and the rest of the family quickly gathered as well. Carlisle opened the letter and read it quickly.

"They expect us to arrive at their home at 11:00pm next Monday, but would appreciate it if we were in town a few days early. And Aro wants the entire family to be there." Carlisle said and I pressed myself closer to Jasper.

There was less than a second of silence before Carlisle cell phone rang and I jumped. Jasper pulled me closer to his chest when Edward spoke, instead of Alice.

"I saw Alice's vision." He said and I rolled my eyes. "We are already at the Airport in Dallas and Alice is arranging transportation now. We should arrive in three hours." He hung up without waiting for a response and I was reeling. They were already in Texas. I couldn't believe they were so close and I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

I looked up when I heard a low growl, almost hard for me to hear and the others made a hasty exit, their excuses about hunting and luggage shopping trailing behind them. I could feel the anger and the possession radiating off of Jasper and I understood their reactions. Jasper was intimidating, but angry Jasper was all out terrifying.

"What's wrong?" I asked quietly. He took a step away from me and I frowned. Instinctively I didn't like it when he wasn't touching me. Now with the threat of the Volturi handing over our heads and with Alice and Edward a mere three hours away it sent my instincts haywire. Was he happy that Alice was coming back? Was he simply upset because he had had to pretend to care for me so long? I knew I was his mate, his True Mate, but did he feel like he was forced into this and rather be with someone he chose on his own?

"Bella!" Jasper snapped and I looked up into his eyes. "I can't take your doubt. What's wrong? Tell me what has you so confused and scared."

"If you don't want to be with me that's okay." I whispered, too afraid to say them louder.

"What?" He asked me, frowning.

"I-I don't want you to feel like you're stuck with me, because of this mate thing. If you want to go back to Alice-"

His mouth cut me off as I was slammed against the wall hard enough to leave a decent dent in it. This was the first time he had ever kissed me anywhere but my hand or cheek and I gasped. He took the opportunity to deepen the kiss until I felt my toes curling in my fuzzy socks and my hands were fisted in his hair. When he finally leaned back to look into my eyes I was panting.

"Bella, we are mated because some higher power, fate or destiny, knew that there would never be anyone as perfect for me as you are." He said and he pushed an emotion into me. It was more like several emotions that I couldn't completely sort out, love, lust, need, jealousy and several others all bundled up that had me leaning up and kissing him for all I was worth. I wanted to touch him, but I couldn't take my hands from his hair, I couldn't let him get any farther away that he was right now, in fact, I needed him closer, so I brought my legs up to wrap around his waist. His hands did the same thing on my hips, holding me up, pressing me closer even as he pressed me harder into the wall. I shrieked when we actually fell through it and I stared up at the ceiling in shock as bits of insulation rained down on us.

We both started to laugh at the same time. I stopped first when I noticed the position we were in. I was flat on my back with my elbows supporting my weight, pushing my chest out and my legs wrapped around Jaspers waist. He was holding his upper body off the ground with his elbows and he basically had a face full of cleavage and his loose hair tickled the tops of my breasts. I briefly wondered if it would tickle if his hair was brushing my tummy.

"I love you, Bella." He whispered and my eyes shot up to his. "If you're not ready that's fine, but I can't keep pretending that I only see you as a friend. I… I physically can't anymore."

"I-I love you too." I whispered and this time he looked shocked. "I love you. I just… I need to take this slow. I don't know how to do any of this." I said looking down at our bodies and he frowned.

"You've never had sex?" He asked and I felt his hopefulness.

"Does that make you happy?" I asked him and he smiled.

"It makes me the happiest man in the world to know that I will be the first and the last one to ever make love to you." He said and I couldn't help it. I kissed him again, this time gently and that was how we were caught when the others came back into the house. Jasper stood and helped me stand and I moved behind him as I frantically straightened my clothing.

My mouth dropped open when Emmett handed Rosalie a giant wad of cash. Rose just shrugged at me with a smile.

"He said that you would be tame in bed. That you probably wouldn't ever break a bed." She said. "But you two are breaking down houses with just making out, I don't want to be around when you guys get to the real thing."

"We didn't break down the house!" I denied. "It was just a wall!"

"Bella, that's one of the foundation points of the center of the house. It's one of three that stop the middle of the house from caving in." My dad said and I looked at where he was pointing to see the thick beam of wood. It was bigger than the rest and I could see that the part of the ceiling that had previously been held up by it was sagging.

"It looks like we'll be leaving tonight and we'll call a construction company tomorrow to fix it." Peter said. "But for now we should probably only go upstairs one or two at a time." We took turns going upstairs to pack, as couples, and once we were done we headed outside.

"Char, Peter and I will all need to hunt before-" I was saying before I heard a vehicle in the distance. Suddenly everyone was outside and I was standing by Jaspers side, his hand clutched in mine. They drove up in a sports car of some kind, Edward driving and Alice quietly singing along to an upbeat song on the radio. As they got out of the car I couldn't help but look them over. Edward was dressed like normal, a pair of tan slacks and a button down shirt, unchecked and his hair a mess. Alice on the other hand was dressed in a little white number with a wide black belt that made her look shorter than she already was. To my human eyes I remembered her looking like she was getting ready to walk onto a runway, but my vampire eyes only saw caked on make-up and too much perfume. I resisted the urge to choke on it. As they both got out of the car they were staring at me and they looked horrified.

"I thought maybe the first time you let her slip, but you're actually letting her feed on humans?" Edward said, anger radiation off of him. Normally when someone was angry in my presence it was all I needed to go into a fit of rage. This barely phased me and I wondered briefly if Emmett had been right about my anger being connected to my sex drive. Not that I would ever admit to that.

"My eating habits aren't really any of your concern, Edward." I said with a tight smile.

"At least you haven't let Jasper fall off the wagon." Alice said with an over dramatic, relieved sigh, smiling brightly at Jasper. I stepped in front of him and her smile turned sympathetic. "Don't worry, Bella, he's stronger than he thinks he is, what with you putting him in constant proximity of human blood. I don't know how you can live with yourself putting him in such pain, but when he's done with you I promise I'll take good care of him." I took a step forward, about to end her when Jasper wrapped an arm around me. "Ah, ah, ah, Bella, don't forget. I know you're every move. It would hardly be a fair fight." This time it was my turn to smile and I gained great pleasure from watching her smile falter a bit.

"Trust me, Alice, pain is the last thing Jasper feels in my presence and I promise you would never see me coming if I wanted to hurt you." The sexual innuendo I added to my remark as well as the confidence I radiated with my threat had her retreating to Edward's side. I turned to Carlisle and my Dad. "We'll meet you at the airport, okay?" They nodded and Jasper, Peter Char and I all loaded up into a truck and headed into town. We went our separate ways to hunt and when Jasper and I were alone together I turned to him.

"What's wrong?" He asked feeling my curiosity.

"Why don't you drink human blood?" I asked him and he frowned at me. "I mean, you could feed like I do and you don't have to kill anyone."

"I don't want you to think me a monster." He said and he felt my shock. "How could you not if I started feeding on humans? You do because it's the only way. Everything else makes you physically sick. I have another way."

"Jasper, I would never think less of you because of that. Honestly I have always wondered why you would abstain when human blood makes you stronger, it's your natural food source. I wouldn't think any less of you if you started drinking human blood." He could feel the honesty in my words and he bent down to kiss me.

"Well then, Darlin' we should get to it before we miss our flight."