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Before I forget: Chidori - Art Arcana 3

May 16 – Saturday

At night at the dorm, the lounge was quiet. The only sounds you'll hear were the noises made by the cars passing by outside, the impatient tapping on a piece of paper... and the groans of an annoying beast.

"This is so BORING! This stuff just ain't for me!"

An annoying beast indeed. Every women that hears this sound tend to run as fast as they could so that they would be spared from the annoyance from whence it originated from. Sadly, there are some that could not be saved for they are trapped in the same room as the beast. I would have saved those damsels...

If only it weren't so amusing to watch them squirm.

A grunt escaped the lips of the brunette beside me, trying, but failing, to keep her attention on the paper she was looking over. "Shut up, Stupei, this isn't fun for any of us." One of the so-called damsels complained. She was fighting a valiant effort to keep her attention on the paper, but it was taking all of her efforts to not make a comment to other person with her in the room.

"But what about him!" the short attention spanned boy complained, pointing an accusing finger over to my general direction. Junpei had removed his cap so that it wouldn't be in the way whenever he would scratch his head in frustration.

My only reaction to him was a smirk, finding quite a... lot of amusement as I watch my friends struggle under the pressures of the upcoming exams.

"See! He doesn't even look worried!" the shave-headed boy pointed at me accusingly. Since he couldn't keep focus on studying, and just can't seem to keep some of the information that he was reading stay in his head, he needed an outlet to vent his building stress.

"Why, whatever do you mean, Junpei?" I asked casually, addressing to him a bit too innocently. "If you haven't noticed, I've been struggling just as much as you guys have." I dipped my head over my notebook, hiding my face behind my fringe, keeping the smirk that instinctively appeared on my face hidden. I started to pretend that I was reading, but actually keeping my attention to my magician friend.

"Whaddya mean 'Struggling'?" he yelled in a bit of outrage. "All you've been doing there was just sit and stare at that damn piece of empty paper you call a notebook!"

Looking up to Junpei, I didn't even bother hiding the smug look I had from before. I simply chose to mock the rest of the people studying in the room. "I'm actually struggling to remember why I didn't bother taking down notes, and why I seem to know the answers to the questions you're all asking." I scratched my head, feigning amazement to myself while still having that smirk on my face. "It's quite baffling."

That earned me a round of groans from the people in the room.

We were all preparing for the upcoming exams. I had tried escaping in the earlier days, but Yukari and Hamuko seem to know where my usual escape routes were whenever I try to sneak out before dark. Junpei, on the other hand, was laughing at me on the days where I'd get dragged by the girls with them to the second floor's mini lounge, chanting about being 'whipped', and all that. So...

I just had to wipe that smile off of his mug.

That's where we find ourselves now. The girls were asking questions every now and then, while Junpei would try to fall asleep as discreetly as possible, even wishing that he could enter dream land with his eyes open. The reason why the girls kept asking their questions vocally was because they don't ask for my notes. It's not that I don't let them borrow it, it's just that... I can't.


Because my notes are as fresh as the day they were bought ever since the day that Mitsuru froze my room.

Both ladies and the uninterested gent were surprised and shocked by this, yet what's more shocking was that I was answering their questions without missing a beat right after they voiced it. This was found out yesterday- three days after we started this whole study group thing.

They didn't notice before because I've had my notebook in front of me, standing by itself, covering me from their view, unaware that I was half listening to my tunes while I kept sitting back, relaxed, all the while the girls were having a hard time recalling the previous lessons.

That was a happy day for me actually. It was when we ended our study time early, giving me a chance to look at our supplies and restock, even if we didn't need it (but my fridge did). It was also the night where they had flat looks even while they were eating, unsettling the both upperclassmen when they saw them looking at me with the same expression that I usually have most of the time. Their disbelief at me was so hilarious; I even took a picture of them with my phone, not caring at all while they knew I did it to them.

So, back in the dorm, where the sour faced teens gather, Hamuko dunked her head on top of the table where we were studying, reciting the formula that was presented in our math class. They were all having problems with their studying because they lost their motivation after I revealed to them proof that I can easily pass the test, even without notes. It was frustrating to them, but since I simply came from the future, though in an alternate dimension, the questions were all still the same (thankfully).

