Title: Sometimes it's about more than the obvious. SLASH Gibbs/Tony

Summary: Gibbs disappears after Mikes funeral and no one can find him. That is until Tony receives a strange letter that explains there may be more than one reason Gibbs disappeared.

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Tony stretched and felt the body against him, he smiled as the images from last night flashed through his mind. He'd never slept that soundly or in this position. He was laying on his stomach, Gibbs' body partially draped over him. Gibbs' head on his back, hand on his left ass cheek, the rest of Gibbs' body pressed up against him. The position was sexy and affectionate at the same time. Wiggling his ass, Tony waited for a response, when none came he chuckled.

"I know you're awake."

"No I'm not." Gibbs mumbled.

Tony laughed. "Good then I can just slip out from under you and get up."

Gibbs smacked Tony's ass. "Don't even try it."

"HEY!" Tony chortled.

"To hard." Gibbs sighed as he massaged Tony's cheek.

"No." Tony moaned. "But if you keep doing that it's going to be very hard."

"I like that idea." Gibbs said dropping kisses on Tony's back.

"As much as I love that idea too, can-" Tony paused. "Can we talk a minute."

Gibbs stopped, rolling onto his side. "Okay."

Tony flipped over onto his back, smiling at Gibbs.

"You're smiling, so whatever you wanna talk about can't be that bad." Gibbs smirked.

"It's not." Tony sighed. "At least I don't think so."

"What is it?"

"Are you okay?" Tony asked.

Gibbs brow furrowed. "Yeah."

"I mean, last night, that first time." Tony chew his bottom lip for a moment. "You just have some sexual explosion, we talk a little bit and your okay?"

Gibbs chuckled.

"Seriously." Tony rolled onto his side. "I mean are you really okay?"

"I'm better." Gibbs arm circled around Tony pulling him closer.


"Better." Gibbs smiled.

"I know losing Mike was hard." Tony swallowed the fear at bringing up the name then continued. "But he'd kick your ass for being like this."

"Yeah." Gibbs sighed. "I know."

"And since he's not around." Tony grinned. "You start getting out of line, I'm gonna kick your ass."

"Oh you think so do you?" Gibbs smirked.

"Yes." Tony glared at Gibbs. "And I'll do it too."

"Okay." Gibbs nodded.

Tony's eyes danced back and forth. "Okay? Just like that?"


"Are you patronizing me?" Tony glared harder.

"No." Gibbs caressed Tony's cheek. "Next to Mike...you know me better than anyone."

Tony shook his head. "But I feel like I barely scratched the surface of knowing the real you."

"This is the real me."

"I know that." Tony chuckled. "I just...I wanna know I helped."

"You helped." Gibbs nodded. "I promise."

"I can't replace Mike or the relationship you had but-" Tony paused. "I'll be there for you, whatever you need, however you need and whenever you need me."

"I know that." Gibbs' hands brush over Tony's back. "Believe me after that, incident. I know."

"Is that what we're calling it." Tony smirked. "The incident."

"What do you want me to call it." Gibbs sighed.

"The ravaging of my body!" Tony grinned.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, still slightly uncomfortable that Tony could make light of what had happened.

"I wanted it." Tony's hand slipped down between them wrapping around Gibbs hard cock.

"I didn't-"

"No." Tony broke Gibbs sentence. "I wanted you to fuck me. Just like that, hard, out of control, doing anything you wanted to me."

"Tony." Gibbs growled, his hand now clutching Tony's ass painfully hard.

"I would have begged you." Tony moaned working his hand in short quick jerks over Gibbs' cock. "Without you asking."

"You wanted it that bad?" Gibbs asked rocking into Tony's hand.

"Yes and I didn't care how I got it." Tony brushed a kiss against Gibbs' neck then whispered in his ear. "I just wanted your cock buried in my ass."

"God that felt so good." Gibbs panted. "So fucking good."

"But now it's my turn." Tony nibbled at Gibbs' earlobe.

"For what?" Gibbs groaned.

"To make you beg."

"Then make me." Gibbs grunted. "If you think you can."

"Oh I can." Tony drew his head back staring into blue eyes, at the same time his hand left Gibbs' cock.

Gibbs practically howled at being deprived of Tony's touch.

"Something you want?" Tony smirked as he shoved Gibbs down onto his back. He positioned himself between Gibbs' legs, his face so close to Gibbs' cock, that when he let out a breath, it drifted across Gibbs' shaft.

"I want you." Gibbs growled.

"I know that." Tony pushed Gibbs' legs further apart.

"I want you sucking my cock." Although he didn't beg, Gibbs voice cracked with need.

"You know what you have to do." Tony smiled, deciding to venture a guess as to what other assumptions he had made about Gibbs that were probably wrong.

Begging was not really something Gibbs normally did, although as he looked down at Tony something told him he was about to start.

