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She noticed that the servant-girls seemed to cower a bit under the High Priest's dark stare.

And, honestly, Kagome couldn't blame them too much, she would probably shivering herself under the death-glare had she not grown used to it due to the many demons she had come across in her travels.

"Answer me," The High Priest demanded impatiently, clenching the golden rod tighter in his hand and Kagome was wary to feel that a dark magic was emitting strongly from the mysterious item, "Or I shall punish you with conspiracy to bewitch our Pharaoh."

Kagome huffed, crossing her arms over her chest tightly to make sure that the towel wouldn't fall off and bare her body to his eyes, "Listen here," She stepped closer, not intimidated in the least by his impressive glare, "I don't know who you are or who you think you are, but you don't come barging in when a lady is taking her bath!" She waved her finger in a scolding manner.

High Priest Set hid his slight surprise behind a deep frown, 'Who is this girl?' He thought, feeling her strange and very pure Heka rise with her emotions. It made his skin tingle and just felt very uncomfortable all around since he wasn't used to it, 'Perhaps a witch from an enemy kingdom?'

"I know you don't understand me," Kagome sighed, shaking her head, "And I don't understand you. So why don't we just come to a truce for now and you leave me to enjoy the rest of my bath in peace?" She gave him a slightly hopeful look and disappointment set in when he seemed to disregard her words completely.

"I see that it is useless to speak to you like this," High Priest Set stated, letting his dark Heka to flow into the golden rod in his hand and raised it to eye-level of the much smaller female, "Allow me to control your mind with this sceptre of mine!" He smirked, hearing the girl gasp as a golden glow brightened the room and relishing in the frightened screams of the servant-girls.

Kagome almost dropped to her knees at the sudden onslaught of corrupted power trying to enter her mind. It was familiar – too familiar – of a feeling that she never wanted to experience again.




'No, no, no, nonononono!' Kagome grit her teeth, snapping her blue eyes open and feeling her purifying energy surge up to combat the foreign dark power that did not belong in her mind, 'GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU BASTARD!'

High Priest Set was immediately sent sprawling to the hard floor as the miko pushed him out of her mind with a determined force that he had never felt before.

Kagome panted, clutching the towel with shaky hands and the only noise in the room was the quiet mutterings of the servant-girls.

'These people,' The miko eyed the High Priest with distrustful eyes, taking a few steps back, 'I have to leave. Now.' She looked at the entrance to the room, quickly stepping around the fallen Priest to leave, despite being only dressed in a flimsy towel while ignoring the cries of the servant-girls and the shaky shout from High Priest Set.

She ran face-first into something soft and stumbled back a bit to see it was a woman's chest that she had run into, "What is going on here?" The voice was familiar and Kagome glanced up to see it was the woman from earlier, "High Priest Set, what are you doing here?" High Priestess Isis asked sharply, eyeing the scene with suspicious eyes.

High Priest Set got up to his feet, shaking his head to get rid of the unsettling purifying energy that was the exact opposite of his own dark Heka, 'What is this girl?' He eyed her furiously, 'And how can she be this powerful?' He could only wonder about the strength of her Ka...

"High Priest Set," Isis repeated impatiently, "Are you attacking the Pharaoh's honoured guest?" She frowned, placing a comforting hand upon Kagome's shoulder.

"This girl is bewitching you and our Pharaoh with her strange Heka!" Set snarled, defending himself, "It is only natural that I probe her mind to see her intentions!"

Isis sighed, almost wanting to roll her blue eyes at the answer, yet refraining because it was not proper of her station, "You are not to attack this girl on orders of the Pharaoh himself."

High Priest Set opened his mouth to answer, though was interrupted by a cheerful voice that had both him and Isis stiffen.

"I wanna see the Pharaoh's new harem girl that Master Mahaad told me about!"