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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall Deputy Headmistress

The person reading this was not, as the letter would have you believe, a boy but rather a girl. The girl in question had raven black hair with red streaks, reached the middle of her back and had odd tufts that stuck out randomly, yet still tidy looking. Her face was heart shaped and still contained baby fat. While ordinarily she could be described as cute, the pout she was currently wearing exaggerated it. As she re-read the introduction, she pouted even more and began to frown, "god you think they would look at birth certificates or something. I can't believe they got my gender wrong!"

Just as she was about to read the letter a third time, she felt a build-up of magic coming from the letter and quickly dropped it only to watch in shock as the letter was floated down to the desk, it was engulfed in blue light and disappeared with a flash; temporarily blinding her. She spent a few minutes blinking, trying to remove the stars and spots from her vision before she looked where the letter should have been. It was only after a few seconds of staring incomprehensively that she realised the letter was a time-delay activated port-key and started to get angry at the obvious kidnapping attempt to get her to the castle. She could even feel the vein in her for-head pulsing she was that pissed. What the hell do those asshats think their doing? That was basically a kidnapping attempt. Stupid, manipulative old bats, I should sue!"

After a few minutes of muttered cursing, she had finally calmed down and got out some paper, ink and her fountain pen and penned a reply to the letter. She then bit her thumb with sharper than normal canines and in blood, drew a pentagram encased in a circle, surrounded by a string of odd symbols. After thoroughly inspecting it to ensure there were no mistakes, she gathered her magic in her hand, placed the letter in the middle of the pentagram and covered it with her magic filled hand channelling the magic into the symbols to activate them. In another flash of light, this time red however with no ill effects, the letter disappeared and the blood vaporised, removing all trace that it was there. She then wrote another letter, but left it on the desk, intending to use it as a fail safe.

Standing up from the desk, she took off the bath robe she was wearing revealing that she was naked underneath. There was also a tribal tattoo that covered the majority of her back, shoulders and went down her legs. While it was extremely unusual for an eleven year old to have a tattoo, the thing that would have commanded everyone's attention, muggle or magical, was that the tattoo was moving, and even changing shape while keeping the tribal theme. After stretching with a contented sigh, she headed to her bathroom for a shower.

An unknown number of miles away, in the highest room of the tallest tower of a massive castle, an odd assortment of people were gathered wearing even odder clothes, even to Wizarding standards. You could see a middle aged couple with red hair. Wearing a set of frayed robes that were even redder, their was a bald man who looked like he hadn't slept in days, and wore robes that hadn't seemed to have been washed in years. There was also a man in lime green clothes with a bowler hat of the same colour, but the person who sat at the desk they were converging around, had to be the oddest of the lot! He had silver hair and a silver beard that reached his belt, half moon glasses that rested of a crooked nose and a set of red, yellow, blue and fluorescent pink robes that blinded someone every time they looked at them. Mixed there were others who while noticeable, seemed to have some semblance of fashion sense. Most notable of these was Minerva McGonagall, a stern looking witch in normal black robes and her grey hair held in a tight bun.

Suddenly, the red haired woman spoke interrupting the tense silence that was blanketing the room.
"For god's sake Albus, what's taking so long? Shouldn't he be here by now?"
"Now, now Molly," the now identified Albus Dumbledore spoke, "the port-key activates on a set time after he opens it. It could just be that it hasn't arrived or he is otherwise preoccupied." Just as he said that, he was interrupted from saying anything further by the before mentioned port-key letter arriving, but without the boy they were expecting. Instantly the room erupted in shouting, completely obliterating his half-assed attempt to placate the woman. Ten seconds later, the room was silenced by Dumbledore's wand as it let out several gunshot cracks accompanied by puffs of smoke erupting from the tip.
"Now everyone calm down. We can't achieve anything if we don't have a plan, and certainly not if we're divided. Now what we need to ..." This time, he was interrupted mid sentence by the arrival of a glowing blood red pentagram appearing on the middle of the desk. The light coming off it pulsed a few times, before a black liquid bubbled up before solidifying into a adult hand-sized, obsidian coloured reptilian hand which held a letter in it. The whole process lasted several minutes, during which the room had frozen in shock. This shock lasted an aditional two minutes before dumbledore regained his senses and used a couple of detection spells on the arm. Upon coming up clean, he picked up the letter and the arm melted back into the pantafram before all trace of it vanished, an action which seemed to unfreeze the rest of the room. Before he could read the letter, it was enveloped in a golden glow and a monotone voice echoed from every surface in the room.