Tony seductively put his finger in his mouth sucking it as if it were a cock. He watched as Gibbs' eyes narrowed slightly. Letting his moistened finger pop slip from between his lips, Tony kept his eyes locked on Gibbs as his hand drifted down. He pushed his finger between Gibbs' ass cheeks and pressed his fingertip against the tight ring of muscles. He was surprised when Gibbs spread his legs wider giving him better access. Sliding his finger inside, Gibbs moaned and tightened around Tony's finger.

"More." Gibbs grunted as he clutched at the sheets.

The request made Tony's cock twitch under him. God he didn't expect Gibbs to like this so much and knowing he did was making Tony even more aroused, his cock was rock hard and his balls ached.

Adding another finger, Tony twisted, bent and thrust his fingers into Gibbs tight ass.

"Fuck!" Gibbs growled. "Suck my cock."

"Beg me." Tony ordered. "And I'll do it."

Letting go of the bed sheet, Gibbs right hand started to reach for his cock.

"If you touch your cock. I'll stop." Tony snapped.

Gibbs stared at Tony, his hand still in mid air over his aching hard on.

"If you wanna jack yourself off. Go ahead." Tony paused. "But I'll climb off this bed and you can do it alone, without my fingers in your ass."

Gradually, Gibbs' hand dropped down by his side.

As if he was giving Gibbs a reward, Tony pulled his fingers almost out and then slammed them back into Gibbs ass.

"FUCK!" Gibbs cried out tossing his head back.

"Jethro." Tony moaned fucking Gibbs mercilessly with his fingers, he knew Gibbs was so close to doing exactly what Tony had asked.

Taking a deep breath, Gibbs opened his mouth, his voice coming out raged and shaky. "Please Tony! Suck my cock, make me come...God make me come."

That was definitely begging. Tony licked up the underside of Gibbs' cock, then wrapped his lips around the head sucking and licking at the pre-cum.

"Goddamn." Gibbs groaned as he thrust into Tony's mouth.

Slowly, Tony's lips glided down over Gibbs' shaft, half way then back up.

"All of it! Please." Gibbs begged. "Take it all."

As he started back down, this time Tony's lips reached the base and stayed there a moment, letting Gibbs enjoy the feeling.

"Yes." Gibbs growled causing Tony to suddenly started working faster over him.

Tony jabbed his fingers in and out of Gibbs in rhythm with the speed of his mouth and he felt Gibbs body trembling.

"Fuck me, suck my cock." Gibbs grunted. "Make me come!"

Tony's mouth worked effortlessly over the length of Gibbs cock, taking all of Gibbs down his throat with each downward motion. Gibbs was so close, so damn close. With another pass over Gibbs cock, Tony bent his fingers slightly and brushed them against Gibbs' prostate.

Opening his mouth to scream, no sound came out, instead Gibbs came with a grunt, as everything faded away and he fell into the blackness. His heart stopped, his lungs took one last breath, his body convulsed and his mind simply shut down.

Tony stayed wrapped around Gibbs' cock until it went flaccid, then kissed his way up Gibbs body.

Gibbs' arm circled around Tony's hips and jerked him down, crushing their bodies together. He just held Tony there as the aftershocks coursed through him. Finally as the world rematerialized, Gibbs spoke.

"No one's ever turned me on the way you do." Gibbs sighed his eyes still closed. "Made me want to beg like that."

"Good." Tony placed a quick kiss on Gibbs' lips, only to have Gibbs grab the back of his neck and deepen it.

Gibbs' tongue forced its way into Tony's mouth tasting himself there and causing the younger man to moan.

Tony pulled back and smiled down. "Oh I have so many things I want to do to you."

"Do you?" Gibbs smirked.

"Oh yeah." Tony sighed.

"I have something I wanna do to you."


"A swim." Gibbs smiled.

"Swim?" Tony sounded disappointed.

"A swim." Gibbs kissed Tony's neck. "Jacking you off in the water."

"Oh that kinda swim." Tony grinned.

"Maybe even make love to you in the water." Gibbs spoke between kisses. "Makes it so easy to just bounce you over my cock."

"Jethro." Tony moaned.

"Get up." Gibbs said almost throwing Tony off the bed. The imaged he'd put into his head and the sound of Tony's moan made Gibbs really want to have Tony in the water.


Tony was smiling, his eyes closed as Gibbs placed small soft kisses on his neck. They had done exactly what Gibbs had promised. Made love in the water, Gibbs' hand wrapped around his cock, making him come. Now they were wrapped in each other's arms, laying on the deck, Gibbs having thrown down a blanket and some pillows.

"Do we have to go back?" Tony sighed, his fingers brushing up and down Gibbs' back.

"Yes." Gibbs replied between kisses. "Work."

"I know." Tony groaned with annoyance.

"We can go sailing on the weekends." Gibbs smiled, drawing back to look down at Tony.

