Waking up hurt Mewt a bit.

Seeing his ceiling and the glow-in-the-dark stars made his heart sink to the pit of his stomach. He sat up slowly, watching slim dust catch like glitter in the single ray of sun slanting through his blue drapes. He drew back his covers and came to his window slowly. The sun was still low, early morning, and everything was covered with snow.

So. It wasn't Ivalice.

He turned to his bed. There, at its foot, sat the grimoire that had created Ivalice, all at his beckoning. He traversed his room back to the heavy book, and span its pages. Flipping one at a time, he recounted the adventures, and began to cry sadly.

Waking up hurt Ritz a bit. Climbing out of her bunk bed, she slowly walked to her vanity and saw her utterly pink hair. It would be a few days until it would fade. She wasn't too unhappy about it. She had made up her mind, thanks to a dear friend long gone. When she saw the box of dye, though, her gut filled with hate and she slapped it off her vanity. She sat at the tiny stool and placed her hands in the pink mess.

She suddenly felt so ugly.

How she had been a fool. With the crash of the box her mother was summoned from worry. She knocked politely before she opened the door, looking into Ritz's face from the mirror, and seeing a few tears. She came to Ritz, wondering, but Ritz could only apologise for everything she had put her mother through. She told her she loved her white hair and begged her to forgive her. Her mother just held Ritz.

Waking up hurt Marche a bit. He looked to his left to see Doned already awake, staring bleakly at his folded up wheelchair. He felt an unpleasant stab of guilt, and quietly missed Montblanc. He thought he had been doing the right thing, but it suddenly seemed as though the math just added up wrong in his head. The prospect of bullies, school, and the hateful faces of Ritz and Mewt made him wish he had been clairvoyant enough to have seen what was really going to happen.

Doned's hands covered his face.

Marche came over slowly to sit on Doned's bed, embracing him, saying nothing. Doned just buried his face in Marche's chest after shoving his wheelchair over. When Doned seemed to calm down, Marche recounted a few of the more happy memories near the end of their journey, and made it so that Doned was happy and excited before he had to sit back in his wheelchair.

School brought the three together, but they could only look at each other and say nothing.

I wonder how Babus is doing, thought Mewt.

I wonder how Shara is doing, thought Ritz.

I wonder how Montblanc is doing, thought Marche.

Then they just smiled and laughed, telling each other of the interesting stories that they had experienced without the other two. There was much more that had happened than they even realised, and, their bond now unbreakable, they went into class with an amazing secret they shared only with themselves.

The world spun rightly still, the rest of the pages of the grimoire blank.