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The Awakening


It's has been seven years since the incident at the MetropolitanOpera House. Diva's children were living with Kai and Mao as an adoptive family. Kai had married Mao about a year ago, because they couldn't hide their feelings for each other any longer. Just like David and Julia. I had heard that about a month after the final battle, she became pregnant with his son. They named him after their friend George. He is six years old now, a strong little boy. Lulu is doing wonderful as well. With some of Diva's blood left, she was able to live happily. She hasn't aged a day, but she likes staying a child. She absolutely adores the twins though. She's always playing with them. Diva's remains were buried by the Miyagusuku Crypt, a request from Saya.

Saya. She was still deep in hibernation. If I were correct, she had another twenty three years to go before her next awakening. I've never been more excited. Then next time she wakes up, we can finally start our future together. Not as queen and chlevalier, but as man and woman. I always knew that I wanted her to be the one. I already knew she was. I had seen many women during her hibernation times, and I never spared them a glance. Saya was the only one that I ever wanted.

Not long after Kai noticed that I was still alive, he found me and offered me to come to the estate whenever I wished. So I did. He told that I was apart of Saya's family, so that made me apart of his too. Everyone there seemed to welcome with open arms. Even Diva's children took a liking to me. Their names were Kanabe and Hibiki, and they called would call me "Uncle Hagi" thanks to Kai. He had told them about me and Saya. So that made me their uncle. George is a little nice one too. The first thing he said to me was, "You awe a vewy taw man." I didn't know how to reply. I just smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. I was sure to be cautious of my chiropteran hand around the children. I didn't want to frighten them so I kept it wrapped up. I was very happy there, but still empty. But to cure my emptiness, I would go to the crypt and play my cello by Saya.

I knew that playing my cello would probably keep Saya soothed as she slumbered. Oh, how I wished I could share her hibernations with her. Sleep by her side while holding her in my arms. I would love the feeling. I stopped playing for a second to gaze at her cocoon. Oh, Saya. Please wake soon. I miss you. I need you. Come back to me.

I closed my eyes with a sad sigh and started playing again. I was remembering back when she was first teaching me how to play. She was so stubborn then, and quite spoiled. But she grew to me in the end, and I to her.


I froze and stopped playing.


It couldn't be! I opened my eyes and glanced over at Saya's cocoon.


My eyes widened as the sound of a heartbeat became louder and faster. And it was coming from the center of the room, from inside the cocoon.


"Saya!" I gasped and ran over to her resting place. How is this possible! I thought, It hasn't been even remotely close to thirty years! How is this happening. I placed my hand on the cocoon and stroked it gently, "Saya? Are you awake?" I leaned my head down into to listen to the steady movements inside

I continued to stroke the large object until I heard a crack! I jumped back at the sound and looked up to see the tiny cracks forming on the top. They became bigger and bigger every passing second, until finally…a female hand burst through the hard cocoon all the way up to the elbow. Then another arm came through.

The next thing that broke through was a head covered in long black shiny hair, along with an entire torso. "Saya." I whispered.

The head lifted up to look at me. Those twin glowing red spheres gazing right into my soul. It was so quick, one moment Saya was looking at me, and the next…She was on top of me, forcing me to the ground. The sudden impact surprised me considering that this had happened before. The next thing I felt were two sharp fangs digging into my neck. I gasped at the sudden pain but then relaxed. I held Saya closer to me. Cradling her body against my chest with one hand, while my chiropteran hand stroked her long hair.

She was taking in strong pulls of my blood to replenish herself from the years of hunger. She clutched on to the collar of my shirt, as if afraid that she was going to loose her food. I loved it when it when she fed from me. It just proved that I was useful in more ways than one.

After about another minute, she pulled away slowly and sat up, straddling my hips. She was taking in gasps of air. Her shoulders bunching up and releasing with each breath. Her mouth wide open while my blood dripped from her mouth and down to her chin. Her eyes were still glowing red. I guess she hasn't regained consciousness quite yet.

I reached up to wipe away the drop of blood from her chin. She blinked once at my movement and stared at me. She blinked again; her eyes were beginning to focus. She blinked a few more times and the glowing in her eyes began to fade. She blinked once more and looked deep into my eyes and she froze.

I smiled and sat up so I could get a better look of her face. I gently removed some of the hair from her face to move behind her ear and gently caressed her cheek, "Good morning, Saya. Sleep well?"

She gasped and her mouth started to open and close. She was obviously shocked to see me. She believed that I had died after the last battle. She took in another breath and tears began to swell in here eyes, "Ha…Hagi?" She whispered. "Are you…really…alive?"