Tony nodded, his eyes staring at Gibbs' chest.

"What's wrong?" Gibbs could sense the change in Tony's mood and body.

"You gonna be okay when we get back?"

"With us?" Gibbs asked.

Tony nodded.

Gibbs eyes focused on Tony. "Yeah. I love you."

That amazing, captivating DiNozzo smile filled Tony's face. "Good because you can't get rid of me now. In fact, maybe I'll just handcuff us together."

"That could be fun." Gibbs smirked.

"Might be a problem to explain at work." Tony grinned.

"Oh God." Gibbs groaned, as the thought of the woman raced across his mind.


"Abby." Gibbs sighed.

Tony broke out laughing. "Oh she's gonna have a field day with this!"

"Yeah, she is."

The laughter faded and Tony looked concerned. "Shit. I turned off my phone."

"You probably aren't gonna get any reception out here anyway." Gibbs explained. "Why expecting a call?"

"Abby and everyone." Tony rubbed his face. "We searched for you for days and well, Abby's been checking in with me. If she hasn't been able to find me for four days."

"She's a basket case by now."

"Yeah." Tony paused. "If she's worried the minute I turn the phone on they're gonna come looking for me."

"Out here they'd been lucky to get the location, but they will once we get back closer to land."

Tony grinned. "When did you become Mr. Techno?"

"I do know how to run a trace." Gibbs chuckled. "We'll get the sail up, get a little closer to land and then you can try the phone."

"Good idea." Tony smiled.


Reaching back Tony held up the fork to Gibbs, who took the bite. The sail was up, Gibbs was at the tiller steering them back towards land. Tony was sitting between his knees a plate of pasta in his hands, he would take a bite then offer one to Gibbs. The plate finally empty, Tony put it down and picked up his phone and turned it on. After a moment the phone beeped to life, as he looked at the screen Tony groaned.

"Twenty-two messages!"

Gibbs shook his head.

"And I have reception." As if Tony's words had carried out into the universe and reached the Goths ears, the phone rang and Abby's picture appeared on the screen.

"You might as well answer it." Gibbs smirked. "If you don't they'll be waiting at the Marina when we get there."

"Abby let me explain." Tony spoke quickly trying to get a word in before Abby started talking.

"You disappear for four day, while Gibbs is still missing and you can explain?" Abby huffed. "There is no explanation unless you are with Gibbs!"

"I'm with Gibbs."


Tony rolled his eyes and waited. Then he heard the breathing again.

"Did you drop the phone?" Tony snickered.

"Is he okay? Where are you? How did you find him? Can I talk to him?"

"He's fine and you'll see him at work tomorrow."

"I wanna talk to him put him on." Abby barked.

"No." Tony snapped back. "It's been a long few days. You can talk to him tomorrow."

"But I-"

"Abby no." Tony blew out a long breath. "He's fine, I'm fine. We will talk tomorrow at work."

"Why are you at the Habit Marine?"

Tony dropped his head back into Gibbs' lap. Gibbs winked down at him.

"Why does anyone go to a Marine?" Tony smiled up at Gibbs, the question to Abby telling Gibbs she knew where they were.

"Are you on a boat?"

"Yes." Tony chuckled. "And I'm about to hang up."

"Wait can't I-"

"Tomorrow Abby." Tony said ending the call. "I know she's your favorite but she can be a-"

"Pain in the ass." Gibbs smirked.

"God yes!" Tony laughed.

Leaning down, Gibbs' lips stopped just before touching Tony's. "Maybe I have a new favorite."

Tony grinned, only to have Gibbs kiss it away.

"It was that thing I did with my tongue right?" Tony smirked.

A hearty laugh broke from Gibbs' lips. "Yeah, that put you over the top."


The ride back to the house had been spent in relative silence, Tony focused on the road, Gibbs dosing. When they pulled into the drive, Gibbs grabbed the duffel bag from the back and headed inside. For once, Gibbs found himself actually glad to be home. Turning around, Gibbs saw Tony standing just inside the door.

"I should go, let you get settled." Tony was looking everywhere but at Gibbs. "Maybe you wanna work on the boat. Although, do you need a boat now that you have one? But then you didn't build it, so you probably would prefer one you built. So...boat some Bourbon, get ready for work tomorrow. Maybe a -"

Tony's ramblings were silenced as Gibbs' lips found his. The kiss, soft and tender, not meant to arouse but merely to show affection and love. Drawing back, Gibbs rested his forehead on Tony's.

"The only place you're going is to the couch." Gibbs smirked. "And you'll stay there while I order pizza and grab us beers."

Tony grinned. "Back less than five minutes and you're already bossing me around again."

"On the couch now!" Gibbs barked.

"Okay ground rules right now." Tony held up his hands. "No bossing me around when we are not on the job."

"Are you sure about that?" Gibbs' eyebrow went up.

