The next day, Harry woke up silently. He had spent so much time sleeping alone, that the snores had kept him up for quite some time. He figured that he could sleep in the common room or something. He was now used to getting up extremely early, so he would be up before the rest of the tower more than likely. He stood and went to get a shower, and afterwards went down to the common room where he pulled out Redwall again, reading it once more. He snickered after a while, which prompted a voice to say," What's funny?"

He looked up to see Hermione standing there. He smiled warmly at her and said," Oh, it's nothing. A lot of things are funny in this book, as I'm sure you've found." Her grin told him all he needed to know. He said," Well, it's about time for breakfast. Shall we go, fair lady?" He stood up and held out his hand to her.

She smiled and took it, pulling it to her so she could wrap her arm around the crook of his elbow. She replied," Why thank you good sir, I believe we shall." The two looked at each other for a second before busting out laughing. After a few moments of laughter, they calmed and walked down side by side.

As they reached the entrance hall, they heard the voices of people, and when they, or rather Harry, entered the hall, all noise levels dropped. Harry smirked at the gathered students and teachers, and sat down at the end of the Gryffindor table. He brought some food to him, and began eating as the others went back to their own lives.

As he and Hermione ate, she finally asked," Harry, where did the snake go. Asmodeus was it."

Harry gave a smile and said," Well, I decided that as much as I liked it, it wasn't practical. Besides, Adders, while very cool, aren't really dangerous so long as you respect it and what it can do. I want something much, much more deadly."

Hermione said," And why pray tell would you want something dangerous?"

Harry gave a grin, and said," I destroyed a Dark Lord at fifteen months old, to the day. He isn't dead yet, and he will be back. And when he returns, he's going to be after my blood. His followers, those that escaped the hell of Azkaban, will be after me too, to avenge their 'fallen' leader. And with the press and, I shudder to even think of it, fans of mine after me for whatever sick things they do to celebrities, I would rather have an extremely dangerous creature to get them to back off."

Hermione looked at him in confusion for a moment, then it dawned on her he was referring to a snake, since he could control it with Parsletongue. And the most dangerous snake around was...oh god.

"Harry," She hissed at him quietly as he sat next to her with a shit-eating grin on his face," You mean to tell me that you have a bloody BASILISK of all things?"

Harry's grin grew, if at all possible, even wider as he had a look akin to that of the cat who ate the canary. He then nudged a suspicious bulge on his arm, near the shoulder. He said quietly," Hermione, before you freak on me, know that I researched this a lot before deciding to try it. Basilisks are only born through magical means for a reason. When bred together at first by the original creators of their kind the magic contained within them gave birth to a whole new species that was both fertile and powerful. While this new species lacks its ancestor's killing gaze and venom its magic was apparent through its form. This new species were the elemental dragons due to the fact that their breath magic wasn't limited to only fire. It was easy to see what type of breath each dragon was suited for by the fact that their outer bodies took on the atributes of their breath upon reaching its maturity till then they look like a mini basilisk. They are in a sense like the frogs used in the ritual that births thier parents given how they gain their legs as they age while the chicken's traits are evident in the talons upon each leg. Given the fact that most people think that parseltounges only speak to snakes I can understand why you thought it was a basilisk, yet what most forget is that we can speak to any reptile. It's rather stupid name, but I had just got to a certain part in Redwall when he hatched. His name is Basil Isk.".

Hermione thought about it, and realized that he had to be talking about the Hare from Redwall, Basil Stag Hare. She smiled at the small pun. Basil Isk, Basilisk, it was funny in a depraved sort of way. She nodded, happy that she wouldn't die from looking at her friend at an inopportune moment.

As they returned to their breakfasts, Professor McGonagall came towards Harry and said," Mr. Potter, it is time for the champions to go down to the first task. Please come with me."

He nodded, and asked," Would it be alright for Hermione to walk with us. For moral support?"