It's easy for me because all I have to do was recall what I forgot. If I couldn't do that myself, I'd just pick up a book, skim through it, and voila: memory restored.

Hamuko suddenly threw her hands in the air in frustration after reciting the third formula but forgot the rest halfway through. "GAHH! This is impossible!" she then turned to face me, diving at my arm even though Yukari was between us. Said archer had to lean back lest get bulldozed by the eccentric teen, letting the frustrated girl on her lap while she had a firm grasp on my arm. "Please, Minato, tell me your secret!"

"Keep reading." was my immediate reply.

"But I've tried that!" she whined, shaking my arm along with Yukari's lap as she kept moving her body to commit the action. "A guy like you should have some kind of secret technique for this right?"

I looked up from the empty paper that I was absently staring at, pausing my current daydreaming to look at the girl and contemplate what she said. "A secret technique?" I pondered about the idea. Do I have a such a thing? Well, there was that, but...

"Yesss..." Hamuko, and even Junpei, whined, which came out like a hissing snake than an answer. A guy doing the puppy dog eyes was a truly horrifying sight to behold.

It still made me feel a sense of pity for the guy. But it was a different type of pity, not like the ones when girls are the ones that use the legendary technique. The one I felt made me want to end his existence so that he would no longer be able to show that horrible expression to the ones who have had the mercy of not gazing at it yet. It can also be considered as an act of mercy.

A Mercy to us all.

After a second of pause, I nodded to the girl, purposely ignoring the horrible image on the other side of the table. "Alright. I'll give you one of my secret techniques on studying."

"Yeah!" the girl cheered, hopping away from Yukari's lap to whoop out of the table. You could see the joy coming out of the girl. It made you want to smile seeing such an expression; like watching a puppy run around in circles. Such an adorable sight.

Yukari though wasn't sure if there was such a technique. The skeptical look she shot me drew my eyes away from the scene that almost sprouted a spring of 'moe'. "There are secret methods for these?" she asked uncertainly.

"Of course there are." I answered her. From the corner of my vision I could see that Junpei has joined Hamuko in her little celebration.

"What is it? What's the secret?" asked Junpei, who sounded ecstatic that there was a 'secret technique' on studying. "Oh man, I can't wait!"

Instead of telling them, I threw two books to the top of the table, opening it up on random pages. "Here." I said, giving them a sunshine happy smile. "It's called 'Multi-book-tasking'. Have fun with my secret, okay?"

Junpei and Hamuko froze and held their enthusiastic pose as they let my words sink in. You could almost see the cheerful world inside their minds shatter like glass, making a sound similar to summoning a Persona. If fact, I could almost swear that I can see Hamuko's Orpheus and Junpei's Hermes on the ground behind them being blanketed by an aura of despair.

Slowly, the two sat down, eyeing blankly at the books that I threw in front of their chosen seats. Yukari had an amused look on her, but soon disappeared after I pulled out two more books for her own study. She glanced at me, pleading with her eyes that I wasn't giving her the same treatment I was giving the other two.

My own amused smirk was my only answer to her.

And, as one, all three rookie SEES members slammed their heads on the table. The sound that came from the impact actually echoed throughout the empty lounge of the first floor.

Poor fools.

It almost makes want to help them.


The sound of someone coming down the stairs made me stop my recording of the poor rookies groaning while they were facing down. That idiotic headbutt to the table must've hurt more than they thought. That's why the expression called 'Face-palm' was invented.

Down the stairs came Akihiko, looking sweaty and was reading a book in his hand. The sweat must have been from punching the bag in his room and the book was just to make sure that he looks like he was studying.

"Hey, sempai!" I called out to the boxer, who stopped on his way to the kitchen to address me. "I hope that sweat's from training, and not from the book." I just couldn't help making a jab at him.

The silver haired teen looked at me in confusion, as if not knowing what I meant. "What?"

Yeah. He really needs to go out and spread his wings more, and also broaden his vocabulary.

I dropped my hand that I unconsciously raised when I called to him. It went limp, as well as the muscles in my eye-lids as I watch him looking at me ignorantly at my crack. I'm deadpanning him, yet he still doesn't know what I was talking about. "You are one depraved soul, you know that, sempai? You need porn in your life."