Tony paused, his mouth slightly open. "Amendment to that. No bossing me around outside of work unless the sexual situation calls for it."

"Right." Gibbs nodded. "Now get on the damn couch."

"That." Tony held up his finger. "Is bossing outside of a sexual situation."

Leaning in, Gibbs cocked his head. "Not necessarily."

Tony's brow knitted, then suddenly raised. "Oh. OH! Getting on the couch now." Tony quickly ran over and jumped on the couch.

Looking over, Tony had his head on one arm of the couch, his legs on the other and he grinned at Gibbs. Shaking his head, Gibbs chuckled and pulled his phone from his pocket.


Tossing the pizza box in the trash, Gibbs grabbed a couple more beers and walked back into the living room. Tony was laying on his side, his back to Gibbs, looking as if he were asleep. Curling up against him, Gibbs kissed his neck.

"Tired?" Gibbs whispered in Tony's ear.

"A little." Tony sighed. "Someone kept me up most of the night."

"Actually I think it was you who kept me up." Gibbs chuckled.

"Feels like you're up now." Tony snickered.

"Natural reaction." Gibbs said wrapping his arms tighter around Tony. "But I will control myself."

Tony involuntarily rubbed his ass against Gibbs hard cock.

"Um, control is made complicated when you do that."

"Natural reaction." Tony said sounding half asleep.

Gibbs chuckled to himself. Even half asleep, Tony was horny. Closing his eyes, Gibbs took a deep breath and felt sleep pull him down.


In a sleepy haze he felt the body against him, smiling at how amazing it felt to be in the man's arms and realizing he could stay like this forever and be content. He grinned to himself as the thought entered his mind. Slowly, he pushed the hand that was at his waist down until it rested on his cock and waited. It took only a moment for the hand to gently started to squeeze and rub his cock causing him to moan and rock his hips.

"You really are always horny." The words were whispered in his ear.

"Yes." He sighed. "When it's you."

"I love you." Again the words whispered into his ear.

"I love you too." Tony smiled. He would never get tired of hearing those words.

"Unzip your shirts." Gibbs said sliding his hand away just enough to give Tony access.

Without hesitation, Tony obeyed, then moved his hand away.

Gibbs' hand returned, again rubbing and squeezing Tony's cock but still over his shorts.

"You do love to tease don't you." Tony moaned.

"Only you." Gibbs murmured before his lips caressed Tony's neck.

"Touch me." Tony groaned. "Please."

Gibbs' hand slipped inside Tony's shorts his fingers brushing against Tony's cock.

"God yes." Tony sighed.

"GIBBS! I know you're here. Where...were." Abby froze as she stepped into the living room.

"ABBY!" Gibbs barked as both he and Tony jumped up.

Abby stood there eyes wide, the shock plastered all over her face.

"I told you we would talk tomorrow!" Tony snapped.

A wide grin played across Abby's face and her eyebrow went up. She glanced at Tony's open zipper, then back at his face.

Tony looked down at his crotch, quickly zipping up his fly and trying to adjust himself to hide his hard on.

"A little late to worry about hiding that." Abby smirked.

Gibbs ran his hands down his face.

"And how long has this been going on?" She asked slightly perturbed.

Taking a deep breath, Gibbs answered. "Few days."

"Really and we're already at jacking each other off on the couch?"

"ABBY!" Gibbs shouted.

"Well I guess you two are a little behind. Like ten years behind." Abby grinned.

"What?" Tony looked at her bewildered.

"Hello. You've been drooling over Gibbs since you got to NCIS."

"I have not!" Tony voice filled with annoyance.

Gibbs couldn't help it he smirked.

"Don't you smirk." Tony glared at Gibbs.

"And you're just as bad, just less obvious." Abby smiled at Gibbs.

"What the hell did I do?"

"The head slaps, always up in Tony's personal space." Abby smirked. "Come on head slaps are like some sexual foreplay for you."

"It is not." Gibbs scowled.

Tony made a face. "God, I hope that's not true because you head slap McGeek a hell of a lot and Ziva well that's just-"

The thought was stopped as Tony's head jerked forward from the head slap.

"INAPPROPRIATE!" Tony bellowed rubbing the back of his head.

"See totally foreplay." Abby laughed. "Well at least when you do it to Tony."

"Okay." Gibbs shook his head then looked at Abby. "You know now. Moving on."

"You know Mike is totally up there laughing hysterically at this." Abby smiled but there was a sadness in her eyes. "We always talked about who would be the first to finally admit it or mess up and give it away."

Gibbs chuckled slightly, of course Mike would talk to Abby about this.

"By the way who did make the first move?"

Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"Oh. You did." Abby smirked and nodded at Gibbs. "Damn I lost twenty bucks to Mike."

A surprised look replaced the eye roll.

"You thought I'd make the first move?" Tony asked Abby.

