The months that followed had been happy ones for the family, and for their loved ones as well. Just before their anniversary, Ryan became a godfather to Fred and Alicia's son, Leo. And Neville's dad had been released from rehab, in time to welcome his own first grandson , little baby Frankie. Alice had come home a few months earlier. Neither would return as aurors ever, but they were both able to take care of themselves, and physically in better shape, as well as mentally. Aubrey and Hector were married shortly after Ryan's anniversary. They chose to marry on Boxing Day instead, so they didn't share an anniversary. Since Hector taught, they too had it during a school break, and only slightly shorter honeymoon. Ryan had been surprised to be a groomsman at the wedding, Ron was best man, but he had been honored. The last big occasion before Ryan gave birth, was the birth of Pansy and Draco's son, who they named Alexander Draco. He was Draco but with Pansy's eyes and dimples.

James couldn't have been prouder. He had never told anyone, but he had realized Ryan was Harry. He had sworn to his son he'd stop looking, and allow Harry to live in peace, and he would. He never intended to tell Ryan who he was, or let anyone else know, he knew. He saw Hector and Ryan grow close, and knew Hector didn't need to know. And he waited anxiously he could admit, with the others, for the birth of the baby.

On Valentine's Day the family anxiously waited in the infirmary. Severus paced. "I should be in there."

Orion laughed a little. "Your son insisted."

Regulus agreed. "He wants you just to be a grandfather today."

Severus sighed. "Andromeda gets to be nurse."

Ted laughed. "Because your son hates other healers."

Draco looked up from his own son. "I hope the baby hurries up and comes."

Pansy agreed. "Alex can't wait to meet his new playmate."

Thatcher looked. "I hope they chose an appropriate name for my heir."

Orion turned. "I wasn't aware they made the final decision."

Marcus' mother Selena said. "Thatcher just thinks, since our son is the eldest, it makes sense."

Regulus pointed out. "It is just a grandchild now. Heirs won't be an issue for many years to come."

Lucius pointed out. "Ryan could just name the baby his heir, and end it."

Though true, they knew that Ryan had already said no. They were thinking only three, and it made sense to keep his two titles combined. The Black estate was by far the largest of the three. Add to it the Prince, their third child would oddly inherit the most, but all three men had agreed. Ryan had told them, they needed to decide between themselves, on the older two kids. But in reality, Thatcher was right and they had agreed. Oliver had agreed, the first born normally was the heir of the older husband, and Oliver was two months younger. They could have run a DNA test and solved it that way, but wouldn't. One because they had sworn all kids were theirs, all three of theirs. And because if both the first and second babies were of the same dad, it would solve no issue. There was no telling he'd have a child from each husband eventually.

Andromeda finally appeared in the door, after about seven hours of labor. They hadn't been there the entire time, well except the parents. The marauders, most of the Weasleys, and even James were there with his son. They weren't allowed in though for another half hour.

They were all shocked when let in. Fred found his voice first. "Cool."

George agreed with his twin. "We are rubbing off on you."

Severus looked at the twins in shock. "You didn't tell us."

Ryan looked up from his son. "We had no idea."

Oliver looked up from his daughter. "She was a shock to all of us."

Thatcher reached for his grandson. "Let me hold my heir."

Marcus smiled. "I am sure they would like to meet their grandfather, but you'll need to take my daughter."

Ryan explained. "We agreed Marcus could have the first born as heir. She was born six minutes earlier."

Selena looked at her new granddaughter. "She is quite beautiful."

Thatcher could admit it. "Aye she is."

Orion held his new great-grandson, who would be the Wood heir. "I am pleased to be here to welcome these two new members."

Douglas agreed. "Beautiful welcome additions."

The twins were identical, well not really as different genders, but they had similar characteristics. They both had Ryan's eyes, and soft brown hair, as well as his nose. The mouth, chin and other features though came from one of the other parents. But the looks weren't obvious enough, to point to either of his husbands. And in truth, as they were fraternal, they could have different dads. But as Marcus and Oliver looked on the two little babies with total devotion, no one doubted they'd love the babies just the same. They definitely never intended to learn whose they were.

