Konoha's Sharingan Brothers

Arc I

Chapter 1

Protagonists: Uchiha-Uzumaki Naruto/Uchiha Sasuke/Uchiha Mikoto/Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata.

(Updated) Pairings: Naru/Saku/Hina


Sasuke Harem

(Updated) One Sided Pairing: SasuSaku and Narukarin

Summary: What if Sasuke wasn't the only Uchiha to survive the massacre and does not hate Itachi. What if an adopted Naruto inherited more than just the Uchiha surname and noble status. A Sharingan and Gen-jutsu Naruto.

A/N: This story goes out to all Sharigan fanatics. Those who detests Sharingans... kick the bucket. Those who abhors Naruto having Sharingans kiss my (well you get the idea). A final warning, my grammar is worse than a kindergarten dropout. Don't like sloppy grammar leave and never return. I don't want any flaming reviews that have to deal with my grammar (lol didn't mean to be a little sarcastic)... enjoy^_^

Children left the academy just half an hour ago with their parents, while Naruto was lonesome on the academy's swing. He swung. The glint on his cerulean orbs beamed at the full moon, but this was no one ordinary moon. His blood was boiling, not with excitement but a terrible omen. He had warned Sasuke, but all he got was a "hmph" from the sound of his rattling throat. He wondered why Sasuke was not with his parent on open house as he watched Sasuke disappeared into the tainted moonlight.

Alone he was again. No one cared. All the villager treated him like a scapegoat. Today Naruto had gotten his ass handed to Sasuke in a sparring competition. The class filled with blissfulness as they all seen the look on poor Naruto's face as expecting him to cry like a sorry bitch, to their surprise he just ran out into the park. No one followed. Good, he thought. He rather be alone, but Kami forbid it as a feminine voiced called him out from a distance.

"NARUTO! Naruto-kun."

Naruto at first was startled at this woman... no he shook his head... a beautiful woman calling out to him till she knelt down beside him. Naruto glanced up as the lady had long black hair, but something about her face seemed so familiar that Naruto sworn he'd seen her from somewhere. Had he met her someplace before or he recognized her for someone else. This was the first that someone out of the academy and the Hokage properly addressed Naruto by his name and well formal by adding the suffix to his name. She was wearing a navy blue kimono with a large duffel bag hauled over her left shoulder.

"Lady – do I know you?" He shrugged.

"Sweaty, did you happen to see Sasuke... my son."

Oh – now I get it, "Sasuke's mom," he said with uncertainty, but Mikoto nodded. "U-um, he go home."

"Thank you, but you're coming with me."

Heeeeeeh, he shrugged again, but it only took him seconds to realize the scornful looked on Mikoto's face. She hauled him over her unoccupied shoulder as he yelped in unison. He knew it. She was going to berate him. He pleaded, "I not hurt Sasuke. Don't hurt me." He would kiss the lady's feet if he had no choice.

Knowing the anguished trauma he suffered all his life from the villages chastise, she zealously grinned at him in hopping Naruto's mood would change.

"I'm so sorry that I'd scared you. I promise that I will protect you with my life."

Naruto glanced up at her with such ambiguous thoughts plaguing his mind. Is this lady for real?

"You see Naruto-kun, I was good friends with your father and best friends with your mother. It was an unfortunate event that had taken place right after you were born. The reason why you were treated wrong because your father 'Namikaze Minato the Yondaime Hokage' had given his life to seal the Kyuubi inside of you that nearly destroyed this village. Please don't hate your father for it, understand, he could never use another child and have it take the burden. He wished that for you to be the hero who saved us all by being the jailor of the fearsome gargantuan nine-tailed kitsune, but the villagers never treated you as one," she cried.

Never before Naruto would imagine a lady would cry on his behalf. He wanted to reach out and snuggled against her waist, but he was scare and shy, but knowing who his father was. He was happy. It gave him the confidence to confront Sasuke's mother without fear. Being the son of the Yondaime...

"Cool!" he exclaimed. "The Four Hokage is my daddy, but where is mommy?" He asked in unison.

Mikoto frowned, "Your mother Uzumaki Kushina was a foreigner from Uzu no Kuni now known as Nami no Kuni. I was first introduced to her by your father. I'd learned she only had boys as her friends. She was a tomboy. She was very physical and troublesome to begin with but in due time. I was mentally able to lift the masculine barrier that a prevented her from becoming a girl in the first place. We're very close friends, best of friends, till we loved each as sisters till I had married Sasuke's father.

"I regret that the Uchiha Clan used me to spy on Kushina because she was the the Kyuubi's host at that time. When a host loses its Biiju, they die." Naruto cursed which caught Mikoto's sorrowful onyx orbs. "I'm so sorry again Naruto-kun if only I left the clan with both my sons and you, we won't have to be caught in the crossfire between Konoha and my clan. I will not let the villagers terrorize you any further and my husband forsaken you. I tried adopting you, but both the Sandaime and Fukagu disagreed because of the uprising of the Kyuubi invasion that the Uchiha Clan was being blame for."