I nodded, "Yes I am, Saya. It would take more than a mere building collapsing on top of me to completely destroy me. "Besides, I still have the future with you to start."

The tears began to leave rivers down her cheeks. "You're alive!" She leaned into me and grasped my shirt in her small fingers. I smiled down at her and wrapped my arms around her as she sobbed into my chest. "I thought I lost you." She whimpered.

I stroked her back, "I'm here, Saya. I always have been, and always will be. I love you, Saya. From the moment I met you."

She sniffled and leaned up to look at me, "I love you too, Hagi. Always." The next she did surprised me. She pounced on me, literally. She crushed her lips to mine, wrapped her arms around my neck, and shoved me to the ground, straddling my waist. I closed my eyes in bliss as I wrapped my arms around her small frame and held her closer.

Her grip on me tightened and she leaned further into me. In the next moment, I flipped us over so she lay beneath me and I was above her. I broke away from the kiss for minute and she moaned at the loss. But she stopped when I gently ran my tongue along her bottom lip, tracing it. She gasped in surprise so I took the advantage and dove my tongue into her mouth. She was stunned at the movement but soon relaxed. She tangled her fingers in my hair and pulled me closer to her. Our tongues rubbing together as one.

I have only kissed Saya a twice, and we were always so busy with looking for Diva, that we never had the time to simply be together. Now, Diva is dead. Saya and I can finally look forward to the future we were hoping for two centuries ago. We can finally spend time together without worrying about looking for or fighting chiropterans. And I wouldn't let anyone else use for another assignment for their benefits. She is mine! And no one can take her from me. Not now, not ever.

We pulled away from each other so we could breathe. I never thought I would hate the need for oxygen so much. But I had to admit, looking down at Saya's flushed face was something to look at. Her eyes were hooded and her lips were parted for her to breath. Her cheeks were flushed with a nice tint of pink etched in her skin. It was quite lovely.

She looked down suddenly and noticed that she had nothing on. "Eeeeek! Don't look at me!" She blushed even harder and hid herself behind her hands and in her hair. I blinked down at her before I started laughing. She glared at me through her fingers, "What's so funny!" She demanded.

I stopped laughing to smile at her and asked, "I've seen you naked before, Saya. Why are you so shy?"

"We were never this close to each other though!" She stopped and saw my raised brow, "Okay maybe we have a couple of times, but that doesn't count because I was feeding during those times! We didn't usually kiss."

I kissed her forehead, "We never kissed, Saya. The first kiss you gave me was when you gave me your blood to save me (yes, I read the manga, but I stick with the anime). The last we kissed was at the opera house seven years ago."

"Seven years ago!" She gasped, "How am I awake?"

I shrugged, "We could ask David and Julia. They might know why. Until then, let's take you home. Your family misses you. All of them." I stood up and held out my hand to her. She gladly took it and stood up. I shrugged off my jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.

After buttoning it up I put the cello back in its case and threw the strap on my shoulder. I was about to walk out the exit of the crypt but Saya didn't move. I turned to frown at her, "Saya?"

She gazed thoughtfully at my cello case, "I heard you."

My brows rose, "What?"

"I could hear you playing the cello, while I was sleeping. I don't know how, but my subconscious told me that it was your music trying to reach me. As if you were calling to my heart and soul." She put some of her hair behind her ear and blushed slightly.

I smiled at her before walking up to her and taking her in my arms, "That was exactly what I was doing, Saya. I was trying to tell you that I was alive, and waiting for you to wake up so we could be together."

She giggled and looked up at me, "Well I guess it worked, considering that I'm awake twenty three years early." She continued to laugh and I joined her. I took her hand so we could walk outside.

As soon as the sun hit our faces, she smiled brightly. Her eyes closed in bliss as the sun's rays touched her face. She giggled as she spun around in a circle. I smiled at her. She can finally relax and have fun. With no fears of battles on their way. She is finally free. We are finally free. She stopped twirling and looked at the soft urn that was next to the crypt. Her eyes softened as she read the inscription, "Diva." She whispered and walked over to stroke the headstone. "My sister, you were finally able to be at peace after all these years. I hope you're taking care of our mother." I tear fell down her cheek, "I promise to take care of your daughters." She took in a shaky breath and whispered "I love you, Diva."

She stood up slowly and turned my way, giving me a wide smile, "Let's go, Hagi! I want to see my family!"

I smiled and picked her up, cradling her to my chest. "If that is what you wish." I then held on to her tightly, and then jumped into the sky towards Okinawa.