McGonagall smiled at the both, arguably her favorite students, and nodded. Harry turned to Hermione, and she nodded, standing up with him. The two of them went with McGonagall, heading out to wherever the first task was to begin. After a few minutes, they came to a tent next to an enclosure near the edge of the Forbidden Forest. McGonagall turned to the two, and said," Here you go Mr. Potter, you need to enter the tent. I will escort Ms. Granger to the stands before the task begins."

Hermione gave him a hug, whispered good luck to him, and left with McGonagall. Harry entered the tent alone.

He saw the other three champions, as well as Bagman, and two people he didn't know. Almost immediately one of the two he didn't know, who had strange glasses and a notebook with an acid green quill in hand came forward, and said," Harry Potter. I'm Rita Skeeter, for the Daily Prophet, and I was wondering if you would give a few minutes to ask some questions of you."

Harry gave a small smile and said," You may of course ask. I doubt I will answer, but you're welcome to ask."

Rita Skeeter smiled widely, and grabbed his arm, trying to drag him from the tent. He pulled back, freeing his arm, and said," What are you doing?"

Rita looked a little put out, but smiled widely again, and said," Why, I'm merely getting some privacy. No need for all these people to see the interview."

Harry gave a smile again, and said," Why ever not. You're going to be putting it into the paper to be read by several hundred people, so why can't four people hear what you say in the interview?"

She sputtered, and he went for the kill," Besides, I'm fairly certain that you've done the same for all of them, giving them interviews and the like."

At this Cedric spoke up," Um, Harry, she's not interviewed any of us to the best of my knowledge." he gave a questioning look to the other two, and they both shook their heads at him.

Rita looked decidedly upset, but plastered on a smile that Harry could tell was faked as she said," Please, Harry, no need to be afraid. I'm just going to ask you some questions."

Harry decided it was time to try his scare tactics. He nudged the bump in his arm, and it began moving. Harry got a scared look in his eyes, and said," Please, I have no time for this. I have a pet that attacks the press, and he's waking up. You need to go otherwise he might hurt you."

Rita looked unsure," I'm sure I'll be just OH MERLIN!" the snake's head poked out from his robes, and she screamed bloody murder and ran for it, her photographer running after her. The dragon slithered out and into the palm of Harry's hand. It was a really tiny thing, able to coil into his palm easily. The three champions and Bagman came over, and looked at the tiny serpent. Cedric said," She's scared of snakes. Who would have thought it?"

Bagman asked," Harry, is this your pet? What kind of snake is it?"

Harry gave a sad smile and said," Dragon he doesn't do that tounge thing. He's a rare breed commonly known as an elemental. I hatched him only a day or so ago. He will remain this size and shape for the next few years do to the fact that his magical core too unstable for him to do anything."

The small dragon slithered back into his sleeve and coiled around his arm. Bagman said," Well Harry, I'm afraid it will have to remain here. Champions are to only have their wands, not highly magical animals that could possibly help you in the task."

For the first time, they saw an actual emotion on Harry's face, instead of bland agreement. Now he had a look of fury upon his face. He snarled at Bagman," I don't know who you think you are, but Basil goes nowhere without me. For the first few years of their life, any elemental is vulnerable, simply because they don't grow all that much. If they got out on their own, they would be killed, no question. For that reason, the being whom bonds with the dragon when it hatches is to protect it, the magic in its skin compels its bonded to treat it as if it were part of their own family. It's stare cannot kill, hell, it can't even eat any solid food yet. It couldn't hurt a fly. I am not leaving him alone, he would be killed. So suck it up, because your protests merely piss me off!" And with that, he stormed to the other side of the tent, in stunned silence from the rest of them.

Over the next ten minutes, they heard the noise of several hundred people moving past, heading for the stands, to see the four of them fight for their lives against an unknown thing(yeah right).

