Since I want to keep a very narrative feel to this story, I figured I would start this with a large author's note to get all of my comments out of the way before you started reading. =) This story is something I've been working on for a while, but haven't really had the guts to publish until recently. I was randomly inspired to write the Darley's in a way that didn't necessarily hold them in such high regard. IT'S NOT A BASHFEST. Do not worry. It's just a different perspective than what's normally seen in this genre. I was also inspired to write a female who wasn't strong. Us Death Sentence fic authors create some of the biggest badass women to match these delicious badass men. But in the setting of Death Sentence, most women are exactly the opposite.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please leave me comments to let me know what you thought. It would mean so much. =D

Special thanks to Dreamer2987 for reading my drafts as I went and keeping me motivated to continue. This is the most personal a story has ever felt and Harley has quickly grown very dear to my heart, so your support was the push I needed. Love ya girl.