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Honeymoon Part 1 - Paris


The sunlight peaked through the cracks of the drawn curtains. Reaching across the sheets that were tangled with mine and Saya's legs. I pay it no mind as I gaze adoringly at the rave-haired angle beside me. She lay snug and comfortably in my arms. Sleeping sound after our continuous hours of lovemaking.

We'd arrived in Paris and checked into the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. First thing we did was enjoy the hotel room for an hour after our long trip. We had to take multiple flights from Okinawa to here but Joel had gotten us first class. He'd given us a oneway trip so we could spend as much time away together as possible. Which was perfectly fine with me. After waiting to be with her for a century and a half, no amount of time could be enough to be by her side.

And not as her traveling companion or her chevalier. But as her husband. Her true mate. My mate. I wanted to be with her for years. But fate had other plans for us. Not anymore. Now I can am able and allowed to express my love and feelings for her openly. All into her awaiting arms.

She stirred gently against me before opening her eyes. Once she blinked the sleep out of her eyes she looks at me and smiles. "Good morning, husband."

I kiss her on the lips with the full force. I pull back and smile back at her, full of joy. "And good morning to you, wife."

She giggled in response, a small blush rising to her cheeks. "It sounds so weird to hear you calling me that."

A growl rumbled from my chest. "Well you better get used to it, my beloved." I pushed her onto her back, making her yelp in surprise. "Because I intend to refer to you as such as often as possible." I lay a gentle kiss to her neck. "I've waited a long time to call you my wife. I want the world to know that is exactly who you are." She moaned as my lips ghosted over her pule point. "Let's stay in bed a little longer."

"But we…ah…have to get dressed and go shopping for the opera." Wonderful. Her voice was losing its pitch.

My deformed hand took a hold of her wrists and held them above her head. "The opera isn't until later this evening." I purred into her neck. "Plenty of time until then."

"But, Hagi," she protested. "What if someone comes in?"

As if on cue, there's a knock on the door. Followed by a "Service en Chambre!"

I growled at the intrusion and burrowed my noes into the crook of her shoulder. "Hagi…" I ignore and trail my lips to her collar bone, my tongue slipping out to lick the space between her breasts. "N…no"


My brow raises at the noise that erupted from her stomach. I look up to see Saya blushing with such intensity that I didn't know was possible. "Well I think we both know who really won the argument." I let go of her arms to place a small kiss on her growling stomach. I pull away and get up from the bed. With a small glance to the clock, I head to the door. "J'arrive. Un instant, s'il vous plaît." I call to the server.

"Hagi!" Saya shouts at me in scolding tone. "Put something on!"

I look down and remember that I am in fact still unclothed. However, I couldn't help but smile at her horror. "Does this bother you, Saya? You certainly didn't seem to mind it last night. Or a moment ago."

She scowls and throws a robe at me. "I don't want to give the server a heart attack, do you?"

A chuckle escapes as I slowly pull the robe on. Very slowly I slip it over my shoulders. Giving her a few more peaks at my bare skin, enjoying seeing her eyes dilate. With a huff, she pulls the sheet over her and wraps it around her waist.

The smile remains on my lips as I answer the door. On the other side is a young man, probably in his early twenties, with a food cart with a silver serving plate in front of him. "Bon jour, monsieur! J'ai apporté votre petit-déjeuner."

I let him in. "S'il vous plaît, entrez." He nods in thanks and pushes the cart towards the table. He placed down the utensils first, followed by the tray.

"Mmmmm, it smells good!" Saya called from behind us. The boy and I both looked up in time to see her tie her robe shut and walk over to the table. "What's in it?"

The boy hadn't lifted the cover off the plate yet. In fact, he was still looking at my wife. I cleared my throat loudly, brining his attention back to me so I can gesture towards the platter. He blushes but doesn't comment. Instead he silently lifts the silver cover off the plate. On it were two crepes topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. To the side were two hardboiled eggs and three pieces of bacon. To top it off there was a glass of milk to the side.

