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Aerrow was leaning against his skimmer looking out into the night sky, a smile spread across his face because one of the constellations looked like Radarr wearing a clown outfit. The smile faded slightly and he looked at the floor of the hanger bank, he looked over at Piper's heliscooter,

ah Piper, he thought, if only you knew. Then he wandered back inside, as he was going past Piper's room he stopped and looked at it for a moment, pondering whether or not to knock and talk to her. She soothed him whenever he was in a quarrel with himself. However he decided against it and kept going. He soon arrived at his room where he quickly changed into his Pyjamas and got into bed, Piper didn't leave his thoughts even as he fell asleep.

Piper groaned and tossed for the hundredth time that night,

"Why am I finding it so hard to get to sleep?" Piper thought to herself. She jumped as she heard footsteps coming they stopped right in front of her room, she saw a bit of a shadow poking out under her door as her bedside lamp was on, its purple light always seemed to soothe her, but that wasn't the case tonight. The person seemed to decide against something as they grunted walked off. Piper sighed after another hour of trying to sleep she re-dressed into her flying gear and went out to her heliscooter but when she got out there she didn't feel like riding it so she sat there gazing up at the stars, she laughed when she saw a constellation that looked like Radarr wearing a clown outfit but then she grew serious again.

Oh Aerrow, she thought to herself, why won't you let me sleep? She knew he wasn't physically stopping her from sleeping but his was on her mind and she just couldn't get it out of her mind.
Aerrow was woken up by a door opening and footsteps he knew it came from the direction of Piper's room, he made sure he was awake, pulled a shirt on then headed out to the hanger bank.

"Piper, what are you doing out here?" Piper looked up suddenly, she hadn't heard him approaching obviously but she seemed glad to see him as a slight smile graced her lips,

"Hey Aerrow, I couldn't get to sleep, I was thinking about going for a ride but when I got out here I just didn't feel like it, plus I am rather sleepy and I'd probably do something stupid," she ended with a sigh.

"How would you like me to fly you around for a bit?" Aerrow paused and looked her over. "You seem really troubled by something, maybe while we are there you can tell me" Piper looked at him and nodded, her serious face had returned and now she even looked slightly sad. She got slowly and tiredly onto Aerrow's skimmer, Aerrow sat behind her, she sighed slightly at the feel of his body behind her, it was oh so soothing.

"Ready?" Aerrow enquired.

"Yeah," Piper replied and made sure to hold on tighter, she didn't want to fall off, she smiled lightly and unconsciously pressed herself against Aerrow, he smiled and started his skimmer. Piper could hear the crystal converters starting up.
A few minutes after leaving the condor Piper started speaking

"I don't know why but I haven't felt like myself lately, it's almost like something has changed inside me, but I don't know what it is." Aerrow was already extremely tired but as Piper talked he found it easier to stay awake to listen to Piper and he didn't worry so much about the possibility of crashing,

"We don't want that happening," Aerrow said. "That means you're not the same Piper I met, but sometimes change can be good." He murmured softly into her ear.

"I'm sure it is only something like lack of sleep" Piper told Aerrow while at the same time she was trying to re-assure herself.

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