Ryan chose a godparent for each, and the husband whose heir it was, chose the other. Marcus chose his sister Aurelia, and Ryan chose his cousin Viktor. Oliver had chosen Fred, as George was his witness, for their son. And Ryan had chosen Draco, to no surprise at all.

Draco looked at his new godson. "What names have you chosen?"

Hector agreed. "Have you chosen one for the girl yet?"

Sirius smiled. "Sirius of course."

Ryan smirked. "We considered Siria in fact."

Remus clapped his husband on the back. "You definitely know how to quiet him."

Oliver introduced their son. "This is Malcolm Octavian Rigel."

And Marcus introduced their girl. "And this is our Marina Olwen Penelope."

Horace notice. "You used your mother's name?"

Ryan looked up. "I hope that is okay."

Borden smiled. "It means a lot."

Severus agreed. "It seems fitting."

They had chosen, except for Penelope, to use their initials and traditions. Malcolm was a Scottish clan like Oliver and Douglas, for the Wood heir. Octavian was a Roman name, though for Marcus' family, also included Remus and Severus. And instead of two O names, went with a R for Ryan. Rigel was a star in Orion, so honored Ryan and his grandsire. Marina came from Latin culture for the Flint heir, and Olwen was from Celtic myth for Oliver's mother's family, his mother's name was like the Weasleys, from Arthurian myth. And Ryan chose to use his mother's.

Hector smiled at the twins. "Well since Ron never seems to intend to marry, these two are the closest thing to a niece and nephew I have."

Mara and Colm as the twins were quickly called, were released from the hospital the following day. The families had surprised the couple with a dream nursery both at the school and at their city home. Orion had acted fast, and made sure there were doubles, before the twins came home. They'd be in the master with their dads at first, but he wasn't one to procrastinate. The families thought they needed to have an estate for weekends, now they had kids, but they put them off. They knew their families wouldn't back off for too long though. For now, they had a beautiful nursery decorated to look like a forest wonderland, in either of their homes.

In the summer they were prepared to head home. The twins were over four months old, and showing their definite personalities already. Mara was the quite baby, and often had such a look, Marcus swore she had the Flint smirk. Colm was quite the bubbly laughing baby.

Severus appeared when they were about to leave. "Good we didn't miss you."

Ryan was surprised. "Is something wrong?"

Oliver agreed. "I thought you were coming for dinner."

Regulus was with his husband. "Anything wrong with the grandfathers coming to visit?"

Marcus shook his head. "You're up to something."

Severus took Colm from his son. "I thought you could use a hand."

Ryan shook his head. "We have six hands and elves."

Oliver agreed. "Something is up."

Severus summoned the bus. "Just get on."

Ryan was confused by the location. "The coast?"

Regulus smirked. "You didn't think your grandsire would be put off too long did you?"

Marcus understood. "They ambushed us with a home."

Neither father denied it. They had compromised with the boys, they hadn't bought them a home. They were the heirs of three major estates, and they had close to fifty homes between them. Well a number of them were abroad, but many were here in the UK as well. The families had gone over many a home before they decided. It wasn't one of the main manors, all but Prince Manor were occupied, but wasn't much smaller either. Draco and Pansy had faced the same, when they brought Alex home, and found them moved to the Malfoy home in Cornwall.

Ryan and his husbands were amazed when they got off the bus. They were at a home Oliver knew all too well, as it was a Wood home. The Woods only had four in the UK, and he spent a lot of summers here. Drift Wood Manor was located on the Southern coast of Cornwall.

Oliver shrugged. "It would be a great place to raise these two."

Marcus agreed. "I can imagine them playing on the beach when older."

Ryan agreed. "And we can easily commute to London."

Draco added as he appeared. "And short even by muggle standards, ride from ours."

Ryan laughed. "I guess you are just up on the Northern coast."

Orion came over. "There is lunch but a tour I believe is in order."

Regulus told his son. "Your Uncles had a hand in some renovations."

Sirius agreed. "Made it more muggle friendly like the Malfoys."

Marcus smiled. "I always wanted to have some more."

Oliver was amazed when the last stop was the nursery. "This is amazing."

