Konoha's Sharingan Brother's

Arc II

Chapter 8

Beyond the camp's borderlines, the Sharingan Brothers waited in ambush within the trenches that the rebels had dug for sometime. Naruto complained the most as he was usually the impatient amongst the three brothers, whining about laying on the pebbles were pricking into his ribs and insects were crawling over his orange jumpsuit. Sasuke face palmed and told him to shut up.

"Here they come." Itachi muttered.

A regiment of twenty ninjas were marching in a single line. A knot ad formed in Naruto's throat. These were not your usua ever day ninja. Those were the elite and the best that any shinobi nation could ever have. These anbu had always scared him with those bizarre masked they worn, concealing their faces.

Mei raised her hand and brought it down like an ax chopped into a log, signaling the attack. The rebels screamed war cries as they threw in shurikens and kunais. Most of the anbu were caught unexpectedly. Three ninja's fell into there own pool of blood, gushing out from the fatal wounds. They were literally covered with projectiles, pricking out from their own flesh.

"Charge!" Mei cried out.

Naruto lounged forward, plunging the Buster Sword into the nearest man's chess. The man countered it on the center of his ninhonto, but it never prevented the inevitable, devastating thrust of Naruto's brute thrusts that severed the ninhonto in half and entered the man's chess. He gasped as Naruto thrust inward. He stared at the blond toddler in disbelieve before falling onto his back, bathing in his own pool of blood.

The weight of the man's corpse was too much for him to grip Retribution's hilt. The sword remained embedded. Naruto quickly try to wrench the sword out of the corpse, but his strength as a mere child could not pry the sword out at will. Naruto struggled. His belly churned as several anbu were closing on he. Profound trepidation gave him every ounce of adrenaline and strength to wrench Retribution free.

Too much strength made him stumbled. He quickly got up and hoisedt the sword. The first anbu underestimated Naruto's speed as a swordsman. He thought the child's immature size and knowledge could make him superior head on. A mere child or genin would be no match for a jonin or anbu's speed, but Naruto was a different story. The man reached out with a kunai, aiming the pointed end down at Naruto's throat to end the toddler's life.

That was the last thing he ever done, as black curtain was bestowed upon his vision. He was decapitated from Naruto lightening over hand stroke of Retribution. The headless body vaulted pass him. The fallen anbu's comrades deadpanned, but was replaced by rage. They launched water bullet jutsu at Naruto. Naruto held out Retribution diagonally, left hand on tip and right hand on hilt, pushing the flat end of the sword into the balls of projected water.

He expected to be overwhelmed by the impact a surge of the water bullets. Retribution nullified that by absorbing the water bullets into itself self, manifesting a bubble shroud of water around itself. Naruto was shocked. He could not explained it or come to comprehend what had just transpired. He felt his hands being drenched with water, but it was not cold. It was lukewarm.

Naruto shrugged. He charge the remaining anbu that pursue to end his life. He expected to cut them down with Retribution. Not have it unleashed a tidal wave on the very first stroke he swung Retribution. The anbu were caught off guard unexpectedly. They were pulverized by the body of water. Naruto looked at the wet, dripping Retribution. It no longer had the water, bubbling shroud.

"Cool!" He exclaimed.

Naruto's eyes fallen upon his brothers. Sasuke Masamune extended three times of its length and pierced three anbu through the chess like chickens on a spit. Itachi, cast Tsukuyomi on the remaining Anbu and went up to them and cut them down with his katana.

Mei was impressed and held back her man as they watched the three brother slaughtered the regiment. She was very impressed with the legendary swords.

"Extraordinary... just like the scrolls said. Retribution is a sword that can absorbed and reflect all five of the elements and expel it back to its target. The Masamune can extend to an unlimited range and called upon lightning from the heavens."

Although, Sasuke never did that. Later, the boys joined Mei at the hot spring. Itachi, being more than old enough to feel his hormones raged couldn't bare the site of an exquisitely naked woman so close to him. His cheeks were red. The boys, still too young to experience any intimacy never bothered by the site of a naked woman. They bathed with Mikoto occasionally. The experience with Mei was just another pamper courtesy.

Mei looked at the boys as she brushed their heads and backs. She never mind it, because it brought back pleasant memories of her younger brother that had perished during the beginning of the rebellion, murdered by Yagura. He was only eight. She immediately pushed that excruciating memory out from her mind.

"So how old are you guys?"

"Seven... dattebayo!"

"Sheesh... dobe you didn't had to shout!"

"That's quite alright," Mei commented. "I see where he gets his boisterous and energetic traits from."

"You knew my parents?"

"Oh yes, sweetheart. But not as much as your mother."

"What was she like?"