The sudden color on his cheeks gave me the satisfaction of embarrassing the poor bastard. I could also hear Junpei laughing while still faced down on one of the books that I gave him. Yukari though was giving me a disapproving look while Hamuko watched the boxer in curiosity.

"What's he talking about, sempai?" the innocent auburn haired girl asked.

The tint on Akihiko's face suddenly started to spread throughout his body. New sweats were coming out of his already moist skin. "I-It's nothing." he said, trying hard to hide the fact that he was very awkward in subjects like this.

He hurriedly made his way to the kitchen, getting what he went there for and jogged his way back to his room to save himself from further questioning. I could only sigh dramatically at the poor man. "Such an innocent teen..." I trailed off before a sudden grin spread on my face. "This blasphemy must not continue, he is an embarrassment to all that is rugged and masculine."

"Yeah!" Junpei suddenly piped in, pumping his fist and standing up as he cheered. The teen had already recovered from his depression after watching his sempai get flustered at a simple joke.

I went over to Junpei, grabbing the him by his shoulder and herded him to the stairs. "Come, my brother. Let us corrupt that pure, untainted soul. The more exciting part of life has yet to hit the poor fool."

"For all that is MANLY, he shall be turned!"

(Emoting in the Streets)

Walking down the street to the Strip Mall, I couldn't help but grunt from last night's... ritual.

"Damn Persona summoning, cap-wearing masochist."

My plan was simple. All I had to do was sneak-in an ero book or two inside Akihiko's room while Junpei would call him outside and pretend to be asking him questions. The small problem about my plan was: I don't have the book.

As soon as I figured out the problem, I asked Junpei if he could lend me one. And when he showed me his... stash...

I don't think that I would be able to look at a girl carrying a rope ever again without remembering last night... or a girl carrying whipped cream... or ribbons... or belts... or leather... whips... candles... cigar...

DAMN YOU JUNPEI! Your little fetishes will be the end of all the reputations of every good guy out there!

...well, that's the summary of last night. The guy had a collection, not a stash. Most of it had the woman dominating the man. That was not what I thought Junpei was aiming for whenever he would provoke Yukari.

I was curious about the contents, but not that curious, so I left them where they were. So, here I am, walking to the Strip Mall, hoping to buy a tiny ero book for poor, deprived albino to read. Maybe I should buy that little orange book I saw a few days ago in Bookworms?

Looking up, I glanced around the street and noticed that there were less ominous feelings than a month ago. There were no eyes following my every movement. There were no unexplained puffs of mist coming from every women I see. It seems that the whole 'Prince Minato' rave is finally dying down, even if there's still a few diehard girls that can't seem to get a life that are still stalking me.

"Hmm?" I stopped in my stroll, pausing in the middle of the path. "Well, t'would appear that there is some higher being of existence out there that favors me today." I placed a hand over my heart, raising my head and looked to the heavens. "Thank you, Elizabeth, because I know that this can't be Igor's doing."

Walking slowly away from me with slump shoulders was a girl with teal green colored hair, sighing as she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

Ah… how long has it been since I've seen that small, petite back? How long has it been since I've seen that delicate looking figure? How long has it been since I've heard those shy steps?

Fuuka Yamagishi

The team's tactical support, the guide of the expedition teams, the team's silent conscience, the one who brought me to death's door more than the Shadows with her culinary skills, and last but not least my pseudo-little sister.

Hmm… the SEES really is my family. I seem to be giving them titles without noticing. Daddy Akihiko, Mommy Mitsuru, Uncle Shinjiro, Best Friend Junpei, Childhood Friend Yukari, Little Sister Fuuka, Little Brother Ken, Pet Koro-chan and Nanny Aigis.

What a dysfunctional family.

But still, a girl walking the streets with no particular destination, unaware of her surroundings, seems to be under great depression, and absolutely looks like she won't even hurt a fly…

Yeah… this setting is just asking for trouble.

And right on cue, my personal punching bags from behind Port Island appeared, their leader looking like he went one-on-one with a professional, heavyweight boxer.

"Hey there cutie, where'r you headin'?" the leader spoke, his voice sounded like he was having trouble with his throat. Ah, that's right; I attacked his neck, didn't I?