Finally Bagman said," Well, the other judges should be here in a moment, and then we can begin." Almost as though summoned by his words, the tent flap opened and the other four judges appeared. Bagman continued," Now, let's begin. I have here, in this bag," He held up a purple bag for the champions to see," Replicas of what you are going to be up against. There are four varieties, so one for each, and each will have a number indicating the order you will go. Now, ladies first." he held out the bag to Fleur, who pulled out a common Welsh Green with a number two around it's neck. Then Cedric went, getting a Swedish Short-snout with a number one. Krum gained a Chinese Fireball, and was third in line. As all the people turned to Harry, he summoned the bag to him, and pulled out the last one, a Hungarian Horntail with a number four.

Dumbledore frowned at Harry's rudeness, and Karkaroff said," Child, why are you being so rude?"

Harry said, in brutally honest fashion," If I had approached Mr. Bagman, I would have likely tried to kill him for something he said before you entered the tent. I saved myself the trouble, and him the doctor bill. A fair trade in exchange for some rudeness on my part, don't you think?" He was still upset with Bagman.

The others shrugged, he was a teenager, and they were generally angry at everything. They decided to drop it, but Harry knew that Dumbledore would try to get the whole story, or what he believed to be the whole story, somehow.

Bagman cleared his throat nervously, and said," Well, then, let's continue. You all have a model of the dragon you will face. Mr. Diggory will be first, Ms. Delacour second, Mr. Krum third, and finally Mr. Potter will be last. When the cannon fires, Mr. Diggory will enter the enclosure, and attempt to do the task. Which is in theory simple. You must get the Golden Egg from the dragon. Each are nesting mothers, which means that they will be incredibly protective of their eggs, making the task much more difficult. Sounds like fun, doesn't it."

He got no answer, but didn't let it stop him. He looked at Harry for a moment, almost longingly, then the five judges left, and the four champions were left. Five minutes later, which felt like an eternity to Harry, a cannon fired, and Cedric left to face his dragon.

Harry listened to the cries and roars of the crowd, and Bagman's not very helpful commentary, until he heard the crowd cry, and Bagman's magically enhanced voice said," yes, he has the egg. Now for the scores." After a moment, where Harry thought the judges gave out the scores, he heard another cannon blast, and Fleur left for her round with the dragon. About twenty minutes later, he heard the voice of Bagman yell that she had it, and then silence for the scores, and a third blast as Krum left. Less than ten minutes later, Krum finished, and got his scores. Then a final blast, and it was Harry's turn.

He walked out into the sun, and then into the enclosure. He felt several hundred eyes on him, as he saw an absolutely massive dragon, which was very pissed off. No sooner than he entered the area of ground before the Horntail that the dragon let loose a blast of very hot fire. Harry dodged behind a boulder. He smiled, there was a lot of things he could use here. He started off by casting a spell on himself to mask his scent. Now the dragon would have a harder time finding him. It would still see him, but he had a plan for that. He whipped his wand into the air and yelled out," Ventus Tempestas!"

All around him, wind picked up, and started blowing all around the area. This was one of several nature spells he had found in his sojourn in the Room of Requirement. He saw that some loose gravel was caught in the wind, lowering visibility. He finished his plan with a wand pointed at a rather large boulder, and the incantation," Saxum Mutatio."

The boulder began to shift, mutating before the eyes of all, though not many could see much thanks to the now dust storm. But after a few minutes, it had become what he wanted. A titan made of earth and stone, a golem under his command, about two thirds the size of the dragon. He gave it a mental shove, something akin to pushing someone in the back to get them into the fight, and the Goliath lumbered forward, and hit the dragon straight on the nose with one of it's four arms.

Harry waited for his creation to have the dragon's attention, sweat pouring from him as he struggled to maintain both the earthly construct and his wind storm, two opposing elemental spells of great magnitude. And soon it would become even more difficult. He felt the Horntail smash the golem with it's dangerous tail, and the earth construct shattered. Then the pieces reformed into smaller golems, and overwhelmed the dragon with numbers. It couldn't destroy all of them, though it tried with it's tail and mass. It knew not to launch fire into the wind, least it blow back into the sacs of flammable fluids that it ignites when it passes its muzzle in order to create its fire breath. That would cause it's head to explode.