Severus explained. "We were going to do another duplicate, but Luna and Aubrey had other plans."

They should have known those two would have been involved. Luna had helped with the other two nurseries, and Aubrey where she could. She used most of her art, for basic work at the shop, but had a talent. Aubrey and Hector had recently admitted they were expecting their first child. James was over the moon to finally be a grandfather. Well that he could acknowledge, as he knew about Mara and Colm. The nursery was not the woods like their other homes, but looked like the school, with many of the furry inhabitants, and the quidditch pitch included.

Down along the back lawns there was more than a lunch waiting for them. There was a welcome home party for them as well. Luna, Hector and Aubrey, most of the Weasleys, Borden and his family again, their families and friends were there.

Marcus took Mara towards his parents. "We appreciate the work you put into the home."

Selena kissed her son's cheek. "We're happy you approve. You know our little granddaughter and her brother need a proper home."

Thatcher looked at Mara. "She seems to be growing well."

Marcus smiled. "You can hold her you know."

Thatcher looked uncertain. "Perhaps later."

"Nonsense." Selena said and handed her husband the baby, before turning to her son. "It has been a long time since he held one."

Thatcher looked down at her. "She is lovely."

Ryan looked at Thatcher and to his dads and Orion. "I worry he is upset in having a female heir."

Sirius snorted. "I had to drop some files off at his office. He has at least three photos."

Orion confirmed it. "He may be traditional, but that little one will have him wrapped about her finger soon enough."

Regulus assured his son. "Both. You know the Woods and Flints love both twins equally."

It was one thing he worried about, when they named heirs so young. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he worried they'd play favorites. With the Woods he knew it was ridiculous, the couple may be old-blood, but there was a reason they were Gryffindors. Like the Weasleys, they were very un-traditional. But the Flints had been a concern. He had worried about Mara being the heir, and Oliver had offered to have Mara be his heir instead. But Marcus had refused, he had been enamored with his daughter, and had insisted he stick with their original plan. His father he said, would just have to live with it. But seeing Thatcher with the little girl, Ryan was starting to think it might not be an issue.

Orion watched his family with pride. "I am so happy to see the family growing."

On November 1st, 1981 Harry James Potter had been brought to Black Manor. Regulus Black had brought his brother and boyfriend's godson, not knowing what he could do, but in hopes to protect him. He had done more, and gained a son, and on that day Orion Regulus Black-Prince was born. Though it was never easy, between his health and keeping him safe, life had been happy and good. Regulus and Severus had never had kids of their own, and either could Sirius and his husband. But in the child, the Black family had carried on. Known as Ryan, he had excelled in school, proven an Earth elemental like his grandsire, and made them all proud as a healer. And with his two husbands, had grown the family tree again, with the additions of Mara and Colm, followed by their little brother. Three years and six weeks after the birth of the twins, Ryan had given birth to his son Severin-Orion Thatcher Douglas. They had stuck with three, happy with two boys and a girl.

James watched Ryan from a distance, but his own son as well. Hector and Aubrey welcomed a pair of boys with time. He knew Lily would have been extremely proud of how both her sons had grown up. He was filled with pride and regret, as he watched Ryan, knowing what he threw away. But he could be truly happy for the young man his son had become.

Ryan stood in the door watching his three children on Halloween 2008. "I can't believe how much they have grown."

Severus stood by his son. "Your grandmother would have rolled in her grave if she saw them like that."

Sirius had come up. "Muggle costumes and all."

Regulus shook his head. "It brought some joy to the old man."

Ryan felt a pang. "You don't thinkā€¦.."

Regulus cut him off. "You know the old man is too stubborn to die."

Orion laughed as he came into view. "Old man? I am not too old to take you over my knee still."

Mara spotted her grandsire. "Grandsire, Grandsire, I have a treat for you."

Orion smiled at the candy apple. "Thank you."

Mara beamed. "Have one for Grandpa That too."

Severus smirked. "What about Grandpa Sev?"

Mara looked up at him. "Grandpa you don't like sweets."

Ryan laughed at his Papa's expression. "I guess that's what you get from telling them they eat too many sweets."