Saya's eyes widened with excitement as she took in the cuisine that lay before her. "Oh it looks absolutely delicious!" She takes in a nice whiff and sighs in bliss. "Merci beaucoup!"

"Bon appetit!" T

"Merci." I hiss at him while offering him a tip, along with a warning glare. He takes it without saying anything and then lets himself out.

As soon as the door closed Saya turned to me, hands on her hips. "Hagi, is there a reason why you were staring at the poor boy with the look of death?"

My nose twitched in disdain. "I didn't like the way he looked at you."

She rolled her eyes and took a seat. "Honestly, Hagi, sooner or later, men are going to look at me. They have eyes, they can't help it."

I took the seat across from her and took her hand in mine. "I can't help it that I feel possessive of you, Saya. I don't know what it is. But whatever makes me feel this way, I don't shy away from it."

She tilts her head to the side with a little smile as she cut her crepe. "It could be the chiropteran in you. Joel once told me that the males of our species can feel very protective of their mates. Possessive of them as well."

"Oh I wouldn't blame it all on the chiropteran in me. I felt the same way about you when I was human, Saya." I chuckled. "I've always felt this way about you."

Her smile becomes gentle. "Well I have to admit, I do kinda like this side of you."

I chuckled. "Well good."

"There's still no need for you to give threatening glances at innocent bystanders." She warned.

I bit my lip and sighed. "Yes, my wife. I do suppose I could've overreacted a bit. I'll control myself."

She leaned over the table and pecked me on the nose. "Thank you, Hagi. Besides," When she pulled back there was a shy smile on her face. "I don't mind it when you lose control while we make love." Her cheeks filled with red a she placed a strawberry in her mouth. "I actually enjoy it."

My tongue sneaks out to lick my lips. "Well in that case," I place both hands on the table and lean in towards her again. "If you enjoy it so much," my voice dropped down to a purr. "Then perhaps we should give it another go before we go shopping."

Her eyes widened at my proposal but she kept her composure. "Now now, Hagi, if we go anywhere near that bed, chances are that we won't leave it for a while."

"Would that be so terrible?" I countered.

She giggled. "If we want to get our shopping done before the opera then yes."

"Well it doesn't have to be on the bed." I offered. "We can do it on the floor, against the wall, in the shower." I smiled. "In fact, I could even take you on this table right now."

"Hagi…" She said with a warning tone.

Needless to say, we ended up staying in the room for nearly two more hours. When we finally made it outside, it was already mid afternoon. We were on our way to 6th Arrondissement, Luxembourg. Saya requested that we take Metro, being she'd never used one before and anxious to experience it. It was an entreating trip but we had to figure out how the ticket booth worked and we had to ask for help. That and we also got lost more than once.

When we made it to Luxembourg, we decided to to explore the sights for a while. Saya was immediately drawn towards the Fountain of The Observatory. Its massive presence drew her towards it in wonder. Her eyes filled with such amazement. It truly made me happy.

I took her to the boutique next. We we're both taken in for our new clothes on each side. Saya was fitted for new dresses while I tried on new tuxedos. I tried on several different ones. Each for a new occasion. Most were fairly similar so I managed to finish soon enough.

When I came out of the fitting room I saw Saya trying twirling around in a baby pink ball gown. It was strapless that reached down to her feet the flowed with each step. She took little twirl to giggle in delight as the dress swirled around her legs. Her eyes dance as she takes in her reflection in the multiple mirrors. She hadn't noticed me yet. The lady assisting her was giggling in delight as Saya fell in love with the dress.

"Beautiful." I tell her as my face comes into the reflection.

She turns to me with her eyes widening in delight. "Isn't lovely, Hagi?"

"Very." I agree with her.

"Oui oui!" The clerk says. "Se très belle, mademoiselle ."

Saya smiles at her compliment. "Merci, Sophie."

"Nous allons le prendre." I tell Sophie. How can I deny my wife such a lovely dress?

"Oh, Hagi." Saya scolds. "It is much too expensive."

I smile. "Remember what Joel said? That we can spend as much as we wish. I also have many funds myself after years of serving the SHIELD. As do you."