Fuuka snapped out of her deep thoughts, and found that she was surrounded by three guys; all had a look in their eyes that I'd rather not tell. "U-Um… can I help you?" she asked, reminding me how shy and timid she was before she joined SEES.

The leader of the three leered more, the other two by his side moved slowly so that they could place themselves by her side. "We were just wondering why you looked so depressed." The leader said, chuckling slightly like he just made a joke. "So, being the kind gentlemen that we are, we decided to… 'Cheer' you up." He declared, standing straight as to make himself looking refined, only if it weren't for the bandages that were wrapped around some of his body it would have been more convincing.

Fuuka had already… or was it currently? Well, Fuuka has already experienced the feeling of being bullied, and the way that the three were surrounding her, she could already tell that they were up to no good.

"Um… it's fine, I'm alright now, but thank you for your concern." Fuuka tried to move around the leader of the three, but the idiot stepped forward to where she was moving to.

"Now, isn't that a bit rude? We were just being friendly, that's all." He said, not really sounding sincere with his words. "Come on, we'll show you how to have a great time."

Slowly, the three punks moved in. Fuuka already had tears in her eyes, scared that no one even wanted to help her. The other people that walked by ignored them, continuing to mind their own business. It's times like these that make me want to rethink about my views on humanity.

They say Ignorance is bliss. And if this is what it means, then I would sic NYX on every single one of them if I could.

Seeing my friend in danger, I felt my Personae in the Justice Arcana screaming for… well… Justice…

And so, being the heroic person that I am, I sprang into action.

"Beanie-man! ASSAULT DIVE!"

Four heads spun to where the cry came from, only for the unfortunate leader of the three idiots to get intimate with the underside of my shoe. I had my leg bent when my foot made contact with his face, and when I did feel the touch; I kicked off and pushed the punk away, causing only minimum damage to his already ugly face.

I landed gracefully in front of the now-shocked girl and the minions of the evil-doing leader, making a back-flip before I even landed on the ground.

I stood up straight, beanie securely hiding most of my blue hair and handkerchief with a big 'X' hiding my lower face, so that I would not be recognized by the girl, but recognized by the three. I pointed dramatically to the still downed fool who I introduced my shoe to, and declared. "HALT VILLAIN! You shall not touch this clean and delicate flower with your greasy and unwashed-after-using-the-restroom hands!" I did a few poses, ignoring the incredulous looks that I was receiving from Fuuka and the two minions. "For I-" I gave one last heroic pose. "-Mysterious Beanie-man X, am here to stop you in the name of JUUUSTICE!"

In the background I could hear some random children cheering and amused snorts from the earlier uncaring citizens.

I dropped my pose and pointed at the no name leader again, dramatically. "Surrender, or face another boot-to-the-head JUSTICE!"

"Ugh…" slowly, the downed villain struggled to push himself off the ground and on his elbows. Then, when he saw who it was that sucker pun-… uh, kicked him, he pointed to me as well. "YOU!"

I gave a dramatic pose. "YES! ME! Mysterious Bea-!"


The un-named punk cut me off, making me pause in showy display. All my Personae in the Justice Arcana were all screaming blasphemy it the interruption. Since I had my sentai groove on, I was actually feeling the heroic, like those in superhero TV shows on Saturday mornings. Now, it was ruined by the idiot.

So… I made sure to make him repent.








"Ow! That was a dirty move!"


Then, there was a noise in the air that sounded like a desperate squeal of a pig.

Justice Served…

And so, after Mysterious Beanie-man X finished disposing of the evildoers, he sent them to the nearest hospita- er… holding facility, where they would think about their actions and repent for their evil plans.


Yes, Mysterious Beanie-man X was praised by many as he walked away from the scene. The kids were all cheering for the unknown superhero that just mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.

"E-Excuse me…"

The citizens of Iwatodai can now sleep peacefully, knowing that there was a pure soul out there, watching over them. Yes, as long as there is evil in the world, Mysterious Beanie-man X will return and smite evil with his one-foot-long-pipe-from-a-random-alley.

It was then that Mysterious Beanie-man X, currently in his alter ego, Mysterious Beanie man currently without the X (handkerchief), felt a tug on his sleeve. Looking down, he saw the female citizen from before who had been harassed by the evil trio of the Behind-Port-Island Lair.