"You're mother was a motor mouth," she said it with humor. "She was very beautiful. She was my mentor and good friend of mine. I was just maybe couple years older than you when I first met her in the Chuunin Exams. Konoha referred to her as the Hot Hot-Blooded Habanero because of her exquisite long red hair that made her seemed demonic when she'd soloed by beating mobs of boys. Her reputation was known among Konoha as her and her husband Minato went to fame during the Third Shinobi wars."

"In foreign lands, Kushina was nick named the Crimson Death from her heroic deed, devastated Kumo's army nearly laid the Sandaime Raikage to waste." Mei smirked at a shocked Naruto. "This is how I've came to known Kushina to be a Jinchuuriki, hosting the Kyuubi inside of her. Legend said that the Raikage had singly bested the the Hachibi (Eight-tailed Beast) in single combat."

"No way!" the boys said in unison. Even Itachi seemed surprised.

"The Raikage was said to have a body harder than titanium. Not even the Eight-tails could pierce his flesh. The Nine-tails, however was a different story." She furrowed her brows. "Kushina infused her Chakra Chains with the Kyuubi's chakra . It was able to penetrate his indestructible flesh of armor, shackling him. These enchanted chains were from the Uzumaki Clan that were use to subdue and seal away anything. These chains could constrict and tear the flesh of the bone from a cow in milliseconds.

"The Raikage resisted, pouring lightning bolts into the chains in hope to reach her, but the chains were not alloy that could conduct electricity. It proved to be futile that his body was only that of a mortal. His sons intervened in time to sever her Chakra Chain binds from her. I stood there horrified. I spat out my undeveloped magma into the eldest son's face. His name is E. E speed was something out of this world. I never seen a man move like that until I was about to die.

"E's fist would have ripped my chest open. The next thing I knew, I was being held bride style in your father's arms. Minato was Kushina's betrothal. That's how I came to befriend your father and develop a little crush for him. I admit that he's handsome enough to rival any Uchiha men," she blushed. "However, out of respect for Kushina, I did not explore my feelings for Minato. In due time, my infatuation of him evaporated. We thank Kami, Minato rescued both me and your mother that night.

Naruto said nothing as tears trickled down cheek. The way Mei have spoken about Kushina as if he she were dead. A knot, the size of a golf ball, formed in his throat at the thought of his mother dead. He hoped somewhere she was out there, still amongst the living as his wretched father.

"Is my kaa-chan... lives?" His voice was abysmal.

Mei shuddered. "I don't know. Minato refuses to say anything about her."

She saw the moisture cascading down his cheeks. It was not from the hot spring, she thought.

"I think you guys are all set. Let me have a word or two with you nii-sama."

Naruto and Sasuke sighed wearily, leaving the two alone. Sasuke noticed the horror in Itachi's eyes. He was cursing at them not to leave him alone with the kunoichi all alone in the nude. Mei smacked her lips seductively. Her face was flushed red.

"So," she said it festively. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Itachi's shoulders slumped, knowing where this topic was heading, because he felt his loins hardened like never before. He never answered her as he stood up, regardless he was in the nude.


Mei had seen it for no more than two seconds before he'd shun-shin out of the hot spring. Mei had only seen a handful of male penises in her life.

~~ A week ago ~~

"Let me get that for you."

"I know what I'm doing. I wish for no further assistance."

"I didn't recall you being the stubborn type. What has Fukagu done to my sweet, meekly Mikoto?" He jested.

Minato stood behind her, reaching over her on both sides as if he was going to embrace her. Minato placed his right hand onto hers, gliding her hands with the spatula, flipping over the fried over-easy eggs in the frying pan. He slowly assisted her removing the eggs onto a separate dish. He reached over her, removing the frying pan onto a spit, over a bonfire and set it aside.

His other hand clamped her other wrist. She was held within those strong arms. She could feel his husky breath, trickling down the nape of her neck, s he breathed in the scent of her hair. She shuddered and he wrapped his arms around her waist, wrenching her closer. She was pressed so tightly against him that she could feel the erection in his lower region, flushed against her flesh.

By Kami, this man was going to rape her and there was nothing she could do about it.

"He forced himself upon you—didn't he?"

Mikoto stiffened at his question. What difference would it make, knowing that he was going to take her without her consent, she thought. She never replied, afraid that the wrong answer would slip out from her juicy mouth. Minato just held her silently for several minutes.

"Look at me." He said as he lessened the grip on her.

He spun her around, so quickly that she never had time to react. She yelped as Minato unintentionally groped her buttocks. He quickly slipped his hands further up her waist, giving her an apologetic look.

"Poor thing," he said faintly. "Such a pity."

"What is?" She cursed herself from not sealing her lips tight.

His brows furrowed. "You never experienced pleasure haven't you? Two sons you've given birth to, and the bastard not once gave you pleasure."

His head inched closer. The lump in her throat was the size of a golf ball. "Shhh," he murmured, brushing the black strands of away from her eyes. His other hand went to her right, caressing it gently. His lips were merely centimeters away.

"Minato... mmmh."