She sighed but walked back into the dressing room. "This is the last dress."

"Have you picked out the ones you wanted?" I asked her.

"Yes," She confirmed from inside. "Sophie has them on one of the racks. Here," She opens the door and pokes her arm out, holding the dress. "take the dress."

"Shall I meet you at the desk?"

"Go ahead." She confirms. I follow Sophie to the front desk and paid for the clothes. Then I put in a request to have them sent to our hotel today.

"Finished?" Saya asked me once she came out of the dressing room.

"I am." I tell her. "Are you ready?"

She nods with a smile. "Yeah, let's go."

We went to a nearby restaurant to stop and eat for a while. As expected, I got a few worried glances when all I requested was a cup of tea while my wife ordered a full meal. She was quite interested in tasting the exotic dishes of France since we didn't get to do much of it last time we were here.

We took a taxi back to the hotel in time to get ready for the opera. Bluebeard's Castle is what we were watching tonight. When we were finished we noticed that we were each wearing similar attire to what we wore at the Met. Saya had on a knee-length spaghetti strap pink dress and matching scarf. Her hair was braided in a French style that starts from the corner of her head and wraps around until the braid rests over her shoulder.

She looks me over with a hesitant look as she reaches up to straighten my shirt and vest. "The last time you were dressed like this, you were taken from me and I never thought I'd see you again."

I take her hands in mine bring her fingers to my lips. "I will never let that happen again, Saya. This I promise you. I will never leave your side to again."

She wraps her arms around me and I pull her close. "I won't ever be without you again."

I hold her close to my chest and press my nose into her hair. "Nor shall I. You and I will always be together."

"Now and forever." She whispers.


We held each other for several minutes. Until the phone rang to tell us that the car had arrived to take us to the opera. The entire ride there she never let go for my hand. Not that it bothered me. We arrived in the 9th Arrondissement in half an hour. There was a lot of traffic this time of night.

Once we arrived, Saya was overcome with the mass of people that were there. It was clearly a different experience to actually be a part of the audience and not hiding behind the stage. We show our tickets to the door and take our seats.

The opera was an amazing performance. Saya seemed to be enjoying it herself. It was a wonderful to see her finally having some fun. She only left once and that was during the intermission to get herself something to drink. When she came back, I noticed something was off. Her posture had stiffened and she seemed…guarded.


"L'eau, s'il vous plaît." I ask the server and he hands me a small glass of water. I was really having a good time here. This was truly an amazing performance and it was nice that I was actually able to watch one for once. I'm really liking it.

"Enjoying the show?" A woman asked me from my right.

"Hmm?" I followed the voice to see that she was about my age, nearly five-feet in height, mahogany hair and pair of lovely blue eyes. "I'm sorry?"

The pretty girl smiled, "I didn't mean to startle you. I was merely asking if you enjoyed the show."

"Oh, yes!" I let out an embarrassed sigh. "Sorry I just…"

She shook her hand, "It's It was rather rude of me to just talk without introducing myself first."

"And who are you exactly?" I ask her.

She holds out her gloved hand. "I'm Luna. Pleasure to meet you, Saya."

My equally gloved hand shakes hers. "The pleasure's all mine." Then I freeze. "How…did you know my name?"

Her voice drops down to a whisper. "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. That I swear. Only to help you and your mate."

"What do you know?" I demanded.

She squeezed my hand once more before letting go. "Not here. Meet me in the Egyptian exhibit at the Louvre tomorrow at noontime. Bring Hagi. We have much to discuss."

My eyes narrow in warning. "Why so public?"

"As I said, I mean you no harm." She whispered. "What better way to prove so then by doing it in a public place?" Before I could reply, she turns to walk away. "I'll see you tomorrow."


"Saya?" I asked her quietly. She was still looking rather shaken "What's the matter?"

She shook her head. "I'm not sure just yet. But…I think someone leaked information from SHIELD."

My skin turn to ice. "What?"

Her eyes met mine and they started to glow. "A woman met me outside and confronted me with our names. She wants to meet us at the Louvre tomorrow."