"Actually I thought you'd screw up and give it away." Abby grinned. "Figured Gibbs would catch you staring at his ass or that you'd slip and say something by accident."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Could be worse." Abby turned to Gibbs. "Mike figured you'd be half drunk, Tony would show up in the basement and you'd just lose all control and take him."

Gibbs had to laugh. "Yeah."

Tony's eyes stopped on Gibbs. "Yeah. That's all you have to say about that?"

Gibbs just shrugged. Truth was, he'd told Mike about that little fantasy.

"Actually I think Ziva lost too." Abby racked her brain trying to remember who Ziva had bet on.

"And McGee?" Tony asked.

"McGee never took the bet, said it was to hinky to think about." Abby tried not to smile.

"Ducky and Palmer?" Tony questioned.

"Ducky said you'd make the first move, so he lost and Palmer won." Abby laughed. "And actually he said it would happen on a boat. Palmer's the man on this one."

"Palmer's a Gremlin!" Tony rolled his eyes.

"Palmer thinks Bossman's hot." Abby smirked.

"Excuse me?" Tony stared at her, a hint of jealousy evident in his voice.

"What?" Abby shrugged. "He just thinks Gibbs is hot doesn't wanna act on anything. He's getting married and the only reason he said that was because we were playing who would you rather do."

"And who were the choices Gibbs or?" Tony's eyebrow went up.

"You." An evil grin spread across her lips.

"Seriously?" Tony sounded offended. "Palmer said Gibbs."

Abby nodded. "McGee said Gibbs too. I said you."

Gibbs eyes widened.

"Gibbs! Choosing you would have been like saying I wanna screw my dad." Abby shivered. "I love you and all but-"

Gibbs rubbed his forehead, how did they reach this point in the conversation.

"Ziva said Gibbs too."

Gibbs sighed.

"But Ducky picked you Tony. He said that-"

"STOP!" Tony closed his eyes and his body shivered. "I don't even want to know."

"Come on Ducky's a sweetheart."

"That's not the point!" Tony half shouted.

"Don't you wanna know who Mike picked?"

"NO!" The two men said it in unison.

Abby laughed. "You know Mike is screaming up there for me to tell you!"

"He can scream all he wants. You're not telling us." Gibbs said as he grabbed her by the arm and led her towards the door.

"Wait!" Abby jerked out of Gibbs grasp and stood before him.

"Abby." Gibbs sighed.

"Are you okay?" Abby tapped her fingers together nervously. "I mean about Mike."

Gibbs took a deep breath and calmed himself. "I'm getting there."

"And Tony?" Abby paused. "You really do love him right?"

"Yeah." Gibbs nodded.

"And he loves you?"

Another nod.

"Mike loved you too you know." She held up her hands. "Not like love you love you, not like Tony loves you, but he loved you."

Gibbs chuckled. "I know Abs."

"And Leyla and Amira. They love you."


"And me, Ziva, Tim, Ducky, Jimmy we all love you."

"There a point here Abs?"

"That there are a lot of people that love and care about you." Abby paused chewing on her lower lip. "So you're not alone okay?"

Taking her in his arms, he kissed her temple. "I know Abs. I know."

She squeezed him tightly. "Just so you know."


Gibbs walked back into the living room and flopped down onto the couch next to Tony.

"She worries about you." Tony smiled pulling his legs up under him and putting his arm on the back of the couch

"Yeah." Gibbs ran his hands down his face, then looked over at Tony.

"We all do."

Nodding, Gibbs' fingers brushed back and forth over Tony's arm.

"Especially me." Tony grinned climbing onto Gibbs' lap. "I worry a lot."

"Why do you worry?" Gibbs asked, his hands running up Tony's back.

"Well, I worry because evidently most of your team wants to sleep with you and not me." Tony smirked.

Gibbs groaned and dropped his head back.

"Come on I mean seriously. I'm concerned." Tony laughed. "Ziva, McGee, Palmer and what I get the freaky Goth who sleeps in a coffin and-" Tony shiver again. "Ducky."

"Ducky, he's a good guy." Gibbs smirked.

"I'm sure he is and-." Tony rocked his head back and forth. "That's all I'm saying about that."

"What you don't like older men?" Gibbs chuckled.

"Older yes." Tony nodded. "But um...Ducky's just, um...not my type."

"What is your type?" Gibbs asked before his lips dropped to Tony's neck.

Tony sighed and smiled.

"About six foot, silver hair." Tony moaned as Gibbs' lips feasted on his neck. "Blue eyes, sexy as hell."

Gibbs chuckled against Tony's neck.

"And a huge cock."

Drawing back, Gibbs looked at Tony, eyebrow raised. "Huge huh?"

Tony bit his lower lip and nodded.

Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"I need to tell you something."

Gibbs laughed. "What that you were lying?"

"What?" Tony's brow furrowed, then he shook his head and smacked Gibbs chest. "No I wasn't lying about that."