"Dear Hogwarts headmaster, deputy head and any other idiot in the room right now. I would be glad to attend Hogwarts; however I would like to be notified if you wish to talk to me in future. Also, any repeated attempts to kidnap me and I will take legal action so be warned, I have very good lawyers! Now that that's over, I will be free for an hour at noon a week on Monday, so if you wish to speak to me for what ever reason I will be in the leaky cauldron. If not I will see you on September 1st.

K. Hailey Potter"

The completion of the letter was met with a shocked silence, which was soon broken by Molly Weasley, "A-A-Albus w-what does it mean?" She stuttered, "What the bloody hell does he think he's playing at? Accusing us of kidnapping! And pretending to be a girl on top of that. Why I oughta," Her voice rising in anger at the disrespect in the letter
"Now, now molly, I'm sure that's just young Harry's idea of a joke. I shall meet with him at the specified time and talk with him to get everything sorted out and to ensure his brand of humour isn't appreciated." Albus replied his grandfatherly smile going full blast, "now if that's all then I will have to ask you to leave as I have a few things come up that need attending to. Feel free to use my fireplace to floo home."
With that, everyone but Dumbledore got up and went home, most through the fireplace but a few, such as Minerva, walked out the office through the door.

An hour after she had sent the letter, the now labelled K. Hailey, or rather Kearia as Hailey was simply her middle name, had finished her shower and dressed herself in a black long-sleeved top, a denim miniskirt with shorts underneath and ankle length converse and walked out of the flat she was in, onto the street of Diagon alley. If one were to look back at where she came from, they would find that her apartment was located above a recently opened store, labelled as 'household enchantments'.

It was still early so the streets were empty, and the few shops that were open still had the workers tidying things or were sat at the counter half asleep. The only place which was fully open and ready for business, which was also her destination, was the goblin run bank, 'Gringotts'. She walked past the two guards as she entered and approached the first goblin she saw and bowed,

"May you form rivers of the blood from your enemies' master teller" she greeted the goblin in his own tongue, gobbledegook.
"And may your vaults never empty, what can Gringotts bank do for you today Miss Potter?" He replied, only momentarily stunned by the genuine respect in her voice
"I wish to speak to my families account manager if he is available." She said, switching back to English.
"Of course miss potter, this way please." And with that he led her through a door, down some stairs and through a collection of maze-like corridors. Upon seeing some disorientation rune clusters, she didn't even bother to try to memorise the route they took, knowing it was futile and instead gathered her thoughts of what business she needed conducting to ensure she wasted as little of the goblins time as possible. They got quite annoyed at wizards for that, and why, pray tell; did people think it wise to annoy the ones responsible for keeping your gold safe? While she followed her guide, he was contemplating his current charge, and how if all magical humans treated his fellow goblins with the same respect, there might not have been half as many goblin revolts and wars. Saying that, the goblin thought we do like a bit of bloodshed, so we probably would have started wars just for the hell of it.

After what seemed minutes, but could well have been hours for all she could tell, her goblin guide stopped at a piece of wall before rapping on it twice before pushing it open. Upon seeing Kearia's confused face the goblin chuckled before explaining, "Part of the wards make it impossible for all but Gringotts goblins to tell what is wall and what are doors." He then turned back to the office and said, "Miss potter here to see you Nightclaw." He then bowed to Kearia, who bowed back, and turned and walked back in the direction they came from. She then walked in to the office and held her closed right fist over her heart as she bowed. "Greetings master Nightclaw; it is an honour to meet you." Still holding the bow, she simply raised her head slightly and saw night claw mimicking her bow,

"Greetings miss potter, and it is good to see you again, what may I help you with today?"
"A couple of things actually. First, I would like to claim my title as head of the house of potter, take a blood inheritance test and also, gain a copy of the documents for the opening of my trust vault and my ministry birth certificate. Once that is all completed I would like to speak to you about handling some investments for me, and I have an idea that could gain Gringotts more profit."