His lips pursed against hers. He felt her shuddered at his gentle kiss. His lips did not forced its way into her mouth, but brushed the up lip. For some reason, her body reacted to his lips, patiently awaiting entry. His tongue inserted into her mouth, intertwining with hers, swapping and exchanging saliva. They parted lips shortly. He carried her bride style and sat on his rocking chair, her mounted on his lap, facing him.

Minato recaptured her lips. Mikoto remained shock, but impassive as to where he would lead her in bed-sporting. Oh Kami, she thought. She never experienced such gentleness and caring from a man's pleasure. Fukugu was always forceful with his sloppy kisses, while Minato took the time to explore her with care. He did not forced himself upon her that she had thought before.

She moaned into his mouth as her body rebelled against her will. She deepened this kiss. Her belly ached, yearned to be plowed. She wanted him inside her. She felt her undergarment soaked from her juices onto the tent of his erection. They kissed for five more minutes, while he cradled her like a baby, rocking in the chair.. Minato's hormones were raging out of control. Lust began to kick in, and he knew he'd had to stop before he lost himself.

"Kushina has such a good taste in women. It is to my lost that I hadn't explore you two sooner while you were betrothal to Fukagu. I would have taken you away: thus you would have experienced pleasure beyond your imagination. Asked Kushina." He smirked.

She said nothing but her cheeks were red. She felt a tang of jealousy toward Kushina. Not because she has Minato, but the affection she couldn't experienced from her late husband.

"Pleasure can only be given only when a woman desires it. Without it, it would become a woman's nightmare, which by the likes of you suffered. I have no intentions of inflicting those nightmares upon you. My ravishment is blissfulness, never torture. However, your body desires me while year heart and will are rebellious. This also can't be out of pleasure. You'll come to regret it once I've taken you. All three, the mind, body and soul must given to me."

In other words, he won't bed me, she thought. Minato read her like a book. Now she really believed that Minato knew her more than Fugaku. That's to be expected after growing up with him in the academy and becoming Team Jiraiya. She thought being a whore was the worse case, but not experiencing romantic affection by rutting seemed worse. She new Minato was the man of her dreams, and she failed to meet up with his standards.

Tears trickled down her cheeks. She was happy—on cloud nine. Minato was not one to ravish women, despite his comment. He had highly respect for all females and cherished them like treasure rather if its platonic or not. He could have taken her on many occasion, but never. He an was truly a man of honor and dignity..

"I've never lusted for any other woman besides Kushina. And mostly, I don't get to plow her womb because she isn't ready for sex. A man's lust is extremely hazardous to any women caught within. There is no on and off switch for the raging hormones. And most men go insane and berserk. Women are often raped and murdered because they have no control. Even husbands and good men are capable of these hideous actions.

"The only alternative a man has is to either jerk off with his penis or masturbate until he orgasms. Very abashing, but it works like magic." Minato smirked as Mikoto's face was red like a tomato. "I'm find myself with this shameful situation."

Minato stood up and sat Mikoto in the rocking chair.

"While my prick is still stiff as a rock, I shall be back within thirty minutes with my seeds. Eat up first before you stepped through that door."

He pointing toward toward the basement door. He fled in the the opposite direction. Mikoto was left bewilderment to her thoughts about Minato. He was never afraid to speak his mind with such inappropriate remarks in the presence of his mate or mates. Perhaps this was the other side of him she had yet to explore. Perhaps this would explain the numerous occasions Kushina would be him to a bloody pulp.

After all, where were his manners?

She chuckled.

She ate her breakfast and proceeded down the stairway that led to a chamber. It was a laboratory of some sort. There were huge vial tubes of deformed human specimens. All appeared to be identical. Clones perhaps. As she surveyed one of the specimens through the transparent tubes. It was encased in a green toxic like substance with a respirator attached to its mouth, has boils formed numerous bubbles.

The specimen looked like it was half tree and half human to be precise. The far end of the chamber was a much bigger case. As she neared it, her heart nearly jumped out of her mouth. In the case,the red-head Uzumaki Kushina rested peacefully naked. Multiple tree roots pricked out from her back from the spinal cord. Her eyes travel down to the roots' location. It had breached the floor panel of the case. The roots burrowed with the earth, which had elevated the tube some time ago.

It looks like Kushina was part of the earth itself, she thought. Her eyes traveled to her torso. The immense scar left by the Kyuubi's claw was still there. Her torso has been reconstructed, but her beautiful of her torso would be forever lost, due to all the scarring.

"What on Kami's green earth did they do to you—"

Vines began sprouting beneath her, ensnaring her. She shrieked and screamed for help but it was futile.

It has been far too long my friend.

"Kushina, is that you?"

Aye, its me speaking to you telepathically. We don't have all day to be well acquainted with this reunion. What I'll tell you... must keep it a secret. Minato and I are planning to purge of Madara from this world.