The girl seemed to have followed the hero from his heroic exit, all the way to the Naganaki Shrine. She looked at him with an unsure expression.

"Um… why are you narrating yourself in third person?"

I blinked at her question. "Was I really?" I asked.

She nodded, looking somewhere between shyly amused and uncertain. "Yes, you were."

I shifted my eyes away from her and turned around. I went and did a thinking pose as I stood. "It seems that my secret identity has been revealed." I said, deliberately ignoring the girl. "I must do something to remedy this." I whispered, narrowing my eyes at a random bush by the shrine.

"Um… I can hear you… you know." She said.

"Quiet, citizen-who-is-no-longer-in-trouble." I said, shifting my head so that I could see her from the corner of my eye. "I need to think of a way so that you will not spread of my secret identity." With that, I went back to thinking. "Hmmm…"

I heard a quiet shuffling behind me. It was probably her foot, fidgeting from the nervousness that I saw in her eyes. "Um… if you want, I won't tell anyone…" she said, her voice getting softer and softer as she finished.

My eyes lit up at that. "Really?"

"U-Um… I just wanted to thank you for helping me." She whispered. I wouldn't have been able to hear it if it weren't for the silence of the shrine, but with her low self-esteem, I couldn't fault her for that.

Switching out of the Justice persona, I gave the shy girl a bright Sun Arcana smile. "You are very welcome, Fuuka Yamagishi-san."

The girl jumped slightly after hearing her name. "Wha- H-How do you know my name?" she asked nervously.

Seeing the girl's distress, I gently placed a hand on her head, bringing my face closer to hers and showed her a warm and gentle smile. "I have my ways." I said mysteriously. "But then again, there was a look of recognition in those beautiful eyes of yours when we locked gazes earlier."

Taken aback from my blunt, yet soothing, approach, she blushed deeply and moved herself out of the reach of the hand on her head. "U-Um… I…"

Ah, so fun to tease. But then again, it would be bad if I scare her away.

Taking one step back, I took off my beanie and gave an over-blown bow. "Allow me to properly introduce myself." I said, "My name is Minato Arisato." I stood up straight and smiled more. "It's nice to meet you, Yamagishi-san."

Temporarily snapping out of her nervousness, she bowed back automatically, also introducing herself. "Fuuka Yamagishi, it's nice to finally meet you, Minato-san."

"I hope my earlier show did not scare you too much." I smiled crookedly. Now that I pause to think about it, that was pretty embarrassing.

"N-No, not at all." she immediately answered. "It was pretty funny actually."

"I was, wasn't I? hah hah hah." I laughed with a blank stare. Damn, I hope that no one else recognized me.

"But… that disguise from earlier," she started, throwing a glance at the beanie in my hand. "It was pretty good actually." She shyly said. "I shouldn't have been able to recognize you, but..." She chewed on her lower lip, recalling what she had seen earlier and tried to explain her point. "Your eyes were different, your expression was different, your actions were different… but I knew it was you…"

"Can you tell me why?" I asked, making a gesture to go and sit on the empty bench on the side of the playground.

As she sat down, she kept on pondering about my question. I had most of my hair covered. My eyes were like that of a maniac, whose eyes were showing their full circles. My facial expression was different from the usual blank one that I have. So how did she know?

"Do you have an answer, then?" I asked, still waiting even after a few minutes.

"I… don't know…" she answered reluctantly.

I sly smile formed on my face. "Shall I tell you?" I asked. I said it in a voice that enticed people, charming them as they listen.

"Tell me?" Looking away from the ground where her eyes were set when she was in deep thought, my voice caught attention and made her look at me.

Keeping the Sun Arcana firmly within me set so that I would not unconsciously shift to the Devil, I smiled at the girl, keeping my voice sounding genuine and not cunning. "You are special, Yamagishi-san." I told her softly, reaching slowly to her face and barely brushing her skin with my fingertips. She shivered at the phantom touch created by her own mind, too focused to look at my face to think of my action. "You have the ability to 'See' what cannot be seen by other people. You have seen the mask of my soul when gazed upon me: My Persona"

"Persona…?" she whispered. Her mind was too much in a daze. Her hands slowly reached up to gently grasp my wrist and leaned her face into my open palm. Too dazed to even give a proper reaction at my touch, my smile stretched slightly, using my thumb to draw light circles on her cheek.

