Extended Summary: What if Harry had discovered the Room of Requirements soon after he was entered into the Triwizard Tournament, and had a practical use for it? One month has passed at Hogwarts, but for Harry, it's been seven years. What changes has Harry gone through during his time in the room? How will this affect the future?

Warning: There will be eventual spells that are either from or based off of techniques from other books, shows, etc.

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Harry Potter, boy-who-lived, was absolutely livid. For the past three years, he's been forced into situations that place his life in mortal danger, and not even a month into his fourth year it happens again! Dumbledore, had managed to convince the Board of Governors to allow the Triwizard Tournament, a competition held between the top three European schools to be held once again after a hundred years.

The tournament was originally canceled because the death toll was too high to risk it anymore, and to ensure that only people with a relatively good chance of surviving entered, Dumbledore drew an age line preventing anyone under the age of seventeen from entering. But somehow, because of his damned luck, his name came out of the Goblet as the fourth champion.

If it wasn't already bad enough that the school was still wary of him after the Chamber of Secrets incident that revealed he was a Parselmouth and nearly cost him his friendship with Ron and Hermione. But now he had to deal with the fact that everyone thought he had found a way to enter the competition on purpose. Add to that one of the two people that he thought that he could always count on has basically been following the crowd, by treating him like trash. Honestly! He just wanted to have a normal school year for once in his life! Is that too much to ask?

Sadly it seemed so, as he now had a month to prepare for the first task, which he had no clue as to what it was. Not to mention he was put at a major disadvantage with the fact that he was behind in his magical education by four years. Obviously someone wanted him dead, and the most likely person would be Voldemort. But he couldn't enter him in the goblet while he was at school, could he?

'No he couldn't…not by himself at least.' Harry thought as he began pacing back and forth in an empty hallway. 'Damn it…if only I had more time! More time to train…more time to prepare…more time to figure this out!'

Just as Harry made his third march down the hall, something caught his eye. Slowing to a stop, Harry looked down the corridor in front and finds a door that hadn't been there previously.

"That's odd…" Harry said as he approached the door. "I could have sworn that there wasn't a door here earlier. Am I imagining things?"

Looking behind him to see if anyone was watching, Harry opens the door and walks inside. What he found shocked him speechless.

Inside was the interior of what looked like a library, albeit a really large library. It was like the Hogwarts library, only it seemed to have a larger selection of books to read. There were several tables scattered around the area, and some of them had open books on top of them. He noticed that several of the books were obviously from different backgrounds and ages given how their were scrolls and tablets tucked in between the tomes that he had become familiar with from his visits to the main library.

Finally regaining control of his body, Harry made his way through the library towards the back table where a neatly written note lay. Curiosity peaked; Harry moves towards the table and takes a seat before reading the letter. What he read shocked him.

To whoever finds this room,

My name is Rowena Ravenclaw, and if you are reading this book then that means you've found my secret chamber. The room is called the Room of Requirement, and it is my greatest success. When I was building this room, we were in a time of peril, Salazar had just left Hogwarts, and a powerful dark wizard had just appeared. My original intention when building this room was to create a safe house accessible to students in the emergency of an attack on the school. Using all my knowledge of charms and ancient runes, I designed it so that the door would only appear when someone was in dire need of it.

Using certain charms alongside some runes, the room is designed to provide everything one requires when staying inside, all it requires it the vocalization on the desire. For instance, say that while you were inside the room you desired a roasted pig for dinner, by simply stating it out loud; the magic of the room summons it to existence. At first I never realized the full potential of the room, however, one day after having a fight with Godric I came to the room wishing for an escape for a few days. My wish was granted and I spent nearly two weeks in the room before finally coming out. However, much to my surprise, upon exciting the room I found that barely over eight hours had passed.

I was shocked. When I created to room I only had the intention of creating a safe house for the children should it be necessary. However, I found myself creating a room that could bend the fabric of time inside it. I shared this knowledge with Godric and Helga who were just as stunned as I was. At first they wanted to remodel the room to prevent this effect as messing with time was very forbidden magic. But after much talk and research regarding the room, I managed to convince them to allow it to remain provided I didn't work on it anymore.

Naturally I agreed, but continued my work in secret and after many years completed it with neither Helga nor Godric finding out. The room you are in right now is the true form of the Room of Requirement, the room that distorts time. If you have found this room and this note then that means you are in great need of time. Whether or not it is so that you can survive a war or some other reason, you now have access to this room. I hope that it will prove helpful to you, and that you put it to good use.

-Rowena Ravenclaw

Harry sat stunned as he reread the note once again before setting it down and staring at the wall ahead. Ever so slowly, a smile made its way across Harry's face before he let out a load whoop of joy. If what the letter said was true, then he won't have to die in the tournament!

'But how do I test this?' Harry thought before an idea came to mind. 'If this truly distorts the fabric of time, then I could spend a little while in here preparing for the first task. I'll spend about a week in here before heading back outside. If this is true, only a few hours will have passed.'

With that in mind, Harry was about to grab several of the nearby open books to read before he noticed that Rowena had left a final note on the back describing a spell called libri assimi that would allow the user to absorb every word in a book in a matter of minutes. With both a final thanks and a wish that Rowena had found happiness in the afterlife Harry grabbed several tomes and began to prepare for what the future had in store.

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