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Her life kinda sucked right now...

Or really sucked. Whichever one sounded worse.

"She is the finest jewel that I have to offer," The greedy merchant put on quite a show and Kagome gave up on struggling against the thick ropes binding her a long time (as she was bleeding from several lacerations), "How lucky was I to have stumbled upon her, half-dead from malnourishment and lack of water?"

Many pairs of eyes observed her carefully, yet Kagome did not pay them the least bit of attention because she was currently formulating a plan to get herself out of this predicament.

"Here, My Pharaoh, gaze upon her," The merchant caressed her bared leg, much to her disgust though she couldn't kick out at him due to the bindings, "Her skin is an pale as the desert sands and her eyes are as blue as the sky!" The merchant really was a smooth talker, even if he was a lowlife (and that she couldn't understand a word of what they were saying), "She is a rare find, I promise you."

"What makes you think I am interested?" The obviously important man spoke (well, he had to be someone important since he was sitting on that golden throne and all... and that he had those six bodyguards standing ready), "What makes you think I need another woman for my 'harem'?" Not that he saw any need for one to begin with...

"Should this be a farce, then your life will be forfeit." A High Priest (she was only guessing at this point) said coldly as his icy eyes glared at the merchant in contempt and disdain.

"Priest Set," The Pharaoh warned lightly, silencing the man at once, "You are true in saying that this girl is most unusual," He admitted, observing the girl from his throne, "I have never seen a female with features such as hers..."

"My Pharaoh," The High Priest called Mahaad quickly interjected, "Surely you are not thinking in purchasing this girl from this... merchant?"

Pharaoh Atem raised a brow, almost liking how the girl stared defiantly back at him. In any case, he did not intend to keep her for his (non-existent) 'harem', but intended on letting her go once she was out of the merchant's greedy grasp... though maybe after she answered some questions on her heritage (since she was obviously not Egyptian). He wasn't a tyrant, after all.

He couldn't let someone suffer if he had anything to say about it (and she probably would suffer under the merchant if he didn't purchase her now), "High Priestess Isis, fetch this man some gold." He said, ignoring the light protests from his Sacred Guardians.

"My Pharaoh, you surely will not regret this!" The merchant bowed, only so the greedy smirk could not be seen on his filthy face. He was just glad that he would be getting well compensated for the hell this wild-cat had put him through since he found her passed out in the sweltering desert heat...

"Now then," Atem stood up after the man was paid and gone, seeing the girl tense in her bindings as he moved in closer to her (and seeing his Guardians ready for battle should this girl prove herself to be a threat), "What is your name?" He asked.

Kagome simply glared, not saying anything because she couldn't understand his language, 'Why does this always happen to me?' She thought bitterly.

Atem waited patiently, then turned to Isis after realising the problem, "High Priestess Isis, I will leave her in your care for now. Teach her what you can," He smirked, hearing the protests once again from his loyal servants, "This girl... already intrigues me."

And Kagome could only wonder what was going on when the only other woman in the room bent down to untie the ropes bounding her arms and legs, 'Why did Midoriko-sama send me here again?' She almost wanted to yell and scream in frustration, yet stayed silent as the High Priestess guided her out of the room – though not before she took one last look into those dark amethyst eyes of the Pharaoh.

'He doesn't... seem too bad.'

But still – it didn't mean she had to save everyone that Midoriko thought was worth it...

She was still only a teenage girl!

For now – this is complete