The kids had an abundance of family from their three dads. All three couples doted on their three grandchildren equally. Severin-Orion was the only one of their three, who the secondary father was quite obvious. But oddly enough, it was the father he didn't share any blood with, who the little toddler was the secret favorite of. They often joked with three parents and three kids, they could each have a favorite. Mara was a true little Slytherin, and made Thatcher and the Blacks proud. She was even working on her smirk. And at five, she was already showing traces of her Papa's powers. Colm was a bit shy, and had only shown a little accidental, but he did have a love for animals of all shapes and forms.

Ryan was amazed as he looked into the room and watched his children playing. Oliver and Marcus were coming later, they had both had been busy with school. Ryan hadn't had any patients, and got away to take the kids trick or treating with their cousins.

Colm turned to him. "Papa, Mara is making Cyclops float again."

Mara shook her head. "No I'm not Colm, stop lying."

Colm pouted. "I can't do that like you, Papa and Grandsire."

Severin broke up the talk as he clapped his hands. "Kitty fly, kitty fly."

Ryan stared in shock at his two year old. "At two?"

Severus rescued his grandson's poor cat. "You did magic young but not like that."

Orion smiled. "That makes two of the three."

Ryan scooped up Severin. "No making the cats fly, you're going to scare him."

Severin pouted but he nodded. "Sorry Papa."

Colm took his cat. "Cyclops only has one eye, it's not nice when you pick on him."

Oliver had come in. "I am sure your brother didn't mean it."

Regulus looked at his sons in law. "I guess we don't have to consider switching heirs."

Marcus laughed. "I think my father might put up the biggest fight."

Both Marcus and his father were happy now to have Mara as heir, Marcus always was. When Mara first showed the potential for the Black powers, Orion had commented maybe she should be his heir. Marcus had refused, she was his heir from birth, and would remain so. But it seemed little Severin may have some as well. It was odd for two in one generation, and in the past always skipped a generation. Orion though reminded his grandson, there had been others who showed the traits. Sirius and Regulus had a few traits of their own. Just because the two showed them, didn't mean either Mara or Severin would be full elementals, like Ryan. But there was a great chance.

Oliver scooped up his pouting oldest son. "I think we should head up to bed."

Marcus agreed with Mara in his arms. "You had an exciting night it seems."

Ryan already had Severin. "Well we were spending the night here."

Regulus watched as they headed up. "Tomorrow is the anniversary."

His husband kissed him. "Hard to believe it has been twenty five years."

Orion smiled. "Twenty five years since Sirius gave this entire family the best gift."

Sirius smirked. "Twenty five years of waiting for a thank you."

Remus elbowed his husband. "We all have something to be thankful for."

They were having a dinner the next night, with most of their family there. James and Hector would be there as well. To this day, James and Hector didn't know who Ryan was, or so they believed. James had never let on, to them or his son, he had guessed who Harry was. The day after the defeat of Voldemort, had become a day to remember. Frank and Alice would both be there, other survivors of the war. No one, including their son, would ever know why the holiday was so special for the Blacks. They had kept it all this time.

Orion thought when alone. "I wish you were here Wallburga, to see your grandson and his family. He truly is a Black."

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Malcolm (Colm) Octavian Rigel: Malcolm (Scottish) disciple of Saint Columba, like Oliver and Douglas, Scottish clan name (Wood heir). Octavian (Latin) eight, O for Oliver but a Latin name for the Flints (also Ryan's Papa), Rigel (Arabic) foot, star in Orion, for Blacks

Marina Olwen Penelope: Marina (Latin) of the sea. Roman name for the Flints. Olwen (Welsh) white or fair footprint, for Oliver. His mother's name comes from Arthurian legend, Olwen from Celtic. Penelope (Greek) either thread or duck, breaks letter tradition, for Ryan's 'mother'.

Severin-Orion Thatcher Douglas: honored the grandpas this time. Severin (Latin) tempered Severity for Severus. Orion (Greek) Hunter, for great-grandsire and Papa (he is Black-Prince heir so hyphen first name). Thatcher (English) roofer, Marcus'. Douglas (Scottish) dark water, Oliver's.

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