"Well that is quite the list. And as for your idea, once all of our other business is taken care of we can discuss it and see where it goes from their. Now the easy things first, while we go to the blood inheritance room, I will get you documents sorted and they will be waiting here for our return, we shall wait until the inheritance test for the rest to ensure your eligible for the potter title, possibly others as well. Now if you would please follow me." As he was speaking, he was writing various things down on pieces of parchment, one of which flew out of a hole above the door. When he came to the end of his speech pressed his finger onto a rune carves into his desk, and a panel of the wall behind him slid open. He then walked through it, with Kearia following him. The room was revealed to be a large dome, with a rune covered bowl in the centre, and the three walls that didn't connect to the office were made of some unknown black rock, and were polished to a water-like finish. As they got closer to the bowl, she saw that it contained a shimmering silver liquid.

"Now then," Nightclaw said, regaining her attention, "we have four types of blood inheritance tests, one for a compete copy of your direct ancestry starting from when Gringotts first opened; and includes their magical status, one for any titles and houses you are eligible to claim; whether that is permanent or until you have an eligible child to hand it over to, one for any magical ability you may have and finally one to determine any magic that is affecting you; such as love potions, curses, core bindings and disguises. Each test costs five galleons, which will come from your family account, or the full whammy, which includes all the tests and has a 10% discount."

"I would like the full whammy please, and I will be willing to pay the full price and extra, if Gringotts is willing to forgo recording the results with the ministry."

"That will be fine; however Gringotts will still keep a copy for our records. Now if you will please put your dominate hand over the bowl and slice the pm with the provided knife." Kearia looked down to see a silver medical blade with finely detailed runes inscribed on the handle and blade. As she did what she was told, she saw the liquid rise up and cover her hand in a bubble. It felt oddly dry, she noted, as she felt the liquid draw blood from the wound, which surprisingly didn't hurt. "Huh, must be something to do with runes on the knife"

After about a minute of this, the liquid had a definite red sheen to it and she was beginning to feel faint from blood loss. As the liquid flowed back into the bowl and left her hand, it took all evidence of blood and the wound with it, leaving clear smooth skin in its wake. Seeing that his charge was about to collapse, he rushed up and caught her before handing her a vial. After a quick remark of 'blood replenishing potion' from Nightclaw, she downed it before shutting her eyes. As soon as the potion took effect, she was helped into a sitting position in a chair which came from god knows where.

"Are you feeling ok Miss Potter? Sorry about the dizziness but it doesn't usually take that much blood."
"I'm fine now thanks. And don't worry about it. What happens now?"

"Now, we pour a quarter of the liquid into each of the three basins at the base of the black walls, and the final quarter onto this piece of parchment." He said, placing said parchment on the table. "The walls will show the results for you family tree, magical abilities and houses/titles while this parchment will show all, if any, foreign magical entities." As Kearia went to fill the basins for her family tree and abilities, using the pitcher provided, night claw did the remaining two before joining her. When she had finished, Nightclaw pressed a rune on the basin of the magical ability wall and two layers of the wall separated from the main and folded themselves repeatedly before floating down into Nightclaw's hand. He then repeated for the other two walls then walked back to the table. Kearia following him.

"These are your copies," he said handing her three square pieces which were titled, keeping the remaining three. "They will unfold as many times as needed, but not beyond the space coved by writing."

She unfolded the ancestry sheet first. While the results were not to surprising as she had already been briefed about her family tree, there were some surprises. First was that through her parents she was a direct heir to both Godric Grifindore and Rowenna Ravenclaw. The second was that, in green ink which didn't match any of the other lines, was 'Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Voldemort' who was situated between her parents and the line went all the way to Salazar Slytherin

"This is a surprise," Nightclaw said distracting her from her astonishment, "heir to three Hogwarts founders, even if one is by conquest,"
"I'm sorry, but what do you mean by conquest?" she said, puzzlement evident on her face.

"When a direct heir of an ancient and noble line, such as Voldemort of Slytherin, tries to unjustly murder someone, they are temporarily subject to something called Arcane Hereditas. This means that if they are defeated, whether killed or immobilised, they lose all rights to their family line and title, along with all possessions belonging to that family. Then, regardless of any secondary or tertiary heirs, the title and all that goes with it is passed onto the would-be victim; hence succession by conquest. Now, shall we have a look at your abilities?"

Kearia, still dazed from the revelation of being the heir to three founders, simply nodded and unfolded the correct sheet. As she looked down, she saw her abilities displayed as a bullet-pointed list along with a brief description,

Patronus form: Nibi No Neko - the Patronus spell is a light orientated defence against certain dark aligned creatures, such as Dementias. It can also be used to carry messages. The two tailed cat form gives the additional effect of controlling any nearby un-dead, such as Inferi or summoned skeletons, and can even dispel them back to the afterlife.