"Good to hear." Gibbs smirked.

"No I need to tell you about how I found you."

"It wasn't from the records of the house and boat?"

"No." Tony shook his head, then climbed off of Gibbs and started rummaging through the duffel bag. He pulled out the letter and made his way back over to Gibbs, returning to his position on his lap. "This."

"What is it?" Gibbs asked.

"A letter." Tony paused. "From Mike."

"He told you about the boat?"

"Yeah." Tony sighed. "And a few other things."

"Like the fact I was in love with you?"

Tony nodded.

Gibbs shook his head and chuckled. "Who knew Mike was a romantic."

Tony laughed. "I don't know if I'd call him a romantic."

Pulling Tony closer, Gibbs sighed. "I don't care how you found me...I'm just glad you did."

"I wish it had been sooner." Tony let his finger trace a path down Gibbs' jaw line. "I tried to find you myself but I couldn't."

"It happened the way it was meant to happen."

"No more running off." Tony glared at Gibbs. "Got that?"

Gibbs nodded taking Tony's hands in his. "Now I would like something."

"What's that?"

"I would like to go back to where we were before Abby interrupted us." Gibbs smirked.

"So throw me down and we'll work on that." Tony grinned.

"No." Gibbs nudged Tony's shirt up over his chest. "I want you naked and upstairs in my bed."

Lifting his arms, Tony let Gibbs push the shirt over his head and toss it aside. Then Gibbs hands unbutton his shorts and slowly slid the zipper down.

"Get up." Gibbs ordered. "So I can take these off."


By the time they reached the bed, Tony was naked and Gibbs was sloughing off his boxers. Kicking the offending piece of clothing aside, Gibbs grabbed Tony tossing them both onto the bed.

"Seriously." Tony sighed, laying prone under Gibbs, as he slowly kissed his way up Tony's chest. "I knew you were strong but you throw me around like a rag doll."

"Problem with that?" Gibbs asked, finally reaching Tony's neck.


Looking down at Tony, Gibbs ran his hand up Tony's ribcage.

"What are you thinking?" Tony smiled.

"How amazing you look naked in my bed." Gibbs smirked.

"Have you thought about me naked in your bed a lot?"

"Oh yeah." Gibbs nodded. "And there was one thing in particular I thought of doing to you that I plan to do right now."

"And what's that?"

Climbing off of Tony, Gibbs reached down next to the bed and grabbed something then returned. This time his legs straddling Tony's thighs as he held up the bottle.

"Really?" Tony grinned. "And what exactly do you plan to do with that?"

"Have a drink." Gibbs smirked.

Tony's eyebrow went up. He watched as Gibbs opened the bottle of Bourbon and carefully dribbled some of the liquid down his chest. Then Gibbs leaned forward licking and sucking his way up Tony's chest removing the amber liquid from Tony's body.

"Jethro." Tony groaned, his body shivering under the touch of Gibbs' lips.

Gibbs licked his lips. "Now that is how Bourbon should taste."

Tony laughed and then jumped when he felt the liquid again hit his body. This time a small puddle forming around his belly button.

Gibbs kept his eyes on Tony's, as his tongue lapped up the liquid greedily.

A small sigh escaped Tony's lips and he wiggled under Gibbs.

"So good." Gibbs smiled holding the bottle up again letting drops of the warm liquid fall on one of Tony's nipples. Quickly his tongue licked and sucked at the hardening nub.

"Oh God." Tony groaned as Gibbs moved back and forth between nipples, covering them in the Bourbon then licking and sucking them clean. After he had repeated the process several times, Gibbs lips kissed up Tony's chest bringing them face to face.

"Taste?" Gibbs asked.

Tony nodded and watched as Gibbs took a small sip from the bottle then captured his lips. The shiver traveled through Tony's entire body as their lips touched, Gibbs' mouth parted slightly to allow Tony's tongue to lick, suck and drink the liquid in.

There was just something about the taste of Bourbon from Gibbs' lips and mouth that caused Tony's cock to twitch and ache. Truth was, Tony knew why. For years, he had watched Gibbs drink Bourbon in the basement and watching Gibbs drink Bourbon was an erotic experience.

The way his lips pressed against the mug with a calm need, the way his lips parted to eagerly accept the liquid, the way he swallowed deeply imbibing the warmth of the alcohol, and the way his tongue involuntarily darted out to gather the last little bit of flavor from his lips. For years, Tony had wanted to kiss Gibbs after seeing him take a drink and finally he was getting his wish.

Grasping the back of Gibbs' head, Tony demanded more, feasting from every inch of Gibbs mouth and lips. God he never wanted to stop but the need to take in air forced him to draw back for a moment. Tony whimpered when he saw the involuntary action of Gibbs' tongue licking his lips.

"Didn't realize that would turn you on so much." Gibbs panted trying to catch his breath.