Finally, Harry saw his moment, and bolted. The dragon was far out of position, and so he allowed the golems to fail, breaking down into the materials that made them up, earth and stone. He kept up the wind, to both prevent it from flaming him, and to possibly make it a bit more difficult to reach him, going against the winds which now blew from beyond him at the dragon, holding it in place. He grabbed the egg, and moved back to the entrance to the enclosure. His storm fell as he made it passed the line, and stopped. He turned to the judges, intent on getting his scores. He watched as the scores appeared. Madame Maxime raised her wand and a purple silk ribbon appeared before twisting into a ten. Next came Crouch, who also gave him ten. Dumbledore, yet another ten. Bagman, ten. And finally, Karkaroff. He gave his score for Harry.

A seven.

Instantly, all the people around them in the stands began vocalizing their displeasure, and the other four judges turned to give him hard glares. But none were quite as pissed as Harry. He marched back into the field, and began yelling at Karkaroff. None could tell what language he was speaking, but his posture and gestures made his meaning very clear. But he would never get the chance to argue his case, as at that moment, the dragon he had already faced broke free of the handlers, and launched a fireball right at Harry.

Harry didn't have time to think. He acted immediately. He sliced his transformed his wand into a sword hilt using a simple wandless incantaion that he had learned from an eastern tome that he had read. Settling into an iaido stance with the wand/hilt in his right hand while his left was cupped as if it was wrapped around a sheate, he jerked his right hand across his body in a diagonal slice upwards towards his right before slashing down to the shock of the audience the fire ball split into three sections that passed by him and impacted upon the shields that were protecting allowed them to watch the event without having to worry about being roasted.

Focusing as much of his energy as he could through his weapon Harry made a stabbing motion towards the Horntail while screaming, "Hydro Lancea Maxima," after he yelled this an orb of water seemed to form on the end of his hilt that burst forward when he stabbed it unleashing a powerful jet of water that slammed into the beast's head slamming it into the wall with a sickening crunch. Satisfied that he was able to knock out the mother dragon without killing her or risking damage to her eggs he welcomed the familiar darkness of unconsciousness that usually came whenever he used to much of his magic at one time. The last thing he heard before he blacked out was the screams of several people who thought that he had killed himself.

He woke up much later, and realized he was in the Hospital Wing. He tried to sit up, but found he couldn't. He then decided opening his eyes would be a good idea.

He almost immediately closed them again. Bad move, the sun was shining right on him. He cracked his eye open slightly, and moved his head a bit to get the light out of his eye. As his eye adjusted, he opened the other. After a few minutes, he was ready to open them fully, and they no longer hurt. He looked around, and heard the door to the office open, and Madam Promfrey appeared. She bustled over to him, and said," Well Mr. Potter, I knew you would be in my care before too long. You realize that was extremely reckless, fighting a dragon head to head."

Harry gave a weak smile, and said," I didn't have time to think, I merely reacted. I didn't want anyone else to get hurt anyway. Besides the beds here are better than those in Gryffindor Tower. So what's the damage?"

Promfrey smiled at her ward, and said," Well, you have a case of magic exhaustion as well as a slight concussion due to your head slamming into a rock when you passed out. You will probably be able to move in a day or two, and leave in five days. Don't fight me on that."

Harry gave a laugh, then winced as his skull began to throb giving evidence to the new lump on the back of it. He said," I wouldn't dare do that. I've learned by now."

Promfrey laughed at that, and said," Well, you've been out for a day, and have had a few visitors. I'm sure they are waiting on my word even now, I'll let them know if you feel up to having visitors."