"Yes… you have the power to see beyond what others can." My voice was soothing. Like a sweet melody caressing her body, she's being drawn by my voice. She cannot break away from my spell.

"Can you tell me?" she whispered, leaning slowly towards me as I did the same. Her eyes were slowly closing the more we proceed.

"I could." I whispered back, our faces only inches away from each other.

"Then…?" she asked. There was a tone of nervousness that escaped her. When I was only a few centimeters away from her lips, she fully closed her eyes. I drew closer and closer. I could feel her breath invading past my lips, and mine was invading what was past hers. The foreign, warm air that invaded our mouths tickled our tongues, making them twitch after each breathe makes contact with the organ.

Our bodies flushed, our taste buds were eager to to make contact with one another; My lone, visible eye was only half opened while both of hers were fully closed. She pressed her hand over mine where I was touching her cheek, telling me her approval to continue. She wanted me to tell her about her special ability, holding on to every word that I utter. And now we were so close. So close that we could practically kis—

I drew back.

She opened her eyes instantly.

"But not today, my little Priestess."

Our eyes met… and she only saw darkness.

The girl slumped forward and into my arms. I held her close to me for a moment and rubbed her back before I laid her down gently on my lap, slowly running my fingers through her hair.

A cool breeze swept through the empty shrine in the mid afternoon. The two of us, Fuuka and I, were only ones there that could be seen. Koro-chan seems to be on his walk for the moment since I don't hear any rustles behind the shrine. That only left two humans there.

The only two that were visible.

"My… some people are quite nosy, aren't they?" I spoke in the seemingly empty area, continuing to stroke the sleeping girl on my lap. My sunny smile looks more ominous now that I still kept it even though I had just knocked a girl unconscious. "Even though I don't feel anyone here, I still hear noises coming from inside the shrine."

The sound of creaking wood met my ears.

"It would be better if you stood on the support planks under the floor, that way the wood wouldn't bend and creak when you stand on them." I chuckled heartily. "Or maybe you've gained weight after all those time when I treated you in those meals?" I chuckled.

"How rude." Not even looking up from the girl on my lap, I heard the shrine door open. Footsteps started coming closer to where I sat and stood in front of me, allowing me to see the person's shoes in my vision's range.

"Maybe next time we should just go out for tea instead of ramen?" I suggested playfully.

The other person didn't seem to like the idea. Then I saw the blade of an axe drop by the shoes, connected on a chain that rattled when it hit the ground.

"I heard that they serve cake in those cafés." I added.

The rattles of the chains stopped for a moment. I still haven't stopped playing with the girl's hair on my lap. Then I saw the axe slowly being dragged upwards, and a little later, there was no longer any rattling from the chains.

"Hmm… looks like my sweet offer allowed me to dodge the… blade… for the moment." I chuckled to myself.

"You sound like Ikutsuki." The person monotonously said.

My fingers froze for a moment, stopping my ministration momentarily. My eyes narrowed briefly before I continued moving my fingers. The girl on my lap smiled contently in her slumber, probably dreaming of days without bullies and having people rely on her.

"I can't believe you would actually utter that name." I said softly, my lips now in a flat line. There was also a bit of edge in my voice.

"You two are similar." She said simply.

I felt a bubble of rage rise within me, but viciously crushed that feeling before it showed. "Maybe we are." I answered. "An eye for an eye as they say." Chidori stayed silent for a few moments before looking at the girl on my lap.

"What are you going to do with her?" she asked.

"Like I said." I shifted the girl on my lap and slid my arms under her knees and over her back. I stood up and smiled at the red-haired Lolita. "An eye for an eye…"

Fuuka's ability would help me tremendously in my plans, and now that she's met me, I'm sure that she'll grow more curious about who I am. There's also the issue of the... 'special ability' that I intentionally said.

She'll ask more about me from others. She'll get more bullied because of me. But after all of that, she'll be saved by me. Thus, making her trust me more than the rest of SEES.

Well, I better go and prepare to welcome my little sister with open arms.

But first... I'll take her to the hospital.

"You have a creepy smile on your face." I heard Chidori say behind me.

"Shut up."

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