"What your clan did?"

"We were blamed for unleashing the Kyuub by extracting it from your mother killing her instantly (though in the manga she survived till the ending of the sealing. Mokoto doesn't know that) and used our famous Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Dou-jutsu to control the Kyuubi, but we didn't. We were set up by the foundation when they had lured us away from Konoha before the siege commenced.

"For the past six years tension built up between the Uchiha Clan and Konoha that my husband and his advisers had enough and conspired a true uprising of their own, it was not till today I'd learned their true intention stumbling upon the secrets of the Uchiha Clan's ultimate Dou-jutsu... the Mangekyo Sharingan. To unlock this fearsome Dou-jutsu, the user must be willing to kill the person that they love dearly or a close friend. The Uchiha elite is planning to kill all the weak to obtain the MS. I think my husband will try to kill today and make my eldest son Uchiha Itachi kill Sasuke before the uprising begins. Trust me Naruto, you are not safe here anymore if my clan gets a hold of you. They will more likely resurrect the Kyuubi and unleash it upon Konoha. We are leaving the village once we get Sasuke-kun."

Naruto nodded with trepidation, "What happen..."

That was when they arrived at the Uchiha Estate, but something was off as Naruto climbed off her shoulder surveying the scenery with his azure orbs—scanning every inch. Not too long, Naruto screamed as a mutilated corpse fell from the rooftop onto him. Blood stained the oak wood floors of the apartment and the overgrowth patch of weeds. The blood was fresh. Naruto squeaked in terror as he mustered all the strength to roll the body that pinned him to the autumn turf.

Just as she feared, "No... no, it has begun. I hope we're not too late.

Sasuke stammered to the entrance of his house as he heard several screams beyond the wooden slide door. He cautiosly slid the door open only for his eyes to wide in terror. His mother was hanged on the ceiling. She was cut open as remnants of blood dripped down into a sea of blood. His father Uchiha Fukagu lied lifelessly in his spouse's blood also his blood contribute to the mass pulp.

"What is going on here? Okaasan! Tousan!" a shadowy figured appeared out of the kitchen gradually approaching him from the front. He looked up as the image of his deceased mother deteriorated, Gen-jutsu, he thought. "Wha... who are you."

"Sasuke," an all too recognizable voice made his teeth chattered.

He couldn't believe his eyes as the man who stood before his very own eyes was indeed Uchiha Itachi his elder brother. He murdered them. Suddenly, Sasuke grimace holding his left shoulder. He felt the warm liquid drenching his hand in a sea of red. Blood, it was his blood. Sasuke never saw Itachi flung the kunai the grazed his left shoulder. Then paining began throbbing endlessly like a drum beat.

"Ahh!" he knelt in agony. Nii-san, why... why did you kill father? Where's mother?

"She's out somewhere but don't worry. Mother will be joining father soon with the rest of this Kami forsaken clan. It's a shame that I couldn't save the innocents who would have carryout Obito and Shisui's legacy."

Still why had he killed them, he wanted to fell angry, but phobia began to replaced his hatred. Any moment, anxiety would take its toll. He watched as the image of the clan being slaughtered before him. He cried out wanting to do something about it, but his legs failed him. Soon he returned to the physical world. He squirmed a coughed out saliva. He felt as if he were zapped with electricity. He could not take his eyes of his oni-san's blood lust shuriken iris MS still coughing.

"So it was you – you killed them. You killed Shisui... I thought he was your friend."

"Little brother you will understand what I did is for the best of the clan."

"LIAR!" he spat with such malice. "You are a murderer! A Traitor! I will personally kill you!"

Sasuke pry the kunai that had been flung at him out of the door with such with such exertion. He charged carlessly. However, the Gen-jutsu that was placed on him was starting to have a significant impact on his body as being pierced by thousand of senbons as he stammered out of control towards Itachi. He swung when in range. He wrist was snared and broken in half by Itachi's iron grip as Sasuke dropped the kunai in pain. Sasuke was whirled around in a complete circle before a devastating roundhouse kick chipped into Sasuke's shoulder sent the raven hair boy sailing through the house. Itachi knew just four more inches higher could have been a fatal blow that Sasuke's head would have cave in, as he took on last glanced at his father that he'd just murdered before following the skidding trail of broken wooden splinters.

For some reason, Sasuke never believed that he never felt the impact of his nii-san's foot. It was just as if an invisible forced sholved him with such brute force through the walls of his house. He tumbled out of control. Small projecticles scraped against his skin. His progress had been halted but in an unexrpected way. He felt warm hands catching him like playing dodge ball. Looking up, all he saw a boy with blond hair and cerulean orbs glanicing down upon him. Sasuke watched as the blond toddler posed with a thumbs up grin has he lifed Sasuke to his feet.

"Woo Sasuke dude. You're alright?" Naruto dusted Sasuke's back.

Sasuke just completely stared at him with awe. "Dobe, what the hell are you doing here ?