Harry nodded, and she bustled off to the door to let them in. Less than a minute later, an anxious Hermione was there, babbling about how frightened she was. He calmed her with difficulty, and was about to speak, when he heard a voice he really didn't want to hear. Albus Dumbledore.

The Headmaster walked forward and stood at Harry's bed. He said," Harry my boy, how are you?"

He was about to answer when he felt a slithering on his chest. He looked down, and hissed at Basil, who was now about 15 centimeters long," off the body. It hurts."

The snake moved to his side, careful to not hurt him too much, and lay there. Dumbledore said," Yes, I need to ask you about this snake of yours. You told the champions and Mr. Bagman that it was a newly hatched dragon that couldn't kill yet, but I've never seen a dragon that small before. Care to explain?"

Harry knew he wouldn't let it drop, so he said," Where I was training, there was an egg in stasis. I didn't mess with it at first, until I found a journal detailing what it was. It was an Elemental Dragon egg. They are the offspring of two Basilisk. Not the egg of a chicken hatched under a toad, but a true snake mating of two Basilisk. The species had become extinct a few generations before the founders time, and Slytherin wanted to bring them back do to how they were such powerful beasts. He was only able to create one egg before he left the castle which he had put under stasis. I removed the stasis charm, and hatched the egg myself. Basil hatched from that egg. He will eventually be able to control what type of breath he uses, as well as eat and walk once he grows both his legs and teeth. When reaches his majority he will have a growth spurt from the size of a belt to roughly the size of the basilisk that was in the chamber of secrets."

"May I ask why you used an overpowered water spell to knockout the dragon?"

Harry nodded, and said," No matter the species, no child deserves to lose a parent do to the idiocy of another."

Dumbledore nodded, and said," Charlie Weasley wishes to you for remembering that. I'll send him your way. Now, Harry, I must insist that you tell me where you were training."

Harry sighed, and beside him, Hermione tensed. She knew that it would be very bad if he found out about the room. Harry said," I guess I was hoping you'd drop it, or forget. But oh well. I was in the Chamber of Secrets. I found a few things down there, Slytherin's personal library, and living quarters. He had two Basilisk down there, one dead years ago. Stasis failed or something, and it starved. He had the two mate, and produced Basil's egg. He put that in stasis as well, much more powerful. Elemental Dragons hatch in a matter of days, a week at most in the case of first generation dragons, if two elementals were to mate the eggs would take roughly a decade to develop. He hatched five days after I removed the stasis. And I found Slytherin's Journal, detailing his achievements. I burned that after reading it."

Both Hermione and Dumbledore gasped, Dumbledore because he burned the personal journal of the 'evil' founder, and Hermione because he burned any book. Dumbledore asked," Why, Harry? Why would you do that?"

Harry snapped at them," You would want to read the innermost thoughts of a deranged dark wizard? He created the most evil of magics. He created Inferi, ranted about trying to make human snake hybrids, wrote terrible love poems for some Corvus bird, tried to make different hallucinogens using dried basilisk venom, and several other things that proved that he was succesful with that last one. I do not want such knowledge available. I'm sure that I'm a little barmy now, due to reading the bloody thing."

They nodded, knowing that some of those things would be bad while most of it would probably cause people to wonder just how credible Hogwarts is if at least one of its founders was that insane. Dumbledore sighed and said," While I would have loved to read it myself, I understand you not wanting that knowledge available, no matter to who it's going to. Very well. I have decided, and the Minister agrees, that we don't want you disappearing on us again. You gave us quite the scare. We have decided, that an Auror trainee will be assigned to guard you, and make sure you don't vanish again. She is in the last year of the Auror academy, and this is to be considered her final test. I hope you understand this is for the best."

Harry didn't like it, but knew better than to argue. Dumbledore had used 'The Voice', that voice that just screamed obey like a good sheep. He said," So, who's my guard?"

At that moment, a bubbly girl with green robes, and violent electric blue hair and hazel eyes appeared, and said," Wotcher Harry."

"Ms. Tonks?"

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