Tony nodded.

The corner of Gibbs' mouth turned up in a half smirk. "Bourbon does it for you huh?"

Tony shook his head. "You do it for me. The Bourbon is a bonus."

Gibbs leaned forward, his lips brushing against Tony's ear. "Well I want the bonus of licking Bourbon from your cock."

"God, yes." Tony sighed breathlessly.

Moving down Tony's body, Gibbs placed himself between Tony's legs, he smiled as Tony eagerly parted his legs.

Pressing Tony's cock against his stomach, Gibbs let beads of the liquid trickle down the underside of Tony's cock to his balls. Then his tongue licked slowly up Tony's balls, the base of his cock, the shaft until his tongue flicked across the head.

"Oh fuck!" Tony moaned throwing his head back, clutching at the bed sheet.

"I take it back." Gibbs growled. "That is how Bourbon should taste!"

"Jethro." Tony pleaded. He trembled when he felt Gibbs grab the base of his cock and more drops of the Bourbon run down its length.

Sitting the bottle aside, Gibbs licked his lips, then wrapped them around the head of Tony's cock.

"Yes! God yes!" Tony cried out as his hips came off the bed.

The words caused Gibbs' lips to glide down the length of Tony's shaft then back up creating a painstakingly slow pace over Tony's cock. Again, Tony's hips left the bed as he thrust into Gibbs' mouth wanting to force Gibbs to increase his efforts, but Gibbs did not like to be rushed. His hand pressed down hard on Tony's hip forcing the man to remain still. Tony tried to stop his upward motion and once Gibbs felt Tony's body settle he released his hold. His hand now free, Gibbs gently massaged Tony's balls as he continued to work over Tony's cock.

Tony grunted with need and frustration. He knew Gibbs was drawing it out, knew after just a few days together that the older man loved to tease and torture him. Knew Gibbs loved to keep him just on the edge for as long as possible. And it was the most exquisite torture Tony had ever experienced, but God he wanted to come.

Gibbs' hand left Tony's balls and drifted further down pressing two fingers against the tight puckered muscle of Tony's ass. Eagerly, Tony pushed down on the welcomed intruder and Gibbs slipped inside.

Moaning and groaning, Tony's body became an odd combination of wiggling and thrusting. Thrusting into Gibbs' mouth and wiggling to draw Gibbs' fingers in deeper. Knowing Tony was close, Gibbs bent his fingers and brushed against Tony's prostate as his mouth bobbed faster over Tony's cock.

"JETH-" The name caught in Tony's throat as the release tore through his body ripping him into a million pieces.

Without waiting for Tony to recover, Gibbs crawled up beside him, grabbed the lube from under the pillow and turned Tony on his side. Sliding his cock between Tony's ass cheeks, Gibbs pressed the head of his cock inside, again finding Tony eager to accept him. The warmth of his lover breaking any sense of patience's Gibbs had and he lunged into Tony full force.

Tony felt the air again rush from his lungs, as he reached above him wrapping a hand around a rung in the head board.

Gibbs' arm circled around Tony's waist and jerked their bodies together. A low growl tore from Gibbs' lips as he thrust in and out of Tony. His head dropped down into the space between Tony's shoulder and neck and he grunted uncontrollable. God would he ever be able to go slow with Tony? There was just something about the man that drove him mad with desire and need.

"Tony." Gibbs growled his face still buried against the younger mans neck. "God Tony."

"I know." Tony panted as he gained some sense of himself and started rocking back against Gibbs forward thrusts.

It was no use trying to stop it and Gibbs gave in, plunging his cock into Tony, screaming into Tony's neck as he came undone. His body tensing, his arm crushing Tony against his body, as his cock exploded deep inside the younger man. It was at that moment that Gibbs realized nothing with Tony would ever be slow and calm. He sighed as a quote ran through his head. It was a quote he had read years ago in some book.

When you ask me why I cannot love you more calmly, I answer that to love you calmly is not to love you at all.

It had never made sense to him until now...until Tony. He placed a kiss on Tony's neck.

"You-." Gibbs sighed wanting to say more but not having the words.

"Tell me you are always going to want me this much?" Tony asked.

"Always." Gibbs whispered in Tony's ear. "Always."


They had showered and climbed into bed, Gibbs leaving the bedside lamp on. He laid his arm around Tony, waiting for the younger man to drift off to sleep. Finally, after twenty minutes, Tony's body had relaxed and his breathing steadied. Carefully removing his arm from around Tony, Gibbs slipped out of bed and made his way to the dresser and silently opened the top drawer. Rummaging around inside for a moment his fingers made contact with what he wanted. Returning to the bed, he sat down and leaned his back against the head board. Peering down, he smiled as Tony snored softly.