Animagus form: dark pixie - pixies as a species are quite mischievous and fun loving. A dark pixie has the ability to travel through and hide in shadows.

Astral Projection - the ability to expel your soul from your body and travel like a ghost, albeit invisible. You will also be able to possess of soulless bodies as if they were your own, such as vegetation or dead bodies.

Beast Tongue - the ability to understand and speak any language after just hearing it once.

Kearia felt giddy as she read through the list, she couldn't wait to research and practise them. Deciding to think about it later in private she turned to Nightclaw, who was standing there slack jawed. He had never heard of someone having such numerous powerful abilities, she would be a valuable ally to the goblin nation considering her abilities and all she stood to inherit. Seeing his distraction, she coughed to gain his attention.
Snapping out of his musings, Nightclaw cleared his thought before detailing the next step,
"We had best take this back to my office then so we will have things on hand should we need them."
After sitting back at the desk in night claws office, him behind it while Kearia in front, he unfolded the parchment before glancing at it.

Unknown spell, caster: Lilly potter, status: active - if not renewed within a certain time frame will send out a distress beacon which details the location of spell subject.

Mail duplication ward, caster: Albus Dumbledore, status: active - all mail will have a copy sent to caster. Mail from certain magical signatures won't arrive at all.

Genetic cancelling ward, caster: Albus Dumbledore, status: broken (magical trace still evident) - will put certain genes into dormant state, used to hide characteristics of ancestry, whether physical traits or abilities. Caster will be able to renew ward unless with physical contact unless it is completely removed.

Core binding, caster: Albus Dumbledore, status: active - restricts how much magical energy a person's core can contain. Will not effect the growth of core and upon removing, the free space will be filled with magical energy.

Living Horcrux container, soul piece: T.M.R./Voldemort, status: dormant but actively feeding upon host's magical core; one of seven pieces - a Horcrux is a container for a soul piece, granting the user a form of immortality. Requires murder based ritual to make.

Kearia and Nightclaw were both infuriated at the revealed manipulation attempts on her, but upon reading the Horcrux information, she turned pale white and felt ill. "Oh my god, that monster is in me! Eww get it out, get it out!

Nightclaw, however, turned pale while repeatedly jabbing the emergency alarm rune cluster. Suddenly several armed goblins rushed in, shocking Kearia, before he said in a rush to the new goblins, "we have a code red, get the dark objects team, a team of unspeakables and the director now!" As they rushed off, he turned to the still pale Kearia, "don't worry Miss Potter, we of the goblin nation have dealt with this sort of thing before and can destroy it easily, no threat to you."
"B-b-but WH-what about the unspeakables," she stuttered
"While we can destroy this one, there are five more pieces and Voldemort himself. Using you, with the unspeakables help we can summon the other five and once they're destroyed Voldemort main soul piece will follow the six from the Horcruxes to the afterlife providing he has no body to inhabit."

Nightclaw then escorted her out his office, all the while keeping a comforting hand on her back and led her into a new room, this one with walls like the blood inheritance room. There were goblins and unspeakables rushing about, drawing runes and casting spells, while an elderly wizard in the garb of an unspeakable, but with his hood down revealing his face, walked up to them.

"Good day miss potter," he said "I know this must be quite worrying for you, but don't worry. The rituals themselves require no input from you except your presence, and once this is all done with there will be no adverse affects to your self. The first ritual will resonate the soul piece in you with the other Horcruxes, allowing us to summon them into these safety containers," he said pointing at some glass cubes on the floor, "next the goblins will transfer the soul pieces, including the one in you, into those pigs in the corner, which they will then kill thus sending the souls, including Voldemort, to the afterlife with no way of returning."

As he was talking, the rest had finished the preparations so he lead her to her position, which was a circle enclosed by runes with five blank squares of floor surrounding her, which the containers were placed on. Everyone got into their required position and channelled their magic into the various nearby rune clusters. One by one the runes that covered the floor lit up with a golden glow, before they were extinguished with a bright flash. The five containers then glowed before five items appeared, one in each container; they were a chalice, a diadem, a ring, a locket and a diary. The resulting expulsion of energy caused several unspeakables to stumble, and Kearia, who was already in shock and distracted with worry due to everything that had discovered in the last hour, wasn't able to brace herself and slumped to the floor as blackness overwhelmed her senses.

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