All righty so just in case you guys aren't sure when this takes place here you go: during Batman Begins, and an AU ending version of the series Finale of Smallville.

Chloe dropped Justin off to his preschool group and headed towards the headquarters of the Gotham Post . It wasn't as impressive as The Daily Planet but Chloe could deal, as soon as she headed towards the basement which was were her interview was taking place she had a flashback.

It was odd to Chloe that she was starting off where she had left off at the Planet, for a moment she could picture Clark heading down the stairs ready to ask for help. She shook herself and continued heading down the stairs, the basement was just as busy as the top floors.

People were always trying to get themselves bumped up to a higher floor, so she wasn't surprised to see people on cell phones. She looked around for the editors office and finally found a door with a aged plaque on it.

She straightened her spine and marched forward, clearing her own path through the maze of people. By the time she had reached the door, she was seriously starting to doubt her own sanity as most people had given her a dark look as she passed them.

She hesitated before getting up her courage to knock on the door, there was a pause and then a gruff voice answered, "Come in." Chloe opened the door and strode to where a man of about fifty sat, he had salt and pepper hair that was starting to go bald. He had glasses perched on the end of his nose, and was wearing a pinstriped shirt complete with bow tie and slightly casual pants. The nameplate on the edge of his desk proclaimed that his name was Edward Timmins.

He met Chloe's gaze with his own dark blue eyes, "So you must be Miss Sullivan?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. Chloe nodded, "Yes, that would be me." She said with a nervous smile. Edward also nodded, "Take a seat." He said and indicted one of two rickety old chairs that resided near his desk.

Chloe sat and placed her bag on the ground near her chair, she met the older man's gaze with a smile. Than Edward looked down at some papers on his desk, "I was reading your resume just before you came in, and I have to say I am impressed. You come highly recommended from The Daily Planet and Star City: Register. I also noticed that Madeline Kahn wrote down some high praise about you, so my only question is why did you come all the way to Gotham?" he asked.

Chloe was prepared for this question, "Well, I wanted a fresh start and Gotham seemed like the place to go." She said. Than Edward nodded but he didn't look convinced, "You would have been taken to one of the higher floors, so why did you come to the basement?" he asked.

She smiled, "The basement is where I first started and I would like to work there again." She admitted. Mr. Timmins nodded and stared down at the paperwork on his desk, "Well, Miss Sullivan I would be honored to welcome you to The Gotham Post."

Chloe grinned, as they started talking about her salary and then what her first assignment was. She was going to pick up on another girl's assignment in Arkham Asylum. Mr. Timmins had been very hesitant to give her the job, but he gave in after Chloe made her points.

Before she left, Mr. Timmins shook her hand and gave her a grave look, "I want you to know that most people who work here, are hired by the local gangs and higher up thugs to keep an eye on what's printed. Be careful, Miss. Sullivan." He said solemnly before letting her go.

Chloe tried not to let that revelation shake her and gave him a small smile, "I'll keep that in mind." She said and headed out the door, she was now hyper-aware of everyone's gaze on her. She kept her head up and headed towards the desk she had been assigned, she was relieved to see that the desk had drawer's that had locks on them.

She doubted that the locks would deter anyone who really wanted to find out what she had in the drawer's. She was cleaning out the drawer's when someone cleared their throat behind her, she paused and looked behind her to see a man whose face had more pimples then she bothered to count on it. Add to that, they were inflamed, Chloe winced inwardly and tried to maintain eye contact, though it was difficult.

"So, you're taking Sandra's desk huh?" he asked in a wheezing tone of voice. Chloe tried not to grimace but it was difficult, "Yeah, I guess so." She said lightly. The guy grinned and Chloe almost fell out of her chair the guy's teeth were pretty rotted, "The name's John, John Patcher." He said and held out a large hand.

Chloe hesitated and shook it, "Chloe Sullivan." She said with a weak smile the guy's grip lingered on her hand and Chloe hurriedly pulled her hand away. "So what happened to Sandra?" She asked, trying to hide the fact that she was wiping her hand on her jeans.

"Oh, they say that Sandra got a little too close to finding out dirt on Falcone, he's a crime boss." He leaned forward and lowered his voice, "A few months back, she was doing research on Arkham and must have found something, she had called the boss and had a whole story planned out. Right before she could make her way over to HQ, her car exploded, and all her files including her back up files vanished."

John leaned back, his smile started growing "So Sandra got what she deserved." He said with a little smile. Chloe tried not to vomit at the smell his breath gave off, "So Mr. Timmins dropped the story?" She asked. John nodded, "Until you came along." He said and headed off, Chloe looked down at her desk and then it hit her I never told him about my assignment.

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