Turning his attention to the item in his hand, he sighed. He hadn't planned on reading this for a long time. Holding up the envelope he stared at the return name and address. Mike Franks, Mexico. The letter had come the day after Mike's funeral. He couldn't bring himself to read it then, Hell, he probably wouldn't have read it for months if Tony hadn't told him about his letter. As quietly as possible, Gibbs opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. He unfolded the paper and a picture dropped into his lap. Picking it up, he chuckled softly when he saw the image. He shook his head and placed the picture on the nightstand. Holding open the letter he started to read.

Well Probie there's only one reason you're reading this letter, that's because DiNozzo found you and told you about the one I wrote him. Otherwise, this damn thing would have sat in a drawer for months, maybe even years before you opened it. You'd think a letter from a dead man would spark your curiosity, but hell no, toss it in a draw and forget about it. You're a pain in the goddamn ass!

Gibbs silenced a chuckle.

Thankfully, DiNozzo's not as much of a pain in the ass and actually gives a shit when he gets a letter from a dead guy. I knew the letter would freak him out, knew he'd read it, and knew he'd actually listen. Something you never did. I told him everything. Told him you loved him, have for a long time. Told him the reasons you wouldn't admit it. Then told him I knew he felt the same way, knew he loved you.

I even warned him if he found you anger would get ugly, that he'd take a beating from you emotionally, but I knew he'd still wanna be the one to get you through it. The crazy son of a bitch loves you, would do anything for you. So I gave him the address of the house in D.C. and the name of the Marina, knew he'd find you at one of them.

I'm sure by now DiNozzo's already been face down in the mattress screaming your name. He's probably laying there next to you in a sex induced coma, because I'm sure after ten fucking years of denying everything, the pent of sexual tension probably about killed you both.

Gibbs rolled his eyes. Mike always so tactful.

It's not that I wanted to have to play cupid for you two dumb ass's, but something had to be done. You two walking around hiding that you were all starry eyed over each other was starting to piss me off. Hell, that was probably what finally made me clutch my chest and fall over dead. Never seen two men so damn stubborn about being in love. Love is love Probie, doesn't matter how you get your rocks off.

Alright, I need to get on with this, got better things to do. Life is short Probie, too short to waste it on not being happy. You deserve to be happy, whether you believe it or not. Yeah you're a bastard, a pain in the ass, and a son of a bitch sometimes, but you still deserve to be happy and loved. And the man laying there next to you, well he loves you in spite of it all.

Glancing at Tony, Gibbs smiled.

You can't fuck this up Probie, he loves you too much to let you. DiNozzo, he'll drive you fucking crazy some days. Those endless movie references, that annoying lack of focus he has a lot of the time, and that Cheshire fucking grin that lets him get away with way more than he should. But in the end, it'll be the best kinda crazy you could ever ask for. And you, well you'll have countless days were you act like a bastard and he'll wanna rip your goddamn head off. He won't, but he'll seriously consider it. Oh and you two will fight. You'll fight , fight like the damn world is coming to an end, but when it's over you'll both know you still love each other. And you'll remember how fucking amazing make-up sex is and everything will be right with the world again.

So don't mourn my sorry ass, because I'm up here smokin', drinking and getting laid more than I could ever dream of. Got a little place right on the edge of Heaven, fishing off a cloud with some hot little senorita at my side. Liam on the cloud next to us.

Take care of our girls down there and I'll take care of yours up here. I'll let them know you finally let yourself be happy again.

Clenching his jaw, Gibbs tried not to let the tears fall as he read the last few lines of the letter.

Everything you've just went through wasn't really about my death, well in some way it was, but really my death was just a catalyst. Sometimes it's about more than the obvious.

Now put down this damn letter, wake up the pretty boy and make love like the world is coming to an end.

Gibbs rubbed his hands down his face, letting them take away the remaining tears. Picking up the picture again, he grinned. It was a picture of Mike, Tony and himself in Abby's lab. She had snapped it on her phone when the three of them were standing over the table looking at evidence. Somehow she had gotten all three of them to look up at the same time, all of them with a slight smirk on their lips. Leaning the picture up against the bedside lamp, Gibbs rolled onto his side and enveloped Tony into his arms. The younger man stirred slightly, his fingers playing across the arm at his waist.

Placing his lips at Tony's ear, Gibbs whispered. "I love you."

Tony purred.

"And I want you."

Another purr, this time Tony pressing himself back against Gibbs' groin.

"I wanna make love to you again."

"They why aren't you doing it already." Tony sighed reaching back and clawing at Gibbs' hip.

"Because I wanted to make sure you were up." Gibbs chuckled.

Taking Gibbs' hand, Tony dragged it down and placed it over his hard cock. "I'm up."

"Yes you are." Gibbs moaned as he started stroking Tony's cock.

"Jethro make love to me." Tony purred again.

"I will" Gibbs sighed. "Like the world is ending."

The quote that Gibbs thinks of is from Jeanette Winterson's book Written on the Body.