"Teme, we've come here to look for you."

He saw his mother approaching fully with tears.

"Sasuke there you are, thank the heavens."

Sasuke ran passed Naruto into the outstretched arms of Mikoto's," Okaa-san, brother killed father... he killed everyone. The clan is dead!"

Mikoto ruffled his duck-buck raven hair, "Worry about that later, we need to leave before we're spotted from the 'others'.

"Mother that won't be necessary. May I asked where are you going with Sasuke and the Nine-tailed Jinchuuriki."

Mikoto shuddered as her eye never left the sight of his Mangekyo Sharingan. His anbu uniform covered with blood of their relatives and loved ones.

"Itachi, I will not let you kill Sasuke and use Naruto-kun as a weapon of mass destruction. Go ahead and kill me if you want the MS," she spat.

Sasuke frowned, "Mother no..."

"Son, you and Naruto, run for it and no looking back."

Itachi flashed step catching the toddlers off guard as he stood between them with his Katana flushed against his mother's throat. I think not. Do not move or else I will behead our mother nii-chan and that goes for you to Naruto-kun.

Something stirred within Naruto as his eyes began to flashed from blue to dark crimson, red kitsune slits. His whiskered marking thickened, his knuckles whitened as he glared at the elder Uchiha brother. His body undergone a trance as a demonic shroud of chakra blanketed the Jinchuuriki. He dropped on all fours. "Why, youuuuu!"

"Stop!" Naruto curiously glanced up at her with a shrug. The Kyuubi shroud decimated and his cerulean orb restored. "Itachi, please do not hurt them. Let them go and take my life for an exchange. I was a lousy mother and an ungrateful one. Death will be my punishment. I only wished that I had the courageous effort before Sasuke-kun was born. In fact, his parents would be alive, and you would never have to be alone.

Itachi chuckled, "What I want to know is where are you taking the kids?"

"Far away from the elders as possible. They will tear us apart."

"I see," he muttered, "It was the elders who suggested I eradicate our family to prevent the uprising. Father thought I was working for him little did he know it of my true intentions. Erasing the clan would prevent Konoha shinobi blood shed and countless innocent casualties."

"It wouldn't matter, your father was going to have the strongest or rather the elite of our clan murder the weak... children included. Within the plots of the massacre that never took place, Fukagu was so post to kill me and have you kill Sasuke obtaining the MS." Itachi and Sasuke glanced at one another and said, "What," in unison. "It was just a matter of an hour in your favor. If your an hour late, you'll be confronting the MS elite. I ran to get Sasuke and Naruto and planed to flee Konoha. Now I want to know is why didn't you spare the children. Goddammit Itachi, they deserve to life and possibly carryout Obito and Shisui's dream of protecting Konoha from the elders' corruption!"

I've never foreseen it. Damn you tou-san, than his brain registered the second of what she said. He cringed, "I simply couldn't because I was not the only one here..."

"You failed to notice me. I saw you kill Shisui and took his left Sharingan eye. I know you never murder him so, please I ask of you come with us hun," she was suddenly irrelevant because she taught Konoha was side by side with him during the massacre.

Itachi eyes were wide of fruit grapes. How the heck she hid her presence him would forever be a mystery, "Which brings me to this. The man who helped me is also an Uchiha.":Itachi reestablished his previous topic. "He's very old but young at the same time. He was responsible for the extraction of Kushina-sama's Nine-tails. This man is someone that none of you should ever cross paths with him, unfortunately, for you Naruto beware of him in the future. He will come for you eventual because of the Kyuubi that resides inside you and try to do the same. Like he'd done with your mother. If the Kyuubi is removed from inside of you... you'll die."

"Who is he?" Naruto gulped.

"He's the founder of the Uchiha Clan and one of and great rivals of the Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama.

"You mean Uchiha Madara!" she exclaimed.

"He wanted everyone to believe that he died by Hashirama's hands, but whatever power he obtained many years ago made him immortal... immune to aging. Tonight he'd got his revenge on the clan that betrayed him. That's the last favor we should give him. Next time, we will end his miserable life, but till then..."

Suddenly a black curtain blinded them as the appeared in the Itachi's MS Gen-jutsu. Naruto felt weird as his body felt heavy. He couldn't describe the scenery well, but to him was as the Uchiha Estate was highlighted in black-light x-ray vision, however, Sasuke had witnessed this before he begun to shiver. Though Itachi, Mikoto, and Naruto remained by his side. He wondered why Itachi needed to used his Gen-jutsu again.

"Nii-san, why are you using that Gen-jutsu again?"

"It's not me! Someone has cast a 'whole new level of Tsukuyomi'! I'll try break us free!"

"Boy, It's futile... but don't be afraid of my presence Uzumaki and Uchihas. I've only come to applaud your accomplishments of eradicating my brother's malice and lusty influence that has tainted the Uchiha Clan since its founding, and there a gift that I want to bestow the Uzumaki child with..."

Mikoko face-palm, "Y-you're..."

"Uchiha Izuna!"