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Chloe Sullivan poked her head into her son's room, he was the spitting image of her husband Oliver Queen. She felt a pang in her chest as she remembered why she had left Star City and Oliver behind, she and Oliver had gotten a legal divorice after she had seen him with Dinah in a compromising position.

She had moved to Gotham almost immediately afterwards via Superman express, of course Justin had been asleep. She slowly approached Justin's side and sat down on the bed, her hand gently tousled his hair. "I love you." She whispered before getting up and slowly leaving his room.

When she reached the hall, she leaned against the wall she had been grateful that she had received enough money from the divorice to buy her own apartment. She had an interview with the editor of the Gotham Post the next day, she was also grateful that there was a school for her son to go too.

She hoped that she had left the world of superhero's behind, and seeing as how Gotham had no heroes to her understanding maybe she could start over. Her cell phone rang and Chloe pulled it out of her pocket, she smiled when she saw the caller i.d., Lois Lane. She smiled and opened it, "So did you get it? I thought you might need something blue." She asked.

She could almost hear Lois smile back, "I did, just in time thanks cuz wish me luck." Lois said sounding excited. Chloe tried not to cry, "Luck." She said and then Lois hung up. She slowly put the cellular back into her pocket, after three years Lois and Clark were finally going to get married.

They had almost gotten married three years ago but midway during the ceremony, Oliver who had been possessed by Darkseid had attacked them. If it hadn't been for Clark, who knew what would have happened.

When she had told Clark that she had no desire to help superheroes any longer, he had been quiet for a long time before turning to look down at her. "Chloe, whatever you do with your life, I will support you." He had said with one of his famous smiles. She had been relieved that he had at least understood, the rest of the JL boys would take it a lot harder but she hoped that they would come around.

She headed towards her own room which was right next to Justin's, she hadn't really furnished her room besides having a bed and a closet to hang up her clothes. Her eyes landed on one lone suitcase that was currently resting on the bed, inside was her own costume. She had upgraded hers shortly before she had left, she had a Kevlar body suit with night vision sunglasses and a long black wig. Also along with the suit, she had her own tool belt, and a few surprise weapons that she could detach from their holders easily.

She hoped she would never have to use it, the only reason she had even brought it was because Clark had brought it to her. "I know, you're not planning to help heroes anymore." He had said, "But please, just bring it with you, you might need it." He said before pulling her into one of his hugs.

Chloe slowly put the suitcase under her bed and headed towards the closet to pull out one of her old tee shirts and a pair of sweat pants. She quickly changed and grabbed her toothbrush off the nightstand before heading into the bathroom where she had an unopened box of toothpaste waiting for her.

After brushing her teeth, Chloe snuck back towards her sons room and made sure he was still sleeping before heading to her own. As she lay back against the pillows, she tried to forget that she was now officially on her own.

(The next morning..)

Chloe woke up to Justin shaking her awake, "Mommy, can you make bweakfast for me?" he begged. Chloe groaned and buried her face in her pillow, "Oh, Justin isn't it early? What time is it?" She asked groggily.

There was a pause, "Uh, I dunno mommy." He finally whispered as he crept up next to her. Chloe slowly met his green eyes with her own, "Justin, give me fifteen minutes ok?" She begged. Justin nodded and dashed off, Chloe sank back into her pillows and stared at her alarm clock. It was exactly six thirty in the morning, well at least she wouldn't be late for her interview.

Almost exactly five minutes passed before Justin got the nerve up to ask her to make breakfast again, to which Chloe gave in. She was dragged towards the kitchenette, where Justin looked at her eagerly. "So what do you want for breakfast kiddo?" She asked as she tousled his already tousled hair. Justin grinned up at her, "Can I have pancakes and scwambled eggs?" he asked with one of his toothy smiles.

Chloe smiled back in spite of herself, "Do you promise not to throw your food around like last time?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Justin gave her a mischievious grin, "I didn't do that." He protested. Chloe rolled her eyes, "My shirt says otherwise Justin." She said and pulled out the ingredients for pancakes.

Justin started telling her all about his dream which had featured bats, "I hate bats mommy, they scare me." He whispered. Chloe finished flipping a pancake and put it on a plate, "Justin bats aren't going to hurt you. They're a lot smaller then you are, in fact I bet you scare them more." She said and chuckled at his indignant expression.

"I do not!" he protested, Chloe pulled out some eggs from the fridge "Are you saying you're not scary Justin?" She asked. Justin eyed the pancakes hungrily, "I am scary I just don't want to scare animals." He said with his eyes downcast.

Chloe smiled and cupped his cheek, "And that's why you're on Superman's side." She whispered before kissing his cheek. Justin's eyes brightened, "I love Superman! Can you read me one of those comics after bweakfast?" he pleaded.

Chloe sighed, "After breakfast mommy has an interview, and you are going to the new preschool. Remember how we met the teacher last week?" She asked as she grabbed a beater for the eggs. Justin groaned and sank down in his chair, "Do I hafta?" he asked

Chloe smiled as she pulled a bowl for the eggs out, "Yes, you have too and next week your dad is going to take care of you remember?" She asked. Her son gave her a very solemn look, "Mommy can't I stay with you fowever?" he asked.

Chloe bit back tears, "Well I'll see you the next week ok and we can read more comics." She said with a weak smile. Justin thought about it for a moment, "Good, I like staying with you mommy." He said. Chloe walked around the kitchenette, "And I love staying with you." She whispered before hugging him and kissing him. "Now let's get those eggs going." She said